Jewish organizations, Israeli NGOs facilitating invasion of Europe

The organized international Jewish community and Israeli NGOs are literally facilitating and financially benefiting from the invasion of Europe. They admit this in their own newspapers. The Jewish Telegraph Agency recently reported:

As the small rubber dinghy crowded with Syrians and Afghans emerged from the midnight-black sea to land on a desolate pebble beach, the first people to greet the bewildered and frightened refugees were two Israelis.

“Does anyone need a doctor?” Majeda Kardosh, 27, a nurse from Nazareth, shouted repeatedly in Arabic as the asylum seekers scrambled ashore amid cries of celebration and tears of relief at surviving the short but perilous crossing from Turkey to this Greek island.

Her team partner, Tali Shaltiel, 31, a physician from Jerusalem, stood knee deep in the water, helping a shivering 4-year-old girl out of her wet clothes and a pair of inflatable armbands that would have provided little protection had the overloaded boat capsized at sea.

Kardosh and Shaltiel are part of a small advance group of volunteers from IsraAid, an Israeli nongovernmental organization that is trying to provide some assistance to the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants who are flowing into Europe.

While IsraAid has plenty of experience in disaster relief and assistance in 31 countries — from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa — this mission presents a unique challenge: The beneficiaries come from countries that are traditionally hostile, or even officially still at war, with Israel. […]

Even though the so-called “refugees” IsraAid and other Jewish charity organizations are helping “come from countries that are traditionally hostile, or even officially still at war, with Israel,” these Jewish groups still want to help them. However, the “help” the Jews are providing to the millions of refugees invaders flooding into Europe and America is merely a ploy to advance Jewish ethnic interests: namely, the demographic annihilation of the West. Make no mistake about that.

As Andrew Joyce recently explained in an outstanding article published on The Occidental Observer, radical Jewish intellectuals and propagandists have been arguing for decades that:

White nationalities and identities are simply harmful, diseased, “racist” constructs which should be slated for destruction if the world is to enter a better age. Demographic dilution, if not total annihilation, is the surest way of weakening and destroying a working sense of national and ethnic identity. Supporting refugees, whether by political agitation, propagandizing their fabricated tales to White students, or helping to mould and disseminate their emotive emblems, thus fits the goals and aspirations of organized Jewry very well. […]

Jews do not feel safe and secure in homogeneous societies, especially White homogeneous societies. Leonard Glickman, the former president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, once described the Jewish agenda behind their promotion of “multiculturalism” and massive Third World immigration into America and the West: “The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are.” 

Everything the organized Jewish community does, including the ostensible “help” they are providing to millions of non-White invaders on the verge of conquering Europe, is designed to advance Jewish ethnic interests.

Unsurprisingly, IsraAid and the various Jewish charity and non-profit groups providing assistance and guidance to the hordes invading Europe want to expand their operations in the coming weeks and months, as the JTA article notes.

At the moment, the main aim of the team is to assess the needs of the refugees and find gaps in the services provided by the overwhelmed Greek authorities and other volunteer groups.

IsraAid plans to expand the medical teams and eventually establish a mobile clinic that will provide emergency care for new arrivals on the beaches. It will also expand the psycho-social help to bases in the registration and refugee camps that have been set up.

The NGO also has volunteers providing assistance on the Croatia-Hungary border. Eventually IsraAid plans to be in final-destination countries, like Germany, where they hope to help with refugee rehabilitation.

“The aim is to have a presence as an organization along the entire journey,” Gorodischer said.

It is time to #ExpelTheInvaders and recognize #WithJewsWeLose – every single time.


  • The vile shysters could stay at home in Israel & import these refugees on themselves.

    Especially since the refugees are largely a product of Eretz Israel’s war crimes.

    But the vile shysters aren’t interested in refugees. They’re interested in destroying the white people they quietly despise.

    But regular readers already know all this.

    What we need is to calmly but very publicly expose the long-standing agenda behind the latest treachery. Make sure our facts are impeccable, and SPEAK UP!

  • Pat Kittle is correct; if there was a shred of truth to Glickman’s statement about “not feeling comfortable in homogeneous societies” than why does Israel have a jews only policy? Why do jewish spokespersons never complain about ‘Africa being too black’ or Asia being ‘too Asian’? The thoroughly corrupted politicians of Europe and North America must answer for their crimes, Israel must be regarded as the lawless corruptor and murderous pariah and … steps taken accordingly.

  • Like toadstools on a freshly dew’d lawn springing up overnight, Zio-Non-Profits have proliferated in conjunction with enabling churches, synagogues, mosques, and “community outreach organizations” to spread the latest surge of forced assimilated illegal alien invasion throughout our USSA, with virtually no community left untouched. Divide and conquer strategy to keep a dumbed down populace fighting among themselves oblivious to encroaching de facto martial law. A bubbling over brown melty pot for all but the Youknowhos.

  • Until fair, accurate, and unbiased media control is re- established by the White Christian majority in these countries (Hungary is waking up, for example) the ‘sheeple’ will continue to absorb jewish propaganda until it is too late.

  • Yep. We need to accept the big ol’ “melting pot” while Jews, and Jews alone, get their very own state, ethnically cleansed and scrubbed clean of any Goy influence whatsoever.

    How did Animal Farm put it? “Equality for everyone, but some are more equal than others.”

    • Let us not forget Barbara Lerner Spectre!

      As ‘tower 7 is the smoking gun of 9-11’…

      So too is Barbara Lerner Spectre the smoking gun of white genocide!