Jewish organizations demand U.S. accept more “refugees”

The organized Jewish community has been at the forefront to fundamentally transform America and the wider Western world demographically for well over a century, displacing and replacing their native, traditional ethnic populations with non-White Third World peoples. It’s all part of a Jewish evolutionary strategy expertly outlined and documented by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

In a nutshell, the Jews are at war with White Western Christian civilization, and work tirelessly to undermine, pervert, and ultimately destroy our civilization, traditions, genetic makeup and identity as a distinct people.

In the wake of the purported ISIS terrorist attack in Paris, Jewish groups are once again demanding the U.S. accept even more “refugees” and hostile, alien Third World peoples who offer America, our economy, and our people no benefits whatsoever. Over in Europe, Jewish charities and non-profit organizations are facilitating and financially benefiting from the invasion of Europe by millions of hostile Muslims.

Jewish hypocrisy on immigration


Of course, the Jewish state of Israel will absolutely not be accepting any “refugees” or “asylum seekers.” Open borders and unlimited mass immigration for the West; closed and policed borders for the Jewish state of Israel in order to perpetuate its ethnic nature. The hypocrisy is astounding – and unacceptable.

These issues have been covered at length herehere, and here in case anyone is still confused about the factual reality of my arguments above.

The Times of Israel reports:

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Eleven Jewish groups are among 81 that sent a letter to Congress members urging them not to roll back plans to accept Syrian refugees into the United States.

“To turn our back on refugees would be to betray our nation’s core values,” said the letter sent Tuesday, as Congress began considering measures that would put a stop to the Obama administration’s plans to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year. “It would send a demoralizing and dangerous message to the world that the United States makes judgments about people based on the country they come from and their religion.”

Among the Jewish groups signing are the Union for Reform Judaism, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the National Council for Jewish Women, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.

Calls, especially from Republicans, to stop the refugee plan have proliferated since the massive terrorist attack in Paris last Friday. There is evidence that one of the attackers may have slipped in with the refugees flooding Europe, though Germany’s top security expert said a passport carried by one of the attackers may have been a ploy to stoke fears.

A majority of state governors, most of them Republicans, have said their states will not take in the refugees, although states have little say in where refugees are settled.

Defenders of President Obama’s plan say the 10,000 refugees is a tiny fraction of the millions of refugees created by Syria’s five-year civil war, as well as the nearly 300,000 refugees that Europe is absorbing. Additionally, they say, while Europe, flooded with boatloads of asylum seekers, is taking in refugees on an ad hoc basis, refugees applying for US asylum must undergo months of vetting.

“We call on members of Congress to oppose any effort to limit the acceptance of Syrian refugees, just as we urge public officials and figures across the US to reject divisive and inflammatory statements that do not reflect our history as a nation founded by descendants of those who fled persecution in search of freedom,” said a statement by the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center.

Look at the boldness of these demands. These Jews and their allies are demanding Congress “oppose any effort to limit the acceptance of Syrian refugees” in the United States. They are demanding unlimited immigration and resettlement of hostile, alien, unskilled, backwards Arabs from some of the most dangerous parts of the world. This is insane!

The Obama administration is now warning it will veto a Republican sponsored bill designed to increase security screenings and background checks of Middle Eastern “refugees” (read: invaders). Screening and investigating military aged men from Iraq and Syria, many of whom are directly connected to Islamic groups in their native lands, is “racist” and “untenable” according to the Obama administration.

It should be crystal clear to all White men in America and around the world: these Jews are at war with us and are trying to exterminate our race. They are actively flooding our nations with non-White terrorists, criminals, drug dealers, and degenerates, and telling us we can’t say or do anything about it because of “racism,” “slavery,” and the “Holocaust.”

Will you continue to ignore these ugly realities, or man up and get involved? What is going on is unacceptable and we can easily put a stop to it.



    Jewish supremacists pretend they have the high moral ground as they endlessly promote open borders for Western countries.

    — [ ]

    Meanwhile the same Jew lobbies con Western countries into fighting Israel’s shameless wars of aggression against Israel’s neighbors, killing, maiming, torturing, humiliating, and rendering homeless lots of angry embittered Muslims.

    The Jew lobbies then demand Western countries (NOT ISRAEL!!) take in all these Muslim refugees (and everyone else on Earth who wants to come). Of course the Jew lobbies knew all along what would result — the West would be destroyed, and the Jewish diaspora in Western countries would flee to Greater Israel — which will by then stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile — courtesy of the same wars Israel instigates.

    Meanwhile, Israelis enjoy the spectacle of Christians & Muslims hating & killing each other.

    — [ ]

    If you have a problem with this, SPEAK UP!! ACT!!

    • You’re absolutely correct, Pat .. these Khazar Jewish organizations have no right whatsoever to demand that America accept any of these “refugees” .. especially, w/o screening them for any infectious diseases and/or criminal backgrounds. Current immigration laws still require such screening, for the safety of both American citizens’ and legal residents’ safety.
      If these Jews hate America this much that they want it destroyed .. then, deport them to some isolated island out in the middle of nowhere and leave them there to fend for themselves. There are enough Muslims that have been here for years and have never posed a threat to their adopted country .. thus, we don’t need those with any terrorist ties coming in and making it miserable for those who have been here for a couple of generations and adhere to this country’s laws .. yet, were free to practice their religion.

  • It’s all falling into place
    … jews push for immigrants in multiple countries
    … jews stage false flags if radicals don’t perform terrorist acts
    … jews get the leaders they don’t like deposed/killed
    … jews get other countries to fight their wars
    Makes sense!

  • The Jews wage war against EVERYONE, but most especially those at the top.

    Destruction, destabilization, demoralization, debauchery and destitution are their goals. They believe they (Jews) can march in when the smoke clears, take control and make their sicko Old Testament power-fantasies come true.

    After thousands of years “patiently” waiting for Yhwy to deliver the Jews to the top of the food-chain, feeding on the rest of us, it just hasn’t happened, yet. These sewer-scum are getting desperate. So they must destroy and and all existing power structures, all over the world. Exactly as laid out in “The Protocols.”

    But please remember, it’s not particularly an “anti-white” agenda that the Jews relentlessly pursue. It’s an anti-Gentile agenda. The Jews fight the black governments in Africa and the yellow governments in China and Japan just as ferociously as the they fight the white governments in Europe and America.

    • But please remember, it’s not particularly an “anti-white” agenda

      Why should we “remember”. And why are you begging/pleading by saying “please”.

      Are you white? Why do you want us to care about the non-white races? Haven’t we been doing that for far too long?!!! Can’t we just focus on our White racial family for once!

      Ps…for the record I completely disagree with you. The jews don’t care about the non-white races. Their genocide is just collateral damage. The jew seeks to destroy the White race solely. The facts are clear.

      • I’ve personally traced this onslaught back to the Etruscan betrayal that likely funded the Roman empire! [Jewish at the top and behind the curtains thanks to the same terrorist/killer sayanim!]

        November IDES got my dog poisoned by killer sAYin-im!
        (“i”/”a” are both phallus and SPELLing used to confuse/obfuscate!)
        dragonspaw. blogspot. com/2015/11

        Italians are Jews by blood, zAYin-ists vs. sAYin-ists.

        If/when my vlogs/blogs are deleted by joogall search:

  • Sure is easy to tell someone else what to do…………Obama should Netnyoohoo that the US will take 5 times more refuges than Israel.

  • Screw the Jews.

  • Well this is one time I can actually say I’m an Israel Firster. When Israel starts taking them, then maybe we’ll think about it.

  • It just goes to demonstrate that America ought to have fought W.W. II WITH Japan, Germany, and Italy; NOT AGAINST THEM! The truth is that Adolf Hitler was the last politician on earth to lift so much as a finger on behalf of the white race. Today — 70 years too late — some Americans have begun to wonder if USA doesn’t need its own “Hitler.” Alas, like Lord Buddha, Jesus, and (perhaps) Mohammed, Adolf Hitler was one of a kind. The Jews never for a moment doubted that, with the Fuhrer dead, the world would be their oyster. And, so it is that America’s hero has become Caitlin Jenner. Good luck to your being saved by the LGBT community! Perhaps the time has come to face the fact that virtually all the West’s best genes were squandered in two Jewish-engineered World Wars (plus Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.). Scarcely one white person in 100,000 today appears worthy of continued existence. The overwhelming majority are, indeed,
    “sheeple.” By all means, let the Jews prepare their Kosher slaughter!

  • Good post and it appears to be true.
    At the same time colored jews are sterilized in Israel.
    Plus the hordes of white jews taking over palestine, you could say
    a white middle east is also being created.

  • Jews are the most evil people on the planet today. A world without Jews would be a FAR better one!

  • Since when do the Jews care about anyone but their own? The answer is never.

    And good ole Israel wants its US taxpayer annual aid upped from 3.1 billion to 5 billion.

    And Jonathan Pollard is released from prison. From a life sentence down to thirty years. He must remain in New York City for the next five years, then he is free to leave for Israel. I wonder if he will be assigned a bodyguard?

  • This jew thing is way out of control. American taxpayers give each jew in israhell about $30,000/year in aid and they have the gall to demand – really! It is time we cut them off – let them sink or swim of their own accord.