Jewish leader: French government doing its best to protect Jews rather than French

In the wake of the alleged coordinated terrorist attack in Paris, ostensibly carried out by ISIS and radical Islamic terrorists, the French government is “doing its utmost to protect Jews,” according to a recent article published in The Times of Israel.

Apparently, the French government has been providing the Jewish community residing in France with special military and police protection ever since the so-called Charlie Hebdo attacks, which included an alleged assault on a kosher market in Paris.

The French government, like all Western governments – especially the United States federal government – is more concerned about the interests and well-being of Jews rather than the interests and well-being of their own ethnic population.

Tell me again why it is that Jews get special protection and privileges? Oh yeah, the “Holocaust” and “oppression” and “anti-Semitism.”

Take a look at this incredibly revealing article:

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With some 10,000 police and soldiers guarding France’s Jewish community since the murderous January 2015 terrorist attack on Paris’s kosher Hyper Cacher market, the head of a French Jewish organization says the government is protecting French Jewry as fully as possible.

Speaking with The Times of Israel on Tuesday, in the aftermath of the deadly attacks in central Paris, the head of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF) Roger Cukierman said the Jewish community “cannot ask for more than what the government is already doing.”

Cukierman, who along with other French Jewish leaders is accompanied by bodyguards and rides in an armored vehicle, said the Jewish community has been on high alert since January. […]

Founded in 1944, CRIF is an umbrella organization of French Jewish groups, and a member of the World Jewish Congress.

It has a close historical connection to the French authorities, particularly in combating anti-Semitism in France.

Cukierman clarified that the community had not received any specific warning ahead of Friday’s attacks, stressing that Jewish leaders do not receive regular security briefings from the government.

CRIF and the Jewish community’s security wing, the Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive (SPCJ), work in close contact with the French security officials in cases in which the French intelligence is tipped off with threats perceived as specific for the Jewish community.

However, with the planned incoming visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani this week, the Jewish community was already on edge this weekend, with private individuals warning each other on social media to be alert.

Now residing in Netanya, retired Paris-area police commissioner Sammy Ghozlan told The Times of Israel on Monday that “The intelligence services told us [the Jewish community] that there will be attacks. But again we don’t know where or when.”

Ghozlan, whose personal car was torched outside of his home in 2011, established a liaison organization between French police and the Jewish community 15 years ago called the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism.

The BNVCA was established to alert both French authorities and the Jewish communities of attacks and threats against Jews. Its purview includes sending updates about anti-Semitic attacks to reporters, the police, and its large mailing list. […]

Dispelling rumors that the Jewish community was alerted ahead of Friday’s attack, he said, “The government is unfortunately not informed enough on these matters [to warn the Jewish community]. If they were, they would have prevented the attacks.”

“It is nonsense to believe that there was any specific information that was delivered this weekend” to the Jewish community. He emphasized that this kind of rumor “harms everybody and gives credit to conspiracy theories which are absolutely counter to the truth.”

White man, are you starting understand just how thoroughly cuckolded and traitorous your government is? These Jews have got to go – immediately.

Meanwhile, here in America, following the Paris terrorist attacks we have a leftist author arguing that White Protestant males – rather than radical, hostile non-White terrorists, criminals, and parasites – are the ones that need to be deported in order to address the “real problems facing America.”

Additionally, we have Deborah Lipstadt, the lying, filthy “Holocaust scholar,” telling White people that the best way to stop Islamic terrorism is actually to reach out to Muslims, invite even more into the West, and do our best to “understand” them and their backwards, savage culture.

Never mind shutting down the border, putting a moratorium on all immigration, and deporting non-White alien invaders (particularly illegal Mestizo aliens and Middle Easterners)! We need to “reach out” to the Muslim invaders and “understand” their “grievances” and “struggle.”

How insulted and outraged are you? This madness has to stop.


  • They are the Neo-Judas Class. As with the Synagogue, they do exactly as they are expected to do. Although no leader can be expected to be perfect, Hitler was about as close to perfect as one can expect. When he stated that what he – The national Socialists and Germany were doing was literally protecting the creator’s planet from “The Synagogue”, he was correct. Western Europe, hell thanks to the U.S./Britain, the entire globe is very near the edge of the abyss. Pray Russia/China/India have humanity’s best interests at heart for if they too are puppets to the Luciferians, we are truly lost.

    • How correct you are! As for India, with its caste system, ‘Humanity’s best interests at heart’? Then China, 60,000,000 Chinese murdered under Mao. Still that hope? Russia, maybe, right now. There lies humanity’s only human hope. Are there ‘good’ angels helping them with their military equipment that is so devastating? Could be, with their Russian Orthodox Church to the fore now – communism ruling there, dead in the water. Those Neos and Zionists follow the Kabbala with its intent to destroy most of the human race except for them who live and die as humans. The Nephilim are still among us. Humanity is in the hands of God whether we like it or not.

      • Mao’s long dead, Irene, and China has improved immensely since 1976, the year Mao died.
        Of course, China’s not perfect .. nor, is India, with it’s caste system. Russia’s the closest nation to perfect, ever since Vladimir Putin .. a devout Orthodox Christian .. assumed power.
        The Chinese have come a long way from the years of the Cultural Revolution under Mao and the Tiannamen Square events in the late ’80’s. Its current President, Xi Jingping, is a very practical man; and he has improved China’s economy and got rid of the one child policy .. it’s now a two child policy.
        It’s the USSA that has regressed from a Constitutional Republic into a Soviet-style “democracy” .. with the highest incarceration rate in the world. It’s gov’t is totally infested with Bolshevik/Zionist Jews .. just as France’s gov’t is.
        Speaking of France, its current President, Francois Hollande, has now taken upon himself to assume dictatorial powers, following the 13 Nov., 2015 false flag attacks in Paris. The fact that his gov’t has been protecting Jews instead of French citizens has made this false flag atrocity possible .. He has a lot to answer for.

  • For all those who questioned that WASP girls and women are Diversity’s targets, this probable jew’s sleight of satire proves me 100% right. Usually the jews and italians (they together run the mafia and constitute a race unto themselves, sociopolitically) try desperately to hide their proxy war on WASP’s. Things have gotten so bad that they openly admit to it now.

    • My above comment refers to the article by Mark Sundeen that John linked to, which proposes the mass deportation of WASP males. Interesting to note that Sundeen (who does not look jewish) worked for a WASP male’s campaign for president – Howard Dean’s:

      Dean is married to a jew. Supposedly his children are jews (by both jew biological accounting and religious observance). Dean became famous for denouncing the invasion of Iraq, but looking back he was little more than a form of controlled opposition.

  • How many so called Jews are there in the world, I would really like to know, oh, just a minute I will Google the question — do you realize there are around fifteen to eighteen million Jews in the whole wide world and boy, do they consume the resources. Other than that though, every Jew in the World is taken care of, accounted for, there is not a poor Jew in all the world. Do Jews work for a living like we do, do Jews pay interest on loans like we do, you can bet your butt Jews have free education and free health care as well as just about everything else we don’t get or have to pay a Jew a fortune to get. America sends Israel somewhere in the neighborhood of how many billions a year, it’s anybodies guess. Heck yeah, give me some of that Jew stuff, whoa, what a racket. Of course were it not for Lord Rothschild, Jews would still be wondering around having to play the Goys for some dirty trick to get by. Old Rothschild, well, they treat their own better than the American Politicians treat their own! Jews are the richest people in the world, they have billionaires out of proportion to their numbers and where did they get all that money, look around, see how poor us Goys are. Actually, we should be the richest people in the world but, our wealth has been stolen from us, actually bought, with paper money! Wow, what fools we are. We are slaves, in our own country, made this way by our own Political Representation, we are living a time much worse than 1776, so, what can we do about it? We were created to be the Leadership in all the World, we have been tricked, our own kind are our worst enemies whom except for them the Jews and their Master, their Messiah, Lord Rothschild, would be just so much human flesh seeking to make a living like the rest of us. We will not know freedom in our life time and our life time is just about the duration of our species. Sad, but true.

  • Check out the latest from Michael Hoffman on the Paris attacks. France is being chastised, justly so, for abandoning the Catholic Faith. More to come unless Putin rides to the rescue.

  • Some Goyim may not believe that the Jews are truly God’s Chosen People, with an absolute RIGHT to everything they desire. But virtually everyone believes the Jews are the smartest people on earth. Indeed, history shows that the Jews have successfully set one Christian nation against another, and one Muslim sect against another. Today, it is apparent that Jews have succeeded in persuading many Muslims that their real opponents are the Caucasians of Europe and North America, not the Israeli Ashkenazim. If, against all odds, the white race is to survive, it MUST convince Muslims that their only actual enemy is (like the enemy of ALL humanity) the JEW! Perhaps, even at this late date, a Christian-Muslim-Hindu-Buddhist “alliance” (however temporary) might succeed in driving the Jews back into the pit from which they slithered.

  • The Paris theatrics (performed by kosher b – grade actors) was a slow moving non – thriller. watching paint dry really. I doubt a single Muslim was involved in any of it. The ziobot are loosing in Syria and needed a quick fix to tackle Putin and get their claws on that oil in GOLAN Heights. Suicide vests are so 80’s…why would anyone go to the trouble of blowing them self up in an enclosed theater? Much bigger audience in a touristy location….This storyline is lame. As for terrorists leaving their passports? Yeah right…. I cant believe anyone believes this trashy Hollywood script… where are all the real bodies? Why are all the shots of locations so well lit? An explosion would knock out power first. How can witnesses at headbanger concerts recognise Russian made firearms…when most people couldn’t recognise a can opener from a pocket knife? The most sickening part has got to be the barfable statements by Obongo and the other twats …..funny how they don’t call the murder of Syrian children “an affront to humanity” .

  • Money talks, fairness walks.