Jewish Journalist: Trump Is Very Bad For The Jews

It should be crystal clear to all at this point that the organized Jewish community does not want to see a Donald Trump presidency. They loathe the man and everything he stands for, which, in their eyes, is traditional White America.

We’ve seen Jewish “comedians” and “Holocaust survivors” equate Trump to Adolf Hitler and the “evil Nazis” in a pathetic and dishonest attempt to discredit his candidacy. Following Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States, the organized Jewish community unanimously condemned the man as “intolerant,” “racist,” and “bigoted.” The anti-White Jewish supremacist organization known as the Anti-Defamation League has demanded Trump distance himself from Dr. David Duke and other “White supremacists” who have made positive statements about Trump’s public policy proposals and presidential campaign generally. The Jewish mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida even attempted to ban Trump from stepping foot in the city! Suffice it to say, the Jews have been hysterically denouncing Donald Trump for months now.

In the latest blatant attack on Trump, Andrew Silow-Carroll, a Jewish journalist and CEO of the New Jersey Jewish News, has just published an article in The Times of Israel entitled, “Trump’s America is bad, very bad, for the Jews.” It really is an incredible article, revealing the innate hatred and contempt the Jew has for traditional White America. The organized Jewish community has perverted and corrupted America to suit their own particular anti-White, Jewish supremacist agenda, and they view Donald Trump as a man who has the potential to destroy the degenerate, multicultural, Marxist nightmare they’ve created here.

Trump Bad for Jews

Two of my favorite television shows are about what I think it’s fair to call the “New America.” In Master of None, on Netflix, Indian-American comedian Aziz Ansari plays a struggling actor in a very real and diverse New York. His best friend is the son of Chinese immigrants. His girlfriend is white. And the plots have revolved, pointedly but never heavy-handedly, around the portrayal of minorities in mainstream media, and the struggles of immigrants chasing the American dream.

In Transparent, on Amazon, an alarmingly and hilariously dysfunctional Los Angeles family comes to terms with their father’s late-life realization that he (she) is transgender. Jeffrey Tambor plays Maura Pfefferman, the aging Jewish college professor who ditches a lonely suburban life for one in which gender and sexuality are fluid. Both of his daughters enter into same-sex relationships, and the question of whether they are gay, bi-, or adventurous seems to be left intentionally ambiguous. A son, Josh, is straight, promiscuous, and desperate for love.

Both shows represent a multicultural, urban America in which differences of all kinds are not just tolerated but celebrated. The immigrant characters in Master don’t need to prove themselves to the American “mainstream,” whatever that is, and don’t apologize for expecting America to live up to its promises. The LGBTQ characters in Transparent don’t suffer for their natures or their choices — at least when it comes to gender and sex (the Jewish characters mostly suffer from one another, but that’s an old story).

This is an America completely at odds with the one that has made Donald Trump the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination. Consider these stats, from political journalist Thomas B. Edsall:

Poll data from the Pew Research Center shows how much Trump depends on the politically restive white working class. His backing from voters with a high school degree or less is twice as high as it is from those with college degrees; the percentage of men lining up behind him is eight points higher than the percentage of women; voters from households making $40,000 or less are 12 points more likely to cast a Trump ballot than those from households making more than $75,000.

In other words, Trump’s base tends to be white, male, undereducated, and struggling financially. But that doesn’t necessarily explain Trump’s appeal. After all, if economic self-interest were their only motivation, such voters might well support Bernie Sanders, who blames big business and crony capitalism for the inequality that has suppressed wages and decimated the working class.

But put it all together, and you get a chunk of the electorate for whom the New America is hardly America at all. If you were to create a composite from the Pew stats, you’d have a white guy who has almost nothing in common with the kinds of characters in Master or Transparent — that is, brown, Jewish, nontraditional, college-educated, pluralistic. These shows don’t represent to him what’s new about America, but what’s wrong with America. And worse, the seeming success of these characters, he feels, comes at the expense of “real” Americans like him.

Trump’s real ideology is murky, but his targets are clear: Immigrants bring problems and take away jobs. Muslims represent the worst kind of threat: an internal one. America is corrupt and fallen, and by opening its doors to foreigners, tolerating difference, and insisting upon “political correctness,” it has suppressed the very people — that is, middle-class white families — who once made the country great. […]

And that, ultimately, is why I see Trump as a threat, not just in what his candidacy means for America as a whole, but what it means for us as Jews. His message — of distrusting the foreign, of rejecting the new, of abhorring pluralism — is directly opposed to our history in this country and our best interests as a minority. And it is empowering people who reject the very notion of racial and ethnic diversity. […]

It’s very clear the organized Jewish community, as well as the mainstream mass media and political establishment generally – which of course are entirely dominated and controlled by organized Jewish interests hostile to the well-being and future prospects of the White race – absolutely hate Donald Trump. Everything Trump stands for runs contrary to the Jewish agenda to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and displace the very people whose ancestors founded and built this once great nation, which at this point has largely been accomplished.

More than anything, the Jews hate Trump because they view him as representing traditional White America, a racial demographic the Jews are at war with. Even though Trump has never made explicitly pro-White statements, his public policy proposals, particularly as they relate to immigration and international trade, are implicitly supportive of traditional White America. Trump has also courageously denounced political correctness, a key weapon of the organized Jewish community that is used to psychologically and intellectually enslave the masses while advancing Jewish interests.

Donald Trump is throwing a major wrench into the Jewish agenda to destroy America and displace her traditional racial demographic. We have to get this man in the White House!

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  • The jews are the ‘elephants in the living room’…no one wants to say they are there. The ‘lawsuit’ is the weapon of the jew and their myriad organizations…intimidation via their ill gotten wealth. They don’t consider themselves as ‘white.’ White to them means white, European Christian. They are ‘white’ when it suits them and brings them more wealth. This is nothing new in history. Jews have been at it for a long time…since Christ pointed them out ‘liars and hypocrites,’ always in the shadows pulling the strings of hate against Christ and His followers; bringing anarchy and chaos upon their hosts. Nothing has changed. I pray that Trump gets elected our President.

  • It’s O.K. Jews only make up a measly 2% of the population. Trump doesn’t need their stinkin’ votes anyway.

    • This canard should never be repeated. At least 10%.

      • True, very true. I have personally talked with Jews that say they have never put their religion or ethnicity on any survey. And many many Jews no longer identify with being Jewish – They have assimilated.

    • Yeah, cuz this is a Dumbocracy, and that’s how it works by golly.

    • Their power is in the fact that they own the major media, entertainment, music, elected politicians and they have the big man running the world’s money supply. Their strength is not in numbers.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong. 500 trillion dollars buys a lot of economic votes. It’s not the the 2% that’s important, it’s the full control of 155 central banks through the BIS and IMF. That is the lever that lifts the entire earth at its command. That control has to be dismantled at the root or very little will change in the branches and leafs where all the peons are playing.

    • They vote with money. 40 to 70% of campaign donations are from Jewish sources

      • the rest comes from Joes Pizza

      • I’m talking about economic votes, not political votes. It’s the economic votes that ultimately matter the most, because they can control entire industries that way and reign them in. Through the leverage of usury and legalized counterfeiting they have those seats of power locked up and no Trump can unlock that by himself, never mind that he says he’s totally pro-Israel. lol

  • Well, I have a college degree and I read in Nevada Trump pulled voters from other well educated people. Sociologists have studies that show the looming collapse of the West is due to the pent up energy of the patriarchal Muslim culture which demands that its women remain chaste. Black Pigeon Speaks has posted provocative videos on You Tube detailing how feminism has led to the looming demise of white culture. As for the Jews and their hatred of Trump, I can only conclude, unlike a New York Asian who complained on recently that he was bullied by rich Jews all of his life…Trump has lived among Jews but prospered and is not controlled by them as all non-Jewish “cows”, the English word for what Jews call us in their Talmud, should be.

    Jews, liberals, lesbians, feminists who are paid well to import Muslims into the formerly white western culture, many pastors are having obvious mental melt downs from the possibility they will be temporarily blocked from imposing their final destruction of western culture.

  • The Jewish lobby should be worried because their true agenda is coming into view of the American public more and more everyday. Here’s what Jewish author Israel Cohen write in his 1912 book “A Racial Program for the 20th Century”. As quoted by Congressman Abernathy on the Congressional Record at page 8559, in 1957:
    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them into the program of the negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”
    So there you have it in a prominent Jews own words and this is just one example but there are many more. So white people protect your race, your families, and your countries from Israel and the Jewish agenda.

    • There is doubt that Israel Cohen wrote that. He did exist, that is clear. It is suggested that Eustace Mullins fabricated it as well as the quote attributed to Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952


      By posting this, i am not suggesting that jewish elite do not have an agenda to ensure their dominance over goyim.

  • John, I love you…. most of the time…… but THIS time, the Jews are playing you like a kazoo.

    Trump just STRONGLY came out in favor of Israel, the zionists, the Jews, whatever you want to call them. There can be no question, anymore, as to where Trump’s loyalties lie.

    It ain’t with the humans. It’s with the Children of Satan.

    EVERYTHING about Israel is a lie, you need to understand. The Jews are MASTERS at lying, there is no competition, not even close, for the lies the Jew spawns, every day, all day, everywhere. Lying is as natural as breathing for the Jew.

    The Jews are united against Trump, that’s true. You know why? So we STUPID Goyim look to him as our Savior, while, all the while, the Jews know EXACTLY who he is and who he supports. The JEW, first, foremost and always. It’s called a psyop, a lie, a con, cointel, many other names…. but the Jews know that Trump is as fake as his hair and they will go to utmost lengths to defame him, debase him, etc. as they have to do…….. in order to trick you into supporting him.

    The Jews, you see, being pathological liars, are forced to implement two competing objectives. 1.) Maintain their “cover”. 2.) Get their “Jew World Order” any way they can. EVERYTHING the Jew says, writes, or utters is some combination of those two, fundamentally competing, objectives.

    All designed for a game-theory based, two steps forward, one step back, incremental implementation of the Jewish Agenda for the slaughter / enslavement of all mankind. Straight out of their diabolical so-called holy book, the Torah and Talmud.

    We were ALL waiting, anxiously, with baited breath, to see what Trump would do with regard to the ONLY question that matters…… the JEW question. BUT…….. unfortunately, for all of us, we just got our answer. Donald Trump is NOT the man we had hoped he was, not even close.

    Keep you powder dry is all I gotta say. It’s every man for himself, against the Children of Satan. (Jews).

    • It might be fun to say “Jew World Order” or “Jew York City” or Jew this and Jew that but when one researches our present reality it isn’t just the Jews doing all of the damage. Don’t get me wrong, I despise elite Jewry and Jewish organizations, their Holohoax scam, their control over the world’s central banks, you name it and I despise their evil. But when I look at things I see more going on then just the Jewish Elite.

      Does anyone really believe that the son of Moses Amschel Bauer, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who’s father was a financier and a goldsmith, rose from being a humble clerk at the Hanover Bank, under the Oppenheimer family, became a court Jew working in exotic coin deals in the house of Prince William of Hesse-Kassel in Frankfort, rose to power above and beyond the Black Nobility of Europe through Wellington’s defeat at Waterloo? All this in a relatively short period of time?

      Is it really conceivable that the Princes of Europe allowed themselves to be financially dominated and eventually ruled by a rag-tag band of weakling Jews? Is that what we’re supposed to believe? Where does the Catholic Church fit into this story? What of the most rich and powerful organization on earth? Could it be a disastrous accident that the Jews pounced on, nothing more then good timing and good luck, or could there be another explanation?

      I believe the Jews are just pawns in the game, albeit very destructive and irritating pawns, but pawns none the less.

      “There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Wilson.

      We can call the Jews all sorts of things but subtle would not be one of them. They are boisterous braggarts that can’t seem to keep their mouths shut. They write books and articles on how they run our government and rule the western press and the mainstream media. They gaggle about their hedonism and their immoral corruption of our culture, the miscegenation, the sexual deviants, illegal immigrants, Muslim hordes, you name it and they take credit for it. Does this sound anything like the power Wilson was speaking of?

      Here’s my point; It ain’t just the Jews stupid. There is a much more powerful force operating on this plane of existence that uses the Jews to further its own ends. And buy making them the central enemy of Europeans, focusing on their race, etc. we may very well be playing right into their plans.

      • True in some sense. Pawns to the occultic powers and fallen angel remnants. On the other hand, it is so with their total concurrence because the follow the Talmud and the Kabbala. Again, they still have embedded in their consciousness, heritage and ancestry, the evils of their Khazar forbears. They were famous for their pillaging, stealing of identities, laying claim to the wealth of their murdered victims, becoming rich through criminal activities against those who performed the tasks that eventually made them rich and having resort to deception – as now. Even then, behind this fabric of their reality, lay their idolatrous beliefs and practices giving them the appellation of ‘The Snake People’.

    • How do I “LIKE” this comment?

      I have been trying to tell John this for a while now.

    • You might be overlooking a fairly familiar tactic that jews have used to their advantage in the past, whenever and wherever they encounter opposition that they cannot squelch or overpower using their traditional methods, i.e., bribery, blackmail, or threats of violence.

      It roughly works like this: When they find themselves facing an insubordinate goyim who they cannot intimidate or buy or blackmail using their usual tactics – they decide to basically throw a child-like temper tantrum, stomp their feet, whine and moan and wail and spew outrageous and hysterical accusations at the insubordinate goyim. Using their control of our media, they kick this wailing into overdrive and keep it at such a fevered pitch, that it blasts out of the media 24/7, week in, and week out and it usually will achieve approximately the same reaction from the targeted goyim as a parent would react to a child’s temper tantrum. In the case of both the jews and the spoiled child, the objective is to wear down their target.

      The trick is to keep screaming and hurling baseless accusations until they get whatever it is that they want. Most parents, and especially Boomer parents – get so sick of hearing their kid scream that they cave in and give the kid what they demand – just to shut them up. In the case of an insubordinate goyim who holds political office – the desired goal of the jews would be to maneuver the goyim into a position where, in order to disprove the jews accusations of him being another Hitler, he would be coerced into appointing dozens of jews to his cabinet and staffing his administration with wall-to-wall jews. Just to shut the jewish whiners up.

      A recent example of how the jews pulled this off was when Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected as Govenator in Mexifornia, after lying to the people about his intentions on dealing with illegal immigration. Once in office, the jews proceeded to haul out some of his family’s history that seemed to indicate that his Dad was a Nazi sympathizer and that Arnold had once been pals with David Duke. All sorts of caterwauling quickly ensued, as a chorus of self-chosenoids from Hollywood began to wail and go into hysterics. This effectively ended any chance that Arnold would follow through with any of his promises to deal with illegal immigration – because the jews had put the ADL/SPLC spotlight on him. Also, as jews are apt to do – they saw this as
      an opportunity to extort a big pile of money out of Schwarzenegger in order to persuade them to shut up – and Arnold wound up stroking a check for a million or so shekels and donating it to the Simon-Weisenthal Extortion Racket.

      We will have to keep a sharp eye on Trump if he wins the White House and, mark my words, the jews will hound him day and night with accusations of him being the new Hitler and try to wear him down until he starts staffing his White House and cabinet with jews as a means of proving he is not.

    • One can only agree with this comment. The Think Tanks have not been created for any good purpose that will benefit the public. Rather the reverse. Chatham House, London had its beginnings with the American Secret Services, the British and at the behest of the Jews. Propaganda, sublimal Television, mass psychological warfare, occultic powers, hypnotism, even mental telepathy – all the tools of the Jews and their Illuminati fellows, where ever they may be. This includes the Jesuits, the makings of a Jew originally, the Blood Lines of Europe, the Knights Templar, City of London, with all stemming from the magical craft of Babylon and then Egypt. The Jews came on the scene at a much later time, and at present have apparently taken over the U.S.A.
      nationally. Financially, they hold the world it their power, so far. Satan has his envoys and demons their incarnations. The American public is blinded and is it not possible that Trump (Drumpf) may be either a willing subject to their will or else one who has been mind-controlled? Is it feasible that such as he could withstand the Jewish Establishment when after all his wealth has been accrued partially with their friendship and credit?

    • DaveE, someone should show that video of Trump blatantly cucking for Israel to Andrew Anglin and his (IMO) ADL-funded disinfo artists over at, and make them explain it – they’ve had a regular Trump love-fest going on there for a long time now. I’d post it there myself, but I’ve been banned from DS, and have no desire to return. I think that many of the same Jewish ADL characters are behind DS as are behind the definite ADL site, and DS was basically launched from, back when Andrew Anglin called himself Andre Anglin, and the site was called “Total Fascism.” The Daily Stormer’s over-the-top promoting of Trump as a White savior/godlike being has made me suspicious for some time, but now I think I understand why they’re doing it. They probably know that Trump would be the best president ever for Israel, and therefore, they can barely contain their excitement. One of the jokers that Anglin promotes is a guy named Sam Hyde (, an obviously Jewish, Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) wannabe who delights in the same type of “trickster comedy.” Look at the video on his website – only an “I’m much more clever than thou” Jew does crap like that. Anglin was a White-hating antifa who admitted in a phone interview with some black guy that he had many Jewish friends, praised Jews multiple times, said the White race should be bred out, and that he preferred black women, but he suddenly became a “neo-Nazi” in the space of a year, and launched “Total Fascism” from the site. Very, very suspicious. Trust no one.

      • Anglin banned pubpubpub too. When the DS rolled out their new comment section, pubpubpub got on and said “IP ban me again you shill” lol

        Katana rarely if ever posts there anymore. The comments section has changed dramatically over the past year. I figure any “featured comment” is posted by Anglin or Longshanks under one of their many sockpuppets.

        For months I would notice his comments section crew disappeared every Saturday lol, the day that Jews don’t work. After mentioning this a few times though they’ve made sure to stay busy even on their day of rest.

        I’d be here all day long talking about all the red flags associated with Anglin and the Daily Stormer. Yet I still post there on occasion, call me a sucker for punishment.

  • Not all germans are nazis
    Not all nazis are germans

    Not all jews are elitists
    Not all elitists are jews.

    Youre real issue is not whether Trump is a zionist but whether he is a Agent of the Crown the Rothschilds and the Vatican.

    If he is than so is Putin and there is no exit from hell.

    If there are factions within
    The elites and Trump represents a positive agenda vs the negative status quo then there is a lot at stake.

    • Interesting comment Giles, something to think about.

    • No he will be used like Putin to bait with limited economic prosperity to then sink in the hook of holohoax denial laws and thought crimes legislation as soon as people think things are “hunky dory” again, therefore fully protecting the Jew-elite from ever getting dis-lodged from power. At that point, and regardless of who gets in it’s likely to happen, but especially with Trump, since a lot of people totally and naively trust Trump like they do Putin, all of us will be Arthur Tophams and the game will become far more risky to play.

      So, the best candidate of the bunch, Trump, can actually be potentially the most harmful. People have to be extremely careful and totally come down on his ass if he even suggests throught-crimes legislation in the USA. If his supporters don’t hold him at the very least to the principles of the constitutional republic and demand that he restore them back, forget about it.

  • It’s because they will lose the control of the US that they currently have.

    Trump will not be led around by the nose like Rubio and Cruz by gangster casino owners.

  • The Jewish reaction to Trumps candidacy pretty well exposes the Jewish agenda of turning all non Jewish nations into puppets and slaves of world Jewry by controlling the governments, media and the coinage. They are risking a popular reaction against themselves that will be very bad for the Jews. Their arrogance and greed will be their undoing.

  • Cal a jew a shyster, bankster, thief, or any other derogatory term and it usually rolls off their backs like water off a duck, BUT, call a jew a “jew” and he will recoil in horror, having been “found out”.
    “The jew cries out in pain as he is beating you”…

  • “VIDEO: High School Students Admonished for Chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” at Basketball Game”

  • 2nd half of Barrett’s most recent show is with guest Merlin Miller, who it seems you met last fall in DC, John? Show will replay again in about 1 hour from this comment submission, aka 11AM Eastern; so MM should come on at 12PM ET. Then within a day or 2, show will be free to all at

    Find KB’s show description at:

    “Second hour: Merlin Miller discusses his new book Eagles Are Gathering. Merlin, an American nationalist who wants to make this country great again, is sort of like Trump, except he’s non-obnoxious, honest, and doesn’t kowtow to the Zionists. Eagles Are Gathering packs a whole lot of truth into a concise (245 page) presidential-aspirant bio-manifesto. Merlin tells his story, from his graduation from West Point through his journey through film school into the motion picture industry, where he ran smack into an invisible “goys not welcome here” sign. The book describes his awakening to the USS Liberty issue, Zionism and its power in America, questions about the JFK assassination, and conspiracies in general and 9/11 in particular. And it lays out his proposed solutions, which are more specific, and make a lot more sense, than anything proposed by Donald Trump. […]”

    John; maybe you could figure out a way to pimp MMiller along with The Donald? With the intent of swaying opinion by way of comparison, and pressure DT to publicly move his positions more in “our” direction? Not sure how to pull this off, but one great thing would be having MM as guest on your show! You two could vent together about DT’s kosher shortcomings.

    • Let me warn everyone about Merlin Miller. I’ve got a soundbite that I sliced out of a web radio podcast where Miller was the featured guest – and the guy was spewing some of the most jewy, SPLC-ADL sounding vomit on the White Nationalist movement I’ve ever heard.

      Merlin Miller is not a friend or an ally to the pro-White community.

    • I resisted adding above; I don’t have any idea where MM stands on White Genocide. But that’s something John could draw out of him in a radio interview. MM is SO RIGHT on joosh power, & jooz did 911; those to me are higher value than WG/WN which will always be vilified by the JSM, but will continue to grow underground. The JP: J-Power, J-Hollywood, J-911, J-Liberty attack and more J’s are empirically provable, and still largely foreign to the sheeple who’ve been indoctrinated all their (our) lives about how EEEvil any flavor of White Pride/Preservationism are. OTOH, the JSM has just omitted any talk of J-power/etc… so they’re more fertile topics through which to reach average sheeple. The JP is, after all, at the driving force behind their WG agenda. And they want to “destroy” ALL races, encourage race-mixing, mixing incompatible cultures, etc; except for their own khazar impostor-joo race!

      Upload your MM radio clip somewhere where everyone interested can hear it, plz! :)

      I’d also like to hear what if anything MM has to say about the HollowHoax, and related WW2 issues. Listening to his Barrett interview as I write. Right now he’s saying he thinks Trump will win, but he’ll also bring us WW3.

  • Jews, and by this I do not mean all Jews, but people in general, to the extent that they practise Judaism are dangerous. Judaism HATES all non Jews and wishes to see all non Jews exterminated. You can find statements to this effect made by Jews who are trying to warn us all over the place if you look. You can download a copy of their highest book, the Talmud and verify Talmudic quotes from the web. Here are some (paraphrased) “They are to us as insects are to the beasts in the field”, “Their souls come from the devil”, “The only reason for them to live is to serve us. We are the ends, non Jews are merely the means” Christianity had to be destroyed so that adults only understand dogma and the Sunday School version of Christianity. Jews HATE Christians because Christians are ruled by conscience and believe that no law or institution made by man is perfect. This is the fly of Christianity in the ointment of the Talmudic New World Order.

  • Great article John!!!

  • Dave E talks out of his behind

    Trump is attacked relentlessly because of who he is and represents, and the fact he stands for White European Christian values.
    That scares them beyond description. Their Nwo JWO plans could well be undone.
    Ie 60 years and centuries of planning all down the drain
    Build the wall, deport them all, Bill Mexico!
    And no more Monica Lewinsky type trade deals either!

  • Hmm hello?

    I’m a jew and I support Trump. Why do you go about and say Jews this and that?
    It’s true that most american jews support democrats. There are probably reasons for that, but a lot do not support that.

    A lot of jews in the world support the idea of a strong Israel. To me, only a republican can achieve it.

    • Study all of this site and also, instead of using the abbreviation (per rabbis) j.e.w. or j.e.w.s. (just eternally wicked(s) use your dna type(s) when describing yourself. For example there are hybrid black-a-sian-neph-ilim, and there are other types. Plus, there are those which converted to talmudism, for a job, that is, for filthy lucre’s sake. And there are other types. Which type, dna-wise, etc, are you?

    • Who cares about Israel? Absolutely nothing good comes out of there.

      • The hummus and lamb kebabs are pretty good.

        • Hummus is Arabic, not Jewish. Jews don’t even have a single good dish of food that any European or Caucasian would want to eat. What’s so good about Motza Balls. Just the mention of it makes me want to throw up already. I’ve been to Indian restaurants hundreds of times, Chinese restaurants even more than that, Persian restaurants even more than the Chinese ones. I’ve never once been to a Jew restaurant, not any that was specifically Jew-cuisine, that’s for sure. They might have owned some of the other places I’ve been to from behind the scenes as they own a piece of all businesses in all central banked and legalized-usury and legalized-counterfeiting countries through their financing.

          Deliberately tortured-to-death kosher meat is anything but good for you. Besides, every time you eat it, you are economically voting with every shekel spent from your pocket and every symbol of your energy or “work,” for the continued torture and inhumane treatment of animals. I’m not saying go be a vegan, but don’t eat kosher meat if you can avoid it. Get grass-fed, organic meat from ranchers who raise and slaughter their livestock humanely and with as little torture and pain to the animal as possible.

          National Socialist 1933 Law on Animal Protection

          (Signed into law, 11/24/1933)

          They even have grass-fed jerky at Amazon with no sugar in it, something very hard to find even in health-food stores. Almost everything has some kind of sugar in it, “cane sugar” being not much better than table sugar, although they try to disguise it as something “better for you because it’s natural.” This particular brand also has the added bonus that there are no kosher ‘K’ or ‘U’ signs anywhere on it.

          As soon as they put any kind of kosher sign on their meat, I will immediately refuse to use it.

    • Saul, is it true that Jews want to ultimately achieve ruthless rule and control over non-Jews?

      I would like to get the comment from a member of the group of people in question. (Please do not respond something like, not all Jews.) Thanks.

      • Look up “When Israel becomes mighty” on youtube. See piles saying the same thing in related videos. They got their plans for us. But I think they are the junkyard dogs who only think they own the junkyard.

    • Saul, is it true that Jews want to ultimately achieve ruthless rule and control over non-Jews?

      I would like to get the comment from a member of the group of the people in question. (Please do not respond something like, not all Jews.) Thanks.

  • “jews are guilty of all the murders or righteous blood ever shed” —-Christ in Matt 23:35 and He and all us should know, from experience. (i.e. all crimes, ever)

    Do jews have any positives? No, of course, not. 100% of them are murderers, liars, thieves, lazy, gluttons, homosexuals, and worse (serial….).

    A world without demons would be a wonderful world, by stark contrast to “this present evil (j.e.w. / just eternally wicked) world, of course.

  • Trump is not a Republican, Saul

    He is a nationalist conservative business icon

  • What makes anyone think that Trump is our savior? The man made re-election campaign commercials for Netanyahu, and his daughter is married to a Jew for Christ’s sake! Does anyone honestly believe that he’s some kind of “stealth” candidate that is secretly pretending to be, and I quote, “1000% for Israel”, only to suddenly drop the pretense after attaining the Presidency and actually being an openly pro-White, pro-traditional-America President?? As much as I wish that were true, it is not. There is only one remedy for our situation and Trump ain’t it. Remember how Charlie Brown always believed Lucy when she said she wouldn’t pull the ball out and make Charlie fall down again, but she always did, and he always fell?? That’s what’s happening here. There is a saying that goes “He who holds what should be, will ever rue what is.”
    Please wake up people and stop praying, wishing and hoping for this rotten system to somehow fix itself. No politician working within the current state of affairs is willing or able to implement the change that has to take place. It’s going to take force of arms to dislodge the parasites that are destroying not only America, but all of the White world.

  • Trump will do nothing significant against Jewish and Israeli interests. His business manager and his political mangers are Jewish!

  • John I do love your reporting, however I
    have to agree with one of your commentators, that this is a massive psyop being played on us. They control ALL of the horses in this race including and especially Trump.

    There is no way Trump turns his back on Isreal. His daughter is married to a Jew as is one of his son’s.

    It would be impossible for him to have attained the position he is in being in NEW YORK CITY, unless he was aided and abetted by them. You cannot turn a screw in that town unless you have permission from them.

    Do not be hoodwinked by this scam of Trump’s legitimacy.

    • Bill Timmick, did they also control Adolf Hitler? Overwhelming facts he wasn’t.
      Below named were all jews, that lived their lives in Virtue & exposing
      their ethnic brethren:
      Benjamin Freedman
      Jack Bernstein
      Bobby Fischer (esp. Bobby Fischer! – to name a few good jews)
      ‘All horses’ in the race are not controlled….

    • I agree very strongly with Bill Timmick. The Jewish community has come out and stated words to the effect that Trump will be very bad for the Jews in order to fool US citizens into voting for Trump in the next election. The Jewish community knows that anti-Jewish sentiment is running high in the USA so they’ve come out against Trump because they know that their public opposition to Trump will fool people into voting for him. If Trump is elected, he will continue to advance the agenda of the synagogue of Satan just like Obama did.

      The USA needs direct democracy whereby US citizens vote voluntarily on every single issue via the internet instead of being ‘represented’ by members of the US Congress who invariably vote on issues against the best interests of the citizenry.

      Thanks a lot to John Friend for publish a previous post of mine on a different article which states something similar to this post, even though John Friend disagrees with me and thinks that Trump will be a good president. That’s a class act to willingly publish a post that you don’t agree with.

  • The jews will try to kill Donald like they killed the Kennedy’s, General Patton, Huey Long, the Lindberg baby and many others to keep America moving in the direction for their world agenda. This time it will be blamed on a illegial Mexican. If they do I hope the shit will hit the fan this time and they are destroyed. They want to keep our tax dollars flowing to the tribe and Americans to die in wars for them. Any politician who backs israel is a traitor. These people are parasites and will never stop, if the world ever wants peace they better take these monsters out.

  • i wonder if the zionists who use their minions the common “jews” to do their bidding want the common jews’ blood to spill in the streets of america . So then “the state of israel” has more legitimacy and to nuke its perceived enemies .
    zionists want common “jew” blood to be spilled .

    freemasonry claims its roots in nimrod or earlier . it is freemasonry’s STATED goal to cause wwIII , man made religion against man made religion . So they can usher in their fallen cherub “utopia”

    who benefits from a man made religion vs man made religion WWIII , is it not the false jesus taught out of tibet worshipped by the “UNITED NATIONS”?

    Jesus Christ conquered man made religion and made an open show of it .
    After all it was MAN made traditions that put Him on the tree .

    Jesus Christ said blessed are the PEACEMAKERS , not the FALSE peacmakers of rome , state of israel , united nations .

    Jesus Christ said blessed are the PURE in heart (which is in your head) . love thy neighbor as thyself

    for millennia now men have wanted to follow man RATHER than the Creator of all things Jesus Christ .
    Jesus Christ ALLOWS it because He promised to reward every man ACCORDING to his or her works .

    If you hurt your neighbor in any way , expect to be hurt . EXPECT to be delievered to your tormentors if you do NOT forgive from your heart all brothers and sisters (all who are born of adam and eve) .

    Israel is NOT Israel without the Creator and His SENT ONLY begotten Son .
    You cannot have the Father without the Son , for ALL men are WICKED .

    This is clearly shown by how all men treat one another .

    The world = anything made by man , friendship of the world is enmity with the Creator . Man makes traditions so that would make it of the world

    if a man clings to the flesh , how can he or she walk in the SPIRIT ? For the Heavenly Father is a SPIRIT according to Jesus Christ .

    Is not race a part of the flesh ?

    Jesus Christ is an END to races to them which believe .

    Jesus Christ has DONE salvation to them that believe

    man made religions ALWAYS teach that a MAN must do something to be saved .
    romanism ,judaism, islam, hinduism, buddhism , zoroastrianism , all these do they not TEACH a man must DO SOMETHING ?

    the prophet Isaiah which is said to have been sawed in half by the religionists was correct when he said thus
    Isa_64:6 But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

    Jesus Christ said JUST believe that He is Him whom the Father sent to be the PROPITIATION of sins for ALL which believe , ALL things are possible to them which believe .

    • Jesus is the one who refused to preach the Word of God to anyone except his own people – the descendants of the Israelites.

      And look at how rude he was to the Canaanite woman. For no reason other than she was a Canaanite.

      From beginning to end, the Bible teaches the virtues of racial separation. And true to His Father’s will, Jesus was very much a racist.

      God created the races. It is the work of his Adversary to destroy them. Whose will do you serve?

  • Sababu A. Sanyika

    It’s that time of dispensation for the rebellious Jew Talmud mindset to be rewarded with it’s just deserts – full punishment for all the death and destruction it has plagued humanity with for all these centuries of their evil satanic influence and behind the scene rule.

    In 2nd century AD, Rabbis gave a false and blasphemous interpretation to Bible story of Noah, his son Ham and grand son Canaan in which the lie was invented that Ham and Canaan were cursed to be “black skinned and to be slaves for perpetuity – the so-called infamous Curse of Ham.” This is the origin of color conscious racism as divide and rule scheme of Satan’s earth agents – Talmud Jews – the human embodiment of Satan, headquartered in Synagogue of Satan – Tel Aviv.

    Use of color terms is the work of the devil to divide and rule over what’s left after Gentile destruction of one another following the divisive intent to make enemies based on skin tone. Skin tone is natural from intensity and duration of sun light on skin, and that’s it by Divine design. IT’S TIME TO PERMENANTLY REJECT AND STOP USING COLOR TERMS AS ID FOR HUMAN BEINGS.

    Talmud Jewry taught this COLOR BASED deceptive evil to an unaware, naïve, innocent, and mostly at that time illiterate European People, using the Christian Church as cover and manpower for help in institutionalizing the deception. After centuries, Europeans were indoctrinated into a white supremacy mindset, then used as brainwashed army for material and political conquest by Jews who remained behind scene as chief advisors to religious and secular leaders. Being banished from England for near 400 years to Oliver Cromwell allowing return, Jews gained mastery over English People and was able to guide them to speak conquest to point of bragging that “sun never setting on English Empire.” Jews rule England today as dictating tyrants, using English People to make war that support plans for establishing a “Jew World Order”, ruling over the world community from occupied Palestine.

    Trump, the KKK, white skinheads, and all white supremacy mindsets are Jewish threats to our One Human Family world community. It’s time to defeat this Talmud zionazis Jew mindset and send it to the hell that for once it has honestly earned.



    Talmud Jewry’s control and rule over health care, education, print and broad cast media, bought and paid for traitorous elected and appointed officials, law enforcement/military/and intelligence, our courts, and over our money and financial affairs must end immediately.
    The Federal Reserve Act must be repealed and The Federal Reserve Bank must be put into Treasury Department without any Jewish Employees, after an honest, transparent, and full audit. All Jews must be dismissed from Homeland Security, military and intelligence , and any all positions needing security of state. Monopoly of media taken away and media used to TRUTHFULLY educate and inform American citizens and our world community of critical needed public service waged war on Talmud zionazis Jews as defense against any more tricks and deceptive game play bring harm to the rest of us.

    911 was a Mossad operation, as is well known in military and intelligence community. The Saudis and other Muslims are falsely blamed for 911, along with the many other false flag attacks around the globe and Gentiles are tricked again into fighting, killing, and destroying one another while Talmud zionazis Jews traditionally manage from behind the scene in puppet master horror.

    It is time for a GRAND AWAKENING of Gentiles around the globe. We all must bond in an unbreakable unity for defeating our true enemy – “WORLD PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE” – Talmud zionazis Jewry.



    World wide, We must declare a 21st century “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” from little king zionazis Jew. WE MUST! THEREFORE, DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS AND AMMO. STAY ALERT, STAY ARMED, AND BE READY.

    Dear Fellow Human Beings, Our time is NOW – PERIOD!

  • It’s been reported that the Saudi Royal family are officially Israeli Jews by some in the Israeli press.

    If true it means that the extreme brand of Wahabi/Salafi Islam with the brutal and very evil Sharia Law has for over 80 years been distributed and deployed as brainwashed propaganda (religious mind control) by those funded by the Jewish Israeli Saudi Royal family (created and founded with support by the British Empire).

    It true, it would therefore mean that modern Islam is Arabicised Judaism with Muslims being Arabicised Jews.

  • It may seem like a nightmare from science fiction story that is sadly true.

    The planet is not controlled by humans but is controlled by evil psychopathic reptilians (themselves controlled by even more evil inter dimensional entities). It explains the numerous wars and the brutal and inhuman nature of global society, infrastructure, government, finance, economy and industry.

    It also explains why the Talmud sees humans as livestock cattle and why Talmudic Jews prefer not to be called human. Unfortunately for human Jews the Talmud does not refer to them as their god’s chosen ones but refers to reptilians instead. Reptilians can appear as humans and can be of any colour, race, ethnicity, religion, age, wealth, sex, gender, career but usually in positions of power or influence over humans. All reptilians are evil and psychopathic. Information about reptilians is still available online for now but is gradually being removed, possibly due to forthcoming alien disclosure. It has nothing to do with vibrational frequency merely reptilian response and reaction times being far to quick for ordinary humans to consciously notice without use of cameras.

    The various global big book religions such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc, will meanwhile be replaced with a single evil Judaic based One World Religion for the Satanic New World Order by the use of Project Blue Beam (holograms in the sky with microwave sound projection into thr heads of humans).

    • You can’t prove “reptilians” or “off chessboard entities,” if your life depended on it, anymore than anyone can prove the fairy tales in the different religious books (allegorical references to map the spiritual forest are often useful but the making of a moral point doesn’t make them true). So take those dungeons and dragons stories somewhere where the site-regulars are naive enough to believe it. lol Not even 99% of the David Icke forum guys believe in that part of his mumbo jumbo.

  • “Trump’s America is bad, very bad, for the Jews.”

    No – Zionists & Secret Societies In America Are Bad, VERY BAD, For All Of Us.

  • Our jew controlled media and political parties want Donald to disavow Dr. Duke but they aren’t worried about Rev’s Al and Jessies many trips to the Pink House. Don’t forget Farakan and his trips there also. Did they want Odummer to disavow these black racest? They are worried about Donalds taxes but not Sharpton or Jessie, these two parasites are also shake down artist and blackmailers, why aren’t they in jail? Odummer is a racest of the highest order and the jew media is silent on this, polar bear hunting, the knockout game, thousands of rapes of white women, many horrible murders of whites. Michael Brown’s mother and step father started a riot where people were killed, they commited a robery where a person was beaten with a metal pipe and they are not in jail? Wake up people.

  • It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype, and hope, that can surround a populist candidate. And I want to believe Trump is sincere about the things he says.

    But then I snap back to reality. He’s always been a political insider and walks in the deepest circles. His children married into the tribe. But it’s maybe his relationship with his long time Israeli business partners the Dezertovs (Americanized to Dezer) that give me the most cause for concern.

    The picture of Trump burning the mortgage with the Dezertovs and the fire demon left me with a real bad feeling about the man.

  • “Jewish Journalist: Trump Is Very Bad For The Jews”

    I say: If it’s bad for Jews, it’s good for Whites!

    TRUMP 2016