Jewish Journalist Admits Jews Dominate Hollywood; Urges Jewish Moguls to Recruit More Minorities, Women

In response to the ridiculous #OscarsSoWhite social media protest, yet another pathetic attempt by Blacks (who are instigated and led by the Jewish mass media and Jewish ethnic activists in their on-going war against White Western Christian civilization) to make excuses for the failures and shortcomings of their own people by demonizing Whites and the supposed “White supremacist establishment” in America, Jay Michaelson, a prominent Jewish journalist for The Jewish Daily Forward, published an article in which he not only admits that Jews dominate Hollywood, but also urges Jewish media moguls to recruit and hire even more minorities and women for leading roles in major Hollywood films, further displacing and discriminating against Whites in the United States.

In the incredibly revealing article, Michaelson writes:

Screenshot (107)

“The Jews control Hollywood.” It’s one of those anti-Semitic tropes that, we all know, contains a certain grain of truth. “Control,” no — not with that ominous, conspiratorial connotation. But “helped create”? “Disproportionately populate?” Sure.

From the founding of California’s motion picture industry (well documented in books like Neal Gabler’s “An Empire of Their Own: How Jews Created Hollywood”) to the present day, Jews have played an outsized role as its producers, agents, directors and writers. It’s not just a myth.

Which is why the at-least-equally disproportionate exclusion of people of color from the Academy Awards — the phenomenon hashtagged as #OscarsSoWhite — is a Jewish problem. But it’s also a Jewish opportunity, because if Jewish leaders took the initiative to address the crisis proactively, the Jewish “elephant in the room” could instead be a powerful force for change. […]

If the academy were an actual academy in the true sense of the word, it might recognize the present-day effects of historical injustices — part of what we call white privilege — and take affirmative actions to correct them. But the academy isn’t a real academy, it’s a club. Specifically, it’s like a 1950s private social club. Apart from Oscar winners, members must be referred in.

Now, this situation is finally changing. The academy’s president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, is a woman of color. And, in response to the recent outrage, the governing board took some important steps: abolishing life membership, and doubling female and minority membership by 2020.

These steps are valuable, but the academy is a symptom of a larger, industrywide problem. […]

Here’s where Jewish leadership could play a role.

Suppose L.A.’s celebrity rabbis urged Jewish film machers to take the initiative in diversifying the industry as a whole, not just the academy specifically. Suppose those movers and shakers personally committed to more recruitment, more support and more training of women and people of color in the film industry at large.

None of this would require government programs, quotas or race-based hiring. Rather, imagine if the Spielbergs and Geffens of L.A. endowed scholarships for minority students working in film, internship opportunities at their own shops, and proactive efforts to reach out to those from disadvantaged communities.

And imagine if they did so as Jews — generally, in the case of Hollywood, non-practicing and non-religious Jews, but still members of what Justice Felix Frankfurter once called “the most persecuted minority in history.” If a public alliance of American Jewish filmmakers took personal initiative to fix this unjust, embarrassing and ugly situation, they could make a real difference. […]

Jewish ethnic activists like Jay Michaelson truly cannot hide their disdain and contempt for Whites.

Jews are driven by an innate hatred for White Western Christian civilization, the heroic men and women who founded and built our great nations, and the accomplishments of our race. The organized Jewish community and leading Jewish ethnic activists, journalists, and opinion-shapers have been working for decades to undermine and pervert White America, her institutions, and most certainly her culture and society. Unfortunately, they have been very successful.

It’s amazing what the Jews themselves openly admit to and brag about in their own newspapers and media outlets. As Jay Michaelson has once again reminded us, “anti-Semites” do not need to conjure up complex and convoluted theories explaining the Jewish propensity to elevate and instigate minorities in American society, demonize, slander, and delegitimize White identity and ethnic interests, and otherwise work towards the systematic displacement and genocide of the White racial stock that founded and built this once great nation.

Jews like Michaelson openly and proudly explain the Jewish agenda directed against the White race, providing “anti-Semites” ample evidence to demonstrate their legitimate and scholarly political, racial, and cultural perspectives.

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  • “Do Jews Run Hollywood? You Bet They Do…& What Of It?”
    — Ben Stein

    “Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews…”
    –Marlon Brando on Larry King Live

    “Who runs Hollywood? C’mon…Jews totally run Hollywood…… I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”
    — Joel Stein

  • What Hollywood produces has recently been so ugly that watching the stuff makes one sick. Who cares about what Hollywood, FOX, Disney or any of the Jew run medias presents, it is all propaganda, against white people not Jews, or, outright lies. We have withdrawn from all the Jew stuff, including Jew owned professional sports, because, we have no desire to give the enemy of our people any more assistance than we have to.

  • I totally am aware of this. They make vile, disgusting and vulgar movies that are boring on top of it all. I guarantee you will see sex acts within the first few minutes or through out the movie. Like I said, boring. If I wanted to watch porn I would but no thanks.
    I am a adult with a highly functioning brain…porn is flat, predicable and NOT what entertains me.

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