Jewish Daily Forward openly admits Jews are behind homosexual & transgender movement

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published its annual Forward 50, a list of the 50 most influential Jews in American life (could you imagine the outrage if an explicitly White news outlet published a list celebrating and commending the 50 most influential White people in American life?).

To introduce the list, Forward editor Jane Eisner describes the immense influence Jews have over American political and cultural life, essentially admitting in the process that Jews are the leading proponents of homosexual marriage, gay rights, and the disgusting, entirely degenerate and insane movement supporting transgenderism.

Due exclusively to Jewish influence and subversion, these Talmudic, degenerate cultural and social movements have become mainstream in American society today, a fact that Vice President Joe Biden once openly celebrated.

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This is a year when American Jews are deeply, loudly and passionately embedded in some of the most pressing political and social issues in the nation.

Not that we were shy in other years. But a confluence of events allowed — or perhaps dictated — an outsized role for many of the Jews profiled in this year’s Forward 50. From the debate over a nuclear deal with Iran, to the emergence of transgender identity in synagogues and on screen, to the groundbreaking acceptance of marriage equality, American Jews are playing a starring role.

The most obvious Jew to grab the political national spotlight this year is Bernie Sanders, the quirky, blunt talking, doggedly earnest independent senator from Vermont. It’s fair to say that his candidacy for president was considered no more than a quixotic adventure last spring — until summertime’s record-breaking crowds scrambled expectations and proved that a Jewish guy who still sounds Brooklyn can wow them in Iowa. Beyond the never-ending presidential race the boisterous debate over the Iran deal found Jews negotiating (Wendy Sherman), opposing (Chuck Schumer), supporting (Jerry Nadler) and otherwise shaping the most serious foreign policy development of the year.

Our influence goes well beyond politics. The legal framework to support same-sex marriage, which Evan Wolfson developed as a law student 30 years ago, was ratified at the highest level when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in June. Another human rights issue — ensuring that transgender Americans do not suffer discrimination — was championed in a Jewish day school by a remarkable bar mitzvah boy (Tom Sosnik), on the high-fashion runway (Hari Nef) and in the acclaimed television show “Transparent” (director Jill Soloway and actor Jeffrey Tambor.) […]

Suffice it to say, without Jewish propaganda, activism, lobbying, and support, none of these anti-White, un-Christian socio-cultural movements – homosexual marriage, gay rights, transgenderism, etc. – would be accepted, much less celebrated, in American society today.

This is what the filthy Jewish Talmud actually teaches. No wonder Jews are the leading proponents of transgenderism and homosexuality.

This is what the filthy Jewish Talmud actually teaches. No wonder Jews are the leading proponents of transgenderism and homosexuality.


  • Superficially at best. The old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” overshadows any “support” given to fringe Goim groups. These sub-cultures will make excellent members of “youth groups” such as those who massacred the German civilians in the Danzig Corridor et al. If you consider the wording of Pharisee Levitts’ visceral statement regarding the synagogue’s plans for the white race as well as minorities;

    Notice the cryptic use of “then”, followed by addressing the chip on the shoulder of minorities. The perennial victims’ microscopic portion of denizens on this planet notwithstanding, he apparently feels the synagogue needn’t be grouped in with the others. The most frightening aspect of his “chutzpah” is his complete confidence in the Judas Class of western “Christian” governments’ total fealty to such a degree that they spew REAL visceral hatred and impending slaughter with immunity. Such is the reward for allowing the U.S./”great” Britain to bow before the original Central Banks, force them down the throats of “Christian”/Muslim nations across the globe. Thus giving the synagogue unbelievable stolen wealth to buy or kill any Goim leaders not having sufficient amounts of “Judas Blood” to pay fealty to the murderers of their God-Head and fellows. What this breed of treasonous/traitorous stains seem to deny is the fates doled out to Lenin/Stalin after they had reached the end of their usefulness. One can be certain The Christ labeled these demons “The Synagogue of Satan” with (obvious) good reason.

    • “Chutzpah” doesn’t that mean that a lad throws himself down on the floor of a court begging for mercy after murdering his parents on the grounds he is an orphan???

  • If challenged, the Jews would likely cite this — like their role in encouraging “diversity” throughout North America and Europe –as examples of their “liberalism.” At home in Israel, their alleged liberalism is considerably less apparent: Goyim are sometimes welcome to visit and part with their shekels, but not to reside (much less to apply for citizenship). Black Goyim who succeed in sneaking across Israel’s frontiers are promptly imprisoned, even if they profess Judaism as their “religion.” Ergo, one must — I believe — conclude that Jewish “liberalism” is a FRAUD, i.e., a commodity exclusively for export to the Goyim. As such, it’s entirely comparable to the opium with which the British Empire endeavoured to saturate China.

  • Barbara Spectre has got one heck of a nerve to say that she and the Jews are going to show Europe how to be multi-cultural. Why doesn’t she start by showing how her own racist state of Israel is becoming multi-cultural instead of carrying out ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Now that we can see what multi-culturism is all about no European in their right mind would want it. How many refugees is Israel taking? If these mostly male refugees were wearing military uniforms it would be an invasion, and who is to say that it isn’t?

  • Patriots arise!!! Stop the third world invasion now. The reason is simple for this government program to make whites a racial minority in a country founded by their ancestors: you are silent. This slow motion genocide is moving forward because most aware people are doing nothing. The invasion will stop and these troubling trends will start to reverse only when we say enough:
    – join the 2 million citizens’ army at numbersusa.
    – become members of immigration reform groups like FAIR.
    – always go to the polls.
    – when you get letters begging for money, return, in most cases, the free Business Reply envelopes with letters protesting our demographic replacement. For envelopes not free, it’s worth your while to send back.
    – Mow your own lawn and avoid restaurants.
    Don’t be part of the problem, be a part of the correct solution. ALL patriots must take action.

    • Yes, the problem is white politicians who cater to zionists because there is no political cost to doing so. Make them pay, and the treason will stop!

    • I wrote an objective review of the NPI conference for American Free Press, and praise was offered because it was due. To my knowledge, Richard Spencer, the Director of the NPI, is not homosexual. In fact, from what I understand, he is happily married and recently became a father. Good for him, assuming that is true, and I do believe it is true.

      I am not a homosexual.

      What specifically are your criticisms of Spencer and the NPI event overall? Are they strictly related to the presence of Jack Donovan at the conference? Please elaborate – I’m interested to hear what your analysis of the conference is.