Jewish codebreakers critical to Allied victory in WWII

The Times of Israel published a report yesterday announcing a recently opened exhibition in Bletchley Park, “a beautiful, rolling set of green lawns and a mansion” roughly 50 miles north of London that “became the wartime codebreaking HQ” during both WWI and WWII, according to the article.

The report focuses on the central role played by Jewish codebreakers, arguing that they were instrumental in helping the Allied powers defeat Germany in WWI and WWII.

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In a fascinating new exhibition, “The Road to Bletchley Park,” opened last week by Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, at Britain’s codebreaking headquarters, the route to Allied victory in WWII is clearly shown to be a result of work done in Britain and America in the 1914-18 conflict in which Jews played a seminal part.

Bletchley Park, seen in the height of summer, is a beautiful, rolling set of green lawns and a mansion, sited in Buckinghamshire, just 50 miles north of London. The 581-acre estate was bought by the Jewish baronet Sir Herbert Samuel Leon, in 1883. Leon, a part of the Montefiore family, was a Liberal Party politician who lived at Bletchley with his family until his death in 1926. Wife Fanny stayed on until 1938, when part of the site was bought by the Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS) and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

Bletchley became the wartime codebreaking HQ, and current estimates say the work done there shortened WWII by at least two years. […]

As Dr. Joel Greenberg, the biographer of two of Bletchley’s seminal figures, Gordon Welchman and Alastair Denniston, explained that WWII codebreaking would not have been possible without the work done in two separate sites in London in the first global conflict. Welchman is described as the architect of “Ultra Intelligence,” while Denniston was the commander of Bletchley Park from 1940 to 1942. Ultra is the designation given to information received through breaking high-level encrypted enemy radio and teleprinter communications.

“Codebreaking had begun in the 17th century, but the real change came before the First World War with the use of radio to transmit messages,” said Greenberg.

In the early days of WWI, Britain cut all undersea cables viable for use by the Germans. Instead, both sides turned to wireless radio — and encryption of coded messages.

“At first,” said Greenberg, “everyone used codebooks. Machines [such as the world-renowned Enigma] only came later.”

Codebreaking in London was split into two separate ventures, one backed by the army in what became known as MI1(b), set up by the War Office, and Room 40, established by the navy.

Two of the central WWI codebreakers were Jews: American William Friedman and Russian Ernst Fetterlein. Friedman has become famous as the doyen of American cryptology in WWII, but he began his work in the first conflict.

Friedman, born Wolf Friedman in Kishinev, began working on codebreaking in 1915 and became the personal cryptographer for General John Joseph Pershing in France after America entered the war in 1917.

Between the wars Friedman was the go-to man for codebreaking. He assembled a four-man cryptanalysis team (three of whom were Jewish) within the US Signals Intelligence Service, consisting of Abraham Sinkov, Solomon Kullback, Leo Rosen and Frank Rowlett. In April 1943 Friedman spent time at Bletchley Park and his work is acknowledged as crucial to the war effort.

Ernst Fetterlein, who was once Tsar Nicholas of Russia’s cryptologist, fled the country during the 1917 Russian Revolution and ended up working in codebreaking in Britain. Only months before the end of WWI, Fetterlein was one of the handful who worked in Room 40, the Navy’s codebreaking set-up.

Although he retired in 1938, Ernst came out of retirement during WWII to work with the Bletchley Park codebreakers, including his brother, Paul.

“Ernst Fetterlein was working in London intercepting traffic including what was coming from Russia,” said biographer Greenberg. “This section was supposed to have been shut down — but actually they went on working, in secret.” […]

“This exhibition tells an essential part of the Bletchley Park story. The Great War took place at a time of rapid technological change and innovation. Cable, wireless, codes and codebreaking were central to this revolution. The work of British interception and codebreakers achieved outstanding success. As in World War Two, our country was at the cutting edge of technology, where it always needs to be. In the Great War the foundations were laid, and the leadership prepared, for the triumphs of Bletchley Park,” said Scarlett. […]

A significant number of the WWII codebreakers were Jews — enough to have set up a wartime Zionist Society — which was launched by Walter Ettinghausen, who eventually became, as Walter Eytan, director-general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry between 1948 and 1959, and later Israel’s ambassador to France. Other alumni include Peter Benenson, the founder of Amnesty International, and Dame Miriam Rothschild, the internationally renowned botanist. […]

There can be no doubt that the Allied codebreakers, many of whom were in fact Jewish, played a major role in helping to defeat Germany in both WWI and WWII.

However, what the mainstream political and historical establishment will not reveal is that the codebreakers, particularly those operating at Bletchley Park during WWII, actually provide documentation and information that disproves the official Jewish “Holocaust” narrative which has been institutionalized and used a weapon in the West since the conclusion of the war.

Honest historians, such as Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, who have studied the declassified decrypts from Bletchley Park have demonstrated that the official Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII is entirely fictional. The decrypts never once mention a mass gassing program being implemented by the Germans for genocidal purposes at the various concentration camps under their administration, and it’s even admitted by mainstream Jewish “Holocaust” historians that there never was an officially sanctioned policy to genocide the Jews of Europe. The National Socialists simply recognized the evil, destructive nature of international Jewry, and made legitimate legal moves to restrict their ability to subvert the German nation with the ultimate goal of eventually expelling them from German territory.
Breaking the spell

The decrypts available from Bletchley Park undermine the official “Holocaust” narrative by revealing “that the Germans were determined, desperate even, to reduce the death rate in their work camps, which was caused by catastrophic typhus epidemics,” as The Barnes Review characterizes it in a review of Dr. Kollerstrom’s book Breaking the Spell – The Holocaust: Myth and Reality. “The UK’s intelligence decrypts prove that the German camp authorities were desperately trying to save their inmates’ lives.”

As I wrote in my January 8, 2015 review of Dr. Kollerstrom’s excellent book:

Breaking the Spell thoroughly addresses the majority of the main issues relating to the alleged Jewish “Holocaust”, and includes a brilliant discussion, analysis, and summary of the chemical testing done at some of the concentration camps conducted by important revisionists such as Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf, which conclusively debunked the “homicidal human gas chamber” fantasy. Leuchter and Rudolf’s forensic studies of the concentration camps, particularly the alleged Auschwitz “death camp”, authoritatively demonstrated that the facilities that utilized Zyklon B were used for hygienic purposes, rather than homicidal ones. Zyklon B was used to delouse inmate clothing and bedding primarily, and special delousing chambers were set up for the purpose of disinfecting inmate clothing and killing disease-spreading insects. Bugs were gassed at the various German-administered concentration camps during WWII, not Jews.

Dr. Kollerstrom also analyzes the so-called Bletchley Park Decrypts, which consisted of radio communications between the concentration camp administrators and German officials in Berlin intercepted and decrypted by British intelligence between January 1942 and January 1943. The intercepted communications proved that the Germans were running a network of labor and detention camps, and were doing their best to ensure safe and sanitary living conditions for the inmates. The Germans were concerned with reducing deaths at the concentration camps, not increasing them, and they certainly were not engaged in a systematic slaughter of the Jews of Europe.

The “homicidal human gas chambers” story, and the general narrative of brutal, barbaric persecution and murder of European Jewry, was largely a result of a Jewish propaganda, public relations, and fundraising campaign going back to the WWI era, which was designed to generate sympathy and money for organized Jewry, in addition to Allied anti-German atrocity propaganda spread throughout the war. Following WWII, countless “Holocaust survivors”, the iconic and truly horrific “Holocaust” imagery (all of which is entirely taken out of context and/or misrepresented), German “confessions” (extracted by torture) and other manufactured “evidence” produced at Nuremberg, and Hollywood propaganda solidified the false “Holocaust” narrative in the West. […]

Of course, the Jewish owned and controlled mass media and educational establishment, not to mention their bought and paid for politicians, will never reveal this critically important information to the American public. The fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII is the linchpin of the entire “New World Order,” which in reality is nothing more than a Jewish tyranny ruling the deracinated, ignorant masses across the world.

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