Jew Lambastes Trump for Not Denouncing “Anti-Semitic” Supporters

Another day, another article appearing in the Jewish press criticizing GOP front-runner Donald Trump, a man who, by all appearances, genuinely wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

This time, the Jewish writer, Bethany Mandel, is lambasting Trump for not denouncing his “anti-Semitic” supporters loudly enough. Trump has already publicly distanced himself from Dr. David Duke, who has, like other pro-White thinkers and media figures, made mildly supportive comments regarding some of Trump’s public policy positions, particularly his stance on immigration and desire to deport all illegal aliens living in the United States, not to mention his proposal to build a wall on the southern border (which will be paid for by Mexico!).

Ms. Mandel’s article, recently published by The Jewish Daily Forward, reads in part:

“On social media, it seems that while not all Donald Trump supporters are anti-Semites, many of the vocal and vicious anti-Semites seem to be Donald Trump supporters.”

That’s what Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist and writer often accused of climbing into the pockets of “The Jews,” told me recently.

The widespread anti-Semitism of Trump’s fans hit the news after the September 16 Republican debate, thanks to one of his biggest supporters, Ann Coulter, who tweeted, “How many f—king Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” when several candidates affirmed support for Israel during their closing remarks. Coulter’s comments, coupled with the anti-Semitism on display from her supporters — who immediately started the Twitter hashtag #IStandWithAnn — are becoming typical of Trump’s fan base.

What is most shocking on the heels of the general anti-Semitism of Trump’s fans and now with the mainstream exposure of them due to Coulter’s comments is the candidate’s radio silence on the situation. Trump is known for many things, but keeping his lips sealed is certainly not one of them. Since his campaign has taken off, Trump has spent a good deal of energy playing dumb when it comes to the overwhelming nature of the support for his candidacy from white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Worse than Trump’s willful blindness is the rhetoric he uses to stoke racial unrest with a slogan — “Make America Great Again” — reminiscent of the Nazi Party of the 1930s. […]

Notice Jews consider any form of White racial consciousness, even if implicit, as fundamentally evil, and immediately equate it with “the evil Nazis” and Hitler. This nonsense is getting old.

The Republican Jewish Coalition is openly hostile to Donald Trump (despite his dominating lead in the GOP race), Jewish comedian Bill Maher has equated Trump with Hitler, and Jewish billionaire Barry Diller has declared that he will flee the country if Trump is elected president.

It is clear that the Jewish establishment and organized Jewish community is quite fearful of Donald Trump.

Considering Trump’s politically incorrect stance on a number of important issues relating to the genocidal Jewish scam known as “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, which encourages massive Third World immigration to the West, not to mention his views on the Second Amendment, support for reigning in and taxing hedge-funds and overall tax reform proposal, and his foreign policy agenda (which includes supporting Putin’s moves in Syria), it should not surprise us that the organized Jewish community and the mainstream Jewish-owned and controlled mass media are hysterically denouncing and lambasting the populist American businessman.


  • Looks like some people are using Trump to get the message out.

    I guess we all fell for it. The jews seem to be really mad we all ‘fell for it’.

  • Why do we care about 2% percent of the population.

  • What it all boils down to is that anyone, including Trump, who puts America first is automatically anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. But, as to supporting Trump I’ll withhold support until he starts speaking out about problems associated with Jewish control over this country.

  • You can freely criticize Christians and Muslims, (no I am not a fan of Muslims), just pointing out the obvious, but how dare you criticize the Jews. These Jews really think they are special. No wonder they’re hated all over the world. I hope Putin drops the rest of his ordinance on Tel Aviv when he’s done in Syria.

    • Putin is exactly like Trump, controlled opposition with a daughter married to a Jewish billionnaire Kirill Shamalov, Jared Kushner

      • “Putin is exactly like Trump, controlled opposition with a daughter married to a Jewish billionnaire Kirill Shamalov, Jared Kushner”

        Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. Just sit home then and do nothing but complain on blogs and forums.


  • It is a scientific principle that whatever or whomever the Jews hate is good for America and good for Humanity in general. These people have got to be some of the absolute dumbest on earth. After over a century of dedicating themselves to the destruction of America, Canada, and Europe, they still do not understand why they are so despised and hated. After viciously attacking the U.S. on 9/11 and about ten other times, they still can’t figure out why Americans would want to round them up as treasonous Fifth Columnists and deport them to say, Antarctica, and if Jewish billionaire Barry Diller wants to flee the country when Trump is elected president, fine, and he can take all his seditious people with him. At this point in history, the Jews should take some sage survival advice and just completely STFU! We, as in almost everyone on this planet, are all completely tired of having to constantly listen to their fake victimized whining, bitching, and holocausty lying. I wasn’t going to vote for Trump, but after discovering that the Jews hate him with such a passion, I remembered the above mentioned scientific principle, and will most definitely cast my vote for him in the 2016 election. We badly need a financially jew-independent president who will stand up and tell these enemies of Humanity that they have basically two choices – STFU or leave the country along with all the Mexicans they have brought in. And yes, within the next five years, we will take back the entire country of Palestine from these little lying parasitic murderers and thieves.

  • Optimistic view of Trump. Just remember FDR was also billed as a reformer–and he was to an extent while making fellow Jews like Bernard Baruch richer in the process. Father Coughlin was taken in as was Joe Kennedy–both were eventually sidelined.


    To Bethany:

    Why don’t you all distance yourself from:

    1. Abraham, who was a pimp who sold his wife to an African, therefore Negro pharaoh?

    2. Angela Merkel, Barbara Lerner spectre who promote the alien invasion

    3. The raping rabbis

    4. The filthy Torah

    5. The evil Talmud

    6. The 1000’s of Jewish insider trading crooks and criminals

    7. Jewish women, since 90% of their are prostitutes

    8. Jewish men, since 90% of them are pedophiles, crooks, and criminals

    Please start behaving, you barbarians.

  • I worry for Trump because his business manager is a Mr. Leiberman in NYC.

  • There’s never been a politician since JFK (maybe) that has taken on the Jewish Mafia like Trump has.

    He’s egotistical, arrogant, loud, obnoxious, conceited, double-dealing and probably a lot of other things, but we gotta give the man his due credit.

    He could still be a zionist in disguise, but he HAS taken a lot of crap from CNN (Chosen Cocksucker Network) for telling the blunt truth.

    I think the Chosen Cocksuckers are getting mighty nervous.

  • Why won’t the Jews allow the anti-semitic fans to participate in the debate? That’s the real question. From Bolshevik connected 24 year old Jew who edits “The New Inquiry” malcolm Harris with my comments interpersed

  • What is wrong with anti-semites? Do you have cabbages for heads? You use the article to start in again on the Jews, Jews-this, Jews-that, sticking your heads in the hand over the central riddle the author asks about: Trump’s executive director is a Jew, his daughter is a Jew, his business associates are Jews, the guy travels in the circles of high Kikedom. He supports Israel with money and time. You don’t get that? He is a Jew for all intents and purposes.

    • “What is wrong with anti-semites?”

      Nothing. It’s a natural, normal, logical response to Jewish supremacists dominating and controlling virtually EVERY aspect of our lives, got that, you anti-gentile?

      “He is a Jew for all intents and purposes”

      And the other candidates aren’t??? Get real, you circus clown.

      Donald Trump is and Jew-wise and knows how the game is played. He didn’t become a multi-billionaire in a field packed with Jews if he wasn’t.

      The NUMBER ONE issue this election is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. And Trump is the only candidate bringing up the issue and proposing a solution and that’s good enough for me!

      TRUMP 2016

  • Lol i this is false im a jew and i stand with trump

    • When I went to the trump rally in St.Louis there was everybody of every race religion and Creed in support of him. There was a strong sense of unity between these people, I was spit on and called the Nazi while wearing a shirt that had the Israeli flag on it. Me a jew being called a nazis ha what low life scum they are

  • Protesters outside called us nazis , because we were supporting Trump

  • “Jew Lambastes Trump for Not Denouncing “Anti-Semitic” Supporters”

    F-him! The nerve of this imperious Jew! So-called “anti-semitic” (read: Jew-wise) supporters are U.S. citizens too and they can openly support ANY presidential candidate that they like!

    Why I despise Jews…let me count thy ways.

  • “Jew Lambastes Trump for Not Denouncing “Anti-Semitic” Supporters”

    Isn’t that nice?

    Maybe we should lambaste Trump for not denouncing his Jew lambasters.