Jesse Lee Peterson – 2016 Election, Trump & “racism”

Last Thursday, I sat down with Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss the upcoming election, Donald Trump, and related matters. Above you can watch all seven video interviews I conducted with Jesse (37 total minutes), or you can visit my YouTube channel to watch and/or share the videos individually.

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  • Nice job. :) John you might consider making YTubes out of all your interviews, incl those done over phone with no video– U can just do a still photo (website name + pic of you & of guest) or do a slide show (much more work; esp if you try to align slides with the topic being discussed) for the YT image. Member’s hour interviews, just upload the first free hour. This mostly for marketing TRReport. I often do YT searches on people who interest me, hoping to find some interviews with them. This has turned me on to numerous alt-media radio show channels which I’ve bookmarked and return to routinely for their latest. This would put your TRR “brand” under a vast new audience’s noses… “gettin’ the word out”, and perhaps netting you more members.

  • I think dialogues with people of color are a good idea. This could end up with Mister Friend making a good living on a big city, main stream radio station.

  • There is a 20 year plus emergence of a new truth detecting technology developed by John David Oates called “Reverse Speech”. The breakthrough development focuses on the hereto unknown fact that intelligent people also communicate from their sub consciousness and these can be discovered in their reverse speech. This does not lie and lies are easily detected and now even comes on a phone app.

    Oates has thousands of interesting examples and recently started doing speech reversals on Donald Trump. Surprisingly and quite amazing Trump has a 100% reverse speech congruency record in dozens of reverse samples. Ted Cruse has zero.

    You will also be horrified and shocked to hear the Popes reversals where he admits to raping children.

    • Strange stuff, I’ll have to check it out, though it sounds pseudo-scientific, like phrenology or something. You never can tell, good to keep an open mind.

    • I’ve heard David Oates on several Rense shows. The speech reversal demo’s never really worked for me. Oates would replay a given “find” a number of times, incl at different speeds (normal & slower), and they all just sounded like mush– no matter how giddy Rense & Oates would get re how “crystal clear” the target’s supposed backwards confessions were. So I normally passed over the Oates hours; too many more interesting pods to listen to. :)

      Find all the Rense/Oates shows Mami’s used to upload,

      The shows which zeroed in on Trump, & Pope Francis reversals, were somewhere in the latter half of last year, IIRC. Unfortunately the “descriptions” for all of Oates’ appearances only say “Speech Reversals.” Mami’s sort of went to seed gradually over the past ~half year, to where there aren’t any new updates at all any more… and I haven’t since found any blogs which post Rense’s daily shows. :( They’re surely all on bittorrent, I know, but never got motivated enough to get up to speed with that scene.

  • This man is an inspiration. His voice, his reasoning, his manner. WOW! Why aren’t more people like him?????

    Mr Peterson needs to run for office because he has an appeal that transcends the irrelevant racial distractions presented by so many angry black people in America.

    Thank you for interviewing him, I would listen to him all day.

    • Carol, what do you mean? RELEVANCE, rooted in relieve, is about the provision of solace, comfort, uplift, support, alms, cheer, goodwill and love.

      Who would be more RELEVANT to a person than his own people – in reality, not in a Benetton advert turned into a Hallmark Channel movie?

      • “People” or the kindred your are kind to only defined genetically in the case of racial nationalists and “culturally” in the case of cultural elitists like Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Jung. I love how racialists, religionists and other collectivists seeking to reign in individuals to their will by force automatically assume that “absolute truth” is on their side, when there is no such thing as an “absolute” anything except maybe as Max Igan says Love-being-only-possible-in-the-absence-of-Fear or the necessity of freedom of thought, speech and choice to seeing your will in action in see-will-I-zation. Of course, to achieve this dogmatism and pass it off as “absolute” truth requires sweeping-under-the-rug the findings of epigenetics which over-ride the fallacies of Darwinian evolutionary theory requiring “thousands of years” for DNA change.

        All that is possible or ever has been possible to men of hue is simply the navigation of reality using more-&-more-detailed but never-fully accurate maps based on symbols and metaphor. A symbol, even the first word an infant learns, is already two metaphors away from “pure” or “objective” reality. An art form based on higher-abstracted sound metaphors which map an area of the hue-man spirit not possible through other sets of metaphors is called muse-ic. Mathematics or the most exact metaphorical language, always learned after verbal symbology, expresses the phenomena it maps through equations that have to be balanced on both sides and sometimes on all “sides,” the same thing that knowing-the-ledge entails in knowledge: balance. Balance attained through temperance and not compromise. Every expenditure of energy (inner-G or inner-god), even the energy needed for walking properly has its know-ledge gained through the balancing of the elements used in the task. There is no point at which one becomes a “perfect” walker, even if that person be a champion walker. When the task, any task worth pursuing with inner-G, becomes supremely balanced and most elegantly performed, it becomes a dance, an artifice others can learn and prosper from, a higher-level t-root containing many smaller balanced t-roots to provide nutrients rather than poison to the the leafs and branches of be-leaf.

        • Correction: leaves not “leafs” lol

        • In fact ‘kindred’ derives from KIN and so indeed does ‘kind’ – reinforcing the point that one’s people are important and a predictable source of comfort and support. Thanks, neg!

          kind (adj.)
          “friendly, deliberately doing good to others,” Middle English kinde, from Old English (ge)cynde “natural, native, innate,” originally “with the feeling of relatives for each other,” from Proto-Germanic *kundi- “natural, native,” from *kunjam “family” (see kin)


          Here’s a clue, neg: you will struggle to find good arguments against nationalism, because genocide is so obviously wrong; stop doing it, mate.

          • Serious readers might want to check out,

            “Indoctrinabilty, Ideology, and Warfare: Evolutionary Perspectives,” edited by Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt and Frank Kemp Salter

            If you search “songlight for dawn”+indoctrinability you’ll find some helpful excerpts, eg.:


            Man, I posted them nearly 7 years ago. Seems like weeks.


            Kin Recognition in Animals

            There is dramatic experimental evidence that many animal species recognize genetic similarity. For example, bees block the nest to prevent intruders from entering. In one study, bees bred for 14 different degrees of genealogical relationship were introduced near nests. There was a strong linear relationship (r=0.93) between the ability to pass the guard bee and the degree of genetic relatedness.

            Mammals are also able to detect degrees of genetic relatedness. For example, squirrels produce litters that contain both sisters and half-sisters. Despite the fact that they shared the same womb and inhabit the same nest, full sisters fight less often than half-sisters, come to each other’s aid more, and are less prone to chase one another out of their home territory.


  • The ebook “A Murder Conspiracy Against Donald J. Trump” just got released directly from the distributor for $2.59. The author’s page:

    “Loose talk, threats, insults, they have consequences.”
    –Hillary Clinton in reference to Donald Trump (September 5, 2015)

    Author discovers a covert conspiracy on the Deep Web to assassinate Donald J. Trump. Names the names.