It Is Not Anti-Semitic To Tell The Truth About The USS Liberty

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The USS Liberty Attack In A Nutshell


  • “War for Israel –
    Dying For Zion”:

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    (defunct site since 2007, lots of links every bit as revealing today)

  • Every bloody thing offends these wankers!!!! Bollocks to them!!!!

  • Yes indeed. Always a welcome reminder to think about this event and its meaning.

    And it’s google’s second autofill for uss … – ahead of uss enterprise – so the word is getting out thanks to people like you, JF.


    “They shall be remembered forever, They shall be alive forever, They shall be speaking forever, The people shall hear them forever.”

  • jeff rense has lot of material on lyndon johnson and admiral mccain’s hit on the listening ship.

  • On November 4, 2010 I gave a presentation on U. N. Agenda 21 to a group of about 75 people in my hometown of Tulare, CA. After the presentation a gentleman in the audience came up to me and wanted to shake my hand and congratulate me for telling the truth to the people. I looked up at his baseball cap he was wearing and it said USS Liberty. I asked him if he was on the Liberty on June 8, 1967, and he replied, “Yes, I was the Electronic Tech who, although wounded five times, I climbed up on deck and strung up a single wire antenna to make an SOS Call to US Carriers in the Mediterranean. I am still carrying shrapnel in my body. My name is Terry Halbardier I live in Visalia (9 miles from Tulare) and I read in the paper about this presentation and felt I needed to be here. In August 2015, Terry Halbardier passed away and I read about it in the Barnes Review and I felt as TBR reported that “A Real Hero Was Lost with his passing.