Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America?

AIPAC influence

  • Conference speakers analyze detrimental effect Israeli power has on U.S.

While the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) met for its annual policy gathering in Washington, D.C., just down the road, 300 people attended a conference on March 18 that focused on the harmful influence that pro-Israel Jewish lobbies have on Congress, the mass media, and American foreign policy.

The conference, entitled “Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America?” was organized by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, two organizations that have long been critical of the blind support United States officials and politicians grant to the Jewish state. WRMEA produces a magazine by the same name, which is published by the American Educational Trust, a charity founded by retired U.S. foreign service officers.

Held at the National Press Club, the conference featured a remarkable array of highly qualified speakers, including Gideon Levy, an Israeli columnist critical of Israel’s brutal treatment of the native Palestinian population as well as the Jewish state’s continued occupation of Palestinian territories, Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson, (USA-Ret.), a fierce critic of America’s Israel-first foreign policy, and Justin Raimondo, (born Dennis Raimondo) an anti-war activist, journalist, and writer focusing on American foreign policy.

“The purpose of this conference was primarily to expose and analyze the enormous impact that Israel has on America’s foreign policy,” noted Merlin L. Miller, whose book Eagles Are Gathering was recently published by AMERICAN FREE PRESS. “With an impressive array of speakers and panelists, they were quite successful, revealing
difficult truths that are bankrupting America and making us a global pariah,” he said.

Miller attended the conference, which was held just before the kickoff of the annual AIPAC Policy Conference. AIPAC’s annual conferences generally feature some of the leading politicians and statesmen in America, and this year was no different.

Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump, John R. Kasich, and Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz addressed the powerful pro-Israel lobby at this year’s conference, pledging their unswerving loyalty and support for the Jewish state. House Majority Leader Kevin O. McCarthy (R.-Calif.) and House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D.-Md.) also addressed the AIPAC conference, as did Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr., demonstrating once again that when it comes to Israel, both major political parties are firmly in the Zionist camp.

“Israel exerts a shocking degree of influence by way of aggressive, well-funded and intricately organized lobbying efforts,” Miller told AFP. “In essence, through the actions of AIPAC, wealthy Israel supporters, and neoconservative-controlled think tanks and foundations, they own our media, politicians, and governmental and nongovernmental agencies and institutions.”

Due to the pro-Israel bias in the mainstream mass media and the power wielded by the organized Jewish community and top pro-Israel lobbies such as AIPAC, the American people are largely ignorant and misinformed when it comes to America’s disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East and the harsh reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Since its founding, the American political establishment, regardless of which party is in power, has provided the Jewish state with unwavering political, financial, and diplomatic support, including providing roughly $3 billion annually to Israel to maintain its military superiority in the region. However, more and more Americans are becoming disenchanted with America’s slavish devotion to Israel and a foreign policy that places the interests of a foreign nation ahead of the U.S.

Israel is regularly touted as America’s top ally in the Middle East, a contention that is easily refuted by objectively analyzing the destructive and parasitic relationship the two nations have.

“If Israel is our greatest ally, then we certainly don’t require enemies,” Miller explained to AFP. “Through bribery, blackmail, spying, and false-flag operations, Israel regularly betrays America. As far as being the only true democracy in the region, I believe the oppressed Palestinians might take exception to that.”

Video of the entire conference and other supporting materials, including presentations used during the speeches and panel discussions, are available on the conference’s website.

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  • it’s good to know there are organizations in the world dedicated to fair treatment and justice. but the problem is the israelis are not at all interested in any of that. they proved that in 1948 when the unleashed their massacres against the palestinians. they think they’re security depends on the rest of the world viewing israel as a mad dog. there’s a quote out there on that. netanyahu (malakovsky) refers to the arabs as animals. the israeli soldiers call the palestinian children worms, as they’re bragging about how many they sniped. if they didn’t have such total control over the us media the public would understand just how ugly the state if israel is. and until the media is reformed not much is going to change.
    as far as any strategic interest goes – there isn’t any. the main reason israel was created by the british in the first place was for the oil in that part of the world, which the british needed when they upgraded their fleets from coal. of course warmongers everywhere will always appreciate festering pustules of conflict, wherever they can find them.
    you’ve hear john mccain (married into the bronfman clan and son of the admiral who covered up the hit on the liberty) talk about or dependance on foreign oil. that’s what he wants you to think. you notice he doesn’t promote any cures for it. while the fact is oil and the gasoline burning internal combustion engine should have been relegated to history decades ago.
    at this point the accusation leveled at joe mccarthy in 1954 by the army lawyer welsh can be said to the jews in general – zionist jews, have you no sense of decency? at long last have you no sense of decency?

  • One look at the consequences of allowing “the synagogue” to hold title to a government should answer that question… even for a “mutt” culture such as this one.

    Sadly, it hasn’t.

    While more virile cultures such as Iceland hit the streets in such numbers they force a corrupted G.O. to flee, Sewer Nation worries about the play-offs and the latest word from the Kardashians. But have no fear, “The Synagogue” will need chamber pot emptiers, field workers etc. and the idiot evangelicals won’t fill all the spots even after we’re “culled”;

    If this comment isn’t censored, you may want to scroll down to the graphic plans as laid out by Ishmael Levitts, the “holy man”.

  • The enemies of the members of the white race are making themselves known more and more daily. I for one still comprehend the universal language is pain and the greatest area to apply pain is the wallet. So I don’t do business with any Jewish or Muslim establishments. I go this one step further by only doing business with white run and owned businesses and have made the decision to only befriend white people. I do this because every other ethnic group does this and are labeled normal. However, when white people do this they are called racist and the only way we can change that is to band together and expose the real racist which are the members of these other groups. So by supporting white people every chance we get we can save our children and grandchildren and most importantly our race.