Israeli Travel Agencies Collude To Increase Price of “Holocaust” Education Trips

According to a report recently published by The Times of Israel, Israeli law enforcement officials and investigators have arrested nine suspects in what Israeli authorities are describing as an organized effort by private travel agencies to artificially increase the price of “Holocaust” education brainwashing trips to Poland for Israeli school children.

Jewish greed, deception, and treachery – even against their own kind – knows no bounds.

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Nine suspects were arrested in what Israeli police believe is a criminal ring that monopolized the market for school trips to Poland in an effort to fix prices.

Among those arrested following police raids Monday morning on homes and offices were a high-level staffer of a large travel agency and two CEOs of smaller agencies, according to police spokeswoman Luba Samri. Israel’s antitrust authority also included searches of bank accounts in its investigation.

The suspects are accused of violating antitrust laws, accepting bribes and committing fraud.

The antitrust authority alleges that officials in the top travel agencies teamed up to fix prices for groups of young Israelis traveling to Poland for Jewish seminars and heritage trips.

According to Israeli media reports, the suspects won the tender from Israel’s Ministry of Education to coordinate and facilitate school trips to Poland.

Organized school trips to Poland are commonplace for young Israeli students. They typically cost parents thousands of shekels, sparking criticism that they are often inaccessible to lower-income students.

Can you believe the nerve of these Jews?

The fake “Holocaust” narrative, the multi-billion dollar industry it has spawned, and its centrality to Jewish identity is already outrageous enough – now we have reports of Israeli travel agencies colluding to increase the price Jewish school children must pay to visit Auschwitz and other sites in Europe in order to have their minds poisoned with ridiculous propaganda.

By the way, if you have never seen the documentary film Defamation, which was made by award-winning filmmaker Yoav Shamir, who is himself Israeli and (of course) Jewish, I highly recommend taking the time to do so. It will give you an incredible insight into the organized Jewish community and many leading Jewish leaders, including Abraham Foxman, the former head of the Anti-Defamation League.

The film analyzes the concept of “anti-Semitism,” and also follows a group of Israeli high school students on an organized class trip to visit Auschwitz and other iconic “Holocaust” sites in Poland. These young Jewish kids (and their parents) are paying artificially high prices to have their minds poisoned and corrupted with anti-White hate propaganda. Watch the film for yourself below.

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  • ROFL, Doesn’t surprise me one iota. I often wonder what the “seed money” was to set up shills like Hagee et al? Their “cut” from the addled evangelicals safely hidden from prying eyes…well, as long as the Judas “toes-the-line”. then they can retire and spend as much as they like on the myriad of “sex-shops” thriving there in the “holy land”….LOL

    • This doesn’t surprise me, either. The cat’s been let out of the bag on this huge price-fixing fraud .. with all this “seed money” being used to set up shills/frauds such as John Hagee .. the same John Hagee who’s continuously been leading his stupefied flock ever closer to the gates of Hades with his obvious heresies.
      Jews even defraud fellow Jews, as this article has so brilliantly exposed. Nine low-life heads of Israeli travel agencies are now charged with price-fixing .. love it :) Just imagine it .. Scores of Jewish students and their parents shelling out plenty of shekels just to go to Poland and be brainwashed by the Holohoax propaganda .. and, being defrauded by those travel agencies at the same time. Brilliant :)

  • Glad you finally decided to watch “Behind the Scenes of the ADL”. I’ve been diligently spreading the word about this documentary for quite some time. Kudos!

  • The Introduction to this article says it all. Great Job. I long for the day when all of us, not just a few select people can say: free at last, thank goodness we are free at last. But, we can never be free, can we? The truth of what really happened in those terrible, bloody, Wars, tears at the heart of those who know it, I know, like a terrible disease tears at the body and mind, so this lie that is the “holocaust” story, tears, us apart. Enough, I swear, enough, we have had enough, even too much, so stop now…

  • This is the kind of thing that helps support people and ministries like John Hagee in San Antonio Texas. (Ignorant Hispanic former Catholics that think that Hagee has just discovered the secrets of Christianity?)

    He gladly delivers these people to Hell, when Jesus ask’s “Why did you not just move to Tel Aviv and become a jew?”……….”Did you ever read my ministry, or simply depend on Hagee to tell you what it said?”


  • “We do it to THEM all the time, but how could he do it to US”. Old whining beastly Jew shiska in Miami complaining about scammer Madoff ripping off fellow yids in his billion dollar ponzi scam. These people are such parasites they will even eat themselves if no other host is available. The jew fuzz only busted these stooges to help out the queer prosecutor and make themselves look good. It’s OK, they will all make out with plenty of shekels to spare and after all they did it for the children….

  • The Jews’ Holocau$t scams just keep getting funnier!


  • Did you know that the University of Vermont has a “Center for Holocaust Studies”,
    where you can actually get a college degree in such malarky?

    The average, every day person has no idea on how to counteract such complex jewish propaganda. For example, here is “ABC News” using the “Holo-Hoax” to paint Trump as an “Evil Hitler”.
    “Trump ‘Is Acting Like Another Hitler By Inciting Racism,” Says Anne Frank’s Stepsister”
    I fear for the Donald’s safety, as I have seen how the incompetent boobs at the US Secret Service and the F.B.I. (Famous But Incompetent) operate.