Israel Demands Governments Regulate Social Media & Ban “Anti-Semitism”

Following up on a recent blog post highlighting the ADL’s collaboration with the social media giant Twitter, we have yet another example of the organized Jewish community’s concerted efforts to censor the Internet and crack down on “anti-Semitism,” i.e., criticizing and/or exposing Jews, their lies, and their subversive, anti-White agenda.

According to a report coming from The Jerusalem Post, the Israeli Foreign Ministry is openly demanding governments around the world regulate social media platforms in an effort to combat and ultimately ban “anti-Semitism” and “incitement of violence.”

Most readers are no doubt aware of the fact that the organized Jewish community regularly hypes, exaggerates, and even outright fabricates “incitement to violence” against Jews and other minorities in order to advance their tyrannical, anti-free speech agenda. (See here and here, for example.)

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The Foreign Ministry on Monday called on governments around the world to regulate social media in order to combat anti-Semitism and violent incitement, reiterating the government’s support last year for Internet censorship during an anti-racism conference.

Speaking at the annual gathering of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, Akiva Tor, the director of the Foreign Ministry’s Department for Jewish Communities, stated that while the issue is certainly controversial for Americans, it is important to discern the nature of the Internet and to act accordingly.

“What is YouTube? What is Facebook? What is Twitter? And what is Google?” he asked. “Are they a free speech corner like [London’s] Hyde Park or are they more similar to a radio station in the public domain?” Referring to cartoons of Palestinians killing Jews and other such material circulating online, Tor asked why platforms such as Google search, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are “tolerating” violent incitement and “saying they are protected in a holy way by free speech.”

“How is it possible that the government of France and the European Union all feel that incitement in Arabic on social media in Europe calling for physical attacks on Jews is permitted and that there is no requirement from industry to do something about it,” he continued, adding that Israel is working with European partners to push the technology sector to adopt a definition of anti-Semitism so its constituent companies can “take responsibility for what they host.” […]

Following the Foreign Ministry’s biennial Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism last year, a similar statement was issued calling for the scrubbing of Holocaust denial websites from the Internet and the omission of “hate websites and content” from web searches.

Citing the “pervasive, expansive and transnational” nature of the Internet and the viral nature of hate materials, that conference’s final document called upon Internet service providers, web hosting companies and social media platforms to adopt a “clear industry standard for defining hate speech and anti-Semitism” as well as terms of service that prohibit their posting.

Such moves, the document asserted, must be implemented while preserving the Internet’s “essential freedom.” […]

Quite a revealing article to read in its entirety, as most articles that I highlight and excerpt here are (see the News from the Jews category for many more examples).

Incredibly, the Jews openly admit and reveal their tyrannical agenda on a daily basis in their own newspapers and media outlets, and then have the nerve to call you an “anti-Semite” for simply pointing it out. These people are unbelievable!

The organized Jewish community is literally demanding national governments around the world and private social media and web hosting companies cater to their feelings and tyrannical, anti-free speech agenda. Anyone criticizing or exposing Jews must be shut down.

Shut It Down

In a nutshell, the Jews are openly and brazenly attempting to destroy the revolutionary nature of the Internet, which allows people like me (and many, many others) to compete with, expose, debunk, and offer alternatives to the Jewish monopoly on information, mass media, and historical perspective. Think about that.

In response, I hereby demand that all governments around the world, in particular the United States federal government, reject appeals to censor the Internet by the organized Jewish community. Furthermore, I appeal to all social media companies, Internet service providers, web hosting companies, and other private-sector businesses and organizations involved in maintaining and regulating the free flow of information found on the Internet to end any partnership and/or other collaborative endeavor with any Jewish organization, recognizing such partnerships as an insidious and subversive attempt by international Jewry to shut down free speech, free historical and intellectual inquiry,  and criticism of their actions, agenda, and true nature.

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  • The hypocrisy of this tribe of creatures is truly amazing.

    They own and control Hollywood, and have been cranking out one anti-White, hate Whitey movie after another – such as: Django Unchained, Machete I and Machete II, The Butler, 12 Years a Slave, Inglorious Basterds, The Hateful Eight, etc., and now – they are gearing up to release a remake of the Roots mini-series, all of which are designed to deliberately incite blacks to hate Whites and encourage blacks to commit acts of violent against Whites – and then, THEY have the gall to accuse Whites who point their anti-White agenda out to their fellow Whites of spreading hatred towards jews?

    What these vile and demonic creatures want is for them to have a monopoly on spreading
    their hatred for White European people. And, they want to define any language that Whites use to educate their fellow Whites about what they are doing as ‘hate’ speech.

    • We let them get away with it. We enable it. If you have ever confronted them head on? You get a stunned response. Because they are so used to us 7 billion people- totally buckling under their accusations, threats, whining, violence and manipulations of the 15 or so million. The tyranny of the perennial victim minority, who use their delusions of grandeur/persecution to abuse the silent, compliant majority.
      Stand up. Speak up. REFUSE & RESIST the b.s. Sue them back for defamation, libel when they try to take your rights.
      We are so gdamned PASSIVE in the face of outrageous criminality. WAKE UP. ACT UP

  • I hope the following FACTS & expectations will not be deemed “antisemitic.”

    We demand that Israel’s war criminals, the worst the world has ever known bar none, apologize to the world for the unprecedented horrors for which they are responsible.

    Reparations & punishment will be determined as an ever greater critical mass of humanity comes to realize the awful truth about these sociopaths.

  • They basically want laws created that prevent any criticism of their vile behavior.

  • Isreal can go for a swim in the Erta Ale swimming pool for Jews.

  • I agree, all derogatory comments towards Israel, and Jews, should be banned.

    Haven’t they suffered enough?

    Don’t you remember the Holocaust?

    It’s time to make reparations, and allow those of the Jewish persuasion to rule us Goyim in an unfettered fashion, like the cattle we actually are.

  • Israel is a sovereign nation. Criticizing a sovereign nation’s actions is not anti Semitism.
    Unless Israel is a theocracy. If so they are not eligible for US foreign aid to parasite nations.

    • Any country that the US taxpayer is forced to finance from their paycheck- China, Russia, EU, NATO, UK ISRAEL, etc is fair game for criticism. We have the RIGHT & DUTY to expose and demand action from our govt. and make no mistake my fellow citizens, w/ the power wielded by the sayanim AIPAC, ADL, JINSA, ZOA, SPLC etc etc and so many other alphabet entities- THEY are our de facto govt.
      that it is a stealth coup does not make it less real. They OWN us.

    • Israel is a people, {Gen. 49, Deut. 32, Rev. 7} who have
      never ever been the stool sculpture deity cult members
      from the land of Gog & Magog. {Zionist/Bolsheviks}

      100% of present day so-called Jews are not Israelites,
      and the exceedingly small number who might be “semitic” don’t HAVE to be “Jewish”, Thank Jesus.

      being a member of the TALMUDIC TERRORIST stool sculpture deity cult is not a good excuse for demanding that all mankind agree to their Jesus hating {twisted}
      BAD FAITH so-called Religion….

      No one on earth HAS to be a “Jewish” !

  • And the ban on antiGENTILE speech? Where is THAT?

  • Semitics are a classification of Mid East people that includes many Arabs… Extreme Zionism, however is a terrorist belief and conspiracy. Zionism is not a race. Prove it is…

    • You’re absolutely right, Doc Lemm .. Semites are a classification of Mideast people that includes many Arabs. However, extreme Zionism is, as you stated, a terrorist belief and conspiracy .. it’s not a race or ethnicity.
      Anti-Semitism is a hatred against Semitic peoples, such as Palestinians, who are Semites, indigenous to what’s now Israel .. along with the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israelis are not Semites .. but are, instead descendants of Khazars who had inhabited an area that now consists of Ukraine and southern Russia and were forced to migrate into Central and Eastern Europe around 1030 AD. These people became known as Ashkenazim, of which the majority of Israelis are.

  • Hypocrisy, has always been a fruit produced by the joos….

    If or When the destroyers are finally allowed to destroy the revolutionary nature of the Internet. Will mean to me class just closed. Now will be the time to raise up as one from our seats, without hesitation, we will know to meet Our Brethren in the streets.

  • All world governments should ban Pisareal and jews from their countries and then these parasites would starve to death.

  • Based upon their own words and actions, nothng they say is believable. Every story in the Bible, every historical “fact”, every opinion is subect to falsehood. Truth means nothing to them at all.

    • Re: “Based upon their own words and actions, nothng they say is believable. Every story in the Bible ..”

      I hope you don’t believe the joos had anything at all to do with the inspired Word of God, or do you?
      The joos appear to have had their grubby hands involved in the various translations, I’ll grant you that, but the original Hebrew and Greek Scripture? Tell us you’re more intelligent than that.

  • “Referring to cartoons of Palestinians killing Jews and other such material circulating online”

    While the Israelis shower the Palestinians, who’s land was stolen from them by the jews, with white phosphorus. And I’ve been surfing the web for many years and I don’t recall EVER seeing one of these alleged cartoons.

    The jews are very quick to clamp down on anyone questioning the alleged “holocaust.” Remember, you take the most flack directly over the target. All the criminality the jews get away with is largely dependent on the world swallowing the alleged “holocaust.”

    • You are right, it is the only reason Israhell exists and that’s why they destroy any non-believers.

  • What we don’t understand yet but have to , HAVE to is the fact that Jews are always on offensive. They use time, hours, minutes, seconds to make claims, to say something-anything, and we all like”could you believe they just said that?!” So we come second in time.
    We must use their own tactic and stop listening and responding to half of what they say and instead start making these claims using time given to us.
    For example instead of waiting until the thought from Jews is sent about censorship we should have already built up a loud narrative reverberating all over the world of how it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to curtail internet so don’t even try, and we should have made THIS mantra BEFORE they made theirs. We are not using the offensive speech making claims as much as we should.
    Get up in the morning look at the world, make a claim. Claim, claim, claim: this is what the Jews are doing. They use and abuse our very attention that we give to what they are saying-and we then waste our energy on meaningless responding, when it is us who have to dictate our will, and keep dictating it, so as to put their attention to our use.
    This is the speech tactic they always use on us, and we must untie our tongues in order to deplete and reverse the tide of energy their speech produces-then we are not always on the effect side, but on the cause side.