Islamic Scholar APPLAUDED on German TV For Predicting Germany’s Genocide

Videos like this really are difficult to watch – a once proud people literally applauding their own genocide and replacement in a nation their ancestors built, developed, and fought and died for.

Lamya Kaddor, the woman apparently in this video who is applauded for predicting the genocide of the German nation, has a Wikipedia page for those interested in learning more about her. Why is she even in Germany in the first place? Oh yeah, Hitler, the “Holocaust”, and “racism”. And this idea that Germany and other White Western nations – including the United States – are nations “of immigrants” is just flat out false.

Germany, England, France, and other European and European-derived nations, such as the U.S. and Canada, for example, were founded and developed by White people for White people. A simple review of traditional American immigration policy, which was radically altered in 1965 at the behest of the organized Jewish community, will demonstrate that America was intended to remain a White nation. Dr. Kevin MacDonald has expertly addressed this issue – take the time to read what he has to say. The Jewish idea that we’re “a nation of immigrants” is entirely false and a total distortion of history.

Here’s the video description from YouTube:

Lamya Kaddor, an Islam Researcher from Syria was loudly applauded after stating that the future German will no longer have blue eyes or light hair on German state TV. She predicts that soon every German will have a migration background and the “old German” is long deprecated and destined for extinction. She claims that Germany was always a country made up of immigrants and the notion that a people can claim “being German” for themselves is deeply racist and Islamophobic. She therefore joins chancellor Merkel in that opinion, who said there is “nothing but hate in the hearts of Germans who think they can claim ‘being German’ for themselves” during her New Year’s speech which was available with Arabic subtitles.

According to her, “Being German” now means wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf, having dark hair and being from a foreign country: And that’s a good thing.

Kaddor is the head of the German Liberal-Muslim Union, Researcher for Islam Studies and expert for religious education. Five of her students went on to fight for the Islamic State which she says is “unfortunate”. She is frequently invited to talk-shows where she defends her position that the extinction of the German is beneficial for the world – so Germany can finally be cleansed from its past and move towards a integrated, tolerant and multicultural society free of hate. The program was aired shortly after the New Year’s Eve sex attacks became public, where over 500 German women were sexually attacked simultaneously by refugees in Cologne alone, to mitigate “racist backlash” from the event.

Every German pays a mandatory state broadcasting tax for programs like these, which amounts to roughly 200€ a year.


  • She is no more Islamic then I am. She is most likely Jewish. This is all a Jewish orchestrated situation.

    • Can’t agree more with your comment !!

    • Mr. Blair M. Phillips

      “This is all a Jewish orchestrated situation?”

      How so?

    • Doesnt matter who’s point. The end is the end.

    • Yes it is! Talmud.

    • Gentiles R Cool

      The woman would not be espousing such views unless her intention was to promote the Jewish cause. After all, Zionists operate by lies and deception, and are so filled with hate and revenge that they have made it their mission to wipe the German people from the face of the earth, not through slaughter and firebombing this time, but by diluting the German race to such an extent that it will cease to exist. This is not a Muslim vendetta, but a Jewish one.

      • You’ve identified something so accurately in so few words that its like a tsunami of truth. The mission is the same yet more covertly than it was before.

      • Yes! this is certainly a Jewish plot to exterminate the Germanic race through mongrelization. Since Hitler’s defeat by the Jews, Germany has not been an independent and sovereign state, and every chancellor, since Hitler, has been set up and owned by the Jews, and Merkel is no different. American troops occupy Germany at the behest of the Jews, who also rule the United States as if they were the absolute monarchs of that country. Obama is no mere coincidence, he too is an African, set up and owned by the Jews. The non-European peoples’ invasion of Germany, is certainly Jewish plot to occupy Germany first, and then the rest of Europe, with hordes of Asiatic and African people.To believe that this happened by mere coincidence is to be naive and simplistic. Somebody had to be behind it and whom does it benefit most? The answer is obvious: The Jews. For the Jews have no love whatever for the European man, whom they see as the greatest enemy, obstacle, and deterrent to their worldwide communist empire, and its establishment, just as Hitler and his National Socialists had been.

  • I’m sure that small audience was carefully selected to NOT represent real Germans. It would be interesting to know what types of “Germans” were in that audience. I’m betting that many of them were immigrants from the Middle East, and of course, their enablers – German Jews. I think even leftist Germans are starting to wake up to their own impending destruction at the hands of millions of violent, 82 IQ Muslim “refugees.” Hence, the need for the Jewish-owned German media to broadcast anti-German propaganda like this, in an attempt to further demoralize real Germans, who are growing angry at seeing their race and nation being destroyed. It’s no different from what the Jewish-owned American media does here, with their constant anti-White, race-mixing propaganda. White people everywhere need to turn OFF the Jew-tube (a.k.a. the Talmud-vision), PERMANENTLY. I did so, several years ago, and don’t miss it at all – it was just making me angry.

    • I turned off the Talmudvision many years ago and have learned so much of the truth now and there is no turning back. Back in 1957 I started a penpal friendship with a wonderful young girl from Nuremberg/Nurnberg, Germany, and after several failed attempts to get the U. S. Air Force to send me to Germany, I reached the marriageable age of 23 and stopped writing to her in 1963. If she is still alive today, I would love to sit down and have a discussion with her about Germany during her early childhood and later adult years. Over the last 25 years or so, I have made a couple of attempts to find her, but no luck yet. I may have found her on LinkedIn a few days ago, but no response yet. The Jewish version of Germany’s History just doesn’t make sense, so I would like to hear it from the real German people. Any suggestions ?

  • I did see this and it is gut wrenching to watch. A despicable pig. A feminist, no doubt. Must be working with Barbara Spectre. These are deeply disturbed creatures who can only add to the pain and suffering in this world. They are of no value.

  • This is genocide. Coudenhove-Kalergi dreamt up the EU in 1922. His vision for future Europeans was a mish-mash of racial interbreeding. ‘New World Order Pledged To Jews’ – New York Times 6th October 1940. Barbara Spectre can be seen on video crowing about how Europe is a free-for-all for anyone now, as long as they’re not white. She’s white, but she’s a ‘chosen one’. The new world order kind of white. BBC currently hiring – whites need not apply. Seriously. Approximately 8 million Germans, perhaps far more, died in the months after WWII had *ended*. Genocide. All for the bankers. Look up United Nations Migration Replacement. That plan goes back years. As our indigenous populations plummet, they fill us up with foreigners to keep the cash rolling in. That’s genocide, which is the worst of crimes, although I suppose it doesn’t matter if nobody knows, cares, complains, or even dares to turn & face the horrific truth.

  • Exactly, Kaddor is a Jewish name. Scum anyway.

  • If Germans are anything like Americans, they weren’t listening to anything she said and they applauded only because that little glowing “Applause” sign lit up and told them to do it.

  • Can’t believe this is happening. !

  • The voluntary dissolution of a nation and culture is unprecedented. There must be some kind of physical coercion involved here. I think you should research whether mind control is a possible explanation. Its now possible to influence and deter a target without the target ever being aware as well as decrease IQ or even specific abilities and damage health. Techbologies I have in mind are directed microwave beams implanted devices and drugs placed in food.

    • Matthew/Boston

      Consider chemtrails as well. Folks, chemtrails ARE REAL. Poisonous nano-particles falling to earth so small they break the brain/blood barrier, and the heavy metals remain in your grey matter. Can’t be good.

      Americans, for the most part, are stupid. More so today than ever. There must be a cause or causes.

  • As a Muslim, I hope they retake their country just as they did in 1933, and throw those Africans and other Marxist Liberals back from the shitholes they came from. Not in my name, FUCKING KIKES.

  • 2/3 of Germans want Merkel and brown invaders out. This was a fixed audience…..


    cuz germans are P^ssies

  • Man, you just say “germans” approve of this any more than most Germans were holding up “Welcome” signs as they poured in. These are communists and anarchists and they were carefully selected to get their ugly faces in the MSM.

    • Good point. And to be fair, there are millions of Whites in America and other parts of Europe who would have applauded this Muslim world as well.

  • Decades of brainwashing turned most whites into Jew World Order cultists. We must act like cult member de- programmers. Although this year we have begun to win- our free fall has slowed to almost a halt- obviously, much work remains.

  • THE JEWS ARE ARABS all the exactly same DNA!
    These so called refugees aka JEWISH TROOPS are to DUMB to compete in anything except head chopping even then they take several whacks.

    ASK yourselves WHY they cut off the heads and hands for crimes. because this is the ONLY thing they UNDERSTAND for a deterantant . Is that DUMB or what?

  • Matthew.Boston

    May I refer you to ‘Why Women Destroy Nations’ by Black Pigeon on YouTube.

    Eighteen minutes of painful reality.

  • For every criminal migrant brought into Germany everyday dump one gallon of motor oil into the water supply anywhere and everywhere. This will keep the tyrannical authorities busy and when there is no drinking water left maybe then they will pay attention to the people. You’re loosing you country anyway. What have you got to lose?

  • Do NOT listen to the Khazars attempting to destroy your country, they destroyed Russia and now they try to destroy the world in order to rule over it in their god lucifers name! DEATH to the Khazarian Mafia and the self described “elites”!

  • I visited Germany two years ago.I have never seen such a beaten-down people.The jews have really done a number on the Germans with 70+ years of propaganda and the policies of an occupied government.Germans of today seem so shiftless,rootless and alienated(not unlike white Americans)And,guess what? they receive the same jewish propaganda filth that Americans get in the form of movies,television and advertising–all filled with anti-German messages and race mixing images.It is not unusual to see young Germans walking arm in arm with blacks or behaving like blacks.The jews have made a multicultural sewer out of their country.Such a sad contrast to the fit,disciplined and proud Germany of hitler.It staggers the imagination to think what great countries we could create and maintain if only we could be permanently rid of the Jews and all other parasitical races.