Invoking “Holocaust,” Jew Argues Liberals Must Confront Trump & Supporters

The organized Jewish community and the liberal, leftist establishment have been attacking and denouncing Donald Trump for months now. As of late, their overwrought, childish attempts to demonize and discredit Trump and his millions of supporters have become more and more obvious and truly pathetic.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Jewish controlled mass media and organized Jewish community attempt to tie Donald Trump to Dr. David Duke and the Klan in an effort to discredit the leading GOP contender, with the Anti-Defamation League demanding Trump “distance” himself from “White supremacists”. Abe Foxman, the former head of the ADL, and other “Holocaust survivors” recently expressed their outrage and horror at Trump’s alleged “Nazi-style fascist salute” at a recent rally in Florida. (Trump simply asked his supporters to raise their right hands and pledge to vote for him, and the Jews are claiming he is bringing back the Third Reich!)

The anti-White producers of Saturday Night Live just made a skit equating Trump supporters to Nazis, White supremacists, bigots and Klansmen. Watch the video below:

The Jewish Daily Forward published yet another example of the hysterical, unhinged reaction anti-White Jewish Marxists are having to Donald Trump and his presidential candidacy. Invoking the fake “Holocaust” narrative and the Jews’ mantra of “Never again!,” Ari Paul argues that liberals must take a cue from the radical, anti-American protesters who have become increasingly more and more disruptive at recent Trump rallies (see what happened in Chicago, for example), and continue to confront Trump and his supporters – physically if necessary.

Screenshot (136)

On social media and over drinks, American liberals are discussing — sometimes jokingly and sometimes not — how to move to Canada if Donald Trump makes it into the White House. Between the violence against minorities at Trump rallies, the Nazi-like salutes and the candidate’s choice to tweet a quotation from Benito Mussolini, the idea that “it can’t happen here” is quickly giving way to the fear that it just might. But what the brave activists in Chicago have shown us is that our response to Trump’s barbarity should be not a massive evacuation, but a massive confrontation.

After hundreds of activists showed up to demonstrate against Trump at his March 11 Chicago rally, the event was abruptly cancelled. Since then, Trump’s defenders and a great many moderate liberals have been painting the activists as hypocrites, partisans who talk of free speech but silence others when they don’t like what they hear. But this is farcical. Trump gets more media attention than any other candidate. And although the First Amendment enjoins the state from silencing you or your group, it doesn’t protect you from unfriendly people who don’t like what you have to say.

Besides, it’s not like the activists are trying to stamp out just extreme speech. The Trump movement has already proven that it’s ready to use physical violence to enact its code of white nationalism. In no uncertain terms, the black, Muslim and Latino activists who are putting their bodies on the line in places like Chicago are acting in self-defense. […]

Could the delusion, hysteria, and viciousness on display here be any more obvious? Jews and radical anti-White leftists truly hate Donald Trump and his supporters.

We are seeing a dangerous precedent being set. The idea that radical extremists confronting and verbally assaulting individuals at a private event in an effort to disrupt it represents a legitimate exercise of the First Amendment is absolutely absurd. The protesters in Chicago are responsible for shutting down free speech and freedom of assembly – specifically guaranteed by the First Amendment – not exercising these rights.

I wonder what liberals and Jews would think if White nationalists showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally or, say, an AIPAC conference and disrupted it, intimidating and confronting attendees? Would they be defending the actions of the protesters as legitimate expressions of the First Amendment? I doubt it.

The anti-Trump crowd is constantly attempting to portray Trump as encouraging or endorsing violent. How exactly has the Trump movement demonstrated “it’s ready to use physical violence to enact its code of white nationalism,” as the author argues? Trump is not even a White nationalist! Even more incredibly, the radical, anti-American protesters who disrupted the Trump rally in Chicago were acting in self-defense, according to Paul! How much more delusional can these people be?

Donald Trump's campaign rally in Chicago on Friday was postponed amid growing security concerns. Several fights between Trump supporters and protesters could be seen after the announcement, as a large contingent of Chicago police officers moved in to restore order.

This protester rushed the podium at a Trump rally in Chicago in an act of “self-defense.”

Trump protester 2

A protester in Chicago legitimately exercises his First Amendment right at a Trump rally by shouting at attendees and ripping up Trump signs.

Paul continues:

Jews always say in response to the Holocaust, “Never again.” Well, this activism is the living embodiment of that slogan. And if we liberals really believe in those two words, we should quit joking about moving to Canada and put our bodies on the line to protest Trump, too.

Trump has gone on the offensive against Bernie Sanders supporters, saying that the “communist” candidate has joined with angry racial minorities in forming a disruptive counter protest. It all sounds harsh, brash and hyperbolic, but there’s almost a refreshing honesty to it. Sanders may not be a communist — he’s a social democrat and a former kibbutznik, meaning that he actually believes in democratic freedom — but Trump is absolutely right that those who follow Sanders ideologically are predisposed to fighting Trump’s rhetoric in the streets as well as in the voting booths. Socialists of all varieties throughout history have fought and died to crush fascism, from the brigades of the Spanish civil war to resistance in Germany to the defense of Greece from the Nazis.

And those people who are on the receiving end of Trump’s racial incitement can’t wait until November to silently defend themselves.

This needs to be said plainly: Trump’s political ideology can only be defined as fascistic, and any other view is simply pedantic denialism. But it’s not his administration we should immediately fear. […]

What’s more troubling is that he’s brought angry, violent white nationalists out of the shadows. His rallies have become violent mobs directed at the mere presence of non-whites and Muslims. His popularity has emboldened organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and the online community Stormfront. While Trump’s presidency would be a comedic circus ending in Washington gridlock, he would give confidence to the most dangerous elements of American society. Trump might not organize Brown Shirts, but don’t be surprised if you see towns and schools districts become more overt and aggressive with their bigotry.

As scary as that sounds, it’s also the reason those of us who are seriously pondering fleeing should reconsider. […]

Watching Trump’s capitulation in Chicago, it’s clear that we need to keep the heat on him with our actions. It might be the only thing that can stop him.

These people will get violent folks. They are openly saying as much. They will do everything in their power to shut down The Donald. I admire their fighting spirit, but rest assured: that ain’t happening.

America is becoming more and more polarized with Trump’s candidacy, and it’s becoming more and more clear: you either support Donald Trump and want to ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬, or you’re with the hysterical, violent anti-American Commie terrorists attacking Trump supporters and disrupting his rallies.

I don’t know about you, but I know which side I’m on. #VoteTrump

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  • America is becoming more and more polarized with Trump’s candidacy, and it’s becoming more and more clear: you either support Donald Trump and want to ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬, or you’re with the hysterical, violent anti-American Commie terrorists attacking Trump supporters and disrupting his rallies.

    Thanks. Pal.

    • Ha, well isn’t it true man? Trump may not be perfect, which I don’t claim he is, but isn’t it obvious that he represents a major threat to the establishment? And America is most certainly becoming more and more polarized, is it not? The vast majority of people either love or hate Trump (maybe not you necessarily, but generally speaking I think this is true).

      • Brother, what you wrote doesn’t say that. What you wrote obviously paints me in with the Bernie crowd.

        It is quintessentially falling for and perpetuating the divide and conquer.

        I see Trump (and the entire election scam) as players in a big Kabuki Theater meant to reel in people like you (those that want to believe that some outsider will come in and save the day). But every cycle shows what a scam it is and this one is no different.

        I have constantly said that Trump is the best option of those GIVEN US to sElect from. But if he were real, he wouldn’t be there. He is an actor pulling the wool over your eyes. And AIPAC wants him (but he is just playing them…).

        I have made the connections to jews over and over, but you wash it away as if unimportant or as if Trump is “playing them”. well, you are being played and Trump is in on it.

        They are even using crisis actors:

        Dedication to this man is folly and idiotic.

        There will NEVER come a solution from within the R or D Parties.


        • Incredible — more “crisis actors”!

          Just when we thought these shysters couldn’t get any sleazier.

          Thanks for the links.

        • I agree with BuelahMan 100%. Trump servers the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan (SOS), also known as the satanic Illuminati. He’s a Freemason. Any opposition by the Jewish community to Trump’s candidacy is just theatre.

          Trump represents zero threat to the SOS. Is he going to deport illegal aliens? I strongly doubt it. Is he going nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank and issue money into circulation without charging interest on it? No. Is he going to encourage all members of Congress to poll their constituents on every decision via the internet or via telephone (with a minimum randomized sample size for every poll of 200 citizens via telephone and preferably all the citizens who want to be heard via the internet) and vote in Congress in accordance with the majority will of their constituents? No.

          What are Americans going to do after Trump is elected and he turns out to be a huge disappointment just like Obama? Are they going to wait for the next election in 2020 and see which individual out of more than 300 million citizens the SOS presents to them as their savior?

          ‘Representative’ democracy. Just say no. It’s the tool that the SOS uses to control most countries in the world today.

  • trump is the real american on the scene here and all real americans know it. is he perfect? not by a long shot yet, but his deficiencies are mostly personal foibles. it’s the man’s policies that count. yes he should cut back on the inflammatory statements about punching protestors and carrying them out on stretchers, etc.. he is halfway to the pinnacle as a great leader. he has the balls and the heart but so far he’s not showing much depth of intellect. we can’t take anybody else among them, so we’ll have to hope he matures in that respect. right now he’s stalwart and diligent, somewhat brash and maybe a little ugly. plus he’s wealthy. a good representation of the real america.
    of course the disingenuous opposition, tools of the globalists, are playing the race card for all it’s worth, as if trump’s demanding that all immigrants wait their turn in line is somehow bigoted. they’re the racists, not trump and not anybody who wants to preserve america as it is. the millions of invaders who came here illegally do not care about our laws and they’re not coming here to become americans. they’re here for the reconquista, and if they get control you shouldn’t expect they’ll be very nice to you then. obviously there’s a move afoot in a big way to flood all white majority countries with other races. guess who? that’s the zionista bankster multiculturalist divide-and-conquer strategy, like the truth teller duke says. if we lose english as the dominant language we will have lost the american culture. trump – get duke up on stage with you and let him tell his truth in person. you don’t run from controversy. you turn it to your advantage. be bold.
    bernie sanders? he may be a democratic socialist but he’s not a market socialist. but socialism won’t work any better than any other form of government anyway, if the state continues to operate in secret. to the extent that the state operates in secret it is necessarily conspiratorial. sanders is a jew and a zionist. and he’s got no clue about killing the privately held central bank and its rotten little offspring, the irs. i’d like to hear trump get with this idea, because it’s a big reform we need, and ted cruz has him way beat there. cruz is no where near as honest as trump but he could steal the show in the end.

  • I’m quite enjoying the zionists expose themselves and their diabolical Bolshevik agenda, for all world old enough to have adult-teeth to see.

    Their arrogance is exceeded only by their stupidity. Do they REALLY want to learn the meaning of the word “holocaust” the hard way?

    But I gotta admit, it’s quite humorous to watch karma take down creatures who so desperately deserve to be taken down. As in WAY down.

  • The easiest way to know who to vote for is to vote for those the establishment tells you not too. The more vitriol the better those candidates must be.

  • So while all the “fringe” groups are getting funded by the Jews in an attempt to scare the American Public away from Trump, it is comically having the REVERSE EFFECT….Billions of dollars WORLDWIDE in free advertising for the Trump Campaign! You go Jews, the more you trash him, the greater support he gets from White Americans!

    Holy Matza Balls!

    Truth – is Kryptonite to the “Super Hero” Jew Media.

    It’s hilarious to watch the entire pig pile of lying Jew Media slam head first into every wall it attempts to put in place. Along with the single-brain-cell of intelligence it possesses, it pours MORE time, MORE money, MORE resources into getting zero results! Nada! Totally cool man!

    Keep putting the pressure on Trump because, its fun to FINALLY watch Jews losing some of their ill-gotten wealth and doing a “Hilary Laugh” as they freak out because they are playing a game with White Americans that they can ONLY lose. White America totally outnumbers and out classes them all.

  • I’d love to see Trump call out these White-hating Jew supremacists.

    Like practically every other public figure the vile shysters freely jab & provoke, they know Trump’s got one hand tied behind his back.

    Imagine Trump deciding he’s not going to take it anymore. Imagine him very publicly announcing, “You know, I’m not the only billionaire in this race…”

    …and then outing each of the Israel lobby billionaires buying each of the other candidates. Imagine Trump telling Americans about the USS Liberty… the dancing Israelis… Lucky Larry Silverstein… and all the rest… and DEMAND ANSWERS!!!

    That is the stuff of epic heroism.

    • Dream On. He’d have to fire Glassner and others. He’d have to disown his family and banking buddies galore.

      Trump will NEVER call out jews.

      Its laughable to say it.

      • I know, I know — Trump even praised Sheldon Adelson. Yet he’s still hated by our Jewish overlords.

        Same thing with Obama, who faithfully executed all Israel’s commands except one — Obama failed (so far) to start a war with Iran. Outrageous! The shysters didn’t install Obama for him to get uppity.

        As we know, the particular politics of the puppet don’t matter as long as it’s 100% Jew-controlled. That’s why Trump must be destroyed.

        • Pat,

          The “hated by jewish overlords” is a stretch that is part of the Kabuki.

          In reality, Trump is the Likud Party shill. He is very much liked in Israel.

          Some will say, “so what? That’s in Israel.”

          But their influence is very strong here. If and when the word is set, after these prelims where Trump is the anti-Clinton, faux anti-establishment candidate, you will see a massive change of direction both in Trump’s presentation (becoming much more likable to the Left) and the American jews’ desire to see him sElected.

          Whether or not the loud mouth Trump knows it, he, too, is being played. But in his case, he won’t care as long as his ego is stroked and he becomes POTUS.

          I still contend that Clinton will be indicted, purposefully, to allow Sanders the jew run.

          But either way, Drumpf, Killery or Bernie Trotsky… we ALL lose. And Israel wins.

  • So am I .. these Zionist creatures’ hubris is, indeed, exceeded by their stupidity. They’re petrified of a Donald Trump administration .. so terrified that they’re willing to pull out all the stops (including murder) to prevent such an event.
    Trump’s the only Presidential candidate in either political party who’s promised to improve relations with the nations whom Obama and his most recent predecessors have alienated, with their Israel-first policies. These include Russia and China, who have surpassed the US in both financial and military power. All the remaining contenders have been trying to outdo each other in their willingness to wage aggressive wars for the Zionist Entity and bleed the US citizenry dry.

  • There must be some serious organizing and even funding (transportation, for example) behind these protesters.

    This fellow Ari Paul is genuinely guilty of hyperbole.

    I hope Trump comes to the Boston area. If so, I WILL be attending a rally.

  • It IS a funny and well done video, though.

  • Jews need to distance themselves from American politics.

  • Imagine what it would be like to live in a house undivided.

  • A very powerful article with a clear thesis, backed by substantive examples and data. Wonderful job. John Friend should be Donald Trump’s Press Secretary when he becomes President.

    As an interesting aside, I heard a theory as to why the immigration tsunami happened starting in 1965.

    We all know Kevin McDonald’s work on the topic, which puts the blame squarely on jewish activism.

    The second thesis dovetails nicely. Stephan Molyeux mentioned in his latest presentation defending Trump from lies in the media, that Nikita Kruschev exposed the fraud of communism at that time, leaving the Democrats high and dry with a bankrupt ideology. Democrats turned to letting in the third world in order to get voters. Simple as that. We need voters, let in immigrants, get them on welfare so they will become loyal or like junkies addicted to heroin, putty in the hands of Satan.

    This theory does not conflict with the Jewish plan to destroy America with mass immigration, but shows how both ideologies merge: Jewish Supremicism and and the far left aspect of Liberalism in the guise of the Democrat party.

  • Paul writes, “As scary as that sounds, it’s also the reason those of us who are seriously pondering fleeing should reconsider.”

    Well Paul should seriously flee to Israel (make aliya). Why? Because their Messiah, Jesus Christ, wants them to. They have been ignoring HIM for a long time. But He won’t put up with this much longer. He will remove the US from supporting & protecting them (Jews). The Jews in the US will be hated. Many will be forced to flee the country.

  • The jews will be pumping out the hololie movies by the dozens this year you can bet on it, keep those billions of dollars from our colony, United Sates of Israel comming in. I want to see the movie about the now two hundred and five year old jew that survied the holocaust by acting like a pile of manure. TV is now featuring shows on the KKK and Arian Nations but left out real true stories about the Zebra killers and how the gov. didn’t hunt them all down and many were left off. Not going to show the crimes commited by the ADL either or how Morris “the pervert” Dees supposedly molested his stepdaughter.

  • Here are the far Left Commie atheist jews spending millions on attack ads against Donald Trump while at the same time pushing for ‘income equality’ in America…hypocrites as always. You don’t see them spreading their ill gotten wealth to help build up America or to really help blacks in the inner cities, to whom they disingenuously pledge loyalty. Jews hate blacks, muslims, mexicans and all latinos….they just use them for their own anti-Christian, anti-white agenda. Jews founded the NAACP and headed it for two years before they could find a black ceo. They didn’t start the NAACP for the good of blacks, of course, but to use that framework as an attack platform against White, Christian America and to instigate racial divisiveness. They are parasites, hateful liars, and hypocrites and are now being fully exposed. Vote Trump!

  • Violence and public disturbance has been the hallmark of the left certainly since 1848 which was the year when Marx and Engels published the Communist Manifesto. They were not able to topple the monarchies of that time but they were able to cause a lot of upheaval in society. Take a look at the history of Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s. The Communists under Rosa Luxemburg consistently agitated and caused violence in the streets of major cities and again huge upheaval in society.
    It seems to me the left has the same goal right now here in America. Just take a look at what has happened on college campuses, in Florida, Ferguson and Baltimore. The young are agitated, feel that somehow society has to give them a free lunch (some of course have had free lunches all their lives in the public schools).

  • John, like you how badly I want to believe Trump is the real deal. But, I, like BuelahMan believe we are being played. There is no way he will denounce his Jewish masters.

    This is a theatrical play being put on for our consumption. They are masters at manipulation and deception.

    Their tentacles are so deep behind the scenes orchestrating this nightmare that it matters not who the candidate, nor the cause.

    They are of the synagogue of Satan. Do not get up in the deception.

  • It provides a good case for explaining how liberals and the left are bullied, controlled and undermined by Jews, just as are conservatives and rightists.

    Nothing could be more illiberal, by White standards, than limiting freedoms of association (especially), assembly and speech. Nothing so runs against leftist ideals, as most White leftists understand them, than discrimination against one racial group (Whites) and its advocates, in favour of other racial groups (black, Muslim and Latino [sic]).

    Jews destroy what’s good in both right and left-wing ‘thinking.’ They advance what’s worst in both right and left-wing ‘thinking.’

    This shell-game had bamboozled Whites and only Whites for 240 years.

    Are we over it yet?

  • An Interview with Hitler’s Barber — August Woolenhaupt

    In this relaxed non-hostile interview, conducted in 1948 by Nuremberg Judge, Michael Musmanno, August Wollenhaupt describes his pleasant experience as Hitler’s barber from 1932 to March 1945.

    One of the outstanding features that this interview brings out, contrary to many decades of cartoonish propaganda both from Hollywood and from the halls of “academia” and its well rewarded, yet whorish scribblings, is Hitler’s well balanced personality, his humanity and good manners towards someone very low on the official totem pole — KATANA.

    An Interview with Hitler’s Barber — August Woolenhaupt

  • no-doubt obama was nothing more than a three-cities, intel plant, who took advantage of the hope people have for change. indeed, he used those words a lot in his approach. but, for all you doubters out there, who think trump is just another puppet, the big difference between trump and obama so far is that trump gives a lot more specifics about what he’s got in mind, whereas obama spoke only in platitudes. obama is an obvious joker, seemingly out of nowhere, who was in fact cultivated for the position for years by the clandestine overlords who installed him. yes i know we can’t really be sure at this point if trump is real or not, but how sure could you be about anybody? at least his past is clear. i’m sure he has a birth certificate. i know there are more corrections he could advocate, like killing the fed bank, but maybe he just doesn’t know that much about it yet. i would sure hate to pass him up if he is the real deal. if you think it’s not possible that there could rise up a real candidate because the jews have too much control to let that happen, and we lose him because too many people didn’t believe, then you have surrendered what is probably our last hope, because you were totally buffaloed. and if you advocate that – i’m thinking you’re probably a troll. i got news for you – the jewish control of america is mostly hollywood media bs. don’t believe it. and don’t give up without a fight because you’re too cynical. give trump the chance to close the borders and sweep out the illegals. if he does that, a first step in the right direction, then we could be on our way back to greatness.

  • Very good article John!
    I made two pro-TRUMP videos. The first is