Invoking Fake “Holocaust” Narrative, Jewish & Israeli Leaders Praise Trump’s Disgraceful Airstrikes On Syria

Last Thursday evening, President Donald Trump ordered the U.S. military to launch airstrikes on a Syrian airbase based on a #FakeNews story, totally betraying his base and contradicting his campaign rhetoric and previous criticisms of America’s disastrous foreign policy and endless wars in the Middle East.

Trump laughably described the airstrikes he ordered as in the nation’s “vital national security interest.” Who does he think he is kidding?!

He then praised America’s military men and women for carrying out the disgraceful attack.

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s attack on Syria was praised by both Israeli and Jewish leaders, who were quick to invoke the fake “Holocaust” narrative to justify their support of yet another American military intervention in the Middle East, which does nothing but advance Zionist interests in the region.

The Times of Israel recently reported:

Screenshot (41)

Israeli leaders on Friday welcomed the “strong” and “important” message sent by the US strike on a Syrian regime airfield overnight.

The Israel Defense Forces said Friday it was informed by the US ahead of the military strike, which saw at least 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from two American naval destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean strike the Shayrat Airfield north of Damascus at approximately 4 a.m. local time Friday.

The IDF said in a statement it expressed support for the strike in talks with US officials. […]

In a statement released about three hours after the US strike, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the American move.

“In both word and action, President Trump sent a strong and clear message today that the use and spread of chemical weapons will not be tolerated,” Netanyahu said in a statement by his office.

He added: “Israel fully supports President Trump’s decision and hopes that this message of resolve in the face of the Assad regime’s horrific actions will resonate not only in Damascus, but in Tehran, Pyongyang and elsewhere.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman called the Tomahawk missile strike “an important, necessary and moral message by the free world, led by the United States.”

The attack on the Syrian airfield shows that the world “will not tolerate the war crimes of the horrific regime of Bashar Assad,” Liberman said.

“The American update to the IDF and security establishment before the attack in Syria is further proof of the strength of the relationship and depth of the connection between Israel and its largest ally, the United States,” Liberman added.

President Reuven Rivlin said the US move was a “fitting response to such unthinkable brutality, and an example to the entire free world.”

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Friday also hailed the strike, saying it came at the “right time and in the right place.”

The strike “is an important message to the butcher from Damascus,” Herzog said on Twitter.

A string of high-level Israeli officials have condemned the Tuesday chemical attack and urged international action.

Recalling the Holocaust, Rivlin said on Tuesday evening that Israel cannot remain indifferent to the gassing of Syrian civilians, and offered to help survivors of the civil war there.

“We, as a people who survived the greatest of atrocities and rose from the ashes to be a strong and secure nation, we will do all we can to continue to aid the survivors of the horrors in Syria,” the president said in a statement. “We know all too well how dangerous silence can be, and we cannot remain mute.” […]

Additionally, we have this report from The Algemeiner:

Screenshot (43)

The US missile strike against a military air base in Syria on Thursday night was “both the obvious and necessary thing to do” following the suspected use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime earlier this week, a top American Jewish leader told The Algemeiner.

“It’s time that America starts standing up and giving expression to things that we say,” Malcolm Hoenlein — the executive vice chairman and CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations — said. “I think that many countries in the Middle East will welcome the fact the United States is intervening. They wanted to see an active America back in the region.”

“The fact that we did not do it when we should have, when [former] President [Barack] Obama decided not act in 2013, sent a message that we had disengaged,” Hoenlein continued. “As one Arab leader said, ‘You vanished without saying goodbye.’ So in that sense, I think what happened yesterday sent an important message. It’s also an important message to Iran and Russia and their allies — Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations — in Syria.”

“Now the question is — is there a plan, something more comprehensive, that goes with this?” Hoenlein asked.

In a statement published late Thursday night, Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper — the dean and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center — said, “We support the president’s action taken directly against the base that launched the poison gas attacks against innocent Syrian civilians including women and children. This sends a clear message that when crimes against humanity are committed, words alone are never sufficient.”

On Friday, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) praised President Donald Trump for his decision to hit the Assad regime.

“The RJC strongly supports last night’s strikes against the Syrian military targets in response to the horrific chemical attacks by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad,” RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said in a statement. “We want to thank the members and the families of the US Armed Forces who carried out last night’s attack. This response has made it clear to the world that the United States will not sit by as Assad brutally slaughters innocent civilians. President Trump made the right, moral choice in responding to this reprehensible chemical attack, and he deserves our support.”

American Jewish Committee CEO David Harris stated, “The US action is a wake-up call to the international community that endless words of anguish and protest are not nearly enough in the face of an ongoing crisis of this magnitude. While it remains to be seen what the US strategy will be, it is heartening to witness President Trump show leadership, strength, and resolve, and, in doing so, gain the support of so many in the international community.”

Former Anti-Defamation League (ADL) chief Abraham Foxman told Jewish Insider that Trump “did the right thing.”

“It is finally a significant gesture on behalf of the innocent victims of hate,” he was quoted as saying. “If only it had happened against Auschwitz or Treblinka. This act will not put an end to all the hate and death. But it is a welcome message and hopefully a new beginning.”

Another Jewish war based on a fake event presented by the Jewish owned and controlled mass media, all designed to advance Jewish interests at the expense of the White Western world. Sad.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: until White men man up and stand up to the filthy, lying Jews – and that means stop accepting their fake historical narratives and fake news stories, stop fighting their absurd, disastrous wars, totally rejecting their subversive ideas, and excluding them from our societies – nothing will ever change.

#WithJewsWeLose – and we always will.

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  • Trump is just playing 4-D Chess, goyim. Why can’t you see that? (sarcasm)

  • Brad richardson

    Please add to your share list!

  • John,
    Speaking of Trump and his betrayal with the Syria air strike, you asked “who does he think he is kidding?” Well, obviously you are among the many in the Alt Right whom he has been successfully kidding all along, wouldn’t you say? Admit it and give credit to Renegade and perhaps all can be forgiven.

    • Russian Limbaugh

      Wrong. You don’t get it.

      Supporting Trump and his campaign promises was the correct position.

      Trump betraying all of those promises gives you a legitimate greivance. As opposed to not supporting, say Jeb Bush. Who would have never made promises and would not have betrayed anyone by doing what Trump did.

      There is a higher chance that people in Trump’s base look into the Jewish Question by not understanding his apparent U-Turn than if Hillary or Jeb were doing business as usual.

      Alot of people that say they “told us so” act as if our over the top, tounge in cheek, hero praise to smack the left in the head with Trump was literal.

      All you need to know is that the second Trump “fucked up” he was immediately dumped on and called out. So the meme that we all support Trump and are blind to his faults does not hold water.

      • Right on analysis. This move was despicable but Clinton would have done it without thought. It would have been expected. Business as usual. At least Trump is trying to curb illegal immigration.

  • Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

    The lies, unholy “coupling” with the Synagogue of Satan, whore-like behavior of the Judas Class and, finally, the pure arrogant ignorance of Sewer Nation’s “idiot culture”. All things taken into account, The thought of decent nations/people being slaughtered by the harlots of the Synagogue keeps me awake nights. All I have keeping my sanity is the comic joy I’ll feel when “Idiot Culture” realizes they’ve been “had” just as surely as the Russian Christians/Muslims had to realize before the mass-murders of friends/relatives began. How many of you are aware the ground work has already been set to make the world the next “Russian Revolution”. Mind-blowing to think such a tiny “infection” could turn everything into a hell on earth;

    Revelation 2:9
    “I know your tribulation and poverty—but you are rich—and the blasphemy by those who call themselves Jews and really are not, but they are a synagogue of Satan.”

    Revelation 3:9
    “Look! I will make those from the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews yet are not, but are lying—look! I will make them come and bow before your feet and make them know that I have loved you.”

  • Bravo, John Friend. It is amazing how people, instead of blaming the jewish establishment, want to blame Ivanka and Jared for President Trump’s decision to attack Assad/the Sovereign State of Syria. Listen to John, Don.

  • “jews are guilty of all murders, ever”—Matthew 23:35

    Christ tells us all about the mixed-race negroid-mongoloid & gog (Non-White) demon-jews.

  • so it would seem.
    but maybe not.
    trump dumped a bunch of old stock tomahawks and checked their performance. from what i hear it wasn’t too good..
    the attack didn’t really do much damage. the airfield is still operational.
    it’s not like he hit assad’s house.
    why hasn’t somebody done that? ever ask yourself that?
    this hit negated the whole media garbage about trump and putin in the election. he just knocked those fools down again.
    it’s a big brawl. there will be a few wild swings.
    you could say that.
    you heard the praise from the jews.
    this puts them more under his purview.
    now if he tells them to back off on the settlements they’ll have to be more acquiescent.
    is that what he’s going to do next?
    i don’t know but i’m betting he will pivot 180 again.
    he’s been pulling everything and everybody else along in his wake since the first debate.
    let’s not throw him over the side just yet.

  • Russian Limbaugh


    I think it is time for you to interview Richard Spencer.

    Nothing crazy. An hour long type deal. No need to have some long drawn out convo.

    He seems open to any dialogue getting out and I imagine this is very doable.

  • Gee getting Hitler to bomb Syria and supporting him by employing the Hollowcost card eh? That’s brilliant Baldric! Now go and eat yer turnips ya git…

  • It has been proven by forensic evidence that the sarin attack was a hoax, a Mossad fabrication. The jewish neocons are pushing Trump for more wars for Israel with goyim white deplorables blood and money. The neocons are targetting Spicer and Bannon to kick them out of thw WH,this will drive a huge wedge between Trump and his bases, it will dislodge Trum and isolte him from the few nationalist into the hands of the jewish globalists. We need regime change in the terrorists state of Israel, the only ones profitting$$ from all these wars . The west will bear the brunt f more terror attacks around the world, and Israe remains inmune to any attacks in their own soil which makes them so cavalier about wars. And the arab christians being massacre inhat region under Mossad directives…but no ISIS attacks against synagogues no single one nowhere???