Illegal Aliens Rewarded with Government Appointments

In one of the more outrageous news stories I’ve read in some time, local government officials in Huntington Park, California, a municipality just outside of Los Angeles, have rewarded two illegal alien criminals with government appointments on two separate commissions. CBSLosAngeles is reporting:

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Huntington Park is making history and not everyone is happy about it.

Councilman Jhonny Pineda announced at Monday night’s city council meeting the appointment of two undocumented immigrants as commissioners, CBS2/KCAL9’s Kara Finnstrom reports.

“You are out of order!” one woman in the crowd yelled at the councilmembers during the meeting.

Some critics say Pineda, who joined the council in March, specifically picked Medina and Zatarain because they worked on his campaign. Others say they don’t believe undocumented immigrants should serve the government this way.

“We’re sending the wrong message: you can be illegal and you can come and work for the city,” a woman told Finnstrom.

Pineda stresses that the two appointees would not be paid – federal law prohibits that – and that they will have no power to determine city policy.

Frank Medina will join the health and education commission and Julian Zatarain will be working with the parks and recreation commission. Both are young men who Pineda says have a long history of volunteering for the city and the undocumented community.

The 32-year-old councilman says he picked these two men, first and foremost, for their accomplishments and because he promised voters on the campaign trail he’d create opportunities for the city’s sizable undocumented immigrant demographic.

“We need to make sure that we bring everyone together to the table here in Huntington Park so that we can make sure we’re sharing the same vision,” said Pineda.

City Mayor Karina Macias threw her support behind the appointments.

The appointments won’t be official until processed by the council and Medina and Zatarain pass a LifeScan background check.

Pineda says the move is historic, and would make Huntington Park the first city to have undocumented immigrants on city commissions.

Could you imagine something like this happening in China or Mexico or Israel? Illegal aliens being rewarded for their criminal behavior would only happen in the United States or some other (formerly) White Western European nation.


  • This is secessionist! This will be reason enough for those who are interested in leaving the government to say that the government no longer exists, it’s been corrupted and therefore all obligations under the Union are suspended. This is a very stupid move!

  • Get the councilmen out, and the illegals!! Don’t put up with their globalist schemes! Not surprising it happened first in Cali!

  • Ignorant pinheads.
    Don’t they honestly believe their own B.S.?
    How do they not know they’re awakening Los Tigres del Norte?

  • Lots of talk, but no action from the Americans, while the rest of the races push forward taking more and more.

    La Raza means the race. Can you imagine the outcry if a group of Americans had a group called ‘the race’? Especially if it was white people who established the group? White people have been trained to be ashamed of their race. They’ll never take action, and never stand up.

    It’s a good thing there is an internet to provide an outlet for the few armchair patriots to let off steam, as otherwise they might actually do something!

    • Interesting points Henry. I think the Internet is a very powerful tool that can be used effectively to advance White interests specifically and the truth about a variety of topics we have been lied to about over the years generally.

      Are you against the Internet in general, which you apparently view as a means of giving people an outlet for “blowing off steam”? Do you think the Internet plays a useful role in spreading information and awareness, challenging the Jewish controlled media and political establishment, and networking with like-minded individuals?

      Also, what exactly are you yourself doing in the real world to advance the interests of White people in America?

  • If those with power would simply adhere to virtue, then those with virtue would not need to strip them of power. If only people would recognize the fundamental truth of justice, which is this: “To each his own”, then there would be no need to punish and reward people simply to get them to do what they ought. But because humanity, including White humanity, has failed to honor this fundamental truth, this principle of Justice which is Divine in nature, therefore all must be stripped of their very existence. Isn’t that tragic? But it is necessary. You will not reach glory in the physical domain merely by some racial consciousness or some racial nationalism. It cannot happen that way. If you would only follow the principle of justice, you could do so much better in ANY circumstance.

    If any radically racially “conscious” Whites have read this far, they are no doubt trying to analyse what I’ve said merely on the basis of “but is he White”. The answer to them is I’m an alien from outer space. That’s the only way you can understand what I’m saying. It takes a premise like that operating in your mind to raise your cognition out of the dump of physicalism and “outer mind” conditioning enough to grasp a principle “in itself”.

    There is in fact only ONE RACE that deserves to exist, and it is not a physically manifest race in this world. The True Aryan Race does not have physical form on this planet. If it did, most of the beings on this planet who now breathe would be extinct, including Europeans. This is no joke. In the True Aryan Culture there is no time or energy wasted on nonsense, and the principle of Justice is followed strictly.

    Case in point, your grubby “boss hog” stereotypes have ruled the counties for millenia, going all the way back to the mother countries of origin, beholden to disgustingly evil hierophants and corrupt, thuggish royalty. Rebellions against them have been invariably instigated and steered by covert operatives who then resubsume such forces back under the control of the same hegemony against which these foolish peasants had supposedly escaped!

    All the while, the rule of flesh, the nature of the brute, has been in charge on all levels. A race, any race, which is ruled by these forces does not deserve to exist. It will, in this world, have the POWER to exist, but it does not deserve to exist. Ideal Existence will always be kept from them by their nature. If you don’t understand what Ideal Existence is then you are ignorant, whatever you body’s form and “race”.

    Basically, whatever your “race”, if you can follow the principle’s of Justice with an inherent genius, and with a forthrightness and cogency that befit a True Being, then you can deserve to exist. You will be ruled over by reason and right, and so how can you balk when a more reasonable, and more right person should guide you, who would simply demonstrate to you what you had missed but sought to grasp?

    But most on this earth ARE NOT WORTHY OF EXISTENCE in ANY FORM! Prepare yourselves to meet the Great Judge.