Hysterical anti-White SJW Protesters at NPI Event in Washington, D.C.

I took this video while walking up to the recent NPI event which took place on Saturday, March 5 in Washington, D.C. at the Ronald Reagan Building. A number of protesters were picketing outside the building, giving speeches and screaming at attendees. I was sort of joking around, pretending like I was with the protesters. Once they figured out I was “one of them” and actually attending the conference, things heated up quickly! An old woman, who you will see in the video, actually punched me in the back! These people are ridiculous, and Donald Trump is really polarizing American society. Trump supporters are literally viewed as White supremacist, Neo-Nazi Klan members. They were literally claiming that White people meeting to talk specifically about White interests inevitably leads to violence and oppression. It’s absurd.

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  • Absurd yes by PLANNING. Many of these NEVO “PROTESTORS” are paid actors, they bus them around over and over, they go to POOR areas and hire people who are desperate for cash “because the economy was trashed by these same scumbags” same as being forced to sign up for the military to get a PAYCHECK.
    Get some of the SAME poor people to sign statements and pay them to PROTEST their BOSS.

    eye for eye? OH thats not fair, oh yes it is! LOL

    • Agreed Nbody…in all seriousness that’s the only sense I can make of it. They have to either be paid or coming out of some Jonestown-style cult indoctrination camp (which I suppose could just be what passes for “college” these days…). What an embarrassing spectacle. Hilariously funny though!

  • John

    You got you taste of the crazies….They are not nice people to deal with.
    My brother and I had to be escorted of the Boston Common by police on horses who were protecting us from a group just like them.
    It was pretty scary…..so watch your step with these people they WILL hurt you.

    Jim Rizoli

  • LOL

    That was some funny stuff right there.


    “We hate white people!” (which sounded like a white person)

    Why does it appear that the ones screaming ‘hatred’ seem that they hate more than everyone else?

  • Something has to change before the streets run red……….communists and capitalists cannot share the same country. We should be looking into some kind of peaceful solution before it explodes into something that will make the Civil War look like a Methodist Social.

    • No, we have to destroy this banal movement, You are correct. We cannot live together
      unless we constantly keep smashing these fem bots around. I dont want bloodshed. But
      Im sick of these loons. I say, ask God for forgiveness, then start the culling.
      Peace out

  • I’ll bet a fair number of these protesters were there for “professional” reasons.

  • All metropolis and big city so-called cultures are propped up artificially, with stolen tax money.
    When the welfare money and benefits start to dwindle, and the lights start going out regularly, the liberal socialist social engineers and their bureaucrat minions, will the the first ones eaten by their pet hordes.

  • Stenka Razinova

    It puzzles me! Why they go to protest at Trump rally?
    They should go to protest at white house if they are not happy.
    After all they have now their own black president,

  • Why’d they get angry at John? Did he do something not recorded on camera, or? Also Trump (Drumpf) is a phony.

    • Unlike Soetoro, Trump doesn’t deny it as it means nothing in his case. What was your families name 100 or so years ago?

  • It is always good to identify a less than universally known group of letters or an acronym. So what is NPI?

  • Like something out of a low budget horror movie. Nothing short of.

    It’s a shame they weren’t there protesting the jewish lobby’s influence in American politics, or the treatment of Palestinians.

  • It reminds me of that film – ‘the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’.


    come to my town with that and I will make each and every one of you Eat your sign and if you don’t I will destroy your face

  • I’ve followed ANSWER Coalition for years. They along with Revolutionary Communist Party were key in organizing some of the largest anti-war marches during the Dubya years. After Obama was elected, the anti-war movement dwindled into nearly nothing. In hindsight, it appears that the anti-war movement was largely against only the FACE of the war, not the actual act of war. During the anti-war marches, protestors largely ridiculed the face of the war; mainly Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Three heterosexual, white Christians who were invading a foreign country made up of people of color. It is OK for Obama and Hillary Clinton to escalate some of the “War On Terror”, because who these specifical Leftist circles is going to protest a black man? Or in the near future, our first female President? I’m old enough to remember Reagan, who was also compared to Hitler and who many believed would usher in World War III in order to fulfill a biblical prophecy.

  • These kinds of events are a golden opportunity!

    White rights advocates could carry their own signs (& hand-outs) exposing the blatant racist behavior that Israelis perpetuate against their Brown (& Black) neighbors (& ultimately all non-Jews).

    Ideas for signs:

    [Pictures of Israel’s border walls]
    [Pictures of anti-Black immigrant riots in Tel Aviv]
    [Pictures of hideously maimed Palestinian children (from illegal IDF white phosphorus, etc.)]
    [Quotes by nasty Jew supremacists against all non-Jews]
    [Quotes by well-known Blacks & Browns who publicly oppose Jew supremacism]

  • Zombie Apocalypse!

    I guess some people need to “believe” in something. What a bunch of empty, vapid rhetoric in those speeches.

    I remember many years ago the Spartacus League came to an anti war rally that I was attending. Why did they come? Not to march together with all sorts of people of no particular political affiliation who rightly oppose senseless war, but to try to recruit people to their cult of zombies. These people don’t know history or what it is they believe, they just believe. Kinda sad really if not a bit scary, not to mention plenty obnoxious.

  • rupert chappelle

    A.N.S.W.E.R. jumped the shark a couple of years ago.

    Used to be good anti-war and anti-corporate people.

    Not anymore.

  • “Racists, Sexists, Anti-gay, right-wing bigots go away!!”…LOLOLOLOL!!! ROFLMAO!!! These people are going to give me physical health issues from how hard their retardation makes me laugh…this is going to stick with me for a long time, I’m like, crying right now :D:D:D

  • Chester J. Doles

    838… Chester J. Doles

  • This seemed to be an appropriate comment section to post this.
    The whole rats’ nest:
    The Marxist/Communists for overthrowing the USA. The agenda has never changed.
    Black Lives Matter Obama Valerie Jarret Loretta Lynch SJWs Soros

    I Was A Communist For The FBI (1951) FULL