Heroic Black Woman Debunks #BlackLivesMatter Meme

God bless this woman! She speaks the truth!


  • Descent blacks and whites have the same problem. The worst amongst each of our people are sell-outs and traitors who stab us all in the back for personal financial gain. The blacks have the Al Sharptons and the Jessie Jacksons… and whites have the Bushs and Clintons…

  • This women needs to have more information before she makes these kind of comments.
    The blacklivesmatter is a brainchild of George Soros. The people in Ferguson, are not from there. Also, so-called black-on-black crime is condition that was created in and by criminal activity. The average person of melanation is not commiting crimes against others of their elk.
    Again, more information and not so-much emotional outbursts do to ignorance.

    • Then move to Detroit and THEN see if she’s still ugnorant!

    • Don’t be silly. Yes, there are financial backers and PR machines, but, ultimately, the ppl are picking up the message, running with it and giving it life. #blacklivesmatter didn’t happen in a Soros vaccuum—it happened in these neighborhoods and ppl like this woman are part of that. I think this woman might have a little more experience than you when it comes to dealing with these issues, so she deserves a listen.

    • You’re brain dead…you’re also retarded, ignorant and a sellout. This woman hits the nail on the head.

    • Kevin,

      I’m with you. Black on black crime is higher due the existance of the hood. When they start letting blacks into white neighborhoods (Section 8) then you see degredation and whitey getting thumped. Blackie likes to target asians foremost as they carry cash and are considered easy targets . Yo Tony Pro, you’re an idiot for taking personal shots at Kevin. Refute his words.

      Here is the problem even with the best blackie. Would she say jack-$hit for white victims of crime? Like the following link:


      No blackie doesn’t chime up when whitey is the victim, or gets screwed over in hiring or promotions in the corporation or when they get bumped for a minority in getting into a University.

      With all of the above, I still believeeverybody needs to wake up to the perp of all our problems: the jew. Many blacks are waking up which makes the jew cringe.


  • Bloody Rippa.

    At last a person who says it like it is and articulates the correct response to all the political correctness crap we are seeing all over the World.

    Take responsibility for your own actions is what she is saying.

    Bloody Rippa.

  • I am an older guy of German ancestry who would love to have this woman as my neighbor. She does speak the truth – I have said similar things, but I don’t know like she does. I was fortunate to be raised by poor farming parents who taught me the importance of treating people according to the integrity of their heart and spirit, not the hue of their skin. Bad is bad, and wrong is wrong. All good people’s lives matter. There are for too many in this country who try to avoid responsibility for their bad acts by blaming others. Much of what Ms. Hubbard says goes to the heart of the vital need for people to assume responsibility for themselves. She is wise and brave, and as I said, I would welcome her as my neighbor.

    • I am an older guy of Italian ancestry and I wouldn’t want her as a neighbor. I wouldn’t want German, Polish, Russian, Swedes, English or Dutch either. Then I can talk about growing tomatoes, exchange Osso Buco recipes, talk about Serie A soccer, exchange theory of sausage making, and discuss old country winemaking techniques with my Italian neighboors. Still exists in certain parts of NY and in Woodbridge, Ontario just outside of Toronto which is 91% Italian. Thus, Italian culture is retained.

  • The accused WILL NOT be brought before his fellow citizens for arraignment and indictment. A thug wearing a black robe and waving a Bible pretends to have public authority of criminal arraignment an indictment contrary to the U.S. constitution fifth amendment. Our basic civilian authority has been overthrown by the lying murdering pigs from the pentagon. They pledge their service to the british crown and betray our American Revolution of 1776. They are traitors .