Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff Discuss Recent NPI Conference

Editor’s note: What follows is the full text of a written Q&A discussion I had with Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff, the dynamic and talented couple behind Red Ice Creations. Henrik is the host of Red Ice Radio while Lana hosts Radio 3Fourteen. They also produce high quality video productions as well.

Our discussion revolved around the recent conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. organized by The National Policy Institute entitled Become Who We Are. The details of the conference, including the full lineup of speakers and official schedule, are posted at the Become Who We Are website.

I highly encourage all readers to support Henrik and Lana by subscribing to Red Ice Creations. They are producing some of the best content in the Alt Right today.

John Friend: Before we get started, I’d like to quickly say what an honor it was to meet both of you this weekend. I am a huge fan of your work so it was really nice to meet face to face and get to know each other. I don’t think the conference could have gone any better – Richard Spencer really did a great job organizing and promoting it, and the turn out was tremendous.

With that having been said, in your opinion, how significant of an event was the Become Who We Are conference?

Henrik Palmgren: I think this event marks the beginning of something big. A change in the right direction. You could sense this from the speakers, organizers and attendees alike. These meetings keep growing larger every year and more and more people are understanding what concerns, warnings and also call-to-action that the Alternative Right brings. New concerned and dedicated people are coming into the kinds of topics addressed during the conference basically every day now. Young people – many below 30 – but also some families, older couples and many women found their way to the event. That is a huge step in the right direction, to be worthy of being called a “movement.” It’s about pouring the metaphorical concrete into a foundation that we eventually can build something strong and solid on. Plus, getting away from the Twitter handles and Facebook profiles, to meet people face to face, is always a good idea for solidifying bonds and building a strong network.

Richard Spencer, the Director of the National Policy Institute and main organizer of the conference, addresses members of the media during a press conference as Guillaume Faye and Sam Dickson listen.

In the future many might look back at this year, when a lot of people from vastly different political and ideological starting points converged to start forming a true opposition and a truly rebellious movement, that offer something authentic and realistic to break apart the status quo. The NPI event is not the only significant step in this direction of course, but it is most certainly a large part of it.

Lana Lokteff: In my view it was highly significant because it was the first Alt Right conference where about half the attendees were under 30. They were not only young but also intelligent, funny, edgy, well dressed and handsome, shattering the Hollywood created stereotype of what it means to be a proud White man in 2015. Looking around at the conference of about 200, I could see a truly fierce opposition to liberalist decay forming, with the energy and creativity that will attract many in the coming years.

Contrary to what the lamestream news reported, women were also in attendance. Women who I hit it off with immediately. Since I spoke about the men, I should also say that intelligent, well rounded and beautiful women are also being attracted to the Alt Right. These women are very confusing for feminists and leftists because they don’t fit the mold of the typical religious or conservative opposition. Alt Right women are much more intriguing and a much fiercer force to be reckoned with.

John Friend: Why is a national conference in Washington, D.C. focusing on White identity, White political interests, and ultimately the future of the White race particularly relevant and important in 2015?

Henrik Palmgren: Because in “the current year” White interests have been pushed to the margins of society and the fringes of public discourse. Europeans are the one group that you indiscriminately can discriminate against, without facing any repercussions for it. We have the proof of this by statements, admissions and quotes in the mainstream media.

Roughly 20 protesters picketed the NPI conference throughout the day.

We are the only people being told that we don’t have a culture or that we can’t have an identity, especially an identity to be proud of. In a time of supposed “tolerance” and “understanding,” the people spouting those values are certainly not holding true to them, since the few “protestors” outside the National Press Club and the mainstream media covering the event are trying their very best to make us feel guilty for being concerned with the displacement of our own people. This is no longer working however. So instead, they should spend some time trying to understand the ideas they fear, don’t understand and don’t tolerate. We are the dispossession global minority, yet we are not treated on the same equal basis as other groups, especially minorities. Why is that?

Washington D.C. is the belly of the beast in many respects and it’s significant to take the fight to them, as opposed to hiding away somewhere, fearing repercussions for our views or who we are. Taking a step towards those who hate us as opposed to backing down is important and relevant, especially to set the tone for the future events and also the overall progress of the Alternative Right or whatever you want to call it.

To a growing number of people, the questions and topics the conference dealt with this past weekend are of the highest moral value. These are concerns that are not recognized by the political establishment or the mainstream media, who have simply become the cheerleaders for the agenda to replace the European population in their own countries. We are not the ones who should feel guilt for who we are or that we simply have decided to take our own side. We are not the ones responsible for wars or for creating turmoil and chaos in the world.

Protesters confront attendees following the NPI conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

As of right now, we have practically zero influence over how our foreign policy is being run or how our countries are being demographically altered. This is being done by a hostile elite that is forcing incompatible cultures, religions and vastly different people and races together. This is what is exacerbating the increased violence, crime and rape in the Western world and many countries, like Sweden, that was one of the safest countries in the world just 20-30 years ago. So it’s not our opinions that are morally reprehensible. Those openly advocating for our demise, replacement and ultimate extinction are the genocidal monsters, not us!

I sincerely believe that if the ongoing population replacement in the West isn’t stopped, the entire world will eventually descend into utter chaos. What many don’t understand is that the nations that have been the most successful in helping other failed nations around the world are now getting destabilized at such a rate that they will be unable, economically, to help even themselves, much less any other countries in the future. In short: if we go, the whole damn thing goes. That’s why this question is not only important to ourselves, but should be to others, even to those that hate us so much.

Lana Lokteff: This conference was critical because in 2015 the mainstream establishment openly tells White people that Whites cannot have an identity or interests of any kind because they are “inherently racist” and it will only lead to the oppression of non-Whites. If Whites are successfully programmed with anti-White lies, then they will succumb to the propaganda that tells them they’re doing a good thing by surrendering their nations and by not having children, effectively genociding themselves. Anti-White rhetoric is rapidly being taught everywhere from government institutions to schools and churches. If we do not teach our children the truth about their ancestors now, it will become too late, leading to a future with no White children.

John Friend: You both participated in a live podcast at the conference – what are your general thoughts on the discussion? Do you view live podcasting as a productive and worthwhile thing to do at future conferences?

Lana Lokteff: I think a group podcast was an excellent idea. The audience especially liked the interaction – anyone was able to pose questions to some of their favorite radio hosts, people they listen to regularly. I was extremely tired and can’t remember what I rambled about but I thought Mike Enoch, Henrik and Richard had an engaging dynamic since they’re so different personality wise but so unified ideologically, so that made the interaction fun to watch and hear. Of course it was amusing for me because I listen to Richard, Mike Enoch and of course Henrik’s shows so it’s even better seeing them speak live. [Editor’s note: Lana performed brilliantly throughout the entire group podcast session.]

From left to right, Sam Dickson, Robert Taylor, Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Keith Preston answer questions from the media during a press conference.

Henrik Palmgren: I agree, this was a very refreshing addition to the speeches and a lot of fun. Perhaps I’m biased because I had the “Huwyte privilege” of participating in the live podcast/panel discussion. I still think that having speeches and presentations by authors and thinkers is still is a vital component of a conference, to “get the ball rolling” and get ideas bubbling for newcomers and seasoned folks alike. Once we got started with the live podcast however, we quickly realized that we could have gone a lot longer, since participation from the audience is such a great way to make the entire event more open and engaging, less rigid and closed off. I guess it’s good leaving people wanting more as opposed to have them walk away, tired of it and I think I can speak for almost everyone when I say that people definitely wanted more. Not only of the panel discussion but also of the socializing and the speakers. This is definitely the way to go for future events.


  • Could someone please tell Lana Lokteff that she has no business trying to speak for anglo women? The video she made exposing hispanic attacks against white women as symbolized by an anglo blonde had little to do with her; hispanics, like blacks and jews, only consider anglocelts the ‘real whites.’ They admit this openly when you’re unlucky enough to be surrounded by them. And her slavic values absolutely do NOT speak for those of the wasp’s and irish, germans, etc.

    Blacks have been hunting down anglo women for going on half a century in DC, blonde, redheaded and brownette, even though it’s the capitol city of the nation OUR race founded. I lived there, I still hear reports from anglo women and we are still the almost exclusive targets.

    Just sayin.’

    • I don’t think Lana is speaking for all women by any means. And you can easily raise your concerns and criticisms with her by contacting her directly. She is on Twitter and Facebook.

      • I wrote this to clarify for the record and to defend white women, whose targeting she definitely took upon herself to interpret and speak for. Somehow I’m not picturing her acknowledging that that was an appropriation of our experience and culture.

    • Complete nonsense Callie. Do you really think any predatory blacks or establishment Jews are going to check Lana’s surname and ancestry before subjecting her to the same treatment as an Anglo or Celt? No! They’re simply going to see a woman of European descent.

      And how exactly are her ‘Slavic’ values so different from ‘Anglo’ values. By the way, you’re talking to a proud Englishman here, not just someone who calls himself ‘Anglo’ because the last few generations of his family spoke English.

      • Do you really think blacks and jews used to fixating on anglo women would confuse slavic Lana with one? Do you really think you as an ‘Englishman’ can speak for me as an anglo women living amongst all these peoples (and others hostile to anglo american females) in the US? Really?

        If you had any pride in yourself as such you’d be addressing the various stripes of non-‘anglos’ who attack your girl children daily. That would include slavs who steal resources from the native english.

    • Who on earth are the, ” wasp’s “?

      • Since you are the only person on this thread capable of admitting to your own ignorance, I’m happy to educate you. WASP is an acronym that stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant. The Angles, Jutes and Saxons were Germanic tribes who traveled from what is now Denmark to England as the Roman Empire was dissolving in Europe. Prior to the Roman invasion of England, it had been a completely Celtic land. Scotland remained largely so as the Romans never took over there, but it along with England became Protestant (specifically Presbyterian where England became Episcopalian under King Henry VIII) during the Reformation in the 1500’s although pockets of Catholicism still survived until it was decriminalized in the 1800’s.

        The English and Scottish (from both Scotland directly and Northern Ireland indirectly…some call the latter group the ‘Scots-Irish’) were the main founders of the United States. Hence the notion of Anglo Saxon America (I don’t know what happened to the Jutes). The Scots-Irish, who ‘squat-settled’ much of the South and Appalachia, continued to identify as Celts, although they were Presbyterians upon arrival who largely ‘went Baptist’ in their new homelands. The Scots who came directly from Scotland had by the time of colonial America become ruled by the English and therefore took on a specific ‘WASP’ status; it was these two groups of Anglo Saxons and Scottish who made up most of the original landed settlers whose properties were issued by the King of England. I can’t say that all were deeded land, however, only that the early colonists were mostly these Anglo Saxon Protestants of various denominations.

        The other main ethnic influence in early America was the Dutch, largely Calvinists (a subset of Protestantism and similar to Presbyterian), who settled mostly around New York City and parts of upstate New York and Delaware. These early Dutch colonists blended into the new Anglo Saxon nation and like the Scots might also be considered de facto WASP’s or thereabouts according to some.

        Those early Celtic tribes dominated much of Europe prior to the Roman invasion. They came to be neighbored by the Germanic tribes who originated in southern Scandinavia and Denmark to then migrate all over parts of Western Europe – Holland, Germany, parts of Belgium and Austria (all of which speak germanic languages not too distant from the hybrid Germanic-based language of English).

        So, you see, the name WASP meant the original founding stock of America. Most of the white men who created the United States were of specifically Anglo Saxon stock and it was their culture which formed the basis for our Constitution and legal system. But the biological basis of the WASP ethnicity is a mix of Celtic and Germanic peoples, who originally looked fairly alike given that they evolved so close together. In truth, the specific look that forms such a bull’s eye on the ‘real white’ woman’s face (and man’s) is what I think was originally more the look of those Angles, Jutes, and Saxons, who in turn looked a lot like the Germans and Scandinavians. But since the English were first a Celtic people (whose Roman occupation left small biological traces) and since the history of Northwest Europe is a mixing of these two evolutionary siblings one might say that the WASP’s look somewhat like the Celts as well.

        In short, aside from influxes in Germany and England of a few drops of Roman blood and in Ireland (which like Scotland remained Celtic during the Roman Empire but was also settled in parts by Vikings, who in turn took home some pretty Celtic women) of a little more Spanish, we are a race. Ironically, an italian coined the name ‘anglocelt’ and I use it because most don’t recognize that the ‘Anglo Saxons’ were in fact Germanic tribes – and because it sounds better.

        WASP in american lexicon still largely denotes those very specific Anglo Saxon founders, whose history in the US I am greatly abbreviating. The white women who bear the face and coloring of this founding stock, from whichever modern northwestern european country, face a very focused and specific targeting by blacks, jews, and other non-whites in DC and other parts. Many times my WASP name, not just face and hair color, has absolutely been part of both of jews’ and blacks’ attacks on me. But in DC where southern black men know well the look of those evil whiteys they claim enslaved them it was my face and coloring which marked me and other ‘anglo’ women for chronic torment (including sexual assault, rape and murder). It was, of course, my exact racial group who died freeing them but inconvenient details don’t stop hatred.

        To claim that we are not a recognizable ethnic group whose look and values differ from those of the slavs and other ethnic families is just silly. Basic eyesight and cultural comprehension is all one needs to know otherwise.

        Or one could just count the bodies…

        My people built this country out of blood, sweat, tears and torture. It was inappropriate for Lana to attribute the values of ‘upper middle class’ to the WASP woman whose targeting she analyzed. My race encompassed slaves considered lowlier than the black slaves to the landed aristocracy of the America and everything in between. And we are being hunted down by every stripe of non-anglocelts on the planet, including in Ireland and England many slavs. I do not hold Lana responsible for that, but neither do I consider her values as a slav and as an individual representative of my people’s, who worked for everything they had and who were the only race on the planet to champion a middle, not simply upper, class.

        Thank you for asking.

        • Wow, you are either an insufferable leftist troll playing the pedant about white identity politics, or, you are so stunningly thick that you take the question, on this site, about this topic- “what is a ‘WASP’?? – straight to heart and give a little wiki history lesson.

    • Callie,

      Apparently you do not value your European sisters. You sound a bit unhinged. What is your bitterness really about? It’s her video, her website, her commentary. If you don’t like it go make your own video. As if she could possibly speak for all women and when did she say she did? She is openly Slavic so explain how she is trying to speak for “Anglo” women? Further, Russians come from Nordics. Are you saying European women who are not Anglo aren’t a target? You have issues.

      • Lana recently participated in a video about ‘White Women’ in which she and a couple other ‘white’ women complained that non-whites were ‘appropriating our myths, legends and folktales.’

        I personally don’t take to a slav appropriating my people’s truth and suffering. If the jewish producers of the hispanic sitcom had any interest in attacking slavic women, they would have cast one in the role in question.

        I and my actual ethnic sisters are absolutely saying that women who are not anglo are not targeted. In fact, I know blacks admit openly – both sinisterly and sometimes sympathetically – that ‘anglos’ are targeted by their people. I am ‘anglo’ and I’ve lived around hispanics. Besides the constant evidence of their focused attacks on my people’s women, they also talk openly at times of who is ‘white’ as anglo. It’s a pretty well known fact and the evidence is everywhere. Heck, I even know a spare few jews who would grudgingly admit to it, but very very grudgingly, as it was they who planted the bull’s eye on us.

        Kevin MacDonald spoke at the NPI conference, and he has spearheaded much of the intellectual discussion surrounding jewish attacks on the northwestern european founders of the US. That the US and here specifically the South was founded by ‘anglos’ is so ridiculously obvious, as is the seemingly traumatic reality that we are a specific and distinct ethnic group who look different from the slavs, I really have to doubt whether ‘spontaneous’ skeptics are not in fact jews.

        If you don’t like it, take it up with one of the key speakers of the conference.

      • I think Callie is a troll. She/he/it is attempting to direct the comments section toward petty in-fighting.

    • Callie badmouths a fellow European actually speaking out in public and makes no comment of John’s interview. You’re no defender of your people. You sound like a jealous woman. Lana’s shows are very clear on the need to unite White women, not creating divides and stupid fights like you are trying to do.

      • Lana claimed at the end of her video to somehow have been victim of the jewish and non-white jihad against the anglo woman cast as the ‘white bitch.’ Now, who is jealous again? Again, the jews and their non-white minions are not at war with the slavs in America. Lana should stick to her own people’s stories and political experiences.

        • You have some serious anger and victim mentality issues, Callie. I watched her video. It was great and I showed it to a lot of other people who were triggered from it. I hope she makes many more videos. She was using the show as a brilliant example, an analogy of how it’s perfectly fine to hate on White people. It’s all true, not matter if you have Russian or English roots. It’s shocking to see such hate from you directed at a woman who is actually defending all European people.

    • I promise you that most hispanics and blacks have never heard the term anglocelt, and furthermore it isn’t a term of any relevance at all. Lana’s slavic background completely gels with my German- Irish – American identity.

      • Dearie if you’re actually asserting that WASP’s and the shortened umbrella category of ‘anglo’ is irrelevant in America I can’t cure your delusions, sorry.

        Who would all these people be to tell me and women of my race what our experiences of jews and non-whites are? You clearly cannot recognize how sick that is.

    • “Could someone please tell Lana Lokteff that she has no business trying to speak for anglo women?” I do hope that you understand, “Callie”, that neither do you speak for any group.

      • Oh I assure you I speak for plenty of women who spontaneously confide in me in cities and surrounding areas like DC, NYC, etc. In fact, I’ll elect myself to ‘speak for’ the victims of the child rape epidemic in England, where slavic girls live off of english families’ labor and enjoy near immunity from ethnic cleansing: Get the ***k out.

    • That’s the weirdest and least on-the-surface legit-appearing attempt to undermine perceived pro-White efforts I think I’ve ever seen, Callie. Congratulations! If you are sincere, there are waaaay better focuses for your grouchiness. I’ll give you a few for starters …


      Why does the alt-right say it’s right when it’s just conventionally left only principled about it – promising equal rights for everyone but including Whites as such? (Listen to the interviews of Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer at Spingola/RedIce/3fourteen,for example. They’re just SWPL liberals who say anti-White is racist, too.)

      Why does the alt-right promise equal rights for Whites when it clearly doesn’t deliver on that now?

      Richard Spencer will not reject Jews like Gottfried on racial grounds – even after Gottfried, at Takimag when Spencer was editor, supported the idea of Israel as a Jewish ethno-state but opposed the idea that White Americans seek a similar sovereignty (in consequence to the furore that followed my eliciting this admission from Gottfried, Spencer temporarily shut down commenting at Takimag and the exchanges are lost).

      When forced to choose Jared Taylor dumped White gentleman Duke over pushy Jew Michael Hart and his co-ethnics. At any after-party confab between Taylor, his Amren speakers and their wives, Whites will typically be outnumbered by Asians – the Jewish speakers and their Jewish wives, and the East-Asian wives of Taylor’s IQ fetishist friends. This is the White Nationalism of the alt-right vs. the ‘citizenism’ of the alt-right. Is there a meaningful difference for Whites?

      Taylor and Spencer are exemplary cuckservatives yet led that twitter campaign before followers who were not around ten years ago watching them bend over.

      Why does even a much more racially sound fake-rightist, Greg Johnson, go along with the charade that this was a ‘White Nationalist’ conference? He knows full well that one of his own writers, Jack Donovan, a featured speaker, recently said that his ‘tribe’ was any ‘manly man’ of any race who wanted to do ‘manly’ things with him … He knows Keith Preston is not a White Nationalist (or a rightist), but rather a serious-minded anarchist. And he knows Spencer is a Jew-toady. And a few months ago he knew the alt-right wasn’t White Nationalist – that was the stated purpose for his outreach to the frat-boys at The Right Stuff.

      Why is a conventional fuddy-duddy conservative of all our Grandpa’s eras like Matt Heimbach disinvited to a supposedly Traditionalist yet outlaw, diverse yet inclusive conference? Donovan’s speech was all about not giving a screw what your enemies say, but Spencer admits that people like Heimbach are not welcome because they make him look bad to the ‘liberals’ he claims to hate. They don’t take their own ideas seriously, plainly. And quite understandably. He did, after all, invite Alexander Dugin to a previous NPI conference, about the future of Whites, seriously: https://www.destroyzionism.com/2014/08/11/note-alexandr-dugin/


      Where does this all this fudge and compromise and make-happy faces at lies about goodwill impulse originate? NOT AMONG SERIOUS WHITE NATIONALISTS – OBVIOUSLY.

      The alt-right is a Jewish project grown out of the paleolibertarian strategy of twenty years ago, designed explicitly to capture, control and redirect into dead-ends the support, energy and money that David Duke initially and in particular, then Pat Buchanan, were attracting. Same people, same ideas, same lies. Same refocusing from White Nationalism, an idea that merely has a people and so cannot lose an ideas war except against open genocidalists, toward *any* other idea that can be endlessly and tiresomely debated: faux-rightism, real-rightism, libertarianism, ‘Traditionalism’, ‘Identitarianism’, LGBT-friendliness, are-we-right/left/transcendent, on and on.

      It is disheartening to see essentially the same playbook that sucked support away from Duke being deployed 20 years on in American White Nationalism.

      Blame Callie for setting me off.

  • @Callie … white women in Washington DC appear to be a “special breed”. I have no personal experience of this, but I have read that this is so, scores of times over the past three or four decades.

    Firstly, Washington DC does (and will inevitably) attract a disproportionate number of single white women who are physically attractive, well-educated, ambitious, and independent-minded. Common sense would tell you that.

    White women who gravitate to D.C. tend to be very liberal (politically) so they already have a positive bias towards the “black male”. You know very well that Liberal American Girls like nothing more than to “go down” on a black male. It makes them feel an integral part of the sick pseudo-political ideology they have been brainwashed with; starting from their pre-teen years.

    Furthermore, and to add to their reputation, both Playboy and Penthouse magazines have done several hot, lustful picture spreads about “Washington’s Women” in years past. Apparently, this would always bring a boost in their respective magazine sales.

    Therefore, I would go so far as to speculate that one reason why there are so many black males living in D.C. is precisely because they know they have access to some of the easiest pickings in the entire United States. They go to Miami for the Latinos, San Francisco and Los Angeles for the Asians, New York City for the Jewesses, and to Washington D.C. for the White Gals.

    So who’s to blame? What’s causing this? Don’t you think a large part of the responsibility for this stupid and self-destructive situation is the sick, selfish, short-sighted, and immature attitudes being carried around inside the brains of those otherwise ‘clever’ White Women?

    For example, if you are a Research Assistant working in D.C. with a Harvard degree in Economics, and if you are also a beautiful girl (aged somewhere between 25 and 35) with a good body, and living the single life in some expensive apartment because you are being paid top-dollar, then don’t you think you and girls like you would act like a warm bowl of sugar-water to a swarm of hungry black bees?

    Why don’t you American women grow up, and accept the realities of life and of human nature, and the existence of race envy? The world over sees you as “race-sluts” already. So how did you gain that reputation without playing a key and willing role yourselves?

    All races produce beautiful women, but the whites (ethno-Europeans) produce the world’s most desirable women, bar none. This is why your contemporaries are being systematically hunted down. It’s obvious that would inevitably happen … especially considering the amount of provocative behaviour your average white American gal indulges in. Just because she wants to express her “freedom”.

    I say ‘f*ck’ your silly Yanky obsession with “freedom”. You ain’t got any, anymore! The only “freedom” you can engage in today is that which works to destroy the White (ethno-European) race. Even in a totalitarian state, the freedom to be stupid will always present.

    For all sexually mature women, and especially for all vulnerable white women, there is a fine line between expressing freedom, and being bloody irresponsible and foolish.

    You need to unsubscribe from all that “Jewess-inspired” feminist garbage. If you don’t want to see white women being hunted down in your national capital then tell your stupid b*tch sisters to stop living in ways that incite the desire to be a ‘hunter’ of white women in all those damned ugly Negro males.

    If these silly (liberal) white gals in D.C. cannot rely on the protection of a father, or brother (as a Muslim girl would) then they should pack up all this artificially induced career nonsense, and think instead about getting a good white male husband so they can breed more additions to our clan and race. The vagina is a birth canal more than it is a pleasure canal. Think about that one!

  • Not having attended, I’m curious if the word JEW was mentioned even once?

  • Love my white race. Hugs to all the brave, amazing people who stand up against zionist genocide!

  • Any mentions of the real problem, John? Or was it hidden words such as “Eskimos” “zionists” “Marxists” until they call out the enemy by name these conferences aren’t worth anything.

  • Race is a stupid lie. There is only one race, the human race.
    Personal prejudice and discrimination based upon ethnicity and culture is a perfectly valid position to take if not based upon over generalization or misinformation.
    Personal preference based upon culture is also perfectly valid.
    Race is a lie used to divide us and distract us from the fact our CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT
    has been overthrown by the Pentagon/N.A.T.O. . Criminal arraignment and indictment by grand jury as required by fifth amendment HAVE BEEN ABOLISHED. PERMANENT WAR is national policy. Your state militia and U.S. armed forces now serve the British Crown. The horde of foreigners brought here by the Army have no loyalty to American Citizens. There are women wearing Burkas walking the streets here in the U.S.A. .
    They hide their faces like the KKK or the secret police. They will never be our fellow citizens. Race is a lie. Culture and loyalty to ones fellow CIVILIANS is what matters.

    • @ShutGunRock … You can pretend there are no races if you want to. Nobody can prevent you from living in fantasy land and remain an infantile fool … if that is what you really want.

      But don’t bother others with your pathetic American denial of reality, unless that is, you are prepared to deal with the violent blowback that will eventually come your way.

      Women wearing Burkas are no threat to you! There are many young women throughout America and Canada who are quite prepared to walk around in public, wearing little more than G-Strings. So which is worse? Which dress mode will likely entice a breach of the peace?

      Oh, and another thing. You need to get yourself an education. There are NO American Citizens. Your ramshackle country was converted into a Corporation in 1871, and then taken over by the international banking cabal in 1913. In 1933, when FDR was told to declare the USA Bankrupt, all its citizens (and that includes you!) were literally sold into debt slavery as collateral for the loans given to keep THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA afloat.

      So many of you are only capable of spouting totally ignorant sh*t, 24 hours a day, so that all you end up doing is piling one delusion on top of another. If you cannot get the basics right, then you’ll just keep yourself tied up in knots and at the mercy of those pulling your strings.

      Yes, the British Crown currently has the USA by the “short and curlies” but it isn’t the monarchy (as in Crown) that we’re talking about here. It is the City of London ‘Crown’ which is something else entirely.

      You can always rely on an American to spout hypocritical nonsense, while thinking he or she is wise. Let me immediately give you an example of what I mean.

      You try to tell us that “race is a stupid lie”. Okay then; well consider this:

      If that were so, and if you were really telling the truth, then why is there so much anti-German hatred still swirling around the minds of most Americans … even today … 70 years after the USAF helped bomb the heart of Europe (Germany) into rubble? Isn’t that a hatred predicated upon race??

      You Americans are like Pavlov Dogs. Hate fogs your brain just as soon as images of Germany and the Germans are put in front of you. But you don’t call them Germans. Like good boys and girls, you instead call them as you’ve been taught. You call them “Nazis”.

  • Henrik just posted this, it’s 1hr 11m, description & MP3 inside:

    National Policy Institute 2015 Live Podcast – Become Who We Are
    November 2, 2015

    @ John, you may want to edit your article above to include this, for readers who don’t make their way through the comments.

    @ Llewellyn: WASP = White Anglo Saxon Protestant. They were “The Powers That Be” (TPTB) in USA prior to the 20th Century; but that former power was gradually transferred/usurped by rothschild-zionist satanist-supremacist joowry over the course of the 20th Century.

    • The sniping against Lana is unjustified. I’m probably more familiar with blacks than most ‘white nationalists’ Ive lived side by side with them all my life. A few blacks may ‘discriminate’ between ‘Anglo-Celt’ women and other white women, but I can assure you that to most blacks if you appear white at all, then they put you in the same white oppressor box with all the other whites. The small distinctions between our differing ethnic white subgroups is irrelevant to most blacks ( if there is a distinction made at all, its more likely to be made between Mediterranean whites versus Northwesterners)….Russian or Slavic women are just as white as the WASPS, unless there is some significant Tartar or whatnot thrown in the mix, which is not the case for the majority of Slavs, and WASPS are not always completely Anglo-Celtic either. The purist argument should cease. If you are over 90% white, think white, look white, support whites, then you are white enough.

      • It’s amazing how a man could ever think he somehow ‘knows’ how blacks, or hispanics, treat white women (ANGLO white women). It’s also amazing that people pretend anglos didn’t found America (and both enslaved and freed blacks), and that somehow slavs don’t look different from anglos.

        There should be an IQ qualifier on here, John. And maybe a vision threshold as well.

        But mostly it’s a reflection on and explanation for the total lack of appeal to women ‘WN’ presents. Funny that Lana said there were lots of young women there when another less-biased writer said the opposite in another ‘WN’ publication.

        Which is worse…men speaking for women…a slav appropriating white american women’s experience…

        Kevin MacDonald was the only speaker I’d pay any attention to anyway, so the conference overall was too irrevelant to bicker over. John’s blog isn’t, in my mind, which is why I’ve taken the issue of violations of ‘anglo’ women up here. He is, after all, german and irish – not slavic.

        I don’t see him denying that it is women of our race, not slavic or mediterranean, being raped and lynched all over America. Or that for every one dead white woman there are hundreds less dramatically attacked every week.

        ‘WN’ is pretty much mongrel nationalism. I know black women who are more pro-white than Spencer and his fagfest.

        • a) ‘how blacks, or hispanics, treat white women (ANGLO white women)’

          b) ‘women of our race(anglos), not slavic or mediterranean, being raped and lynched all over America’

          We just haven’t seen the data, Callie, forgive us. Why not post it?

          • Is that a serious question? Do you really think anyone is collecting this ‘data?’ Besides me, that is… I actually spent some time comparing notes with a fairly large sampling of young college age girls in cities like DC, and still receive spontaneous reports and complaints. Even blonde slavic women were exempt from the range of verbal to physical sexual violations black men visited routinely on ‘anglos.’ Remember, there were no slavs until very recent times in the South. Blacks have explicitly named my ‘angloness’ in various attacks on me.

            Why don’t you show me these supposed martyred slavs the way I and others can show you lists of anglo women who’ve been lynched by black men. I can also show you the evidence of the jewish-run court system’s attempts to repress the ‘data.’ Look up the Gentry family of the Pearcy Massacre and how the judge put a gag order on the horrific torture and murder of Pam Gentry and Kristen Warneke, both ‘anglos.’ Then check out the similarities in the Wichita Massacre, where two ‘anglo’ young women were tortured and shot to death (or almost in one case) by black men whose targeting of anglo women was also covered up by a gag order.

            Read some treatment of this issue by William Pierce: http://williamlutherpierce.flawlesslogic.com/zions-cultural-putsch/ If you start from the bottom of the article, just over ‘Conclusion,’ and scroll upwards you’ll see where a paragraph starts with ‘Philip Roth.’ Pierce quotes jewish Roth’s main character’s obsession with ‘sticking his dick into’ and ‘conquering her whole’ WASP culture. Pierce doesn’t bother in this particular tack to clarify what a grotesque distortion Roth and the jews generally make of that WASP culture (even many Mayflower descendants aren’t upper or necessarily upper middle class) but he encapsulates its etiology.

            The jews have inculcated the blacks with this jihad against a race that easily broke even with them 150 years ago (that’s ignoring the complexity of both jewish and black agency in American slavery). They control the media, particularly film, that shapes black perceptions. They’ve poured their, or our, money into this molding and nurtured a depraved fixation on the anglo people through it. After a brief tutoring session with me, a latin (South American) friend commented that all you have to do is note the ethnicity of any given Hollywood movie’s cast to know the ending; the ‘anglo’ guy will be hauled off in chains as the semitic/mediterranean or black guy runs off with his woman…or some variation thereof. Woody Allen’s Annie Hall portrayed his WASP romantic nemesis Annie, and her mother, as uber-privileged and at times anti-semitic. The names change over the decades but the storylines and subtexts haven’t much. Noel Ignatiev was the hired hitman who wrote the kosher academic fiction How the Irish Became White in 2008. Yet around that time his fellow jews made the movie Sunshine Cleaning, in which a slavic american female protagonist (I think Polish) and her family are depicted as the only whites who earn an honest working class living. In it an ‘anglo’ white man again fills his itinerant role of exploitative villain who parasites off the near martyred slavic woman sexually and by extension, politically and economically. Granted, Amy Adams (a WASP), plays the benighted little tsarina but that’s only because truth matters little to jewish producers who still live to ‘stick it’ (quite literally on the casting couch) to slutty whitey. They think nothing of casting some obvious semite like Shia LeBeouf in the role of an anglo southern man in Lawless, for example, or native american Johnny Depp as famous anglocelt 1940’s Robinhood John Dillinger in Public Enemies.

            ‘Whitey’ in America is anglo, plain and simple. The razor sharp accuracy of black people’s focus on us is evidenced everywhere. ‘Angloceltic’ females and males are picked out and hunted down in cities all across the east coast and elsewhere amidst a blur of ‘white’ faces. Not long ago I was working in a jewish and italian dominated county with a large section of black urbanity on the east coast. One day a black female coworker pointed to a picture of a famous republican pundit, Ann Coulter, and made some comment about ‘your people.’ That specific county and even town has also been home to a prominent segment of the irish people, while WASP’s haven’t lived there in any quorum for going on a century at least. I bear some markings of the most stereotypical irish traits, and am around half irish ethnically. But my face – and name (which she’d obviously checked even though I barely worked with her) – signal more WASP. That’s how precise the blacks are. I’d already lived that overall scenario (their explicit naming of my ‘scottishness’ or ‘dutchness’ etc. etc.) with blacks numerous times already and in more predatory dynamics.

            Like the jews, they play dumb when it suits them and master the shell game, only in reverse. A jew is ‘white’ when it behooves them and not when it doesn’t. Black attackers know exactly what ‘anglo’ is when it’s time for ‘reparations’ then feign ignorance when it’s time to take responsibility for it.

            Last, the jews’ campaign to displace the ‘anglo’ establishment and larger white race in America used the banner of exactly that during the 1950’s. I know a german american guy who worked with blacks throughout the late 1960’s till the 90’s in NYC. He reported that in the early years his germanness was perceived as benign by the working/middle class blacks that surrounded him, up until the early 80’s when their posture underwent a seismic shift. Around that time an overt lie was promulgated by the jews to ghettoize the germans into the ‘evil whitey’ category, given that the germans have always been racially harmonious with the WASP’s. I remember hearing a black guy distinguish the irish from the WASP’s just a few years later. The early 80’s saw the mass propagandizing of the Holohoax mythology, for those who don’t know.

            It was all in the plan from the beginning. Convince the northwestern european majority, and whichever other whites they could drag along, that their disenfranchisement was ‘progress’ by playing on the historic class tensions between them. I’m not attacking all slavs, just defending the truth and my people from one’s distortions. I’ll state that I don’t hold their culture in the same regard as I do mine. Their value system and mores look similar to ours, but they’re not quite ‘us’ culturally or aesthetically and every non-white polity in America knows it.

          • I want to add that that irish segment I wrote of is hardcore Democratic, hence the distinction my black coworker made between presumably WASP Republican me and the irish, even as many peg me for irish due to my dramatically celtic coloring. Neighboring said county is a hardcore old Republican WASP one, although I wasn’t living in it and didn’t come from there.

            And, I happen to think Lana’s video on the hispanic sitcom was very well researched and analyzed on a certain level and up to a certain point. But her compulsive need to attach her own ideology and agenda to it was disgusting to me, frankly, and would be to many of the women she purported to speak for with it.

        • Callie, to most blacks American Slav women and Anglo women are still all just white women. There are exceptions, but this is the general sense. To us, we can see the distinctions, often. You seem to be putting Slavs into a category very far removed from northwestern European whites, when Americanized Slavs are still just ‘white’ to most blacks.
          Blacks say we smell like wet dogs. Black sororities often use to have the ‘paper bag test’ for membership ( the girl wanting to join has a brown paper bag held up to her face…..if she was darker than the bag, she could not join)….Blacks insist on using black funeral homes, to take care of their special needs. Black men in the hood go into shops to buy stuff and see large posters on the wall with very light skinned black women modeling a product for sale, be it beer or whatnot, and to these young black men, these attractive mulatto girls are perceived as being “white”- and thus more desirable. ….Similarly, in the hood these very light skinned sisters are often viewed by darker skinned black women as ‘white girls’ stealing their men.

          Blacks have told me a lot over the years, Ive seen a lot first hand too, so just because I’m a man does not mean that I cannot know.