Google openly admits to manipulating search results to conceal Jewish supremacy

In a brazenly transparent move to conceal the reality of total Jewish ownership and control over Hollywood (not to mention mass media and the entire “entertainment complex” shaping American popular culture), Google is literally manipulating its search engine to remove “Jews” as the correct answer to the direct question: “Who runs Hollywood?”

The Times of Israel reports:

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Google on Friday removed a “direct answers” search result that replied “Jews” in response to the query: “Who runs Hollywood?”

The automatic first answer produced by the search also highlighted a link to a news story on the New Observer website headlined, “Jews Boast of Owning Hollywood—But Slam Gentiles Who Say the Same.” The site, which features sensationalist stories heavy on conspiracy theories, describes itself as “a free and independent news service designed to present current affairs without the spin of the controlled media.”

The same “Jews” answer was also produced for Google mobile searches, and also appeared when Google auto-completed a “Who Runs Hollywood?” search request.

News of the problematic result prompted a slew of headlines early Friday ridiculing Google. The Guardian, for instance, went with, “Who runs Hollywood? Google has an answer, but it’s not a good one.” The New York Daily News was straighter: “Who runs Hollywood? Google to fix search result that claims ‘Jews’ do.”

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Google quickly issued a statement promising to deal with the problem, and noting “that the views expressed by such sites are not in any way endorsed by Google.” By Friday afternoon, Israel-time, the search was no longer producing the offensive result.

The problematic result did not appear to have been a function of deliberate outside skewing of Google’s algorithm, or Google bombing, but rather was evidently a consequence of lots of readers posing variations on the “Who Runs Hollywood?” question, and trending in relatively large numbers to the New Observer article and other like it.

Indeed, even after Google’s evident Friday recalibration, ordinary Google searches for the same question, “Who Runs Hollywood?” produced prominent links to such articles as “Travolta says Gay Jews run Hollywood” and “Is it true that Hollywood is run by Jewish people?” The top search results as of this writing, understandably, however, were several articles highlighting the whole “Who Runs Hollywood?” direct answers search result affair.

In the article, The Times of Israel staff note on two separate occasions that the correct answer provided by Google when asked “Who runs Hollywood?” – Jews run Hollywood, of course, by their own admission! – is a “problematic result,” and that the factually accurate answer provided by Google with numerous links demonstrating its veracity is “offensive.”

The Jews are openly admitting that the fact anyone, anywhere in the world with access to the Internet can type into Google (or other search engines for that matter) a simple question such as “Who runs Hollywood?” and be exposed to the reality of Jewish control, influence, and perversion of our society is both “problematic” and “offensive.” Indeed, the truth is both problematic and offensive to the Jews, because it undermines their nation-wrecking, anti-White, anti-Christian agenda. This explains why Jews try their hardest to prevent people from knowing the truth about them.

Can they be more obvious here folks?

The war being waged by organized Jewry against White Western Christian civilization rests entirely on us remaining either ignorant of Jewish power and influence and/or too intimidated to challenge, expose, or resist it. The Internet is eroding and undermining those factors on a daily basis.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream news outlets are describing the accurate answer provided by Google when asked “Who runs Hollywood?” as “anti-Semitic,” i.e., correctly describing the reality of Jewish power and influence over Hollywood and the mass media.

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This once again demonstrates a central point I have been trying to communicate to the world: in the parlance of our times, the word “anti-Semitic” literally describes someone or something that accurately describes or articulates basics facts about Jews and their power, influence, and perversion of White Western Christian civilization. Stating basic, elementary facts about Jews, their agenda, their outrageous crimes and lies directed against their non-Jewish enemies, etc. is fundamentally “anti-Semitic.”

And people are starting to discover these essential facts for themselves, thanks largely to the Internet. The cat is out of the bag, and there is no getting it back in.


    • What is the most fascinating about the censorship issue is how google pulled the BIG one- without most even noting it. I have never seen it addressed anywhere, yet the effects and limitations are profound.
      Several years ago, they simply eliminated their cache option. Eliminating the primary advantage to the web and halting research in the most subtle, yet obvious and profound tactic. No cache? 95% of the info? Gone poof! Without any proof its gone.

      • Jews own USA-run world banks

        Jews own publications, newspapers, education and most importantly YOUR MONEY! Ask about the vile anti-Christian TALMUD. Jews are Bolsheviks and also ran the USSR Gulags – massacre of over 66 MILLION Christians and others. Jews change their names to hide – deception is them! Wake the hell up – these RICH ones also own Google, and Slickwillie Gates the eugenicist is one too.

        • This is why I cache all historical data relating to Jewish subversion, I make copies, and randomly upload them to servers where people will read them. Try as the might, the Internet will be the final nail in the coffin for their evil.

      • what? google cache still exists

  • Travolta said, “Gay Jews run Hollywood.” He should know.

  • It is important that people see that google is another fraud, just what we would expect from a Jewish-run media outlet

    • have tried to post thisl ink and short message to Twitter several xz. It will not post. see here

      Your message could not be sent. and another that says they are ‘protecting’ their customers from spam

  • Why did they remove that answer? It is true and has been for over 100 years…

    No I am not being discriminatory… is just a fact….a vast majority of studio bosses and other movie industry executives are Jewish.

    So what?

    Why is Google having a cow over a simple fact?

    • Jews own USA-run world banks

      Because nearly everything about them is FALSE. And they know it and if you knew it too, then it might lessen their god – MONEY!

  • Nice of GOOGLE to DOCUMENT that it CHEATS and MANIPULATES ……….
    I NEVER “google” You should not either.
    Boycott google, facebook, microsoft …… all the Big Brother TOADYs

  • To get Netanyahu alias illuminati agent John Sullivan: Learn about fake jews:
    Evil jews take over Federal Reserve Bank script: Janet Yellen is Martha Stewart, Ben Shalom Bernanke is Paul Krugman without toupee. Best joke: Stan Fischer was officially the governor of Bank of Israel.

  • want to know how and why Jew Zionist run things.

  • This is why they’re eventually gonna have to shut down the entire internet.

  • couldn’t it be that google is jewish owed could it ???

    • Jews own USA-run world banks

      Of course it is! So are the others! I’m not being goofy. Jews own google, yahoo, et al — Bill Gates is Jewish! Duh!

      • Is there any internet company that isn’t owned by Jews? I would dump Google and Yahoo and MSN if there was some place else to go.

  • Google has been a CIA asset since it first started.

  • …as always…. the Khazarian/Zionist response… is always an extremely aggressive & a vociferous ‘offence’ used primarily as a ‘defense’ to obfuscate & obscure the truth of the glaring reality of a virulent inherent viral toxoplasmosis… coupled with a ubiquitous generational propensity towards genetic rabies …hence the ‘frothing at the mouth’ cabal of a most vile ponerology …replete with a propaganda army of negatively inculcated proselytizers of all things divided by facilitating an illogical racial supremacy through arbitrary divisions as a direct result of an insane inbred psychopathic state of bigotry ….nuff said???

    • Jews own USA-run world banks

      Standing applause for truth!! Indeed! Thank you. Racial supremacy and world rule -hypocrisy unsurpassed. They (your media – owned by jews, your academia — especially ivy league — ) can be called by any name (globalist, New World Order, NeoCons who are Trotskyites, but not Jews. Look at what has happened to truth tellers (Helen Thomas) for example — rabbi (has nothing to do with religion or sacred beliefs), their holy book is the TALMUD (not the Christian bible) and they believe and practice everything you have been hearing about the Muslims – it isn’t the Muslims, people! The Muslims are being used/abused — while the real perps hide in the shadows —- Zionist (political cabal) — Researh: Cabal Kabbal, Babylon Talmud, —— whatever you write here goes to Israel servers first — hell-O people. WWIII is their goal — wherever there is moola, there is de joo!

      • Jews own USA-run world banks

        They stole Arab land and called it Israel – so why aren’t they THERE? Why indeed! Because America WAS rich – as soon as they’ve emptied it of all it’s wealth they will kick it to the curb. Everything they (the victors write his-story you, know) they wrote about WWII is a LIE! And the fact is that in Germany (where they run things) it’s now worse than when Hitler ruled – there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH! The Jews want that abolished here too! Their goal is to rule the world and enslave you. And their shield is the racist lie ‘we’re god’s chosen’ — wake up people! There are hoaxes galore — any hoax for a dollar will do because you’re not going to find them doing any work —- know your history and realize that Israel has nothing to do with the Christian bible. That is one of the biggest shields they have — they make you think they share your God, your holy book, but that’s a lie —- Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin were JEWS! It was the Jewish communist (Karl Marx – not his real name but he was a Jew) USSR that ran Poland and the USSR. The USSR attacked Poland and the world (media owned by Jews) and the media blamed Germany. Every thing you have read about WWII is a lie! And NOTHING will improve until that huge boil is lanced and lets out the poison! That is one huge lie! “Never Again” was stolen by the Jews and applied to them – they lie like a rug. When Nutanyahoo comes, just watch the enslaved grovel — and he loves it — lying to them and with a smile!

  • Google is probably controlled by artificial intelligence from a quantum supercomputer called Atlas that went online in 2013 with massive datacenters scooping up all electronic information about everyone. Atlas is like Skynet and now has access to autonomous weaponised robots.

    • Jews own USA-run world banks

      The joos by any other name! They not only own google, yahoo, Dell, etc., they own your congressmen, your president and the supreme court! Ever wonder why nobody can get anything done for the people? These communist joos control the USA and have since before 1913! In 1913 when they got control of the Fed Reserve, then started income tax, the wars began — this is the RICH JEWISH CABAL that little ordinary Talmud reading jews don’t know either – but they sure know about those Masonic lodges and all the dark deeds of the anti-Christian (they curse Jesus Christ everyday and anytime they say a prayer — and their high holy days are full of despicable ugliness about Jesus and Christians. “Christian” evangelicals are judizers (fellow travelers) love and worship money as much as the jews). Jews change their names to hide their real identity. The USA is their proxy for war – most actors and actresses are Jews too — (Robert diNero is NOT Italian — he’s a jew — the deception is deep and wide — Lucifer has many worshippers).

  • Humans do not control Planet Earth and never have. It’s reptilians (who are all psychopathic and evil) posing as humans that control Planet Earth. Humans who follow the Talmud don’t realise that the Talmud actually refers to reptilians as God’s chosen people that were created in its [evil] father’s image and not humans. In any case everyone is accountable for their actions and speaking of Kol Nidre or anything similar in any other faith or belief system does not and never will absolve anyone of responsibility or accountability for their actions.

    The diversion of blaming any religious group or ruling elite allows for debate on major Earth changes to be avoided by the evil ruling elite who think they will be safe in their deep underground military bases, or even off world away from major events that occurring on the surface of planet Earth.

  • Don’t like it? Use startpage.

  • Command ‘Z’ the mistake of ’47.

  • Problem for Google will always be the lack of any pages arguing anything different.
    They can only find what is there and 99.9% of the articles that mention the words ‘who runs Hollywood’ say it’s the Jews. So statistically it’s an inevitability until enough paid trolls argue its the Argentinians or the Nigerians despite the evidence. They’re gonna need lots of trolls,…

    • Pretty soon u might find that searching for ‘who runs Hollywood’ will get the reply:
      Your search is awaiting moderation

  • “Trickster Jews Change Times of Israel Article”

    ^ add to that, around 2 years later (Summer ’14 sometime), Times of Israel scrubbed the former OpEd completely:

  • I often wonder if the world will wake up to actually how fucked over. We are actually behing.
    It leaves me beweledered as to how much were run by the Jews who created all the wars yet blaim the Muslims to the christians and vise versa.
    Hilter did meny wrong things but overhaul he was right in his motives.
    All the Jewish motives are greed. Look at how corrpratchions run the laws of this world.
    I was recently working in Australia illegally. And when I got pulled over for driving a works truck I was asked if I had a work permit. To witch I said yes. And after some dissusion the police were contemplate ing taking me to the police station so they could check if I had a work visa. I managed to convince them that I did have the correct visa so they never took me to check if my visa was in order or not.
    However 1 week later I tried to apply for a contract phone from Vodafone and the woman serving me told me I could not have a phone due to having only a 3 month visa. All this tool 5 mins on her computer. Yet for the police to check my visa I would of had to be taken to the police station to be checked by immergration.. For them to find out if I had correct visa. This just proves on how much corrprate company’s have more power than the police.
    When will the world wake up ??

  • “Always carry War onto the Goyim, by ways of deceptions and Lies”
    Juden Motto