Germans Evicted From Their Homes To Accommodate Invaders

A German mayor is literally evicting long time German apartment dwellers in order to accommodate and house hostile, unskilled aliens from the Middle East. How’s that for official public policy? I say the Germans deport this particular German mayor and all German politicians putting the interests of foreigners above those of the native Germans!


  • OK…. My English is not good.

    1. Germans never got a peace contract. 2. The country hence is is occupied. Not all was bad under occupation and people had fun, but, the GFR is a state simulation and not a true state. 3. The Government of the GFR hates their own people and wants them all dead. Of course, they would not want to bomb them but other ways – more subtle can do just that. They obey the American Zion-pressure-cooker-think-tanks 100%.

    The cause which disturbs peace is not being addressed these days and that cause is propaganda, lies, the war industry/growth paradigm, the real war and people who believe the divide and conquer crap. Naturally people have to flee from war-zones and they are mostly innocent people who need our help – globally would be best, or would anybody want a 1000 people in their flat.

    Germans are second class citizens in their own home. As an occupied country they law says that they do not won really anything. All riches belong to the occupiers. Luckily they let most of us have housing and sometimes a car. Their left over socaual welfare progra,, Hartz-4 social (it is a crude joke compared to what we had before the fall of the Berlin wall) punishes people for coming late, or not being able to work for 1Euro, while handicapped, via the reduction of money. Foreigners are treated better here. Some Germans at the end get nothing any longer and starve in the streets. Yes, people starve in the streets these days again, just like before WW2. 30.000 Germans live in the streets as do 10.000 children. You get only about 390,– Euro which us usually not enough to live or to die… Sometimes homeless Germans want food from the refugee kitchens and were turned away. Soup kitchens getting fuller and fuller around the country and Germans are pushed at the end of the line. 50% of all Germans are already either in pension or other handouts as there is no work. Germany lives of printed money from the central bankers. Now millions of refugees come and enter the country. If you want to destroy a welfare system, do what the Government…. flood the country like a rat-cage, see what happens? I think that studies show that in a rat-cage is more aggression. That may happen in Germany too but the aggressor will only be Germans. You can also continue to print money and feed the people that way through importing Monsanto food from elsewhere. I am sure Monsanto has already a plan to mass feed the cheap human resource.

    Look at the Deagel report. According to this report Germany will ony have 40 Million left in only 10 years. what happens with the other 40 Million.
    Will there be a genocide? Will many Germans flee from the hellish rulers of crude German haters?

    As much as all people need help. Look how many people live per square meter in Germany?

    While I think that all people need to be taken care off by giving them a chance to make it on their own, unless we address the causes which disturb the peace globally nothing will ever change. Fighting the people is wrong. Fighting the cause which disturbs the peace is right.

    I am not sure how trustworthy the following site is but throw the text into the googles Translator browser and find our for yourself what the text says. I guarantee not the truth but just as a pattern seeker watch out for the general pattern.
    Here is Netzplanet… people claim they hate the refugees… but that is not true… they want a balanced and true reporting. Our news belongs to certain interest groups and as such we have no freedom of press. The press has been known to be a liar.

    I think humanity as a whole must help people in trouble. To do so there must be borders and quotas again.
    Please observe the links…. follow the patterns and try t get more background information as some reports are just unverified observation. Anybody can say anything. Hence, observe. Perhaps things are not so bleak as it appears at times. I wish to have hope myself but tend to worry.

    Hopefully, there will be peace and justice for all one day.

  • Instead of going into a long-winded response to this injustice I’ll just leave this brief comment:


  • You have the Zio Jews to thank for all of that, as well as their corrupt, traitorous gentile politicians who sold out their own people (gentiles) to further their careers and for money and power. It’s not just Germany that this is happening to, the leaders in many countries are just pathetic Zionist stooges, empty shells, who sold out and do NOT work for the people, but actually work AGAINST the people. These leaders are disgusting and shouldn’t be in these positions. Do the research and you will see how Jewish cowards are behind all of the mass forced immigration and forced multiculturalism. They’re so arrogant that they don’t even hide that fact. Communism and Marxism are both Jewish constructs.
    Watch a video on YouTube of Jewish European activist Barbara Lerner Spectre where she states clearly that “Jews are going to be at the center of Europe’s immigration and multiculturalism” and that Europeans will “just have to get used to it” and that Europeans “will probably resent Jews for doing this (multiculturalism)”. In the US it’s the same thing. The Open Immigration Law of 1965 was created and passed by four Jewish politicians and the main agitator Senator Jacob Javitz laughed when the bill was passed and stated “open the floodgates”, meaning time to let all the immigrants into America, mostly illegals. You can read in Israeli newspapers where Jewish rabbis laugh and say that Islamic immigration into the US and Europe is a good thing and that it’s the Jews way of getting revenge on gentiles. This is all true and verifiable. Anyone can research this for themselves and see that it is true. I have noticed in the US an influx of cases of blacks attacking Jews, which would appear that this Frankenstein’s monster that the Jews have created (forced immigration and multiculturalism) is actually working against them.
    And I don’t blame the Jews for all of this, that wouldn’t be fair, since all of the gentiles have let this atrocity happen and just sit by and do nothing, as well as the gentile politicians who are bought and paid for and assist in the destruction of their people/citizens.
    The German people need to take a stand united and demand that traitorous cowards like Merkel are forced to resign and place someone in who will work for the people, if such a person even exists. Unless your entire government is corrupt, as in places like the US. Why should you Germans flee your own country? All German should stand together. The greatest gift you have is your own people.
    You’re correct about world war 2. Germany is now in a similar state of degradation as before Hitler came to power and made Germany the great, affluent, industrial nation it once was. The powers that be do not want Europe or the US to be powerful nations. The same disgusting, nefarious tactics are happening in America as well, where legal American citizens are treated like third class people while illegals in the US are treated better than even America’s veterans who fought for their country. Many of America’s veterans are homeless with no food while illegals receive everything for free: food, housing, medical care, etc. all paid for by the few remaining working taxpayers.
    Monsanto is a Jewish-owned chemical company trying to force their cancer-causing GMO fake food down everyone’s throats. Ask yourself, why is a chemical company like Monsanto one of the largest food suppliers?
    You notice Israel is not taking in any refugees. The only nation in the world allowed to be racist and supremacist.