German Police chief: Hell has broken loose at asylum centres


  • Just how Israel planned it.

    • All the mayhem and other atrocities begin at the top. Polluting countries to destroy national sovereignty is the goal. U.S. and Israeli crime syndicates are led by Rothschild attempting to establish a Jew World Order. Sickening.

  • Perhaps it’s time to expel the Synagogue from “appointed” positions in government world-wide? Perhaps it’s time to expel their Judas Class enablers? Perhaps it’s time to expel their “shills” in “Christian” pulpits, i.e. the evangelicals who live to “worship” the Luciferians? Outlaw Central Banks world-wide?

    • Paschn, I’d say it’s long time that your proposal is put into effect .. it would definitely rid the world of death, destruction and chaos, and restore peace, prosperity and tranquility to all of mankind.
      Veterans Today’s managing editor … Professor Preston James, PhD, wrote quite an eye-opening article over six months ago entitled “The Hidden History of the Khazar Mafia”. This article completely exposed this Global Crime Syndicate .. and, now, they’re on the run and quite desperate. They know very well that their days are numbered … and, we can thank VT .. as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical genius for this worldwide awakening.

  • Deport the subhuman POS.

  • White male law enforcement and military in every western nation today “could easily” seize power if they wanted to. Can they not see the coming catastrophe? They have access to and know how to use the most advanced weapons. They could steal the assets of the elites and do what they wanted to them and who could stop them? I guess it’s easier to take orders for a paycheck and watch your country be destroyed than it is to stand up to real evil. So, what’s the problem with white males?

    • Although this nation squeals about this hero and that hero, the reality is not only are there no heroes, there are no honorable men left in Law enforcement/military. We have been taken over by a Neo-Judas class in the hallowed(?) halls of government who have in turn “planted” through appointment men of no honor, no patriotism and no love of their fellow citizens in power. We have literally rotted from the inside out.

      A friend and I were discussing the miracle of the resurrection of Germany by the National Socialists. He couldn’t believe that in roughly 36 months they had cleaned out the parasitic Bolshevik Luciferians, put over 6,000,000 back to work, enacted social/environmental laws protecting ALL citizens from the treachery of the Jew and their Neo-Judas class. I tried to explain it wasn’t impossible at all once you brought together leaders who loved their people, their nation and their way of life before the plague of “The Synagogue”. What he couldn’t grasp is the fact that, where the German people chaffed under the repulsive power of the Talmudic perversion/Central Banks et al, the West (for the most part), embraces it. A nation so sick, so without moral compass I truly believe were The Christ to come today they would turn him over (again) and offer more nails to His killers with their hands out waiting for their thirty pieces of silver as the Hagee-ites chant “the Jews are the chosen…!”

  • Mike Delaney (co-creator of “9/11 Missing Links”, SHOCKER: he’s not necessarily opposed to the “Muslim invasion” of Europe. Sharia law would raise cult-marxist brainwashed Whites out of the toilet, and put them into the sink.

    recorded Oct 13; advance to 25:00 for top of his Muslim/sharia spiel:

    We’re on the same page re his point about sharia prohibiting usury,

    The rest of his spiel deals with sharia as bulwark against cult-marxist corrupting of traditional family/etc culture. I recall UK’s Brian Gerrish noting that the one UK demographic which the (“Common Purpose”- cult-marxists have had trouble cracking/corrupting, is the Muslims.