French comedian faces prison sentence for “anti-Semitic” jokes

If the Jews had their way, this would be the fate of every single “anti-Semite” in the United States:

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A Belgian court sentenced controversial French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala on Wednesday to two months in prison and a 9,000 euro ($9,534) fine for making anti-Semitic jokes during a comedy show in 2012.

Dieudonne, known for his use of jokes based on ethnic stereotypes, has repeatedly been convicted of racism in France and fined for hate speech. He insists he is not anti-Semitic.

The court in Liege found the comedian, known by the stage name Dieudonne, had spread racist ideas by making discriminatory, anti-Semitic and holocaust-denying remarks in the 2012 gig in nearby Herstal, a court spokeswoman said.

He was not in court on Wednesday.

Judges said that the remarks, made in front of an audience of 1,100 people in the town of Herstal, were clearly calls to hatred and violence. By calling on Christians and Muslims to unite to kill Jews, he had incited genocide.

He was also ordered to pay for the entire text of the judgment against him to be printed in two leading French-language Belgian newspapers.

In March, he was given a two-month suspended sentence for condoning terrorism in a Facebook post shortly after Islamist attacks that killed 17 people in Paris in January.

He was later fined 22,500 euros for a jibe against a radio journalist in 2013, suggesting that hearing the broadcaster speak made him think of Nazi gas chambers. […]

This is simply outrageous.

France (and Europe generally) is being over run with hostile invaders from the Middle East posing as “refugees” and “asylum seekers,” and the French government and EU bureaucrats are more concerned with persecuting and prosecuting a comedian who jokes about and criticizes Jews.

Also, notice how criticizing Jews is immediately equated with “calls to hatred and violence” and “the Holocaust”. As always, the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative is invoked or implied in all of these “hate crimes” prosecutions.


  • We have a similar situation in Canada where if any-one says anything about jews you are taken away to stand trial in a jewish court system and put in prison. This is very nearly the same as it was during the bolshavic times in Russia. I read recently about a book that is outlawed here in Canada, Living Together, about the jews in Russia,85% of the gulags and government controlled by less than 1 % of the population. My country is broken and the people that have done these treasonous acts must be held accountable in a real court, not a U.N. pile of dog dodo or a court system that is for profit. Sadly the day approaches when the evil will overtake all the world and then it will be a total fight for our survival.

  • We outsiders must congratulate France on setting a new low in human relations and justice. In future, we can show our support by a total boycott on all things France exports.

    As I near 73, it’s clear that France has yet to learn it is no longer a world power, and its fascist imperial colonial empire is long gone.

    Au revoir, idiots!

  • This comedian is clearly not “French”, regardless of what his birth certificate says. Ironically, he should be thanking the jews who are entirely responsible for allowing non-Whites, like himself, into France in the first place. He’s a hypocrite who has bitten the Edomite hand that feeds him.

  • Rise up and oust the semitic overlords who have bought, bribed, and bullied their way into positions of authority. Oust the cowardly politicians and judges who have turned against their own citizens as well.

  • France another country taken over by the Zionist State of Israel with the Rothschild’s Backing!

    All the False Flags and the there puppet President Point to France being controlled by Zionism.

    Another NATO Rothschild Tool.

  • The gas chambers were for killing lice in clothing not people, since lice carried disease bacteria.

  • A reader made the following comment via email:

    Dieudonne is rightfully disturbed that the conventional narrative we are told to believe about World Wars I, and II are not remotely historically accurate. We know for example that the Rothschild clan has directly funded BOTH SIDES of many, many conflicts since the Battle of Waterloo. The list of countries and proxy states they have used to control the global flow of capital is disgusting.

    I/We Americans feel, if a handful of people (1%) have the money to Fund all wars, AND claim the absolute right to dictate what is said about them, then there may as well be perpetual world war, bloodshed, and a perpetual condition of NO formal laws or rules of order anywhere on God’s earth.

    The ‘problem’ for the French–who have been snookered in this web since around 1768–is that Dieudonne speaks the truth and today, their fragile little castle therein is sitting on quicksand of their own making.

    • I don’t disagree at all with the thrust of that email, but I wonder how the sender would respond to a challenge that he demonstrate the Rothschilds had funded both (or any) side of, say, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I or Iraq II.

      I don’t say this because I doubt that Jews pursuing Jewish interests were involved or even architects behind some or all of these conflicts. I think Jews are behind 99.999999% of the bad stuff going on in the world.

      And that is why I want antisemitic claims to be supportable.

      • I have over a half dozen documents from the 1800’s to early 1900’s of Rothschild power and control of governments. Example.. British economist J A Hobson’s seminal book Imperialism published in 1902 states:
        “Does any one seriously suppose that a great war could be undertaken by any European State, or a great State loan subscribed, if the house of Rothschild and its connections set their face against it?”
        Imperialism (1902)
        Also documents from the Niles National Register in the 183’0,from U.S. Congressmen,British Prime Ministers,ect

        • Chris, you demonstrate the validity of my comment.

          You clearly believe your posting was an answer to my question, but clearly it isn’t.

          It’s quite a serious problem that antisemites as a class don’t argue well.

          I say again, give me proof the Rothschilds funded both (or any) side of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I or Iraq II.

          I assume they did because I’m an informed antisemite, but I won’t publicly claim they did because I don’t know for sure they did.

          History and politics are two different things.

  • “By calling on Christians and Muslims to unite to kill Jews, he had incited genocide.”

    And did he call on Christians and Muslims to unite to kill Jews? And therefore incite genocide? Your post doesn’t make it clear, JF.

    • Hey Nick,

      To my knowledge, he has never called on Christians and Muslims to unite to kill Jews, even jokingly. The Jewish controlled French government and European Union bureaucrats are making that claim, but to my knowledge it has never been substantiated in any meaningful, objective way.

      Dieudonne does make jokes about the fake “Holocaust” story and Jews generally, but he has never called on people to kill Jews or commit acts of violence against them.

      You can find many of his comedy routines and skits on YouTube. If someone finds a video of him calling for violence against Jews, I’d love to see it.

      • I just googled: dieudonne christians muslims unite kill jews

        Over the first two pages not a single news source quoted the man and his alleged genocidal plot, but all of them use the same wording, “By calling on Christians and Muslims to unite to kill Jews, he had incited genocide”, even though none of the ones I checked attribute this to the judge.

        The Daily Mail says ‘the court was told,’ that ‘By calling on Christians and Muslims …’

        It looks like the prosecution threw this in the mix and the media is lock-step parroting the worst possible spin, even though Dieudonne was not convicted of inciting genocide. The entire Western media is acting as if it were a good prosecution lawyer rather than an impartial reporter.


        I can easily imagine Dieudonne saying something like ‘maybe Muslims and Christians should unite to kill Jews’ in the context of some joke about rabbinical anti-‘gentile’ doctrine or Israeli aggression against non-Jews, and some lawyer making hay with it. That’s the lawyer’s job. Our media are supposed to be different.

  • Team Dieudonnė! Any one kicking the real psychopaths to the ground has my vote.