First Video With My New Camera

I made this brief video earlier this afternoon while sitting at my desk in my bedroom. I recently purchased a DJI Osmo camera, which is perfect for video interviews and capturing very high quality video footage at events, conferences, and speeches I attend and cover. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to The Realist Report and/or donated! We’re going to take this to a whole new level with this awesome new camera!

Please do consider subscribing to The Realist Report to help support independent media. Also, anyone interested in donating specifically to help defray costs associated with this purchase, please visit the Donate page and make a secure donation.


  • Mister Friend- What about the H 1 B Visa? There are two United States Senators working to end the H 1 B Visa. Chuck Grassley in Iowa and Jeff Sessions in Alabama. Why not contact their staffers and interview the men (women) responsible for this diploma (life) saving effort? Talks with prominent main stream people might just get you a paid position as a roving reporter for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

  • Video is very clear and it looks like a really user friendly setup. It should
    help you bring us the video interviews we are longing to see. Are you
    growing a goatee?

  • So are you now prepared to imitate Pete Santilli’s live streaming setup which you were so envious of in Oregon? 😀

    And on that topic, Santilli’s been indicted; I suspect he’ll get off but the other real targets won’t. I read somewhere how FBI said how invaluable they found Santilli’s streams! Plus, with the amount of compelling buzz about PS being an agent (mostly out of Vinny Eastwood); IF he were/is an agent, he & could just be going through the motions now with his arrest & indictment along with the rest of them; but PS will be cut loose soon, and (they hope) with more “street cred” than ever… I truly don’t know what the reality behind PS is.

    Incidentally John, I was chatting with Ognir, former DBSmith associate & owner of; and he said he’d be happy to be guest on your show any time. His skype is Ognir3.

    Most here know that DBS took down, coz recently expanded their HATE™ crimes list, & DBS felt vulnerable. 12 min DBS phone discussion about it with Morris108:

    The last contents of the former iamthewitness, including the free joo-wise book library, are still available, at:

  • Even the promo video for this camera slips in the usual anti-White stuff (at 3:26 & 3:29).

    Gee, we wonder who presided over that?

  • You look like one tough dude I would not want to mess with.

    Hey John, check out this plug for The Realist Report!!!

  • Hey John,
    I bought my best video camera, a Nikon 42x optical zoom wide Full HD
    at a yard sale across the street for $100 last September. I hesitated for 20 minutes before parting with my $100 cash but I’m so happy that I did!

    Your good friend,
    Brian Ruhe in Canada