Final Presidential Debate Was Epic

  • Last night’s presidential debate between between renegade Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. For all intents and purposes, this one will likely go down in the history books as one of the most epic debates in modern American history.

The third and final debate, expertly moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News, caps off an incredible campaign season, with both major party candidates generating controversy and unprecedented interest from the general public.

Topics for Wednesday evening’s debate focused on the Supreme Court, the economy, immigration, foreign policy hot spots, and each candidate’s fitness to serve as commander in chief, among other related matters.

The candidates drew clear distinctions between themselves, with Trump emphasizing the populist talking points that have resonated so deeply with the American people since he announced his candidacy over one year ago. The GOP nominee trashed America’s trade deals and argued America’s political leaders have been outmaneuvered, outsmarted, and outplayed by their counterparts.

The debate was relatively calm compared to previous matches until Clinton alleged Russia is engaging in espionage against the United States in an effort to help Trump win the presidency—a contention that has thus far been backed up with little to no evidence.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has constantly attempted to tie Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Mrs. Clinton even insinuated that Trump is a “puppet” of Putin.

“You’re the puppet,” Trump frankly asserted, referring to Mrs. Clinton’s big donors and the elite political and financial interests she serves and represents.

Trump and Mrs. Clinton have both been plagued by scandals throughout the election season, which unsurprisingly came up during the debate. A number of women have come forward alleging Trump has made sexual advances on them following the sensationalized release of a video clip captured while the GOP nominee was making an appearance on a soap opera in 2005. In the widely hyped video, which was recorded without Trump’s knowledge, Trump makes a number of lewd comments about women, which has generated endless coverage, gossip, and debate among the hostile media and political establishment.

Trump has called the recent allegations “fiction” and speculated that the women making them were either seeking fame or were operating under the direction of the “sleazy” Clinton campaign in yet another attempt to discredit the populist GOP nominee.

Mrs. Clinton’s scandals have received far less media coverage despite the seriousness of the charges being leveled against her. Aside from illegally deleting emails when she was secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton has found herself plagued by scandals involving the Clinton Foundation, her actions during the siege of Bengazi, her cozy relationship with many members and institutions of the mainstream corporate media, private speeches she has given to major financial institutions, and the tactics used by members of her presidential campaign.

In previous debates, the moderators failed to truly confront Mrs. Clinton on the many scandals wracking her campaign. Chris Wallace, however, directly asked Mrs. Clinton about many of them, including a speech she made in front of members of Banco Itau where she stated her “dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” demonstrating her subservience to the plutocratic nation wreckers undermining American sovereignty. Mrs. Clinton downplayed her remarks, but Wallace deserves credit for confronting her on the issue.

Trump repeatedly criticized Mrs. Clinton’s public service record, emphasizing her central role in creating the disastrous situation in Syria and the wider Middle East, as conflict, terrorism, and humanitarian crises spiral out of control.

In an unprecedented move, Trump refused to say he would blindly accept the results of the presidential election, which he has long argued is being rigged against him. Trump stated he would assess the situation on election day before accepting the results, and once again hammered the hostile corporate mass media, which has done everything in its power to discredit, smear, and slander the GOP nominee.

“The media is so dishonest and so corrupt and the pile on is so amazing, The New York Times wrote an article about it,” Trump stated during the debate. “They don’t even care, it’s so dishonest, they’ve poisoned the minds of the voters, but unfortunately for them, I think the voters are seeing through it.”

In just under three weeks, we will all know whether or not voters are seeing through the dishonest, corrupt tactics of both the mainstream mass media and the Clinton campaign.

If you’re an American populist, who wishes to see American interests placed first when it comes to both foreign and domestic policy, it could not be clearer who is the better candidate.

NB: This article was originally published by American Free Press on October 20, 2016. Subscribe to America’s last real newspaper today!


  • Good insight in your article John!

    I get sentimental when I read a new post from you. I miss making YouTube videos with you. You’re welcome back whenever you dare the risk. I just released a four hour video interview with Frank Raymond focusing on the Trump debates with Hillary linked below. Frank makes the point that Trump’s Oct. 14th speech points out that Hillary works for globalist international bankers trying to undermine American sovereignty.

    All the best!
    Brian Ruhe…

    Donald Trump versus the New World Order – 1 of 4

  • it could not be clearer who is the better candidate.

    You took the bait that either is worth voting for. Both are jew ass kissing sycophants. Both prop up jewish control and power. embrace it (by extension, you embrace it by not calling it out).

    Our problems do not go away. They get worse. And you championed it with barely a whimper about the real problem.


    • How is Donald Trump “propping up” Jewish control and power when virtually his entire domestic and foreign policy agenda is diametrically opposed to Jewish globalism, massive immigration, “free trade”, etc.? I just don’t understand how you can seriously make that argument.

      Yes, Trump claims he loves Israel and the Jewish people, and unfortunately he probably really does. Yes, he has all sorts of Jewish connections – Jews work for him at high levels, his children are married to Jews (his daughter at least), etc. But look at how the man is challenging the system and exposing how corrupt it is. The Jews are scared to death of him. Follow the Jewish press and Jewish journalists on Twitter and you will see their hatred of Trump on display all day, everyday.

      And again, this is bigger than Trump. He’s started a larger movement that won’t go away, even if he’s cheated out of the election (which I doubt will happen).

      • Great retort.

        It isn’t that we (or at least I) trust him implicitly, but to think that Trump would be as bad as that bitch who is currently propped up on life support and lies as naturally as most people take a piss, much less someone who takes her marching orders directly from Jewish billionaires, is quite fanciful.

        Sure, he loves Israel and his children … blah, blah blah.

        And I don’t expect Israel’s $38 billion aid program to be waived any time soon.

        What it does do is send the loudest message possible that Americans are not going to take this forced Communist/Marxist shit any longer, and that breaking the law (not that you can regulate Satan, but that’s a different matter) does have consequences.

        Trump presents a stepping stone to something much greater. By breaking the shackles of Jewish enforced PC, Americans can begin to name the enemy (which they could be doing now, and thousands are doing exactly that) and pinpoint precisely where it has come unstuck.

        If Hitler couldn’t defeat the Jews, then I doubt Trump can (assuming he would even want to). But it does show that the JQ is much bigger than one man or one nation. It’s an issue that needs to be dealt with on a multinational level. Some would even say a transcendental level. And I would be one of those.

        So I’d be more than happy to cut Trump a break if it leads to a diminution of Jewish power, and inevitably the total extinction of the Jewish race. Because we all know like rats, termites, bacteria, parasites and cockroaches, a house and or a body can never be exclusively free of the eternally insufferable Jew.

  • Sad, really. All this yak yak and no mention of the evils of the H 1 B Visa. All we need to ‘Make America Great Again’ is- end the H 1 B Visa, kick out the foreigners, and put our American born science and math majors and doctors to work.

    These two clowns are too dumb to be scientists or mathematicians. As a result, they both have a sick psychological need to walk into a hospital and see towel heads wearing lab coats and flaunting doctor’s bags.

  • the donald is right to characterize the election in general as being rigged, but so far he’s only referring to the commercial media, which everybody can see is 90% in the tank for the cackler. there is not much real journalism left on that scene, as these media outlets have all been major consolidated and are, with their content, totally under the control of a few oligarchic (bolsheviki nwo ashkenazi globalist bankster) plutocrats. and our border hero, such as he is otherwise, has yet to address the real deeper issue in the rigging project; that of hacked voting machines.
    i can’t imagine why, if for all his wealth, donald trump has not put together study groups to get the inside information and all the shocking facts and figures pertinent to the critical issues he claims.
    the commercial media will never make a study of electronic voting machines; who owns and operates them, their hackability and the traditional sabotage conducted against voting in general by the insider beltway crowd – all those who hate donald and want hillary.
    the commercial media do not give any figures on the actual cost of illegal immigration to the states, like california, arizona, new mexico and texas, being gradually overwhelmed by it. but donald could have pointed those figures out at any of these debates, in a scholarly manner, if he just had that in him. at least he could have read it from a piece of paper.
    he repeatedly calls hillary a liar, which is true enough, but he needs to function like a good prosecutor, trapping her in her lies. he could point out her hypocrisy in the statements she makes to the public compared to the different way she advocates for the lloyd blankfein crowd behind closed doors. anybody as two-faced as hillary is should be pretty easy to rip apart in front of an audience.
    he should have opened each debate with a statement condemning the media collusion against him, prepared to point out where and when.
    and he should have stated he had no aids, in the form of leaked questions, hand signals, earpieces or teleprompter podium screens, while making ms. clinton swear the same.
    we all know by now the commercial media is the enemy of our democratic process and border security, because it is totally controlled by the same globalist faction ensconced inside the dc beltway. he should take the gloves off on that. and it should be pointed out that the flood of migrants is intended to increase the political base of the communistic faction.
    be advised, the jews, having been kicked out of every country in europe at one time or another, often more than once, are dreadful of real americans finally waking up and doing the same to them here. they are using the mexicans as cover, with mulsims to follow. they do not want to contemplate trump’s proposal to round up all the illegals and deport them, where that could lead.
    if he goes to jerusalem, i think donald is running a risk of being assassinated, even though he goes to pay homage to the jews.