Female EU Parliamentarian Slandered As “Racist” For Standing Up For White Women

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  • First off, the socialist Mary Honeyball need to be thrown into an asylum center alone. I’d suspect she’s never been to one. But of course that wouldn’t change her ideals, she would only blame the European men for any harm done to her.
    Second, it looks like she’s reading from the paper in front of her. Did she write down her response or was it a prewritten reply? I would say it’s, most likely, the latter.

  • If I were a Hungarian, I would contact my government and recommend they get out of the European Union and make the Hungarian Government take care of Hungarians first ! Now that I have read a few books on Adolf Hitler and what he did for the German people, and his great attitude of German people first in Germany, I think we need to expect and mandate to the U. S. Government to govern our country the same way. e.g. To Adolf Hitler, education and good morals were absolutely necessary for the German families. I am reading books by Richard Tedor and Mike King that make these ideas very clear. The people who are running our government now are drowning us in filth and ignorance that is devastating our people and they are deliberately destroying the concept and practice of the traditional nuclear family ! I wish I could have had this knowledge when I was your age. John Friend I am going to support your work the best I can, because it is the right thing to do !

    • I agree with you completely however every one is so scared to hold the migrants up to the same standards and law as Europeans that until one of the governments own family or colleague women gets assaulted or robbed or worse nothing will be done. They need to put a face to the women,

      I hope that Carnival goes OK but I am not optimistic, ISIS and other Muslim terrorists have mingled in with the asylum seekers and they are in Europe for one thing, to cause problems. Europe may face civil war if the laws are not equally applied.

      I am shocked at the migrants. They have broken every law of Islam, especially drinking alcohol and stealing. In Saudi Arabia they would have a hand or both hands cut off for robbery.

      What the EU is saying to the migrants “you are not equal to Europeans and we will not hold you up to the same standard as the whites. We saw this in the US with the lowering of standards for black students. That is wrong.

      IF I were a migrant I would be insulted at the liberal communists in the EU. They are only saying you are unable to live by civilized law so we will just let you do whatever you want. We, the Europeans, are better then you. This is so wrong.

      The migrants can live under the same law. Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt no commit adultery thou shalt not kill etc. IF an asylum seeker cannot understand that or live by the laws of the land, then they do not deserve to stay in Europe.

      • The current governments of Europe and North America are traitors to their countries founding peoples and an offence before God. Until that problem is fixed by hook or by crook the other problems are unlikely to be solved legally or by other means. Regime and systemic change is a critical first objective. Once this is done the church has to be cleansed of heretics and immoral people who have disgraced Christianity and brought the church into disrepute. From there the general population needs to be investigated and evil doers brought to justice.
        Rot can not be tolerated in government, church or society.

  • How is is “racist” to blame the refugee (men)? Aren’t they the ones committing most of these problems? Wasn’t there a big thing on Christmas eve? Rapes and such? The 2nd lady speaking – she’s very pro-refugees, but still? If a black man rapes a white woman, and you say “hey, that black man raped that white lady” – is that racists? or just an observation including race? If a man rapes a woman, and you say “hey, that man raped that lady!” is that sexist or just an observation? I guess the UE is too bullsh*t politically correct for their own good.

  • The disconnect that Honeyball shows us is vast… and stupid. Morvai is simply acknowledging the plainly obvious.

    • Honeywell totally ignored the issue and read from a pre-written statement. That shows she is a controlled robot. Probably a Zionist.

      The issue is about abuse and you damn well bet it’s the migrants. Even if it’s a small percentage, it’s still happening. When the men coming in are of military age and when it’s 80 – 90%, then it’s a problem.

      These “men” coming in are the 1st of the ISIS/ISIL military. Rape is one of the 1st orders of business in a conquering army to bring down the society and to seed it with their blood. They need to build orphanages in the countries they came from to send the rape caused babies to.

      Destroying a culture is insane. What will they say when Putin cleans up Syria and then they can go back, even the ones with the fraudulant passports. Send then back to the Middle East and the ones who lied and came from other places because of the economics stability, they will be stuck and have to go back to their home country.

      The people who support ISIL need to go with them too. They are pissed that Putin is cleaning up the mess they made. There won’t be an excuse for sending them back soon and that pisses them off.

  • Contact the government, what? You would be put on a terrorist watch list. The governments are behind all of these shenanigans!!
    I would say that the government of Hungary pays and houses these third-worlders to execute these atrocities.
    Glad you are reading..

    • You never get the problem causers to fix the problem. They won’t do it but will instead turn on those pointing out the problem. The first step is regime and systemic change. Then real reforms are possible.

  • Spose in Africa we would be racist for standing up for black women. Nwo are scum.

  • People hollering racist are the racist. Caring for one’s own kind is so natural it cannot be denied.

  • What most people don’t know is that it was the Zionist and the Muslims who created slavery. The slaves in Europe and the US were brought to the US by the Jewish Zionists. It was not the White Christians.

    This is now happening in Europe and the US. The citizens of the countries are being made into economic slaves. Work, pay taxes and by paying taxes, they give money to people who won’t work and will be having lots of babies.

    This is why there is a fiat money system in Europe and the US. The “immigrants” come to enslave the people of the countries through economic rape besides the rape of the women and men.

    The men of Europe will rise up and then all hell will break out. How many wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of the police have to be raped before they too start to speak out.

    Like in some countries of South America, who, by day, patrol the streets, but by night, go after law breakers in the most violent of ways. How many European ex-military will rise up against the violators. I suspect many and very soon.

    Rape is rape, be it sexual, economic or “space” rape (the taking of ones space forcibly, be it house, apartment or land through fraud).

    The good have to be thrown out with the bad. It’s like a partly rotten apple, but the rest will be sooner then later. Especially when you have over 40% of the Muslim youths saying they will kill for their beliefs. It’s time to clean house before the mold growing on the walls makes us all sick.

  • Merkel is a Polish Jew that hates Germany and it’s People. She was put there for the very reason the Refugee(made up) crises is happening.
    Behind this crises is the War on Whites and Christians by the Jews!

    Same War where in 1940 All of Judea declared War on Germany(WWII)

    You have these Zionist Rabbis in Israel saying good punish White Germany.

    And Israel taking in to made up Refugees. It’s easy to see the Rothschids Puppets. As the Saying goes “You Shall know them by there deeds”

    Elders of Zion were already talking about filling Europe with Negros and Asians after WWII.

    • Same War where in 1940 All of Judea declared War on Germany(WWII)

      It was 1933 starting with a boycott and demands for regime change.

  • These two women-the one who posed the question and the one who pretended she is giving the answer are having a dialogue of the deaf.
    The second woman is a Jewess playing a game of semantics: nowhere is her recitation does she pronounces words “European women”, she avoids saying these words. So in effect she doesn’t do a job of hearing what is being told to her, she is clearly practicing selective hearing. The question arises: why is she there, why questions are being put to her as some kind of authority over people’s lives: she doesn’t give a rat’s ass-it is apparent.
    But what she IS doing with impunity is USING European women as a background of suffering of migrant women-in which European women never had any hand or participation, and she directly accuses the woman who raises a question of saving European women of being “racist”. It is a Jewish trick!
    Since a second woman is not a migrant woman herself, and she clearly does not counts herself as belonging to European women, she is Jewess who is enjoying the destruction of European women, and she covers up her joy with false claim of caring about another group of women, that she cares less about as well: she herself represents interests of Jews, and only Jews. And that is her bias! It is being omitted-but can anyone doubt that it is there?
    The migrant women are primarily suffering at the hand of men belonging to their own culture, now also European women are subject to the same treatment at the hand of same men.
    So that Jewish woman that sits in judgement of the situation, and who is well removed from the positions of migrant AND European women alike ought to be listened to and minded NO LONGER by anyone in their right mind. She is not representing the groups involved, and cannot be used for anything-why is she there? She is as good as dead to appeal to! And everyone listening to her can be absolutely sure that she condones everything that is happening to European women, she is glad it is happening, and she has a veneer of ready word-formulas to get herself off the hook. To me she sounds little short of sadistic!
    That humanity descended into having people like her anywhere near deciding about lives of others is a shame, and unforgivable ignorance. Can’t you see she is as good as dead to advise on matters of life and living? She cannot be appealed to by either migrant or European women, as she clearly is representing the third party that is orchestrating the destruction of both groups of women.

  • Johnny boy, I was discussing this with Yiddy Yoda yesterday (my inner macho Johnny Weissmuller, Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee with lots of Clausewitz thrown in). lol


    The very first thing to do is to refuse to be fear-mongered as the media is programming you while not ignoring any realities that you can see for yourself on the streets. For yourself, from DIRECT sources that you completely trust (such as Henrik Palmgren and Marcus Follin in Sweden, etc.) and not on enemy propaganda media.

    Why? Because high levels of fear paralyze the critical faculty and activate the “fight or flight” in-stink-t (the inner stink or the inner-sting, you decide if you’re the de-cider, lol). Ever seen a real martial artist fight? He’s always relaxed because he has to be in order to maximize his abilities. Without relaxation and balance there is no knowing of any ledges of know-ledge in any field, including self-defense, cultural defense, etc. There is only imbalance, fear paralysis and neurotic over-reaction, and falling off ledges. INTERNALIZE power as much as you can. Do not allow manufactured levels of fear to make you externalize power. John did a fantastic show that covered this with Lenon Honor a while back.

    Why would any of these native European “whites” argue “right and wrong” or fight for “right” against “wrong” on Jew owned enemy propaganda media outlets? Don’t they know that these people are not their friends? All of these media outlets in the mainstream and a huge chunk of the alternative are ultimately owned and controlled by their financing capital and nobody has more financing capital than those with legalized power to charge usury in 155 countries and to COUNTERFEIT (fractional reserve banking) in 155 countries.


    Fully detailed outline of the watershed Spingola / Stephen Goodson interview above here:


    It’s absurd to think that people can get justice “legally” in a system where even a billionaire like Trump has to suck-up to Jews, in a system that is built on complete criminality! lol I mean, come on! The criminals are running the show. The fox is guarding the hen-house.

    Defending yourself against initiated aggression is a moral right. In all so-called First World countries, we are not living in the jungle, but within the win-win dialectic of civilization, philosophized by a few creative minorities over 2000 years ago and understood by their kins-folk, their kindred, those they are kind to because they act like their own folk. It’s not a matter of who looks like who but who acts like who. Who acts like an honorable person and who does not. There is no such thing as an “honorable” win-lose predator. A win-lose predator belongs in the jungle or jail, not in advanced civilizations like Germany, but only if he displays that behavior, not because you don’t like the way he looks. If he displays honorable behavior and you spit in his face, the honorable behavior will no longer be displayed and you will be hated passionately for YOUR dis-honorable action. That’s just the way it is. Nature doesn’t care if you’re from here or there, only if you obey the paths to its grandest designs by being moral and honorable.

    It’s absurd that this needs to be even argued but if someone is harassing and disrespecting you, your brother, your friends, your wife, sister, mother or girlfriend in public and “the Poh-lice, poor lice, working for them, not you, remember you’re occupied by the enemy” are not doing anything about it, then you and all righteous people have to do it.

    Always travel in groups and with as many means of protection on you can get away with, especially if your path will cross a bad neighborhood. Always stay calm, relaxed but fully alert. That’s the very first thing a good dancer has to learn as well as a good fighter or anything else. Everything is done worse if you’re off-balance. It’s all a matter of balances. Not compromise, but temperance (fine-tuning the levels of your inner equilibrium to perfection; mixing your album like Alan Parsons on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” to where it communicates such higher-abstracted metaphors through sound that it cannot be denied and leaves people in awe, NOT adding a disco or rap beat to sell more records to rabble, lol) or temperance without compromise, the obsession of all British Gentlemen of the past and unfortunately, not many today. Think James Mason’s brain on Sean Connery’s body. Or even better, George Sanders’ brain on Rocky Marciano’s body, or Rommel’s brain on Dolph Lundgren’s body (lol, that would be one hell of an android!)

    Always a matter of maintaining balances and yin and yang. Don’t go attacking people just because they look at you the wrong way, but if they start something, FINISH it and as quick as you can.

    Have the ability to finish it. If a bear or Pit-Bull attacks you would you try to have a conversation with him and calm him down? And what if you don’t have gones (I pull my finger half an inch, you’re GONE, where? I don’t know? But you’re not bothering me anymore. lol)? You have brains don’t you? You taser the Pit Bull out of your way and use a tractor to chase the bear halfway down the forest. Believe me, even the biggest Grizzly will be crapping in the woods if you run it down with even a Honda, never mind a tractor.

    You don’t even need money to learn how to protect yourself, only some functioning brain cells and the ability to concentrate. A week or two spent on you tube if you’re smart and know where to look will teach you more than most people used to learn in years of search and study about self-de-fence. There are also TONS of pdf books on defense, strategy, tactics, and every kind of thing imaginable online that can be downloaded for free. The tiny minority of brains that created the internet have given you this tremendous and I mean TREMENDOUS gift, use it because your enemies are, you can bet your life on that.

    Only amateurs think that guns are the only equalizer.

    Your brain is the greatest equalizer if you learn how to use it right.

    How much “equalization” did inventing the AK-47 do for Kalashnikov, the one man who de-signed (turned it into a new sign-ifi-cance) it? Could “magic and mumbo jumbo” automatically create an invention like that? I don’t think so. Even the communists knew enough to leave a creative guy like that alone because they know that the most basic weapons, never mind advanced killing machines, are impossible without a sovereign mind behind it able to think clearly and logically and in super-concentrated form for long periods of time.