Fake “Holocaust” Narrative Invoked At Jewish-Organized “Refugee” Rallies Across America

To once again demonstrate the fact that the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative underlies the entire post-WWII Jewish-instigated and championed White genocide agenda in America and the wider Western world, which demands massive non-White immigration and “refugee” resettlement into (formerly) White nations as a moral imperative, we have this report from The Times of Israel:

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More than 200 activists gathered at the New England Holocaust Memorial on Sunday to protest the Trump administration’s recent executive order temporarily banning travel to the US from seven Muslim-majority countries. […]

Several Jewish speakers compared the Trump administration’s recent actions to America’s treatment of Jewish refugees during the lead-up to the Holocaust, years in which few Jews were permitted entry into the US.

“America had very much the same attitude about Jews as they have today about Muslims,” said Fred Manasse, who survived the Holocaust as a child in France by hiding from the Nazis.

Manasse’s father, Alfred, was a passenger on the ill-fated Jewish refugee ship, the St. Louis, which was turned away from Cuba and the US. Most of its passengers, including Alfred Manasse, were murdered in Nazi death camps, and the ship’s failed journey became a symbol of global indifference to the plight of Jews under Hitler.

“[Those Jews] were victims of the same kind of policy Trump seems to be espousing,” said the 81-year old Manasse with respect to Syrian refugees seeking to enter the US in order to escape their war-ravaged country.

In addition to Jewish leaders, the gathering was addressed by Imam Faisal Khan, religious affairs director of the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland. Having come to the US from Kenya, Khan, a leading cardiologist, spoke about local Muslims’ reaction to President Trump’s polarizing executive order.

“Even those [of us Muslims] who have settled here for years suddenly felt vulnerable,” said Khan, who praised Americans for “showing up at airports and rallies” to protest the order.

“You have given us hope,” said Khan to the largely Jewish crowd. “We have learned from you, our Jewish and Christian brethren,” said Khan, who mentioned bomb threats received by area synagogues in recent months as an example of hatred affecting the state at large.

As the Muslim leader spoke, machines quietly pumped steam up the memorial’s glass towers with the names of Nazi-built death camps inscribed on the six bases. Tourists streamed through the towers to read quotes from survivors etched onto glass panels, while others paused at a plaque honoring American soldiers who liberated the Nazi camps.

The gathering was hosted by city councilor Josh Zakim, son of the late civil rights leader Lenny Zakim. Although he opened the protest by calling out the Trump administration for “animus toward refugees,” Zakim, along with other Jewish speakers, referenced the Holocaust more than the president.

“’Never again’ means we sound the alarm whenever injustice preys on the other,” said Mike Ross, son of Holocaust survivor Stephan Ross, who founded the memorial 22 years ago.

“This is the largest refugee crisis since the Holocaust,” said Ross, a former city councilor and member of Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council, a co-organizer of the rally.

“This [executive order] is a naked attempt to ban Muslims from entering this country,” said Ross, who spoke about his father’s experience as a survivor and refugee. […]

I recently wrote about the “National Day of Jewish Action,” which took place across the United States this past Sunday, that this article refers to. These nation-wide protests were organized primarily by HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), a Jewish non-profit that is literally paid millions of dollars by the United States federal government to flood our nation with non-White Third World savages masquerading as “refugees” – what an outrage!

And of course, their entire agenda – their entire sense of purpose and the paradigm on which they operate – is foundationally based upon the fake “Holocaust” narrative specifically, and the egregiously distorted, highly weaponized (((official))) WWII narrative generally. This fact is easily demonstrable simply by analyzing what Jews and Jewish organizations say and do.

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  • I really find it irritating when so called “refugees” demand that we in the west let them in and conform to their mind set. Saudi Arabia is not one of the banned countries, why don’t they go there. Why doesn’t Israel offer to take some refugees, most likely because they are to busy killing and stealing the land from Palestinians. Your absolutely right about the holohoax, not only does it go back to the Balfour declaration but even earlier to the very inception of the World Jewish Congress. Currently, Carolyn Yeager has an eye opening article posted at her website about this. Anyway, a good post, its because of people like yourself, that the Weaponized Holohoax is starting to fall apart. As far as I am concerned, they meaning the Jews, can all go and live in Israel or Madagascar. As for the Muslims, why don’t they all go and live in another Muslim country, at last count I believe there are 40 and not just the 7 that Obama identified and which Trump is also acting upon. As for the libtards out there in the west at large, where were the protests, which Zionist Obama first sleighted for zio-globalist “democracy” Keep up the good work and Cheers!!!

  • Dirty, mass lying hypocrites.
    Where are they when the bombs are dropping on these people?

    (on a hilltop, sitting on beach chairs, watching the carnage, while drinking some Mad Dog)

  • White folks need to educate their children the real truth about the holohoax and then ust agree with the indoctronation crap and victim industry. That being a Patriotic American does not include fighting wars for israel or paying for it.

    • problem is most of them are clueless,and why arent they refusing vaccine compulsion ? because they are clueless about that too.or poisoned food and water and gmo’s are they clueless or ostriches or something else.

  • the holohoax hahhahahahhah

  • These ass holes will be the first to moan when they are attacked by
    Terrorists .

  • Yes, just as I thought. And they were all chanting at the protests, ,”THE OVENS ARE OPEN, THE OVENS ARE OPEN”

  • It’s simply amazing to me how Jews seem to believe their own lies so consistently. Are they just great liars, practiced in the art of deception, honed over thousands of years? Do they spend all those years in yeshiva teaching their spawn nothing but the art of lying, until they can do it without thinking?

    Or are these “people” so inbred and/or sick that they simply cannot distinguish truth from fiction? That’s the way it seems to me. The “truth gene” just ain’t there. If it ever was.

    David Icke seems to suggest (although he doesn’t have the guts to say so directly) that Jews process “truth” much like a crocodile.

    “I want. I attack. I eat.” End of discussion.

    “Ye are not of Abraham, your father is the Devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, who abides not in the truth, as THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM”. —– John 8:forty something.

  • Oy vey!! It’s anuda showah!! Tossers!!!

  • Jews were not allowed into the US because the Jews running the show in the world then didn’t want the Jews to come to the US, they wanted them dead or in Palestine. It was Jews who stopped Jews from entering the US and not white Christian people who really believe Jews are the chosen people of their god and that their Jesus was a Jew. There were no blue stains on the walls of the so called ‘gas chambers’ this is of course just one thing missing were the myth of Jewish gassing true. A very important thing though, because were there gassing as told the walls would have blue stains extensively. I discovered long ago the holocaust story is a thrice repeated myth, I wish the rest of the people would do the research and find out: the Jews Holocaust lie was a plan intending to do to the world of white people exactly what it has done, destroy us as a people, destroy our nations. What is going on in the nations today is just a continuation of WW2, is just as deadly to us as WW2.

    • Plus bodies of victims of zyclone b gas (cyanide) turn pink in color. No pink bodies in any of the pictures. It was a massive lie.

    • Spot On! The true history of the 20th century is just beginning to trickle into the human conciousness, one person at a time. The internet is almost wholly responsible for this. The Khazionists know this, know THEIR version of 20th history has a limited shelf life, unless they can foment WWIII and once again toss the game board, thus we witness their tiresome nonstop cries of victimhood. The following link will take one to an amazing speech by a man who was an insider and eyewitness to a great deal of 20th century history. In this speech he talks about EARLY 20th century Khazionist control of the U.S. government. After you read this ask yourself:”When did the Kazionists STOP their control of our government?” :


      • There was an article on Benjamin Freedman in a recent issue of The Barnes Review and this speech on the sweetliberty.org website is very much worth the read. I also took a look at the sweetliberty.org website and there are more great reads in there, so I have bookmarked it for future visits as time permits. John, have you ever been on that website ? Thanks IMNAHA for posting this.

  • thom hartman and that whole bolsheviki crowd love to characterize the “republicans” as incendiary and racist, claiming they use “dog-whistle” terms to rouse their reactionaries, whom, as they would have it, are kinda stupid.
    now we see “holocaust” is one of those magic words every demonstrator wants to attach to his movement to give it juice. and why not – it’s been working for the zionist jews for decades.
    i heard a mexican (criminal being deported) somewhere on the radio yesterday, maybe on ‘democracy now’, saying trump was conducting a “holocaust” against his people.
    if you hear interviews of participants at the big so-called women’s march lately – they have their own dog-whistel terms; negative connotations they hang on trump. he’s racist, homophobic, islamophobic, misogynist.
    apparently he’s a racist because wants border security and most of the people coming across illegally are not white.
    not sure why he’s homophobic. that just sounds good.
    he’s islamophobic because he thinks immigrants coming from some of these wrecked countries that are overrun with violent jihadists should be looked at more closely. even if obama did say so too.
    he was overheard pointing it out one time in a private conversation, in his own crude way, that females might generally let their guard down in the presence of famous billionaires. i guess we all knew that much already, but he’s a misogynist for saying so.
    they’re leaning heavily on the word “family” now too. somehow those of us who want everybody to have the right paperwork are anti love and marriage.
    the whole anti-trump movement is driven and being held together by the repetition of these trigger words and phrases. whether there’s any real sense to it doesn’t matter.
    they call trump supporters fascist but that’s what’s actually growing on their side. and they’re not interested in listening to any logical arguments in favor of the other guy. there’s no debate. no debate or discussion is allowed in any fascist movement.

  • Fewer TV-zombies saw these rallies, JF, than saw Trump with Netanyahu invoking the holo.

  • The jewish propaganda has been so effective that between Holohoax sledgehammering of the public and dumbing down by Hollyhoax movies/ TV we have a stupid, “2 minutes hate” blind citizenry of lemmings who cant rush over the zionist cliff to their own demise fast enough. In fact they FIGHT to be the first off the plank. It is stunning to read history form various nations over last 150+ yrs. Over & Over the perennialy persecuted swindlers behave the same to destroy the host of their current residence. Then are evicted or leave when its no long tolerated or useful. Then sue the lands THEY have devastated as being the victims.
    What is fascinating is how their pattern has just repeated on and on and on and on for CENTURIES- and still they get away with it. So obvious- and yet seemingly inscrutable. It is not that they are so smart- it is that our stupidity/apathy and cowardice in refusing to resist this is so overwhelming. Leaves one stuttering in disbelief when you truly begin to research it in DETAIL over the last 2000 yr span

  • Israel treats non-Jewish refugees in a “special” way. Dear African immigrants are put into fenced camps and then deported in various ways. Israeli contractors get away with using them if they make payoffs to officials. Undoubtedly, these policies were developed through the compassion and empathy of Jews who went through the “Holocaust.”

    And Muslim countries demanding WE take Muslim refugees How many Christian refugees have they taken??

  • The protesters spoke frequently of the Holocaust, yet i didn’t hear the word Dresden at all. How can you push the Holocaust when you don’t mention Dresden?!? Otherwise i have no idea what they are referring to – what Holocaust?

  • I have not been an anti-Semite. I am Christian and was brought up taking up for Israel. In the last 10 years or so my view has changed somewhat. I am not demanding Jews be killed or hurt in anyway but I am concerned about the Jews is America and their undeserved liberal, democrat power to change the US for the worse. It seems to me that for small minority their people rule this country. I look at the television and other advertisements and realize most all of the moguls in that area are Jews. Whenever a protest emerges you will see Jews involved in nothing but left wing enterprises. If you find liberal court edicts you will find the they come form Jewish Judges. The majority members of the US supreme court are Jews and look at the trash that court has perpetuated. Your college professors and books are all Jewish and Jewish made. Jews are for Israel and they should be. So if they put Israel over the US then we should encourage them to leave and go to Israel. I was never a Holocaust denier but the more I look into that sad history the more I must agree that the constant braying about killing 6 million Jews to me is impossible to do……., especially in about 3 to 4 years. Short of an Atom bomb being dropped, we could not kill that many today in such a short time period. They were rounded up and put into camps because the Germans did not trust them one iota. Most were communist sympathizers (communism was new and looked good on paper) and the world Jewish had ‘declared war’ on Germany. They lived OK in the camps for a while but when the allies began bombing rail lines to the camps less food and less soap and cleaning good reached them. Less medicines too. Soon, because of the crowded conditions and lack of almost everything, ….people began dying of dysentery and becoming infected with lice which then turned into typhus which killed most of the people. Were there displays of savagery and killing? Yes and there was no excuse for it. Every army has its crazies and the crazies were pushed toward guarding the Jews instead of being on the front lines with regular troops. I digress. What I am trying to say is that getting a read on how the Jews in this nation lie and use their networks to lie, it is easy to see how they could extremely exaggerate and make up tremendous lies on a people who now were under the boot and had no one to listen to them or take up for them.

  • Sababu A. Sanyika



    “FOR FEAR OF THE JEWS” – see Deuteronomy 7:6 ; Isaiah 60:12 INADDITION Al-Quran 2:42 ; 3:71

    About the 2nd century AD, Rabbis gave a false and blasphemous interpretation to
    Bible story that said Ham and Canaan were cursed to black skinned and to be slaves for perpetuity – the so-called “Curse of Ham” doctrine that DECEPTIVELY brainwashed Europeans to become indoctrinated white supremacist.

    This evil doctrine was for dividing Gentiles into hostile camps fit for easier exploitation by Babylonian Talmud mindset Jews whose rebellion against Divine Moral Guidance is an infamous historical fact and truth of moral degradation as has been institutionalized under leadership of the Synagogue of Satan.

    Innocent, unaware, unsuspecting, and mostly illiterate Europeans were abused with deliberate and systematic psychological indoctrination for centuries with the curse of Ham doctrine. Then, a brainwashed European army was manipulated and used as enslaved conquering workforce for material and political dominance by Jews who remained behind scene as they still do today as chief advisors to secular and religious Christian leaders, people, and communities, enriching themselves immensely. The color racism trick must be exposed for what it really is – a divisive scheme for Jewish control, enrichment, and continuous exploitation of the Talmud taught subhuman goyim.

    This great truth must be taught to ALL TRIBES IN A UNITED ONE HUMAN FAMILY so that we all know and understand how Gentiles have been psychologically brutalized by the treachery of rebellious Jewry with impunity for centuries. Satan’s earth agent devils have been very busy, and even worst, they have been very successful in deceiving and separating Gentiles from Divine Belief and living by Moral Guidance.

    Psychology has been used for thousands of years by rebellious Jewry to indoctrinate Gentiles for easy exploitation. In ancient religious knowledge, the word man meant mind and not male, and the word woman meant womb of mind and not female. The womb is environment that influence and teach mind as it builds memory as cradle of knowledge and education. Psychological indoctrination and manipulation has been used against Gentiles for thousands of years by an evil and well organized Babylonian Talmud mindset of rebellious Jewry, using falsehood and lies to mis-educate and ill-inform, and mass communications(media) and money as weapons of mind deception, manipulation, and iron hand control.

    More damning, Gentiles have been misled to believe in a corrupt concept of The One G-D as fabricated by Talmudist Jewish Rabbis rebels. In this life, Christian Gentiles have been deceptively given a human being to worship as The G-D, a Jewish human being, who they must believe in and put trust in and then wait on a second coming for only way to Salvation, here and hereafter. This great TRUTH must be told as liberation of Gentile mind is of critical urgent necessity and is a sacred responsibility for freeing us all from entrenched folly of “WORLD PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE” – Babylonian Talmud zionazis Jewry.

    Prayers the TRUTH here shall find fertile place to germinate in the heart and mind of brainwashed people, especially Europeans, around the globe, freeing them and the rest of us to embrace the royalty of the one human dignity as created by The One Creator G-D Almighty in the beginning.

    Dear Beloved Americans, Europeans, and ALL Fellow Human Beings, the life we save shall be our own.



  • Everytime I read about refugees, or H1B visas immigrants. I do not understand why only benefits NONwhites!!! . Are there no WHITE refugees? what about bringing more (non jewish) whites under the H1B visas!! refugees?? In fact the most logical rational immigration policy would encourage more whites to come to USA. How about allowing whites from Australia,SAfrica,Europe,NZealand, to emigrate into the USA in greater numbers…I bet the MSM jewish cartel,lobbies would cry racism, instantly!!!