Europe in 2029?


  • Stark video, but it surely describes reality. We are reaching somebody’s Armageddon. And it won’t be ours. It will be Armageddon for those who planned all of this, those who facilitated it, and those who financed it.

    Europe, and all ethno-Europeans, have been picked on once too often. We are getting ever closer to the point when rather more than a critical mass of ethno-European people will know and understand the threat, and the stark reality in which they live.

    Without remorse or pity, we will then attack those who have (without provocation) persecuted us mercilessly, and who have stolen both parts of our ancient lands, and the precious wombs of our beautiful women.

    Without mercy or remorse, we will press our out attacks until they have been extinguished and obliterated … all their temples destroyed right down to the foundations. All the graves of their alien ancestors (who entered our lands with malice aforethought) dug up, and the putrid remains dumped in the nearest deep ocean. Every copy of the Talmud to be burned to ashes.

    We won’t just cut off the head of that two-thousand year old snake, we will dice it into a thousand pieces, and feed what is left to wild dogs.

  • Scaremongering – bloody disgusting.

    • are you so totally blind that you cannot see the chances of this all ending in civil war or mass unrest at the very least. whatever happens our governments will have to employ more police and use them more effectively and harshly to try and keep the peace. thanks liberals i hope you are happy living in a police state

  • It’s actually going to be much worse than that for the dwindling number of whites as more and more race-mixng occurs. London, for example already has 1 million part-whites.

  • Just like the U.S goverment invaded Puerto Rico 117 years ago. Today is over a century since the invation and we still a crude colony. The empire still taking evrything we produce and our debt is as bad as the one in Grecia. Do you think Grecia is a free country ?
    Those great countries that you want to save really deserve to be living a different moment in history ? Well, western civilization is responsible for millions of death, so what are you are going to do about it ? Are you going to make a good video about the victims of the westerns wars, specially the ones in the middle east for the only purpose of natural resorces control ? , so the great western enjoys the gas only if is control by U.S., England and their friends. I hope that one of this days and finally the entire world really enters into a real revolution to finally stablish a multipolar economic control for the benefit of of just not one civilization. Have a good trip thru time in space !

    • Puerto Rico held a referendum just 3 years ago on the matter of becoming a “free country” and only 5% of the population voted in favor… The same thing happened in ’98, ’93 and ’67. A clear majority did vote for statehood it should be mentioned, which I personally cannot for the life of me understand why it isn’t happening… But seriously? At least acknowledge reality. Puerto Rico clearly wants to be a part of the USA, not independent.

      As far as “finally” having a multipolar economic world, what exactly do you call the EU, China, India, Russia, Brazil? Irrelevant? Hardly. We are living in a multipolar economic world already. I don’t think what you claim to want is actually what you want.

      Please show me one human civilization without blood on its hands somewhere. It’s not caucasian or “western” civilization, it’s not African, it’s not Indian, it’s not Asian, it’s not Arab. You fault western civilization for being top dog but what you fail to realize is that the trait isn’t inherent in only westerners, but virtually every human civilization everywhere within recorded history.

    • Like let’s be realistic western culture gave the liberals the ability and a voice to disarm
      Itself . When Europeans go you won’t suddenly have utopia
      You will have the earth ebiting!
      Large scale blight!

  • The likelihood of the scenario you outlined in the video is very high at this point. This is what happens when Jews push for immigration. Jews are using other peoples and groups and even whole races as weapons against us. North America, Europe, and Australia/NZ either directly face the fact that Jews are duplicitously evil, and will stab us in the back the first moment they can get away with it, or we will all go the way of South Africa. Jews are the impetus for racism. Deal with them, or the white world will perish in the Jewish demographic wars.
    However, at this point the most likely outcome is that white people continue to exist in small harassed pockets only, dotted through-out the world… unless we do something more violent than just being ‘politically incorrect’.

  • My great good friend Les Jamieson assures me that aliens technology will radically expand truth output and leave the ragged mythology and propaganda which saddles mankind in the proverbial dust.
    With no-planes hitting the towers and a hole already dug in Pennsylvania for a jumbo jet’s insertion we can be assured that they do nothing but lie.
    In the Urantia Book these things are promulgated by G-d himself and we need to heed,feed and read more about this.

  • A very realistic and depressing scenario, unless white Europeans stand up for themselves. And let’s not forget who is behind the non-white invasion of Europe:

  • it is too late to avoid this now. white people must prepare themselves for a fight for the right to exist and yes our enemies and our traitors will pay the heaviest of prices

  • Why is there such an immigration push from the Middle East? Could it be the result of American destabilization and destruction of their homeland. Are we all still paying for the incompetent US president who started all this horror, Bush’s messes? It is incumbent upon all european nations to finally bell the cat. If the Eu does it, so much the better. Tell the US to cease destroying and killing and in the ned do what is necessary to show that you mean it. Throw the US out of the UN, out of all international agencies and out of NATO

  • Ironically, this video is Zionist propaganda – vilifying Muslims when true Islam is a religion of non–aggression. It is the agents provocateurs created by Israel/Mossad and the CIA that created ISI S/ISIL/Daish. The violent Muslims depicted in this video are actually agents of Israel. Now don’t you feel quite foolish?