Europe accepts flood of immigrants while Israel arrests, deports them

Europe is literally being destroyed right before our very eyes, and European leaders, Jewish activists, and millions of European citizens are endorsing and facilitating it. It’s absolute madness.

Of course, Jews in the West are advocating Europeans welcome millions of non-White alien invaders masquerading as “refugees” and “asylum seekers” while Israel is doing everything it can to lock down its border and identify, arrest, and expel illegal aliens.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency recently reported:

Picture 1

With hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring across the borders of the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a landmark change in policy last month: Germany would begin to accept Syrian refugees, no matter how they got there.

Four days later, Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom made a statement on the same topic, but with a different tone: Israel would do everything possible, he said, to remove migrants from its borders.

“I continue to fight, with all my effort, against the phenomenon of illegal infiltration, in light of the hundreds of thousands of infiltrators to Europe in these days and hours,” Shalom wrote Aug. 28 on Facebook, using the government’s term for migrants. “I will not relent until we reach a framework that will allow the removal of the infiltrators from Israel.” […]

I encourage everyone to read the entire article to get a better understanding of the double standards on display here. It’s truly appalling.

I really have to wonder how much longer the Jews can continue with these outrageous double standards, not to mention their blatant hypocrisy, when it comes to immigration, multiculturalism, and ethnic identity and nationalism. It’s always one things for Jews, and quite another for the White Western (formerly) Christian world.

The West is supposed to accept millions of non-White alien invaders, welcoming them as brothers and sisters into their own lands, dishing out billions of dollars to provide for their well-being. Meanwhile, over in Israel, the Jews are literally locking down their border and openly announcing: “Refugees and non-Jewish immigrants are not welcome.”

As Lawrence Murray, the always insightful analyst and political commentator who maintains Atlantic Centurion and contributes regularly to The Right Stuff, recently outlined, there are very sensible and easily implementable solutions to the crisis currently unfolding in Europe (and America for that matter). For some reason, I doubt the bureaucrats in Brussels and other major European capitals, save Hungry, will take the advice.

And it’s a shame – we are witnessing the potential total destruction of Europe and America right before our eyes, and yet we could easily solve this problem in a matter of weeks if we had the political courage to do so.


  • This is a perfect example of successful work together – the one protects their country expelling the poison and the others welcome the very same poison. Way to go EU! And thank you for showing your REAL intentions planned for ALL European citizens by exposing them to your sick political, economic and social suicide.

  • Only a fool can’t see that this is all being staged to destroy American and European cultures.

  • One racially equal prison state, where all the goyim are servants of Lord Master ZioJew. No more White homeland with hatred and guilt taught and encouraged against white identity throughout society. Curiously, the photo caption shows immigrants exhibiting the “slavery hammer salute” used in Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The Realist Report is doing something right-Tor node servers are blacklisting IP addresses…and this started with the excellent article on Jewish Mind Control…(cognitive dissonance as a blocking mechanism)

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that while he hates “the concept” of letting refugees from the Middle East and north Africa into the US “on a humanitarian basis…you have to” on Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

    the solution is simple– Trump would coerce his favoritest shitty little country, the same ones who masterminded Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), to accept & integrate the refugees… It’s how Anti-Racist Hitler would solve the problem!

  • Looks like the Jews are smarter then your average white person. A good number of whites in Europe ( and America) are welcoming the third worlders with open arms. Many of them will become victims of rape, other violence and murder and sooner they are killed off, the better. Our people stand a better chance of surviving without the white genetic garbage living amongst us

    • ROFLMAO!
      Although “The Synagogue has done an exceptional job of ruining the west en toto as they did Russia/Germany/Rome/Ukraine etc.
      You invariably have to leave your latest victim nation after bleeding it dry because w/o Christian/Muslim “Goy” you will;

      1.) Have no one to build roofs over your heads.

      2.) Grow your food.

      3.) Harvest your food.

      4.) Cook/feed your “effendi” selves.

      4.) Wipe your parasitic butts.

      For, once you exercise YOUR REAL “final solution” who will you have left to “feed” off of, or to feed YOU?

      Unless this post is censored, please pay particular attention to the “rabid Rabbi”, (Pharisee) quoted near the bottom of the article. Further, I’ve lately been noticing a “blocking” of the URL. Gee, I wonder by whom?

  • This procedure orchestrated and pushed by jews//Rothchilds is all part of their master plan via Marxism to eliminate White Christianity and Christianity in general from the world scene. See what zio jew Barbara Spectre has to say as she infests Sweden. Time for White Europeans and those of us of that ancestry to wake up and be ready to fight back.

    • Don’t forget Muslims and other non-Christian but none-the-less decent groups for they have been victimized by “The Synagogue” as well, more so in many cases. But realize this; As with the betrayed “White Russians”, the Jew has turned our own police/military/governments against us. They, (the betrayers), have lived fat and well on their “thirty pieces of silver”.

  • Ironic, considering Israel is a good deal of the reason the problem is occurring.

  • I’m jut about tired of talking about it. People this easily led to slaughter deserve to be on the menu.

  • Low IQ refugees with numbers into the millions are flooding Europe, it is bound to cause a civil war as equal pay is demanded. Slow minds cannot fathom that Europeans are smarter.

  • The numbers of migrants that could flow into Europe could potentially number hundreds of millions of people displaced by US, UK and Israel foreign policies and war, economic collapse and the need to expand Greater Israel to fulfil its Talmudic prophecy.

    The migrants moving towards Europe from the Middle East (including Afghanistan) and Africa are towards a deliberate Israeli Zionist primary policy of creating Greater Israel’s in the Middle East and secondary policy of creating a 2nd Greater Israel in Patagonia in South America. Patagonia will be used to obtain access to oil, gas, mineral, fishing and territorial rights in South America and Antarctica. Israel will use any and all weapons at its disposal to defend and expand its territories and to clear away the indigenous population by whatever means.

    Greater Israel