EU Commission, NYC Mayor vow to combat “Anti-Semitism”

The organized Jewish community and the Jewish press constantly hype the alleged threat of “anti-Semitism,” demanding various government bodies and political leaders enact policies to combat this purported threat not just to the Jewish community, but to “democracy,” “freedom,” and “basic human decency.”

“Anti-Semitism” is typically portrayed as a threat to civilization itself, a scourge that must be addressed and defeated.

Two influential representatives of two major political entities, responding to Jewish demands and lobbying efforts, recently vowed to combat “anti-Semitism” in their respective jurisdictions.

In a recent press release, the Anti-Defamation League praised the European Commission Vice President’s pledge to address “anti-Semitic” attitudes in Europe.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) welcomed today’s announcement by European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans that special coordinators for anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim hatred will be appointed and will report directly to him.

In his remarks at an E.U. meeting on human rights, Mr. Timmermans took personal responsibility for the European Commission’s activities on these issues, saying he wanted “to be in direct control” and have concerns “on my desk immediately.”

“Anti-Semitic incidents have risen dramatically in Europe over the recent years both in quantity and intensity, with murders and violent assaults, and our polling in Europe has shown disturbing levels of anti-Semitic attitudes in too many European countries,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL National Director. “While some national governments are taking decisive action, the European Commission also has a role to play and we welcome the personal commitment of its second highest official.”

Mr. Greenblatt added, “The E.U.’s own human rights agency reported on the ‘gross underreporting’ of anti-Semitic incidents and the problem that poses to develop targeted and effective policies against anti-Semitism. Commitments must be converted to action, and the first action must be to understand the scope of the problem.” […]

In related news, The Times of Israel reports that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will visit Israel to discuss the purported threat of “anti-Semitism” and ways in which governments around the world can combat it.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will visit Israel to speak about ways to combat anti-Semitism.

De Blasio is to leave Thursday for Jerusalem, where he will be the keynote speaker at a conference of international mayors sponsored by the American Jewish Congress and other Jewish groups.

De Blasio, who has been trying to plan a trip to Israel since the summer, will stay roughly three days and hold several events, the New York Times reported.

The first-term mayor, who is of Italian and Catholic heritage, has made strengthening ties with his Jewish constituency a priority since taking office in January 2014. He has spoken at synagogues of various denominations and loosened restrictions on the controversial metzitzah b’peh circumcision ritual at the request of Orthodox Jews.

De Blasio also flew to France soon after the attack on a kosher market in Paris to “stand in solidarity” with world Jewry. […]

Even the most casual observers of American and international politics have to recognize the fact that virtually all major politicians, both in America and throughout the Western world, literally bend over backwards for the organize Jewish community, responding almost immediately to their every demand. The Jews, for all intents and purposes, get their way on most all major public policy issues, which often entails their organizations and ethno-state occupying Palestine receiving billions of dollars from not just the federal government of the United States, but various governmental organizations and entities around the world.

One of the most effective tools of the organized Jewish community is their promotion of the myth of the widespread prevalence of “anti-Semitism”, which is often entirely manufactured by the Jewish owned and controlled mass media.

The hyping of “anti-Semitism”, including violence and terrorism carried out by “anti-Semites”, works to further strengthen Jewish ethnocentrism and their perpetual “victim” status. It also allows the Jewish lobbying largely controlling American politics to justify billions of dollars flowing to Jewish organizations, non-profits, and the Jewish state of Israel.

It is time for the American people to recognize the obvious reality that the organized Jewish community is manipulating and exploiting this nation and its people for their own ethnic interests. In short, #WithJewsWeLose – we always have, we always will.


  • Hmm, and when, exactly are our treasonous Neo-Judas class going to reign in the mad-dog Pharisees’ and their rampant “love” for white folk and Goim in general?

    The enormous hypocrisy should awaken even this “mutt” culture!

    • what the hell is a US TAXPAYER funded MAYOR going over to a foreign country to deal w/ their pet pique, when hundreds of thousands of NYers are evicted, homeless and jobless thanks to the JEW overlords, greedy landlords? Let him handle the rampant jew-incited antisemitism against MUSLIMS- that is a real issue, but we wont see it addressed because Islamophobia is sponsored and endlessly pushed by the jews- who are its sole beneficiary. demonizing the Muslims makes it all so much easier to bomb and liquidate them- for ISRAEL. WTFU sheeple, because Xtians are on the jew-erdication list alongside Muslims
      His job is NY- not Tel Aviv and we are SICK and TIRED of these feces SAYANIM betraying us with our own tax $$$.

  • Gee that’s nice.

    When are they going to vow to fight antigentilism?

  • Forget “thoughtful” comments, these satanic inbreeding, flat footed, fanatics need to be chased out of town with cattle prods and rat poison….In the nicest possible antisemitic way of course.

  • another sellout, you want to battle anti semi, start by tell the zionist jews to stop killing kids and women and old men, in israel, and yes tell these zionist jews to stop supporting war in syria, but you can’t, because the zionist jew works with nazis in ukraine

  • Annnnnd us normal people will combat against jewish supremacy.

  • This is the same mayor who declared this past summer that he would arrest and imprison aka ‘get treatment for’ various supposed criminal homeless. To cover for the obvious classism of his jew orders, he added that his crusade ‘wasn’t about poverty, but the dangerously mentally ill’ and that he would ‘take them directly from their personal homes.’

    So now antisemitism is officially added to the criteria for ‘serious mental illness,’ as opposed to the humorous kind.

  • Blasio is a jewish shill and a traitor to America. The U.S. taxpayer gives every Israeli about $30,000 a year – like as if we have no needs in this country. People are not stupid, and anti-semitism is the jews own making.


    Gee, and I thought I coined that phrase!

    It is so nice to see that folks understand what real anti-Gentilism is!

  • Yes – hypocrites. Lets also look at getting the Talmud banned as hate literature. I am glad to see others are starting to see this Khazarian criminal racket for what it is.

    • Better yet, lets get the Talmud published and widely distributed, so that everyone know the truth about these racists.

  • Well, aren’t the Muslims the greatest “anti-semetics”? In Germany they are the once who scream loudly and want to “gas Jews,” Also, many swastikas are drawn by Jews for Jews because without Anti-Semitism they cannot control the guilt tripping folks.

    Why don’t we do an Anti-Hate-Leage against the Goyim? Find all the bad things the Jewish scriptures say about us. Stop Jews from believe that they are chosen and any better. Stop Jews from thinking they have a pure race when in fact they are a mixed race. Stop Jews to rule us (that happens when we are developing our own sovereignty as people and individuals).

    We need to tell the world how much leading Jews hated the Goyim. How many did they kill as leaders in Russian Gulags? How did they finance salavery in the US and Wars all over?

    The question is who hates who? I do not feel loved by the zionist agenda. Perhaps individuals may have a liking for as long as one stays in taboo topics and why should we talk to the about deeper issues as their brainwashing is to be ignored.

    Also, The lies humanity had to endure about wars, results of wars and their victimhood is enough for anyboby dot get sick over.
    Who hates whom?

    Who loves the goyim? Those people who care and love humanity as a whole and chatter the dogmas to ashes, those people only we can trust.

    I truly feel sorry for the Germans. They have to live a fucking guilt trip for eternity under the Jews. That is the greatest hatred which ever was there as other people’s death and sacrifice does not count.

    Also, psychology knows that guilt tripping people is perverted. Those who even make money of such a stupidity are more perverted. Sick is also to follow such people imposing such perversity. Hence, we do have the right to liberate ourselves from Dogma, hatred and guilt.

    Dogmatic Jews have long ways to go to learn about justice and love.
    (I speak not for all of them, many Jews hate their own kind much more than any of us do and follow other paths towards a more subtle and rewarding future).

    Sad as it is, almost every act of “hatred” is usually an insider job anyway to create the divide and conquer separation between human groups. There are some who feed of hatred and anti-semitism and can’t live without it. Hence ignore the hatred and do the right thing.

    • Love your comment, Mara, but I gotta say that hatred is neither good nor bad, it’s just a natural emotion. It’s a “call to arms” to get busy and do your level best to rectify a vile and untenable situation.

      There’s nothing wrong with hating people who are trying to kill you, rob you, destroy your culture and enslave you. The idea that hatred is always wrong serves only one interest, the bad guys, and keeps you passive and submissive rather than actively working to change things.

      The RIGHT reaction to hatred is to use everything at your disposal to bring the bad guys to justice, in this case, “The Chosen Ones” who have inflicted so much suffering and death on humanity.

      Fight with words for as long as you can, but understand that the fight for justice doesn’t always happen peacefully.

  • And DeBlahsheyo has loosened restrictions on pedophilic butcher rabbis who chop off tips of penises and suck the blood. Awww, isn’t that sppppecial!

  • Jews are NOT Semites, so, the term Anti-Semetic is incorrect. They are Khazars, Ashkenazis, and Sephardics. They are of ZERO relation to the O.T. Israelites and ARE the Devils that Christ said they are in John 8:44 – “You are of your father the Devil. He was a LIAR and MURDERER from the beginning.”

  • Everytime I read an article where the ADL is pushing their agenda, and trying to claim ‘Victimhood’, I think of Isreal’s act of war on America with their attempt to sink the Liberty. Even the pilots sent to attack questioned the order, though they carried out the attack attack anyways. OUR OWN PRESIDENT tried to sink the ship as as well, ordering out our military aircraft to not respond, as it became apparent Isreal was attacking.

    Give it several decades…come 911. Israeli Mossad agents were cought red handed, complete with material evidence, a map, showing that they had targeted the WTC towers, amoung other buildings, and the George Washington bridge. A caustionary was put out to keep an eye out for their white vans, and security stopped one of them as it hit the ramp to go onto the George Washington Bridge. This van was found to be FULL of explosives (unlike the other one that was intercepted that had the scent of explosives on it, but no explosives).
    Again, our president interviened and the Mossad agents were ‘deported’ to go back home.

    Seems this time the Israelis succeeded as in the name of making the world safe for democracy and the ‘Arab Spring’ we are assisting terrorists in the Middle East to bring down their secular governements. My question is this though…WHY would either or both Israel and DC want to empower either a Islamic faction such as the Muslem brotherhood, or Christian and minority slaying ISIS into a regional government, that ultimately would end up going to war against Israel? To bring on Armageddon where the forces of NATO and the Russian/Arab alliance meet outside of Jerusalem? Truly evil forces are at work here. Even God told mankind to not be desirous for the ‘Day of the Lord’ as that is a day of destruction.