Estonian Political Leader Wants to Legalize “Holocaust” Denial

Well this is certainly good news.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency is reporting that a nationalist politician in Estonia, Georg Kirsberg of the Conservative People’s Party, has vowed to turn the tables on the Jews and their traitorous puppets by decriminalizing “Holocaust” denial and presenting an accurate, objective narrative of Hitler’s Germany and World War II more generally, while at the same time punishing those that would ignore or cover up the historical (((Soviet))) oppression of the Baltic nation.

Estonia holocaust denial

An Estonian nationalist politician vowed in his election campaign to decriminalize Holocaust denial and instead penalize those who would downplay the Soviet domination of the country.

Georg Kirsberg, who is running for a lawmaker’s seat for the Conservative People’s Party in Estonia’s elections in October, was quoted Wednesday by the Estonian National Broadcasting Company.

“We will decriminalize Holocaust denial and enter a correct teaching of the history of the Third Reich,” Kirsberg said. […]

I for one commend this brave man and hope he succeeds in his efforts.

I’ve often argued that the organized Jewish community, with the aid and assistance of a traitorous, cowardly elite class of non-Jews, has literally weaponized our collective historical narrative to advance Jewish racial and economic interests, while delegitimizing and demonizing the very concept of White racial identity, through their systematic falsification and distortion of history.

The fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative specifically, and the overall Jewish promoted narrative of WWII more generally (which is institutionalized in all Western nations), is instrumental in this agenda.

Other historical narratives, especially the commonly accepted (yet entirely false and highly distorted) narratives explaining slavery, colonialism, and the alleged “plundering” of non-White nations by Whites throughout history, factor into this agenda as well, but the fake “Holocaust” story and the officially sanctioned explanation of WWII really do form the basic paradigm of the entire White genocide agenda.

In my view, if Whites are ever going to reclaim their nations and stand up for their identity and future prospects as a distinct people, addressing the systematic falsification of history by the Jews and their collaborators is absolutely essential. This represents a step in that direction, which is very encouraging.

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  • Everything about these liars, the Eternal Parasites, these mind viruses. This brood of vipers. These thieves and murderers and kidnappers and perverts =

  • The truth doesn’t fear investigation, it welcomes it. Hitler was a great man, he brought his country out of a severe depression into a prosperous economy. He loved his people. He wanted the Jew’s out of his country for good reasons. Those that wouldn’t leave were put in work camps and according to the International Red Cross were treated very well. The US sided with the Jewish controlled, communist Soviet union. These terrible Jew’s have been thrown out of 109 countries over the past 2000 years. No decent person likes them or wants them in their neiborhood. The Jew’s are truly a very foul race. The only difference between Jews and Gypsies is that Gypsies don’t include God in their under-handed dealings.

  • Wow, what a country! They send their young nationalists to Amren conferences and produce politicians with balls! Sounds like Estonia has The Right Stuff!

  • Doug Collins wrote: Jewish run concentration camps made Auschwitz seem like a holiday camp.
    In Poland alone, there were 1223 Jewish run concentration camps.

    • Doug Collins’ preview of the book, “An Eye For An Eye.” by John Sacks.

  • The key idea in Kirsberg’s proposal is his alternative measure, that citizens would be criminalized for denying to any extent that Estonians were victimized by the Soviets (and better yet the Jews behind Sovietism).

    This usurpation of mere orientation, with its impossible to challenge ‘what is valid for you must be valid for us’ principle, is the model of political argument we have most success with when appealing to the fairest people, the Whitest people (a coincidence?).

  • Estonians fought alongside German troops in 1944-45. They held out against massive Soviet forces without being defeated in the Kurland Peninsula. Estonians were among the very last troops defending Berlin alongside their German and Norwegian brethren. Their fighting skill was feared and respected by their Soviet opponents. They never committed war crimes and were honorable soldiers to the last.

    Now their country is occupied by NATO insurgents seeking to fan the flames of war. Estonia has been at peace with Russia for the past 25 years. I pray that the NATO wave of terror will become dust in the wind and we may see a new dawn appear on the horizon.

  • Whites misunderstand the Holocaust. The Jews are not blaming specifically the Germans–but all whites. Thus, allowing this “Holocaust” fraud to continue brings collective guilt to ALL whites (yes YOU) and justifies–in the eyes of the Jews–the horrific penalties they plan to exact. The U.S. lost over 400,000 killed just to protect their sorry butts–to say nothing of massive war debts–and yet we are constantly harangued with this implausible tale. The evidence? Reconstructed camps, impossible extermination systems, hearsay testimony that doesn’t agree, figures substantially in excess of actual population statistics, figures contrary to German records and those of the International Red Cross, lack of remains, etc.

    Caveat: While all whites may be held responsible for the alleged “Holocaust” the converse is not true. Jews such as David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) may shoot non-Jewish females in the face with a .44 magnum and no guilt is imparted to other Jews.

  • Most of the propaganda about the “Holocaust” came from the old USSR and the Jews. The Russian troops did liberate several camps in Poland and immediately Soviet propaganda agencies arrived to write the story and embellish it to the hilt. They hated Germany for the invasion which nearly ended their party permanently; so they made outlandish claims which the press in the US agreed with. There is no way 6 million Jews were killed in 4-5 years with the technology they had then. THe ‘so-called’ gas-death chambers were no more than small buildings with so many cracks and openings it would be impossible to gas a fly. They were showers to rid people of lice just as the Germans reported. Lice infections, allied bombings of trains bring food to the camps stopped any re-supply and starved people, diseases like typhus, and all manner of hardships affected these poor people and their thin starved bodies are what met the “liberators” of the camps. Was it right to put these people in camps to begin with? No. Were they treated like kings and queens? Absolutely not. Did the Germans kill 6 million of them? No. It is propaganda.

  • If there is reason to disbelieve it then the reasons need to be brought to the public. Only someone with something to hide would deny this right. Why are Jews and Homos so protected?