Ernst Zündel: Unbowed

A personal Telling Films tribute by Lady Michèle Renouf to German-Canadian artist, publisher and dedicated campaigner for historical truth Ernst Zündel, born 23rd April 1939, died 5th August 2017 at his ancestral home in southern Germany. Uniquely interviewed as he was released from Mannheim Prison in 2010 and during his journey back to his childhood home in the Black Forest, and updated in this unexpurgated version after Ernst Zündel’s death, this film documents his decades of legal struggle for source-critical justice in Canada and Germany, literally illustrated by Ernst’s own art works created during his years of imprisonment, and includes an interview with his lawyer Dr. Herbert Schaller.


  • God always takes the good ones. Now, you have that evil wanker, Henry KissinJEW, who at over 90 years old is still amongst us.

  • What an incredibly honorable, brave man, a warrior of truth. My soul is touched so deeply having watched this. I’ve watched and taken to heart many other videos with Mr. Zündel in the past. Not many men are as remarkably driven by truth and deed as he is. I hope he’s resting high in Valhalla. Every white child should know this great man.

    As for the ((((rest)))) who create this enslaved environment; they are spawns of Satan. Eventually they will all be destroyed along with the psychopathic traitors.

  • Ernst Zundel is the most important historical figure of the last 72 years.

    No-one else stood up more bravely or as publicly to deny and disprove the lies of the holo that were elemental in building the Jews’ subsequently created acceptable public culture, where Jews must go eternally uncriticized and Whites eventually simply must go!

    No issue matters more than these. And no-one was more effective at attacking the primary prevailing power source behind these lines of Jewish attack.

    I hope he rests assured we will not fail him.

  • Lovely little film.

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