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Electre @ The Realist Report


  • Not the most conservative guest. Nationalism to me is the embodiment of traditional European values. Family values. Blood and honor.

    • Latimer - the Bunny Rabbit Supremacist

      It takes awhile, even after the red pill, to cleanse from accumulated jew cesspool conditioning. We’ve mostly become so degraded in multiple areas. The healing restoration, like in nature, does happen slowly.

  • John, you were correct in identifying jews as the ‘major problem’, whether they identified openly as ‘zionist’ or not. As Dr. David Duke explained clearly jews are either zionist, communist, or both. Your French counterpart seemed afraid to say openly what you know to be the Truth.
    Perhaps that ‘fear factor’ is so much more ingrained now in Europe, especially among the younger generation. It is jews who are pushing the globalist agenda of white genocide and the destruction of Christianity. The jewess, Barbara Spectre, a prominent American jew
    now living in Sweden, educated in Isreal, and a globalist leader there, openly acknowledged the role of jews in wiping out white Christianity through forced Muslim invasion into Europe, Canada, and finally, America.
    Your guest seemed a bit tepid in openly acknowledging this very important fact.

    • Thought crime and antisemitic speech laws are far more serious in the UK and Europe than compared to the US. They just sentenced an 88 yr old Ursula Haverbeck to 2 1/2 MORE years in prison for “Holocaust denial”. Retribution like that will make you choose your words carefully…


  • Who put the piano in there? Crazy.