Eichmann’s daughter-in-law argues Jews have falsified history

Carmen Bretin Lindemann, the daughter-in-law of Adolf Eichmann, a former top National Socialist official who has been hysterically demonized and slandered by the Jewish owned and controlled mass media since WWII, defended her relative in a recent interview on Argentinian television.

Ms. Lindemann, a former mayoral candidate in the Argentine village of Garupa, argued in the interview that the Jews have falsified history, particularly as it relates to WWII and National Socialist Germany. Because of her bold, courageous statements, which are easily verifiable, Ms. Lindemann has been vilified by the Argentinian political establishment and organized Jewish community. She was immediately expelled from her political party and has officially bowed out of the mayoral race. She also released a statement recently indicating that she does not support “the Nazis,” and never has.

The Times of Israel reports:

A daughter-in-law of Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal hung by Israel as one of the architects of the Final Solution, withdrew her mayoral candidacy in Argentina after defending his actions on television.

Carmen Bretin Lindemann announced Thursday that she was bowing out of the mayoral race of the northeastern village of Garupa after receiving intense criticism for what she said about Eichmann during a television interview that was aired on Wednesday.

“The history that you know is not the real one, the version that you know from movies and books is written by the Jews, and all the world accepts that history,” she said in the interview for the TN news channel.

“He wasn’t a bad person, he obeyed orders and did not personally kill anyone,” she added, calling Eichmann “grandpa.”

Bretin Lindemann ran as a representative of A New Alternative, a party led by presidential candidate Sergio Massa. But after the interview was aired, she was expelled from the party. In a statement she published on Thursday, she wrote: “In order to not hurt my fellow party members in the alliance my immediate resignation is necessary. I want to assure the public that I don’t and never did support the Nazis.”

The Jewish political umbrella DAIA condemned Bretin Lindemann for “denying the extermination during the Shoah and vindication of Nazism” in a statement. […]

The simple fact of the matter is that Ms. Lindemann’s statements are entirely accurate: the Jews have literally falsified history, especially as it relates to WWII, the alleged Jewish “Holocaust,” and the nature of National Socialism, in both theory and practice. The cartoonish, weaponized version of WWII history the vast majority of people on this planet receive via mass media, Hollywood, and the educational establishment is virtually 100% inverted. Meaning, the official narrative of WWII, in all its aspects, is completely backwards – it is the opposite of reality, particularly as it relates to the fake “Holocaust” narrative.

The Jews were not genocided during WWII; the German people and their supporters were. The Jews have quite literally flipped the script.

It saddens me to see Ms. Lindemann back down, apologize, and denounce “the Nazis,” as if her original position laid out in the interview is somehow morally wrong or factually inaccurate. Objective assessments of National Socialist Germany and the policies they implemented prior to and during WWII demonstrate that the supposed “evil Nazis” were in reality some of the most capable, honest, and honorable men and women Western civilization has ever produced. And we shouldn’t be afraid or intimidated to openly say that.


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  • “Eichmann in my Hands” is a great book for anyone with a strong enough stomach to delve into the workings of the sayanim and sanhedrin, the Jewish vigilante so-called “justice” system.

    It’s the story of the “nazi hunters” or Jewish vigilantes who set about entrapping and capturing Eichmann in Argentina, by one of the Jews that made it happen.

    A sickening story, but it perfectly illustrates the workings of the Oldest Ethnic Mafia and their dirty-dealings.

    • ‘It saddens me to see Ms. Lindemann back down, apologize, and denounce “the Nazis”’. Have you thought that she might have kids, husband, family which could be easily killed, destroyed by the jew/mossad…. and she want to protect them?

      • So are you arguing that we should never openly criticize Jews or point out their lies because the “Jew/Mossad” may destroy us?

        • John,what you say resonates with a deep pride in the greatest race to ever walk the earth,the Caucasian Christians.Trendsetters,inventors and the feeders of billions of human beings.
          The Mossad has had their day and will be lying amongst the scrap heap of fallen evildoers just as soon as the sheeple can be convinced to put down their hand held devices and remotes and crack a goddamned book!
          Porn purveyor and whore monger Larry Silverstein and his ilk went a mile too far with their blown up buildings shadow play and we must not let them carry forward another measly inch.
          The fact that they could hang a perfectly ordinary and honorable public servant gentleman like Eichmann out to dry is proof positive that they are the evil ones and the statement by Ms.Lindemann makes it a case closed.Why would she lie?
          Feel free to communicate with me privately,dear Friend (!) as we are extremely simpatico.You have my e-mail.

          Onward,Ronnie Bumbletumbler

  • John,
    Maybe she stated this “I want to assure the public that I don’t and never did support the Nazis.”” because she, like any real revisionist, knows that there was no such thing as a “Nazi”?

    • Well said my friend. I cringe every time I hear the word “Nazi”.

      • Thanks. I have been saying for some time now that if we are to break the grip “jews” have on us/history, we must also stop using their “terms”.

        For those who don’t know, this explains how the term “Nazi” came about- http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Nazi

    • Exactly, that’s a name made up by the Jews, we should call them by their proper name National Socialist German Workers Party or National Socialists for short.

  • Jews stood in long lines to get onto the luxury trains transporting them to the concentration camps. Why? Because the concentration camps were off limits to allied bombing raids. No allied bomber ever dropped a bomb on a concentration camp. Concentration camps were the safest place to be during the Second World War.

  • The Jews are hated everywhere they go and always have been. Look around and see who is in power in every Western country today. Look what they are doing to those countries. Look into what the JEWS WERE DOING to Russian’s Ukrainians and Poles BEFORE the SS came into existence. Ask the Russians and Ukrainians and Poles. The Germans were well aware of what Jews were doing to the East and what they had in mind FOR ALL OF EUROPE. The Jews, on the whole go no where near what they deserved. European’s are suffering today via mass third world immigration and the Jews are behind that too. A backlash is coming. Watch.

    • You’re absolutely right, Tim .. in fact, the Jews were expelled from every country in Europe, most of them more than once. More Popes pre-WWII condemned Jewish evils such as sedition, ritual child sacrifice and pernicious usury .. in fact, in Medieval times, usury was punishable by death, as was child sacrifice.
      “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia” .. written by Veterans Today’s Managing Editor Preston James, PhD, back in March, 2015, gives a relatively short, but highly detailed, history of the savage Khazars and their kingdom of Khazaria, their conversion to Talmudic Judaism around 730 AD, and their eventual expulsion from their kingdom 300 years later by the Kievan Rus under St. Vladimir the Great, for regressing to their old pagan ways. This article was also co-written by fellow editorMike Harris. These ancient Khazars are the actual ancestors of over 90% of Jews worldwide today .. known as Ashkenazim. Once settled in Central and Eastern Europe, these Khazars formed a European-wide crime syndicate known as the Khazarian Mafia .. and this Mafia vowed terrible vengeance upon those responsible for their forefathers’ expulsion from their lands – the Kievan Rus – later known as Russians.

    • It’s true, all down through history, all over the world Jews have been hated and despised as no other group has. There must be a reason.

  • Maybe it’s a small irony, but a one, Frederick Lindemann, was an Alsatian born Jew who became Churchill’s closest “science” adviser.
    He was the original chief advocate for bombing German cities with the goal of killing as many civilians as possible. He said working class neighborhoods should be concentrated on because they were built closest together and thus more Germans could be killed for each bomb.
    For some odd reason he had a pathological hatred for the country of his birth. (Alsace, where many generations my grandfathers lived, was stolen from Germany and given to France after WWI)
    He was later made “Viscount Cherwell.”
    What madness seized the English?
    It is true the work camps weren’t bombed, only the supply lines.
    After all, it had to appear as if the carnage was caused by the Germans which we know wasn’t the case. And the delusionary world can’t add 2+2. This is the meaning of that verse in Revelation… “For by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

    • Don’t forget, Winston Churchill himself was a Jew.
      That answers volumes.

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  • ashkeNAZI and NAZI are actually the same—-Actually a Sumerian Deity.

    Good News is EPOCH 6 is almost over. Thank God……I just hope I don’t spawn again. Earth sucks really bad and isn’t what you make of it.

  • Most of the Western world learns “history” from de facto comic books. This will ultimately lead to the complete destruction of Western civilization. Already, we are witnessing the Islamization of Europe and, if Hillary is elected, America should expect something similar. This could consist of another 15 or 20 million “refugees” from Central America or sub-Saharan Africa.

    This is not an accident. Beginning 70 years ago, the United Nations Organization (UNO) sanctified as policy that — to prevent the rise of “another Hitler’ — all the races of man must be totally mongrelized. Nevertheless, the war-weary West joined the UNO in the belief that, as advertised, it would make war impossible.

    To date, the UNO has not prevented one single war, but has facilitated countless others. On the other hand, their plan to mongrelize every race has moved from one success to another. With vassals such as DDR Communist youth leader Angela Merkel and the Bush family’s Rothschild puppets in commanding roles, this was only to be expected.

    You Yankee devils neither know nor care that the UNO is filling Japan, Korea, and even China with ever increasing numbers of black African “refugees.” No nation is permitted, by the UNO, to retain ANYTHING of it’s national heritage!

    Wake up, you stupid round-eyes! Get out of the UNO; hang its nameless architects (don’t hesitate if they are all Jews) and convert its NY HQ into a brothel.

    If you want to live, do it NOW!
    In Gassho,

    • Hey man, don’t call me a Yankee!
      I am a Confederate and have been fighting the Yankee SOBs all my life!
      My war has never ended.
      BTW- I know how the Yankees pulled the same or similar play on Japan in 1941 for WWII as they did at Fort Sumter in 1861.

      Just who do you think funded the Yankees and helped select Lincoln as president?

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  • She is one courages woman. Yes, the Edomites(jews) did falsify history, they even hijacked the translations of the Holy Bible. Use the LXX Septuagent translation of the Old Testament and not a translation from the Masoretic (Hebrew) text.

    • A great number of people have criticised Jewish behaviour only to then withdraw and apologise for their criticism and it is obvious why, when you see what happens to those brave souls who don’t withdraw and apologise.

  • http://www.lexiline.com/lexi000.htm

    The Tabernacle of the Exodus never left Egypt. These fools are killing each other over a fabricated book of false history and doctrine called The Bible. If you have the courage to investigate this and confront 3,000 years of lies and manipulation, you can free yourself from the real Matrix.

  • Did 6 million Jew allegedly die in the Holocaust? No, because it was mathematically impossible. Please see the facts below :

    Based on the compilations by the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Statistical Bureau of the Synagogue Council of America’s Director, Mr H.S Linfield, the total world Jewish population in 1938 was 15,748.091 and in 1948 it grew slightly to 15,753,638.

    And more interestingly, the Jewish population in EUROPE in 1938 was 8,039,608 and in 1948 it grew to 9,372,668 according to the above Jewish sources.

    So where did the 6 million Jews who allegedly died in Europe came from?

    From 1940 to 1945 there were 1825 days. With the leap year it was 1826 days. If 6 million Jews were killed between 1940 and 1945 then there 6,000,000 /1826 =3285 Jew killed every day. How was it logistically possible for Nazi Germany to accomplish that?

    Even this Bishop says that not a single Jew died in the gas chamber. It was all a lie to extract hundreds of million of dollars from Germany. They died mostly of hunger and disease.


    • It is vital that these facts are presented to the people. Jews and Israel have an immunity and power which depends on the holocaust story, and thay have been getting away with some very bad behaviour.

    • Only a hand full of survivors would show that the Germans were not attempting to wipe out ‘all’ the Jews in Europe, so the 3,000,000 survivors claiming reparations says it all.

  • Some very, very good comments above. John, you’ve got educated readers and readers who are in the know.

    Here’s a link for Dr. William Pierce’s podcasts. This list in comprehensive. It’s setup for autoplay and moves from one podcast to the next. It’s good to listen to if you’re kicking around the house but can’t stay glued to your monitor.


  • Bless Bretins’ heart, she has the kind of courage we all should have. How sad it makes me when I realize the truth about the wars, WW1 and WW2, will not be known in my life time. Knowing a truth that other people, most of the people, refuse to know is like living in a cell all by yourself, it’s like being in prison. Or, maybe, outside of a prison, a prison where the vast majority of people are locked up and you just can’t get to them to free them.

    • What a thoughtful and amazing observation. We should all think about what you just said, because it is so true, but by us coming to know the truth and being in the truth, we are building our arsenal of truth whether in the prison of our mind or out of the prison of our mind. Truth destroys violence and hate, not the other way around. Pray for others to be set free!

      I also wanted to say to the above commenter, Mark Leininger, who wrote:

      And the delusionary world can’t add 2+2. This is the meaning of that verse in Revelation… “For by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

      If that is the true meaning in Revelation, I just got the connection to say that 2+2=4.

  • you are correct! and before they were called Jews they were the ones who were not allowed into the Mysteries.
    They waged a war on the Mysteries. This is before Babylon.

    Now we can look at WWI and WWII are complete lies, the Jewish Holocaust is a complete lie, there is no gas chambers there never was, and what you know about Hitler and Germany is another complete and total lie.

    Global Warming is a Lie it’s same Psychology of the Catholic Church saying the world is Flat!

    Food Industry with the FDA is a Lie, EPA is a lie, DHS is a Lie, TSA is a Lie. The CIA has been a shadow GOV since the beginning working with Mossad and British intelligence all of them are a Lie and a Deception.

    Oh I could go on…Economy of the world and debt? Another complete Lie.

    War on Sex war on Race, BS! Racism created by Jews and Marxism.

  • How about a place that explains in detail real history !! of WWII!

    I encourage all to read and buy the books and share them to the world!

  • John,
    If you don’t mind, I would like to recommend a couple of sites/sources I think you should have listed along the right side of your page,
    1. “Justice For Germans”- http://justice4germans.com/
    2. “Holocaust Deprogramming Course”- http://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/

  • escapefromobamastan

    The white race is finally realizing it has been set for destruction and by whom.

  • The most amazing fact missing from this narrative? Eichmann was Jewish. As were many NaZis who served in the 3rd Reich and in the Wehrmacht (German army). It has been estimated that over 100,000 soldiers serving under Hitler were Jewish or part Jewish, including part Jewish Heydrich (architect of the Holocaust), part Jewish Himmler (the head of Gestapo), and even Hitler himself, whose Jewish ancestry has been established via DNA evidence.

    So, what to make of the self-hatred anti-Semitism? The hatred of the Jews, the discriminatory policies of the NaZis against the Jews and others, like the gypsies; and the Holocaust (sacrifice, burnt offering)?

    First, it is important to understand that the Jewish NaZis, were not Jewish at all. They derived their theosophy from Jewish mysticism, Sabbatean-Frankism, underground acolytes of the false Jewish messiah Sabbatai Sevi. The Turkish Satanic Messiah who had been ex-communicated by the Exilarch, forced by edict of death to undergo conversion to Islam, and began the underground messianic cult of the Dönmeh, which many believe run Turkey to this day; and were the force behind the Armenian Christian genocide.

    Many of these underground Sabbatean adherents became the Morranos in Spain, the Frankist Illuminati in Germany, and formed the core infiltrators of the secret societies in those countries, the Jesuits, Gesellschaft and Vril, which elevated Lucifer (Satan) over that of the God of Abraham (Torah, Commandments); and the Freemason of England, from the cult of Zionism, the idea of creating Israel was born. A Jewish homeland for the Frankist Sabbatean “Jews”.

    Second, it is important to understand that anti-Semitism was the tool used to motivate European Jews to emigrate to Palestine, who would not have done so, as Jews were well off in Europe at that time. It is also important to note, that much of the mischief that created the backlash against all Jews was committed by these excommunicated Jews. The revolutions of 1848, Marxism.

    As for the Holocaust (Heydrich’s final solution) it is clear those who perpetrated the Holocaust, The NaZi Sabbatean Zionists, used the Holocaust as the means of motivating the emigration to Palestine, and as a way of eliminating those Jews who rejected Zionism; as Zionism was extremely unpopular at the time. So, the Holocaust was an inter-Jewish civil war and ethnic cleansing operation. Those who opposed the Nazi Zionist cult were sent to the concentration camps.

  • “Eichmann’s daughter-in-law argues Jews have falsified history”

    That is an understatement.

    “The most amazing fact missing from this narrative? Eichmann was Jewish.”


    “including part Jewish Heydrich (architect of the Holocaust), part Jewish Himmler (the head of Gestapo),

    Wrong again.

    “and even Hitler himself, whose Jewish ancestry has been established via DNA evidence.”

    Get the hell out of here with that utter B.S.!

  • ” Beginning 70 years ago, the United Nations Organization (UNO) sanctified as policy that — to prevent the rise of “another Hitler’ — all the races of man must be totally mongrelized. ”

    Let those UNO devils take their own advice. Actually this has been a Marxist wet dream for way longer that 70 years.

    “to prevent the rise of “another Hitler’ ”

    Yeah, to “prevent” the rise of another great White Leader to de-fang, de-claw and neuter Jewish supremacy, domination and control.

  • These Jews never quit. The reality of the matter is: the number of Jews that died due to natural causes and disease in National Concentration camps was less than 300,000 according to the Red Cross who had access to the camps. And most certainly it was not becausing of any gassing” in crude “gas chambers” which in reality were rooms to disinfect inmates of lice that bring on the deadly Typhus disease.

    No matter from which angle we look at the Jews’ so-called holocaust, the result is always the same: The six million figure is an insane exaggeration.

    Even if 6,000,000 Jews were “exterminated” by the “evil Nazis”, that number pales in comparison to over 60,000,000 Russians, Ukrainians and other Eastern European people that perished in the Red Holocaust c/o of Jewish communism.

  • Are Jews a cancer? Yes. Did they frame/torture/murder The Christ? W/o any doubt. But if and when a “reckoning” should finally occur, remember “The Synagogue COULD NOT have tortured/murdered/sacrificed so many Christians/Muslims w/o the complicity of the “Neo-Judas” class of the West, i.e. treasonous police/military and leading those waiting patiently for their 30 pieces of silver, the McCains, Bidens et al.

    Aside from the dual citizens such as Chertoff, Pollard, Lieberman etc. The Khazars do exactly what Khazars do; Divide/conquer/annihilate and enslave those they (or their neo-Judas class), don’t mass murder. The Neo-Judas class on the other hand betrayed their God, The Christ, their nations and peoples and deserve the most painfully slow and vicious form of justice one can think of. Perhaps similar to the ones used by the synagogue on all those poor Germans in Danzig or the displaced Palestinians we see being slow – slaughtered as we discuss this? Like the corrupt League of Nations before it, the U.N. (the antichrist?) must have a place in line as well.