Edited Video of Joint FBI, Oregon State Police Operation Against Bundy, Finicum

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  • The video below makes a strong case that LaVoy Finicum was attempting to draw gun fire away from the truck and away from the people in it, including two young girls, one being Victoria Sharp who provided very accurate audio testimony of what transpired while inside the truck.

    Here is a much closer look at FBI shooting footage by Professor Doom.

    Victoria Sharp – Eyewitness Testimony

  • Oregon Shooting of LaVoy Finicum Up Close

    Zoomed, cropped and slowed down footage of the FBI shooting of LeVoy Finicum.


    More closeups of shooters and windshield coming.

  • Shot in the back from behind! Nothing new! Would never happen to a black or a mexican.

  • Is ANY of this REAL? Would you trust the FBI to tell/show you the truth? Smells like a FUBAR PSYOP with so very much attention showered on this event…at least the acting is getting better. Shame on the Alt Press for Not Questioning…and being part and parcel of Enabling Controlled Opposition. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    • Exactly! The entire event was nothing but as other staged act and it sickens me too when I see the so-called alternative media helping promote the lies of the Powers That Be!
      There are often serious flaws with so many “alternative” sites due to tunnel vision. The authors and moderators might know a lot about certain topics, but tend to be clueless when it comes to other conspiracies. I feel that as someone who visits many sites and explores a plethora of conspiracies I have a more well-rounded and more realistic understanding of the world around us compared to those who focus mostly on one topic they produce content about. Heine is so right about the absurdity if trusting the official source in this case. It was a hoax and those promoting it as anything but that are fools or complicit in the psyop. In such instances retractions should be written. Nothing about the situation in Oregon made any seance whatsoever. It smelled like a hoax with the first “alternative” mention of the story.

  • Where is the blood from the multiple gunshot wounds? So many other anomalies, I call bullshit on this video.

  • I’m definitely open to the possibility this event may have been faked or staged in some way.

  • hmmmmmm….. video time stamp 27th the next day.

    “The federal government has no Constitutional authority to even own the land”, protesters claim.

    Well, please explain the following:
    United States Constitution states it very clear in
    Article Four Section 3 Clause 2: Property Clause

    The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.

    The Northwest Ordinance, which Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, enacted as the Constitutional Convention was meeting, and which the First Congress reenacted after the Constitution was ratified. This statute established the territorial government for the land comprising what is today the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. James Madison and other leaders at the Convention thought that the Articles of Confederation did not contain an adequate source of power to sustain the Northwest Ordinance. The Property Clause was designed to remedy that defect. This suggests that the Framers intended the Property Clause to be broad enough at least to constitutionalize the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance.

    Ammon Bundy the recepient of a $530,000 federal loan from the Small Business Administration, his father Cliven $3 miilion richer not paying his grazing fees.

    All these guys like LaVoy Finicum, a neighbor of his father’s Nevada ranch, Ryan Payne, Blaine Cooper (real name Stanley Hicks) previous appearence was in Ferguson, Missouri, and well known Agent provocateur Jon Ritzheimer appear to be some sort of Mormon Mafia.
    And of course no 3 ring circus would be with out a ringmaster like big mouth Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Informant(https://youtu.be/8hx7KS0jRNo?list=PLit28vmG6icQwf_qs0Fw_aUX5Z30ygZBl)
    They have appeared and hijacked a truly Federal invectiveness against the Hammond family, and turned it into a circus/honeypot designed to either lure or characterize militia’s in the public’s mind as crazy domestic terrorists.

    The Militia Act of 1903, which became known as the Dick Act. This law repealed the Militia Acts of 1792 and organized the militia into two groups: the Reserve Militia, which included all able-bodied men between ages 17 and 45, and the Organized Militia, which included state militia (National Guard) units receiving federal support.

    The key term here is “Organized Militia”, that does not mean a bunch of gun toting John Wayne wannabe yahoos who after drinking a case or two of beer to form THEIR own militia.

    Stay FAR way from these Kooks, if people really want to help the Hammond family help raise funds for the fine that might cost them their ranch.

  • Biggest bust of a federal operation in history caught on live stream “Patriot Militia” panic and run to kill feed when somebody asks them to sign “Talent Release” form!

  • ok the aircraft was exhibiting Zulu time zone, that explains the video date discrepancy.