Dutch Rabbi Demands Official Apology for “Holocaust Complicity”

Utilizing the fraudulent “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, the organized Jewish community has been exploiting the West, especially Germany, politically and financially since the conclusion of that fratricidal, Jewish-instigated war. They have extorted billions of dollars from Germany and other European nations in the form of “Holocaust reparations,” and have used the fake “Holocaust” story to instill a strong sense of Jewish identity in Jews as well as advance Jewish ethnic interests while demonizing White European identity and ethnic interests.

The Jews just never know when to stop. As if receiving billions of dollars and unlimited and constant sympathy and attention is not enough, the Jews are now demanding that the Dutch government officially apologize for their alleged complicity in the entirely false “Holocaust” narrative of “6 million Jews” systematically murdered at the hands of “the evil Nazis” and their collaborators, as The Jewish Daily Forward recently reported:

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Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs called on the prime minister of the Netherlands to apologize officially for authorities’ collaboration with Nazi Germany in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust.

Weighing in on a polarizing debate over this issue in the kingdom – whose neighbors have all offered such apologies – Jacobs said in an interview with JTA last week that, following expressions of regret of certain army and police units and other institutions, “it is time that the Dutch head of state offer a comprehensive apology.”

Some 75 percent of the 140,000 Jews who lived in the Netherlands before the Holocaust were murdered by German Nazis and their local collaborators in the genocide – the highest death rate in all of Nazi-occupied Western Europe. The Dutch police under Nazi occupation and the national railway company were widely complicit in hunting down Jews and transporting them to death and concentration camps.

At the same time, the Netherlands had a strong resistance movement and has the second-largest number worldwide of Righteous Among the Nations – a designation reserved for non-Jews who were recognized by Israel for risking their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust. The country with the highest number is Poland, which had 30 million citizens and over three million Jews during the Holocaust.

But the large number of Dutch righteous “could simply owe to better documentation of such deeds in the Netherlands compared to elsewhere,” said Jacobs in an interview held ahead of a ceremony this month honoring his 40 years of service of the community.

France, Belgium and Luxembourg officially apologized for their authorities’ part in the systemic annihilation of Jews in statements issued in 1995, 2012 and 2015 respectively.

But the Netherlands under Prime Minister Mark Rutte has resisted calls to also apologize, including by Dutch politician Geert Wilders of the Party for Freedom. Rutte in 2012 cited the absence of “broadly supported counsel from those involved or objective information” that would merit an apology.

A public debate over the issue started with the publication in 2012 of a book by Manfred Gerstenfeld, a Vienna-born Dutch Israeli scholar of anti-Semitism, titled “Judging The Netherlands: The Renewed Holocaust Restitution Process.”

The brazen arrogance and utter contempt for the Dutch government and people on display here is simply outrageous.

What White people need to understand is that this is the way Jews operate and think. They literally blame the entire Western world for the alleged “Holocaust” and for centuries of purported “persecution”. The Jews hold the West in contempt, and are working their hardest to fundamentally transform and pervert everything our civilization has traditional stood for and championed. It is past time we recognized these facts, and stood up to these tyrants.

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  • If the Dutch apologize or pay the Jews a penny they too deserve our contempt for being the COWARDS they are.

    • Indeed, the entire Western world, at least at the highest levels of government, politics, finance, academia, etc., is totally and completely subservient to Jewry – none dare “get out of line” or “rock the boat,” rendering them cowards. It’s pathetic!

    • Dear Tim: Even when the Dutch government will never apologize to the Jews of a piece of history wich in reality never did take place, it deserves not much respect. Were the Dutch politicians (just as all other governments of West Europe and the U.S. not the most staunch defenders of Israel during its youngest military operation, Protective Edge, (summer 2014) when more as 2.000 Palestinians were brutally murdered and killed? With some meager exceptions, whole the Dutch government (including Premier Mark Rutte) had just one thing to say (and we know what they actually said in one accord), “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Defend against what? Against helpless and poor Palestinians who have very dangerous weapons as stones, sticks, etc? So, tell me, a Dutchman, must I respect the Dutch government wich on one hand refuses to apologize for something wich in reality didn’t occurred but on the other the mass slaughter of Palestinians by a powerful Israeli army equiped wit the newest kind of war technology, Apache helicopters, the newest tanks, armed vehicles (thanks to mainly the U.S.) legitimizes and justifies? Don’t you know what will happen if the Dutch government as a whole possibly somewhere in the futre could say that Israel is a rogue state (what it truly is, of course)? I think, I don’t need to answer this question, isn’t it? And as long the Dutch government is a compliant servant of Israel, the contempt of Benyamin Jacobs is, unfortunately enough, (partly) justified.

  • All the Dutch have to do is to tell the Jews to prove their allegations.

    • Exactly – but of course the Jews cannot prove their allegations regarding the fake “Holocaust” narrative. In fact, honest historians and researchers have entirely debunked virtually every single aspect of the official “Holocaust” story. The Jews will never engage in an honest debate/dialogue about this (and many other) issue(s).

    • Dear Jaun; the Dutch people never dare to do this “out of fear of the Jews.” Now, let me tell you an very interesting piece of recent history: Michel van Eyck is a Dutch gallery owner from Amsterdam who sells books among others. One of the books he sells, is the book wich is known by almost everyone as “Mein Kampf” from Adolf Hitler. Regarding the reason for his offer of Mein Kampf to his clients, Van Eyck said that he himself is no supporter of Hitler; he sells it because Mein Kampf is just part of history, simply put. And what did happened? Look at http://www.irishtimes.com/world/europe/amsterdam-gallery-owner-faces-trial-for-selling-mein-kampf-1.1842660

  • Meanwhile, BBC hosted this fake/kosher “debate”, with the promising title, “Is the time coming to lay the Holocaust to rest?”; but it predictably falls flat as far as any authentic opposition questioning actual WW2 events.


  • Israel’s war criminals owe most of the world, not only an apology, but $$$ TRILLIONS $$$ in reparations for the unparalleled misery they’ve caused & continue to cause life on Earth.

    Hitler, even if he was as bad as these fantastic Zio-liars claim he was, would still be an amateur by comparison.

  • When everything is distilled down to its basic roots of WW2 – the betrayal of Germany by the Jews in WW1 – the declaration of war and economic boycott by the Jews of German goods in 1933 – the incitement to war against Germany by Churchill and Roosevelt – Adolph Hitler was absolutely right in his descriptions of Jewish behaviour. His analysis continues to be proved their actions seventy years after the war.