Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson Discusses Our Struggle

This is definitely worth watching.

Traditionalist Worker Party


  • This is just stunning. Dr. Johnson , my sincere and deepest regards.

    I have two copies of Francis Parker Yockey’s book Imperium with the Introduction written by Wills A. Carto (some speculate it was written by Revilo P. Oliver) and there were only 250 of the original publication.

    Do we unite with Aleksandr Dugin with Russian nationalists? I suspect Dugin has read Yockey’s Imperium.


    • Why would you seek Johnson’s, Yockey’s, Carto’s, Oliver’s or Dugin’s approval to think what you want to think?

      Insofar as the ideas those fellas write about would lead you to support policies tending to lead to the survival of you and people like you, they are good ideas. Insofar as they don’t, because they are either immaterial or positively harmful, they are simply immaterial or harmful ideas.

      I recommend if you insist needlessly on getting interested in ideas and other people’s thoughts you judge on this basis. Oliver is the most sound out of that bunch. Dugin and Yockey are poison.

      But can’t you come up with your own ideas about life, politics and White survival?

  • Excellent. Great to hear from Dr. Johnson again.

  • Hey John, activity has really slowed here at RR, with this one June 1st Dr. M.R.Johnson being the only new entry in the 12 days since your next most recent May 24 entry “Obama’s Ghetto Plan.” This compared to the years since your blog’s inception when you posted new items more days than not. Kindly let readers know you’re okay, Sir!

    Separately, Evalion on Lana’s Radio 314: https://redice.tv/radio-3fourteen/oy-vey-shut-it-down

    And here’s a < 5 min segment on French TV discussing Evalion, for anyone who speaks frog: https://youtu.be/aTnDNfxDQyk《 be nice if someone could re-up it with subtitles.

    • antilibcon: John looked fine when I met him in California on June 3rd. We had a very nice discussion for about three hours but he was a bit disappointed when I told him that I couldn’t vote for Trump in November. I am the State Chairman for the Constitution Party of New Mexico, so will be supporting our candidate Darrell Castle and his running mate Scott Bradley that we selected at our Convention in Salt Lake City, UT on April 16th.

  • ”I am the State Chairman for the Constitution Party of New Mexico, so will be supporting our candidate Darrell Castle and his running mate Scott Bradley”

    The problem with people like you is that YOU don’t know how to WIN. The Left does and that’s why they DO. You’d rather vote for some irrelevant third party because of “principles” or some other frivolous reason.

    A Hillary Clinton presidency will completely destroy what’s left of traditional America, finishing the job started by the White America-hating, homosexual, Marxist mutt illegally occupying the Oval office. Get prepared, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Donald Trump needs all the support and votes he can garner to offset the vicious propaganda directed against him by the anti-White, cultural Marxist mass media, who still, even in this age of the Internet, greatly influences what the public thinks and who they vote for.

    Just think, after Hillary wins and starts implementing her far Left, Marxist agenda, e.g., the legalization of tens of millions of illegal alien Mexicans and (most likely) the banning of firearms ownership, for starters, people like you who had a once in a lifetime chance to reverse things peacefully with a Donald Trump presidency–and didn’t–will be tormented for not having done so once you start feeling the effects of her policies. At least you will if you have a conscience.

    There has been no election in our lifetime more important than this upcoming one. The future of America is at stake–White America. Trump loses, game over, America is f*cking finished! Done! Through! (Pardon my Yiddish.)

    Utterly disgusted…

  • Dugin and some of his adherents do present a persuasive message, but I’m not convinced. He is against the nation-state, I’m not aware of him being critical of world Jewry the way we are, he is chummy with Islam, he dislikes most (white) racialists, he is against America, etc. Modernity to me would have been fine if it had not been wrested away from real noble Anglo-Saxons and taken over by Jews. So I see difficulties with Duginism. If my interpretation is off, then I concede the error beforehand.

    John, I hear ya. We all gotta make a living, and I’m sure the Jews have you blacklisted all over- you are almost public enemy number one to them. Maybe writing for a paper where that is anti Zionist is the answer- some Arabic or Slavic journal , I dunno.

    Demographically, this is the last US election. After this, it will just be a one party state, so everyone support Trump, he has to win, steer Trumpism toward the idea of white nationalism, or the ethno-state, pull the Tea Parties ( they backed Cruz) into our cause, because Trump could lose and we need to be ready- no more GOP, just a minority white party- this is where we could be, so bury the cucks forever and let us be the only alternative after the dust settles..