Dr. Kevin MacDonald – Trump, identity politics & political correctness

On Friday, March 4, I sat down with Dr. Kevin MacDonald to discuss Donald Trump, identity politics, and political correctness. Above you can watch all five video interviews I conducted with Dr. MacDonald, or you can visit my YouTube channel to watch and/or share the videos individually.

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  • Great interview. (constructive crit: balance audio channels – tighter frame on interviewee)

  • WHY–WHY Won’t anyone Realize that the candidates for political office are CFR members (Council of foreign members)?

    The CFR website advocates eliminating our national borders among other the supra-national allegiance.

  • Great questions and topics, great answers from one of the best. I’m sure John will gradually improve the technical quality of these kinds of interviews as learns the new skills. Good job.

    Trump is not that far in the lead as I write this, with Lyin’ Ted not so far behind in the delegate count. Probably we are looking at a combination of boobus americanus not voting for the only viable candidate, Trump, versus voting for any of the other compromised Jew World Order frauds. Also, one wonders about voting fraud with electronic machines? In Texas there were complaints about machines not registering desired votes, according to RT.

    Lyin’ Ted won Texas.

    The fix may be in, in which case Trump will not have a lock on the delegates going into the convention, which means a brokered convention and neocon putsch.

    We must remain positive and hopeful though, happy soldiers, the movement is growing among the ferocious tsunami of disenfranchised citizens who support Trump, even if momentum is lessening due to voter fraud, the horrendous bias in the media, etc.

  • Massive voter fraud in Kansas last night and nothing is being said – even at rense. Forget everything else, nothing is more important than that. Trump has increased gop voter turnout in the most spectacular way imaginable….all those people aren’t coming out to vote for Cruz – Cruz CANNOT beat Trump by twice the amount of votes. Its not possible. Now WHY WHY WHY are none of these online news sources discussing it? Not even ONE article.

  • Laura Phares-Wilson

    Excellent Interview, John