Dr. Kevin MacDonald Talks Trump

On Friday, February 5, Dr. Kevin MacDonald joined me on The Realist Report for a brief 30 minute segment to discuss Donald Trump and the upcoming NPI conference in Washington, D.C. Pete Papaherakles of American Free Press and The Barnes Review joined us as well. You can find the entire 2 hour program here.

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  • Donald Trump is not in our camp, nobody disputes that. He is very far from being a White nationalist and he is light-years away from being aware of the Jewish question. Period. Having said that, he is a bulldozer, a wrecking ball. His mission, from our perspective, is not to fix things for White people once and for all. His mission, from our perspective, is to crack the wall for us, it is to clear the way for our ideas. For the first time EVER mainstream politicians and the mainstream media are talking about sanctuary cities, anchor babies, illegal immigration, the 18 trillion national debt and the devastation of the US industrial base due to outsourcing of work to China and Mexico. For the first time EVER people are speaking in public about the fact that career politicians do not work for the people but rather for the lobbyists who paid for their campaigns. And it was Trump who SINGLE-HANDEDLY FORCED this conversation into the public arena. And the longer he stays campaigning and talking about these issues, the more people will see through the bullshit of career politicians in both parties. Wether he gets elected or not (and now I honestly think he does stand a good, solid chance of becoming president) Donald has been a blessing for our camp. By detoxifying the asphyxiatingly PC public discourse and greatly widening the limits of what can be said in public, Trump is creating a far more favorable environment for OUR ideas. We are not in a position to demand ideological purity from any leader, especially because we have NO leader. We have nothing. We are just people sharing views on the internet and now and then holding small events like the AMREN conferences or the London Forum. Sneering at Donald is not smart. We should support him, and (those who vote in the US) should vote for him. Not because of his views and his goals, BUT BECAUSE OF OURS. Trump is A LADDER TO SOMETHING ULTERIOR AND HIGHER. Let us be smart and use it.

    • Are you delusional? A white nationalist wouldn’t get elected!

      People complain about things that make no sense whatsoever. “Trump is pro-Israel!” No shit, you CAN’T GET ELECTED BEING ANTI-ISRAEL. He has to appeal to everyone to get elected because that’s the situation we’re in.

      Trump is as far right as one can be and still get elected.

      Trump has all the right enemies. Trump is German on his father’s side. He even cares about Europe. You never hear the other candidates concerned about immigration into Europe.

  • It seems everyone here is blind to reality. Trump is literally playing a role given to him by his jewish masters. He cannot possibly become president. He most definitely can’t be voted in since no one is and be won’t be selected by the Powers That Be.
    It seems this site is for those who have looked around the rabbit hole, but have much digging to do. I by no means claim to have all of the answers or to be right about everything, but I do believe I have advanced further than most I see commenting here and outside of the jewish problem I feel I am more tuned in than John as well.
    Trump telling the dumbed down masses that the politicians don’t work for us, that there are sanctuary cities, that everything is being outsourced to China and Mexico, for example, are all things we knew before and not even new ideas for the mainstream. It seems you all don’t understand mind control in the least.
    One negative aspect is that those serious issues are now being connected to Trump and most anyone I’ve heard in person, outside of the so-called alternative sites, thinks Trump is a loon. So psychologically there is actually a barrier to the truth being constructed through the actor Trump’s fake campaign.
    Another negative for the honest, caring People is the conditionig going on that on a subconscious level leads even readers if this site to feel they must accept such disgusting things as the death of his supposedly once free nation.
    We should not support Trump! We don’t need that bafoon to help truth; all he can do is damage it.
    And if you believe as the first commenter here that Trump is clueless about the jewish problem then you have no sense if reality and probably believe the mainstream news too. It is absurd to think Trump doesn’t know such realities. He is under their control and has gladly played his role in manipulating the minds of the masses for a very long time.
    Again and again, I’m sickened by this wife’s promotion of an evil man who sold his soul.
    Please start to actually think and not just react to what the jewish media is presenting you. You shoud know by now that IT IS ALL AN ACT and they never script it out to benefit the good guys in any way. And they don’t make a mistake as grand as giving is even hope.
    Wake up, fools!

  • I shouldn’t type these things in my phone!
    CORRECTION: Amongst other typos, autocorrect changed what was meant to be “site’s” to “wife’s” in my initial comment. 😛

  • The full transcript of David Duke’s recent video, “Donald Trump, Cruz, Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchy” is now available, along with a PDF for download, here:

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