Donald Trump – A Great Leader, Father & American!

A great video here. Check it out!

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  • Wow! You guys are really being used as pawns by those attempting to derail the Trump campaign-
    “Reviled racist Matthew Heimbach admits to pushing black woman at Trump rally, blames tension on Black Lives Matter”

  • I like about 90 percent of what Trump says. Unfortunately, most of us thought the same thing about Obama in 2008 and look what happened. We had the choice between a known crook, shyster, drug kingpin, war traitor, who called himself “Son of Cain”, or an unknown “guy” who we thought might be our “savior”…… only to turn out to be even worse.

    Am I the only one who sees a BIG problem, here? Are we being played, AGAIN? Trump’s ties to Jewish Organized Crime are every bit as powerful as Obama’s ties to the Jews that ran Chicago.

    America is the most hated and reviled country on Earth, even more hated than our masters in Israel. A few dirty bombs and everything else is a moot point, if Trump doesn’t get serious about shutting down the Greater Israel Project, permanently.

    I admit, Trump is the only decent option we have. But please let’s stop this fawning adulation and let’s try to force Trump to get serious about the BIG problem, Israel, and it’s tribe of hysterical mobsters.

    Not sure if he’s got it in him, but feeding his already bloated ego is NOT the way to get him to get serious about turning the tables on The Tribe who have made him what he is.

    • Russia had a major problem with its communism and in particular the Bolshevik Jews driving it for going on to a century. They finally rid themselves of the Jews that were the problem. All of them. Trump if elected should do the same. He will not as as said he is in league with them as was Obama of the Chicago ones and others. Trump is more so in league as his daughter turned Judaistic, married a rich Jewish one, and Trump has been in league with Rothschild, Russian Jewish Mafia and others for how long? Will he go against them? Not he. His rhetoric is a sham using the proverbial ‘deceit’ and ‘lying’ as observed by the astute journalists. He would lose his wealth, if not his life. He would not. So whose pawn is he? Not his own man, obviously. He just mouths what much of the general public would desire to see accomplished. It could never be.

  • Trump chooses sexual partners which are as obummer and its same gender, more or less, fellow-chimp-demon.

    The Trumps are trumping in that they are kosher (iun-clean) John 8:44’ers or Matt 23:33’ers, as the obummers. 99.1% of the world is kosher (un-clean / mixed, part demon) by design—the purging of evil from the Original Whole.

    So, if they replace the obummers, then the dirty, former “White Peoples’ House will be remain un-clean or kosher, chimp-demon style, merely.

    Oh, Yes, America (God’s Kingdom Seat) and all else will “be made new or righteous” or Great “Again”; however, only once all of the wickedness is cleansed. This is What The Original Whole (Christ and All of Us) are becoming, slowwwly but surely!!!

  • John

    You have done some awesome reporting as to who runs the political, economical, social and educational agenda in the U. S. and for that matter worldwide, but Trump is not the Savior, nor for that matter any of the other candidates.

    We are being played all over again. There is not a chance in hell he is not in the pocket of the Jewish lobby. Any and all posturing is all just theater.

    He has all the legitimacy and credibility of Alex Jones. Got go.!! Got to get me some nutritional supplements while I read Art Of The Deal and watch old reruns of Celebrity Apprentice.

  • I am a father. I shed tears watching this. My boys love me so much. I give them the time… no matter what. They need me.Mr.Trump makes me want to be a better man… to ask… “Is there something more I can do!”.

    Mr.Trump is the real deal, much like another man in history that was attacked worse than Mr.Trump.

    Over 18 million German nationals were murdered, raped, tortured, straved, beaten, mutilated, etc. from 1945 until 1953.

    That is a god damned fact!

  • The weight that hangs upon a loving father’s shoulders is unimaginable. No one can understand except those good men out there who have sacrificed their personal wants and needs for the wants and needs of their young.

    How do I measure a man?

    I measure a man by his relationship with his children. I watch him tend and mind his children. I watch the children’s behavior. I watch them when the father is not there and when the father is in the room or enters the room. It is so easy to mark the character of a man by the behavior of his children and in that there is no denial.

    Watching this video, I mark the reactions of Mr.Trumps children. I see swelled eyes, bordering upon tears welling forth. There is no argument that these human beings adore their daddy.

    Mr.Trump may have character defects, and that is a moot point… we all have character defects… but moreover… it is not how society views us, but rather instead how our children view us, and more importantly, how society views our children at the end of the day.

    Mr.Trump’s children have grown to adulthood and have my utmost respect in their candor, their modesty, their professionalism and their intelligence to respond with alacrity… using critical analysis to any outsider’s conniving and manipulative leans to thwart them into tripping up and making a mistake about something hidden.

    But the facts show that there was and never was any sordid past to Mr.Trumps life. It simply shows and is demonstrated in his children’s pure and honest reactions.

    Everyone knows that any lie cannot be concealed, and that it will eventually leak out or “trigger” out. One simply cannot manifest enough to veil their past if they are sordid.

    Again… Mr.Trump is the real deal. He is not perfect. I do not want him to be perfect. I simply desire of him the same that his children desired of him… and got! A good, well-intentioned father, who loves his children, and moreover loves the object of his passion without placing that object under undue restrictions.