Do you believe in our Jewish future?

Why can’t White people make videos like this without being called “racist” or “supremacist”?


  • when the jews who live in israel have to stop fighting aganist the palestians then maybe you might have a future, but as things stand now , no way, people will hate the zionist, and they will hate the zionist forever, with what the zionists have been doing to this earth.

    remember, it will be the zionist who will start ww3, this is fact, and people will not tolerate this from the jewish people, so if you want peace then try to convince you israel leadership and those zionists who live in america, not to start ww3, or else the world’s angry will come down unto the jewish people, and this will not be pretty

  • The last of us who need protection are them. They’re like voldemort. They who shall not be named.

  • Time will come and whites will be respected again.

  • The sooner the better.

  • “I believe, in the Power of the World’s Oldest ethnic Mafia.”

    The Jews should have thought about this BEFORE they pulled a stunt called 9/11 and the so-called “War on Terror.”

    The terrorists are Jews, period.

  • The Zionists await their Messiah. Since Jesus Christ i s the true Messiah, theirs’ can only be the Antichrist who comes on the scene first. He will come with signs and lying wonders. DO NOT be fooled. Christ returns with the death and resurrection of the two witness’

  • All five posters above are correct, and I believe them. Dave E. is the only one who mentioned the world’s oldest ethnic Mafia, although not by name … that was done earlier this year by former editor Preston James of Veterans Today.
    The Khazar Mafia (KM) was established in the ghettos of Eastern and Central Europe, following the fall of the Khazar Empire and the expulsion of its inhabitants by St. Vladimir the Great and his Kievan Rus forces. This malevolent organization was established for the purpose of avenging the expulsion of the Khazar Jews from their fallen Empire. This vengeance wasn’t exacted on the Russians (descendants of the Kievan Rus) until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1918 that wrought the murders of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family and the mass murders of tens of millions of Russians – aristocrats, clerics and lower classes alike.
    The illegitimate State of Israel (established in 1948) is the HQ of the Khazar Mafia and its subsidiary, the Rothschild Banking Cartel … not the Israel of the Bible that Zionists and their sycophants in the West would have us all believe. Once the Temple of Solomon (2nd Temple) in Jerusalem was sacked and destroyed in 70 AD (as prophesied by Jesus Christ Himself) and the Hebrews were finally expelled in 135 AD and scattered across the ends of the Roman Empire, there was never to be a political/militarist Israel to arise, according to Biblical Law … thus, Modern Israel exists in violation of that Law. There’s nothing Spiritual about this entity … Zionism is not a religion; it’s simply a political ideology, as are Communism, Democracy, Fascism, etc.

    • I have read Preston James’s work on the Khazar Mafia and it got me to thinking. When I read Texe Marrs’s reference to a verse in scripture Rev. 2:9 it all makes sense now. I gave a 16-minute speech at the Constitution Party’s National Committee Meeting in Albuquerque, NM on October 31, 2015 where I discussed this. You can view that speech on our website at:

      I also posted an article on October 10, 2015 entitled “How Did Germany Recover From the Weimar Republic Collapse of the 1920s ?” How did Germany get into that mess that required such a major effort to get out ? Read and view both posts and do your own research, it points the index finger right at the people who are doing it to us today !

  • 1.Blow up Buddhas statues in Afghanistan. 2. Attack WTC. 1. Blow up Vishnu statue, Buddha is avatar of Vishnu. 2. Do it across the intersection of a shopping mall that used to be called The World Trade Center until renamed.

  • There’s one big problem with all the beliefs. Christianity is not real. It’s based on ancient sun (read:son) worship. That’s why christmas falls nearly on the winter equinox.

    The jews made up most of their religion, too, also based upon borrowed (or more accurately, stolen) ancient religious beliefs that they re-wrote.

  • Open Borders for Israel

    I believe that Open Borders for Israel is a good thing.

    I say… if it’s good enough for other Nations, it is good enough for Israel as well.

    I just think people are people, black, brown, it doesn’t matter.

    People might think, Israel is an apartheid State…. well… Israel really is… but…

    I just disregard all that talk about Israel being a JEWISH State.

    Israel needs to just stop all that talk about having a JEWISH State.

    Israel sounds so racist with all that JEWISH State talk. STOP it Jews you make Israeli Zionist sound so racist.

    I’m not a xenophobe; I think Zionist should just accept the fact that people are people.

    I know most Jews don’t share my opinion but… if people want to live in Israel that’s fine with me; the more the merrier that’s what I always say.

  • I’m afraid burning babies to death is not a future anyone can look forward to, except maybe Jews.