Discussing Jewish Power and Influence is “anti-Semitic”

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  • The whole thing is absurd seeing as how the so-called ‘Jews’ aren’t Semites to begin with. They are Khazars who are descended from Ashkenaz (hence the name ‘Ashkenazi Jew’) who was a grandson of Noah’s son Japheth who was a gentile. The Hebrews were named after Noah’s son Shem (hence the name ‘Semite’). The false Jews are gentiles, which makes all their complaining about anti-Semitism a joke.

    • Well, I think the Khazarians may have presented the relation to Noah’s son after their “conversion” in order to “bootstrap” themselves, at least marginally, into the Hebrew religion. Remember, Khazaria, around the year 800, was confronted by the intolerant Christians on the north, and the intolerant Mohammedans to the south. They had the Black Sea on the west and the Caspian Sea on the east. Their religion was not going to be tolerated, nor could they convert to one or the other without incurring the enmity of the religion not chosen. They investigated the situation and discovered that Hebrews were tolerated in both religions, and so they converted to Judaism en masse. The Noah story came later.

  • jews aren’t Shemites. Per Christ, to be a Shemite, one must be “pure in their White Racial DNA” (Gen 6:9 Heb to English Precise Translation).

    The very abbreviation jew means a race-mixed demon-dna creature.

  • This is what we’re dealing with (gentile libertards/Christian cucks):
    ncronline.org/news/vatican/francis-visit-greece-april-16-flash-visit-solidarity-migrants and
    The RCC is going to have a conference about the just war theory /vatican-host-first-ever-conference-reevaluate-just-war-theory-justifications-violence
    The final nail in the coffin for the West to act against the Muslim invasion – endorsed by the cuck leader of the homosexual, Freemasonic, multi-culti grand lodge.
    It is now critical for people to stop financing the RCC. It has become the enemy of the West. As usual, it will be cucks who will cause the most problems (they can be
    even worse than libertards). Kathy Shaidle a neo-con cuck RCC is busy attacking Mexicans
    while promoting the Jewish Dennis Prager and his “university” -his favorite Christian preacher is the black Jesse Lee Peterson. Prager works with Muslims and Catholic cucks like Arthur C. Brooks (NYT writer) to promote “conservatism
    among all peoples.” RCC, neo-con Steve Sailer wrote – “As I’ve been saying for a long time, the crucial “swing vote” not in numbers
    but in influence are ethnocentric center-left Jews, such as Larry Summers.”
    isteve/will-larry-summers-take-the-high-road-or-the-low-road-on-political-correctness. Ann Coulter’s bud, the half-Jew, gay Milo Yiannoupolos who dates black men – is popping up all over the “conservative and alt-right.” WOW!
    Ramzpaul has had a couple of videos about “white nationalists” and their “purity tests.” Of course, we will have to interact with people of other races, but that
    doesn’t mean we can’t impose certain standards. First is always a European/Caucasian Christianity/neopaganism. Most people need a religion so it has to fit racial groups.
    Second, I don’t associate with people who claim to be “conservative” but live degenerate lives. I would never be friends with someone married to a black or Asian.
    Mitch Connell,John Derbyshire have Chinese wives – not kosher. DeBlasio (New York mayor- not Jewish) is married to a negress and has black offspring.
    This is why he is busy relaxing criminal punishments in New York – to protect his black offspring. This degeneracy affects whites. Jewish racial degeneracy is
    especially troubling. Geraldo Rivera (offspring of a light-skinned black Puerto Rican father/Jewish mother) has come out on the side of Muslims – he hates Trump and Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.
    The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin blowup was a product of Jews. Zimmerman is a German name (I speak German), usually Jewish (when I meet people with
    names that can be either Jewish or Christian I ask their religion). The Jewish singer Bob Dylan’s birthname is Robert Zimmerman (2nd ex-wife negress,
    has a black daughter with her). When Zimmerman’s picture was show, he looked like those Asian-Jews
    that are popping up (Mark Zuckerberg has a Chinese wife). This caused the Jews to panic, so they started calling him a “white Hispanic.” It turned out
    that his mother’s grandfather was black and that he had grown up with blacks (his relatives), so I thought he was an Asian/black/Jew. It was reported that
    he was raised RCC, but his father’s background has never been completed established. But the Jews were in a panic. Andrea Mitchell (CNN reporter) was a leader in
    the Zimmerman witch hunt. She is currently on her 2nd husband – Alan Greenspan. Her first husband was a black man. There were 2 black kids in the that marriage.
    Some people say they are her sons, but she won’t admit it because they are black. Some say they were from her first husband’s first marriage. Look at all the problems
    the Jews have caused because of George Zimmerman. The 1/2 Jew Bill Maher dates mostly negresses and has publicly stated he is on the side of blacks, illegal aliens,
    and gays. The black, ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    (the slim version of the obese windbag Oprah Winfrey) was being promoted as a model “Western woman.” These people have nothing to do with the Western world.
    I think people get hung up over Latin Americans. But there are differences. Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia have large or
    marjority black populations. The actor Matthew Mcconaughey is married to a black Brazilian and has black kids. Mexico, Central America are largely Indian countries
    run by whites. The high caste Euro-mestizos have not been a problem since they were small in number and easily assimilated. Herbert Hoover’s vice president –
    was Charles Curtis-an American Indian with European ancestry-a mestizo-whites didn’t mind. But bring in Jews, blacks, Asians (Chinese, Filipino, Japanese
    low caste dark skinned East Indians), gays and then you have problems. ChurchmilitantTV run by the eunuch Michael Voris is very anti-American, blaming RCC
    problems on Protestants, in particular WASPs. As an American, that infuriates me – American WASPs are an easy target-they will not behead them or riot.

    • Well you really know how to get the point across. I agree with everything you wrote and thanks a lot.

      • Thank you Manofsteel for your kind words. Here are some more points to consider
        Christianity is one of the biggest problems facing groups who want to save Western civiliation. First, I am a post-Vatican II, cradle Roman Catholic born and raised in WASP America (familiar with pre-Vatican II documents, mainstream Protestants and Christian Zionists). I believe in i.q., evolution and my Christianity
        and politics are based on the two. I.q. reflects the differences among the races, Caucasians, Asians, blacks. Thus, I cannot believe in “universal brotherhood” or “universal church,” two oxymorons. The only thing I will accept is that we are all human = whether Aryan or pygmy. After that i.q/race differences separate us. The Roman Catholic Church (“RCC”) claims to be the universal church which views all people as equal. I do not accept non-white priest, popes. If you believe in “universal brotherhood” (Christian, Freemasonic, Marxist) you are the problem.
        If you cannot accept i.q. differences and their relation to race, you are the problem. Also, the RCC is working with Christian Zionists, Freemasons and Muslims. Pope Francis is brilliantly evil. I am still a Christian. Christianity is for the Western mind, soul. If nonwhites want to be Christians, they must form their churches
        with their own priests/popes in their countries. If your church does state that Jews are under a Deicidal curse and that Islam is a Christian heresy, do not attend it.

        • Betty/Manofsteel,

          is that White nationalism for the US and ethnonationalism for Europe (implying a White Europe respecting all the diverse cultures of Europe)?

          If so, that’s all need be said. Those who are opposed are the only ones who need all the squid ink.

          The extra verbiage originated with Jews, always and to date necessarily.

  • Although sorely missed after his unexpected death, everyone should begin familiarizing themselves with the work of John Bryant if you are not already. You can start at this page off John’s website which is still up.


    I also further encourage everyone to purchase John Bryant’s book Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Jews But Were Afraid to Ask Because You Thought You’d Be Called “Antisemitic”. It will outline strategies, consequences, Jewish thinking and a structure around which to organize.