Despite AIPAC speech, I still support Trump

I made this video in response to Trump’s speech at the AIPAC Policy Conference in D.C. earlier this week. Despite Trump’s cucking to Israel and the Jews, we still gotta get him in the White House!

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  • Most Jews will as always vote DemoRat and as 2% of the population doesn’t mean much! I think Donald went after the Baptist and Assembly of God vote as these are the bulk of the Christian Zionists who blindly support Israel and are the enabler’s of Jewish power in the US!
    I think Trump is the lesser of all the evils running for office! If he is elected could he possible be worse than the totally Jew owned and operated candidates running? I don’t think so!

  • John thanks for addressing us. Takes a lot of guts to man up. Don’t wear polo. Look up “Ralph Lauren’s” real name. You’ll probably give it all away like I did.

    John, is there anything than can happen, any information at all that will change your mind? What would it take for you to say, “Geez, maybe Donald is just a tool of the Zionist and he doesn’t mean anything he says.” We know that his “slavish devotion to Israel” as you put it, his family ties, his pro-torture, war mongering, his Trump steaks, his promises to spend billions of dollars on whatever Zionist tell him, that won’t do it. But, is there anything? Or, are you locked into Trump being the real deal no matter what? If that’s the case, perhaps you should

    If he’s elected, and doesn’t build the wall, deport millions of people, bring back thousands of obsolete factory jobs, but continues cucking for Israel, will you say he is a phony? Or blame the “evil left-wing conspiracy” or the “republican establishment”?

    Is it at all possible that the Zionist owned media is playing you like a schmuck by the artificial screeches and howls? How can he be such a threat to the Zionist, but cuck for 23 minutes and have all those ties? There was a time, about a year ago, when if someone even remotely cucked for Zionist, they were by default not pro-USA. And if the guest list to their weddings read like a bar mitzpha, they were not. Somehow, The Donald gets a pass?

    Is that a Donald Trump statue in the background? When you say don’t view him as a savior, but have a bust of him next to where you sleep, it’s hard not to think you are brainwashed.

    Go watch a season of “The Apprentice” and then tell me this guy is not playing you like a sucker.

    I’m trying to pull you back from the Matrix. Come John. He’s not real. You are laying the groundwork for the next 4, 8, 12 years, until his death, and after for a “What If Hitler Won” type of conversation/devotion.

    • Thanks for the feedback – I know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with me on this, and that’s fine. Again, I support Trump because of his stance on immigration alone. He is also raising many, many other important topics, and I plan on holding his feet to the fire to make sure he stays true to his words and promises.

      A friend of mine owns an import/export business and picked up a bunch of Trump pinatas a few months ago. I got one from him because I thought it was funny – Mexicans buy the Trump pinatas to beat up on at their birthday parties because he wants to build a wall and deport illegals. I thought it would be a funny souvenir to have for this election.

  • Your position: “Trump is a straight talking, decent courageous guy who’s speaking some much needed truth. EXCEPT when he says something that we don’t like. Then, he’s just pandering to get elected.

    Trump goes against the wishes of 99% of the people of this country, in favor of the treasonous 1% and you STILL support him. Unbelievable.

    Even if he is pandering, do you REALLY think that is a mark of courage? Of someone who is fit to be the leader of a Cub Scout Troop, let alone the US of A?

    How can you possibly consider this man anything but a traitor?

    If he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to a bunch of pasty-faced parasites at AIPAC, how the HELL would he fare in a war imposed on us by Jews, like they did and will soon do again?

    You may be right, but if you’re not, don’t be surprised when people like me call you out for being traitors to reason, if not much worse.

    People were taken in by Obama, too. Don’t you DARE call them naive fools when Trump turns out to exactly what he says he is…… a supporter of our enemy, the “country” that declared war on us 15 years ago.

    • Look, Trump’s speech at AIPAC was disgusting – I am not happy about it. I am not happy that Jews run America and Trump panders to them in order to get elected. It sucks. I’m not making excuses for him – it’s very unfortunate that even a guy like Trump has to bow down and worship the Jews and Israel.

      I don’t mind if you disagree with me or call me out. I’ve explained why I will continue to support Trump and vote for him in the primary and general election.

      • It’s just a little dangerous to risk the survival of the planet and the free world on a “hunch” or a blind obsession with immigration. I know So. Cal looks like Tijuana these days, but PLEASE try to get some perspective on the big picture.

        If you’re wrong and Trump is being honest, you can kiss this country goodbye and it won’t be Mexico’s fault.

        • What other choice do we have with this election? Clinton?!

          Trump is challenging the establishment is a major way on a number of very important topics and he is discrediting the mass media. This is good, in my opinion.

          • Trump is a risk, a gamble, but as you said, Who else? We can only hope that Trump as President will actively do what he is promising now. For our survival, USAmericans desperately need the changes Trump is advocating. If Trump can do this, yet appease Israel, too, that could be very helpful. However, once in office, Trump won’t be allowed to be his own man in making decisions. He is not top man on the power tower. His wealth is not anywhere nearly enough in relation to Soros, Rothschild, and the others who run the world. Whoever becomes President will have been selected, just as Obama was. If we the people can not replace the corrupt government we have, it will stay the disastrous way it is going now. Trump is no savior, but he at least sounds caring, even if it is just a performance.

      • John,

        The AIPAC speech isn’t the only problem and you know it. When I first met you, you were strongly anti-war and anti-Israel. A vote for Trump is a vote for Israel to continue their barrage against Palestinians. It is a vote for the Likud party and that evil bastard Netanyahu. It is a vote for Eretz Israel, whether you admit it or not.

        Your stance about supporting him “because of his stance on immigration alone” is about the last thing I would ever want to hear from an informed voter. It is an emotional plea to those others who cannot seem to grasp your thinking. It is totally baffling to me and short-sighted.

        But I do understand. I understand he is the best choice given us to sElect. There is no doubt. And that is by design.

        So, there is nothing he could do that would change your mind?

        What if he performed a metzitzah_b’peh on his own grandchild?

        He sorta did that in the AIPAC speech.

        • Given the fact that AIPAC and other pro-Israel Jewish lobbies dominate the American political establishment, a vote for any candidate is a vote for Israel’s continued barrage against the Palestinians.

          Regarding immigration… our country has been flooded with millions of illegal aliens. The Obama administration and political establishment want to bring in thousands of Middle Eastern and African “refugees.” They are already doing this. Trump is openly saying he will deport illegal aliens, shut down the border, and place a moratorium on Muslim immigrants. How is this not the most important issue facing America right now? It’s been the most important issue for decades now, and Trump is offering some serious solutions.

          • John, the immigration thing is but one issue that the entire cabal is pushing. This is obvious to the Jew wise.

            And Trump is NOT Jew wise. He is Jew subservient.

            He has tickled your ears with that one issue that floats your boat. You fell for it, in spite of all the years I’ve listened to you rant about the jewish problem, you have embraced a jew stooge that will perpetuate the problem.

            Sorry. Not this guy. I will be consistent. I will not waver and take my eye off the real culprits and their sycophants.

            There is no lesser of the evils, John. You just jumped in with evil all the way. After being thoroughly warned over and over again.

            So now what? We wait until we see the real trump fuck us like all the others did and I can say “Told ya so”?

            Just great. Here we go again.

          • The immigration issue is the bait, holohoax denial laws are the hook. Don’t lose sight of the hook. The American public are much more likely to allow their free-speech to be buried forever in the wake of a limited Trump-led prosperity than through the rhetoric of any of the other candidates. Trump is the con-artist they need to inspire the confidence for the final maneuver or “The Trump Card.” And that is “holohoax denial laws” which kill free speech and the final remnants of the USA with it, for good.

            Trump is just a variation on faux-nationalism of Putin’s Russia coming to the USA and at the same high price: passing of laws that choke all free-speech when it comes to identifying the real criminals behind both those puppets.

            The other candidates are much worse, but Trump is the more dangerous con-artist in the most important area, that of “free speech” and the First Amendment, or the very lifeblood of the USA.

    • John, with all due respect I have to disagree with you that “illegal immigration” is the biggest problem that America now faces. It was through “legal immigration” that we got into this mess in the first place. Our country began to be flooded with millions of Eastern “European” jews in the late 1800s–and then again starting in the 1960s with priority to any non-Whites. The cow is already out of the barn; no wall on the Mexican border can reverse the damage the jews have already caused.

      Even if Trump builds an Israeli-type security wall across our southern border, our jewish-owned politicians will continue to flood our White communities with “legal immigrants” from every Third World cesspool. Look at the destruction of rural Minnesota and Wisconsin–that’s from “legal” Somolians, arabs, and asians, not Mexicans. And as long as that continues unabated, no wall will stem the flow.

      As long as we have jews in this country, we will never have viable borders–they simply won’t allow it. And if Trump does erect such a border “wall,” you can bet that the next democrat as president will take it down. I can hear the SJWs 4 years from now chanting, “Mr. Trump, take down that Wall!”

      And just a friendly reminder for anyone who doubts Trump’s jewish support:

      Trump is not going to “out-smart” these jews and beat them at their own game. If he tries, he will get “JFK-ed” in a heartbeat. If Trump gets “elected,” make no mistake–it’s because the jews at the top of the food chain, like billionaire Carl Icahn, want him elected.

      • LOL That is so damning. Every single person around and behind Trump is a Jew!

        And yet, the same Jews pretend to be totally against him in the mainstream media.

        If Trump turns out to be “the real deal” & out to “save the USA from the NWO” (lol) as Alex Jones claims “insiders” have told him secretly, a camel will also be likely to pass through the eye of a needle.

    • What’s the best current option now?

  • I am enjoying reading these well-reasoned detractors/skeptics as well as John’s replies. This election & all its’ factions is like observing a peculiar science experiment. :-)

  • Trumper Dubber Do

    previously posted at the realist report but relevant to your video John, thanks:

    Trump’s AIPAC Speech – Shrewd And Politically Expedient

  • Trumper Dubber Do

    Trump gives lip-service to Israel but has a few aces up his sleeve. As anyone who has been following his candidacy knows, whatever you think of the man or his politics, he is a shrewd and highly intelligent strategist. When dealing with the Zio-Zillionaire Sheldon Adelson, Adelson remarked:
    “He (Trump) had talked about potentially dividing Jerusalem and Israel, so I talked about Israel because with our newspaper, my wife being Israeli, we are the few who know more about Israel than people who don’t” (7).
    At the AIPAC conference Trump told the audience what they wanted to hear, that Jerusalem will one day become the capital of Israel. But he does not mention that Jerusalem should also remain an open city as his comments to Adelson implied.
    On the same day as the AIPAC confab Trump told reporters that Israel could be paying the US for security, implying the flow of billions in US “aid” to Israel might finally come to an end when Trump is president (8).
    In the meantime, Trump continues to dress-down his Zio-media opponents by employing his sharp wit. While on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show which aired March 21st of this year, at the 23 min. 25 second mark of the show Trump points out to Blitzer that his show has low ratings (9). LOL – hilarious. He says this right to his face.
    *(A few years ago Blitzer interviewed David Duke and Duke pointed out that Blitzer had a conflict of interest since he had previously worked for AIPAC as a reporter. Therefore, Blitzer could not be considered an objective observer when examining politically charged issues. Duke was so articulate in exposing Blitzer’s hypocrisy that he was never invited back onto the show.)
    In one of Trump’s latest campaign TV ads he directly targets the cultural marxist and trouble-maker George Soros for causing the constant disruptions and violence at Trump rallies (10). The advertisement boldly names as enemies the very yellow journalist media companies that are feeding propaganda and lies to the American public about Trump.

    Trump’s AIPAC Speech – Shrewd And Politically Expedient

  • Trumper Dubber Do

    Victor Thorn discusses the total PSYCHOPATH Hillary Clinton, in his new book, with legendary truth teller Texe Marrs.

    Whatever Trump’s flaws and yes his blaming Iran pisses me off but I think that is just bluster to assuage the militarists and neocons, Trump will be A MILLION TIMES better than Hillary. I can’t believe these people who expect perfection from Trump on all issues but most of whom are very naive keyboard monkeys.

    Texe and Victor Thorn

  • A few separate but broadly related DT-candidacy points. (I hit spam filter; U must copy/paste links):

    1. Sure JF/DT are right about the immigration “problem” (not a “problem” to the JWO, rather a JWO agenda component progressing according to plan…), as but one malevolent branch of the overall toxic++ JWO tree; but there’s the old expression about “Striking The Dinjooz Root,” which DT doesn’t even provide nominal lip service to; quite to the contrary (aipac)!!

    2. This writer comes from a reluctant, net-DT-supporter perspective, “Donald Trump The Freemason”,
    It’s also alleged that DT is in Jeffery Epstein’s address book,
    ^ not an Epstein affair expert, but my understanding is that JE’s Caribbean whore-resorts had teen women IE post-pubescent; but I never heard he had the more universally condemned (outside of the elite pedo circles where it’s the norm/expected) pre-pubescent “prostitutes” ( kidnapped MK-Ultra slaves); nor did I hear anything about JE having gay prostitutes on his menu. But DT’s sharing company in JE’s address book with WJClinton, ADershowitz, Prince Andrew & others, is not good. :(

    3. “Sellout Donald Trump Supports Reauthorizing Patriot Act (Redsilverj)” 3 mins:

    4. DDuke, JRense, & JFriend seem to share more/less the same rationale for their implicit (DD, JR) & explicit (JF) advocacy for DT. Mainly, that DT is right in his stated policy-hopes/promises about the immigration “problem”; and that the Dinjooz (both ‘Left’ & ‘Right’) appear to Hate™ DT (therefore DT must be our man…). Here’s a clip from the Rense show with guest DD from the evening after DT gave his aipac speech, 18 mins:

    5. Expending our time/energy micro-analyzing & advocating over ANY of our latest “election selections” is fools’ folly built on a foundation of trust in the integrity of our “elections,” given the current reality of rigged, blackbox/auditable-paper-ballot-less, Dinjooz-“counted” elections.
    ^ Once that’s “fixed” (haha :D), we can turn our attention towards whatever choices we’re offered, and towards making our own appealing offerings come about, underpinned by authentic elections with real integrity.

  • The gang over at The Political Cesspool – James Edwards, Keith Alexander, Eddie ‘I run marathons to raise money for St Jude’s Hospital’ Miller, are also parroting the same basic excuses for Trump’s nauseating display of groveling subservience before AIPAC as does Andrew Aglin at the Daily Stormer. As well as a startling number of other well known and moderately respected voices in the pro-White movement.

    Whites who are racially healthy and jew wise seem to have reached the point of becoming so demoralized and so desperate to latch onto anyone who possesses even a faint possibility of being a savior for the White race that they have set themselves up as perfect targets for a moderately well skilled, fast talking con-artist.

    This whole idea of clinging to the fantasy that Trump (or anyone else who seems to be mildly pro-White) are always speaking in codewords, and trying to be clever because they are ‘sneaking up on the jew’ and that whatever they utter that suggests otherwise and which is clearly sucking up to the jews – is all part of their super-clever, super-devious plan to outsmart the enemy – has to be one of the most pitiful, lamest, truly pathetic and embarrassing examples of how far the once feared White race has fallen. Our people are so beaten down and desperate that we are clutching at straws and refusing to believe what enters our ears?

    It is true that Trump has – inadvertently, I suspect – shifted the paradigm towards a White Nationalist, America first position and if that momentum can be sustained by Whites and pushed even farther to the hard right, he could have unintentionally opened up a crack that a true White Nationalist leader could emerge from and move into the mainstream.

    The jews have to realize, if they do indeed control Trump, and if they did indeed create him, that they’ve been forced to crack open Pandora’s Box just a little to pull this enormous Con Job over. After all, jews are keenly aware of the 6 or 7 million White voters who stayed home and refused to hold their noses for Romney-Ryan and so, it makes sense that they would have to resort to desperate tactics to fire those White voters up and energize them enough to vote for the R that the jews have hand picked. So, if Triump wins the White House – watch for a sign that the jews and Trump will immediately move to slam the lid back down on the Pandora’s P.C. Box and nail it shut before pro-Whites can build up a head of steam to open it even wider.

    If we see this happening with Trump in the White House – we can be pretty sure that we have been had. Oh, and I’ve also been warning these White idiots who think Lying Ted Cruz is better than Trump – due to the fact that Cruz has stolen a few of Trump’s positions on amnesty, immigration and border security – that, if Cruz gets installed in the White House – his first priority will be to start war with Iran and then he will use the enormous cost of that war as an excuse why, due to budget restraints, he is going to have to sadly ‘postpone’ the construction of the Trump Wall until his second term because America cannot afford to do both at the same time. Meanwhile, Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, George Soros and the other evil jewish billionaires will ratchet up their funding of the massive third world invasions of every historic
    White European nation and by the time Cruz’s second term arrives – Whites will be a minority and support for building the wall will have evaporated, since these third world non-whites will want to import their entire family tree.

    Donald Trump could easily follow the same possible path that I just described for a Ted Cruz White House. He could wrap himself in the flag, and tell his supporters how sorry he is about putting off the wall – but, our troops have to have MREs and bullets and plenty of band-aids, and I would bet that he’d get away with it and most Trump voters would be too brain dead stupid to realize they had been conned from day one.

  • Alouicious Jackson

    To everyone that is criticizing John: Who would you rather have us vote for? Cruz, a KNOWN liar and Zionist shill? Or maybe one of the Democrat Communists? At least with Trump we have a chance! Should we blindly support him? No. But we should probably vote for him.

  • Marc C. Daniele

    What is it going to take for Americans to finally realize that there is ONLY one way out of this mess, ie: forcibly taking back The US Republic?
    And yes, I do understand what this will entail, but never forget this quote from Founding Father Thomas Jefferson-“The tree of liberty MUST be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”!

    What are you going to do when you finally realize you have been “Trump-ED”, yet again?
    The problem is, by that time, it may already be too late! While some put stock in “political reform”, the “jews” consolidate even more!

    It makes me sick to see how completely “feminized” Americans have become, afraid to even do what is needed to put an end to this BS!

  • there’s nothing effeminate about being careful when it comes to spilling blood. and bear in mind – if you go ballistic you will be giving up your own life. yet, if the immigration invasion is not stopped it is going to come to a very bad state of affairs in the usa. americans are not going to told they have to obey sharia law, no matter what part of town they’re in. and americans will use deadly force against immigrants who are threatening them in the street. watch this whole video; see what has happened to europe and know what’s in store for the usa if anyone other than trump gets into the white house on this cycle.

    it’s fine to support trump on the basis of the border issue alone. it is the most critical issue we have in front of us. if we don’t fix the border problem right now we’re done as the good old usa in 20 years, and you ain’t gonna like it. the jews have been around for decades and they will probably be around a while longer. it’s ok if we go one thing at a time, first things first. the first thing is to secure the borders, clamp down hard on all immigration and sweep out all illegals here now. once trump shows success with that – then maybe we’ll have a better chance to fix things elsewhere. get back the manufacturing. kill the tpp.

    radical islam does not distinguish between church and state and radical islamists will use the power of the state to force their religion/politics on all others. and they start with their fellow muslims. if you think we’ve got a problem with the mexicans now just wait until we get 30,000,000 radical islamists here. first they take over neighborhoods, then the city. it’s the old domino effect. first one city goes muslim, then another. then one country, then another. they breed like cockroaches, on purpose and that alone in time will do it for them.

    whereas, white westerners, being more advanced, see reductions in their populations. because that’s what more intelligent people do. being more economically responsible, individualistic (raza not) and not about exploitation, they have less children and take better care of them. and reducing the world’s human population is imperative to the survival of the biosphere. but all that social progress american labor unions wrested from the slave-monger robber barons during the last 150 years or so is about to go the rest of the way down the drain. secure american labor is one big reason the republican party (corporate hierarchy) can’t have the donald. curing the border problem will restore economic and political dignity to the american middle class. killing the tpp will maintain the national identity. if not, that’s gone too.

    the radical branches of islam are the political equivalent of the ashkenazi zionists, who are not as crude and blatant about their intentions (understatement) but are way, way ahead of the daeshi in taking over control of white societies. and they are using that control to destroy the western cultures of europe and america, where equality has been held in high esteem. no master race wants racial equality. and it’s the zionists who are the supremacists. not duke. but wanting equality does not mean america should let itself be overrun with foreigners. nor europe.

    obviously, somebody other than real americans has had control of the usa. but now we have the donald. yes we would like to hear him speak more frankly about the zionist problem, which so far he has not connected openly to the immigration problem here nor to the destabilization of the middle east. you notice he used telepromptors, which he says he wants to outlaw, at the aipac meeting. no doubt in my mind the jews typed in the content of his speech there. it was his worst moment yet. i think maybe he got the word that the republican party was going to dump him if he didn’t grovel for the jews. they’ll double-cross him on that anyway.

    i don’t see how trump can be an ashkenazi shill and be the only one who has promoted the nation and the immigration cure. he’s even got the other republicans acting like they care about it too. he has at least said he will be an even broker on the palestinian issue. remember, he has to keep himself alive as a candidate. and we have absolutely nobody else to think about. so i say we stay behind him and give him a chance to prove himself. if he hasn’t started on the border problem after he gets into office and starts making excuses, then we’ll know. but electing any of the other candidates is national suicide.

    • “it’s fine to support trump on the basis of the border issue alone”

      Are racially healthy, pro-Whites supposed to believe that the jews are not keenly aware of what the exact right ‘bait’ would be, to energize the Whites who have thus far refused to vote for any of their war mongering RINO cuck stooges?

      To assume otherwise would require racially healthy, pro-Whites to believe that jews are not visiting any pro-White websites and have not seen the mountains of clearly stated evidence that Whites are waking up to their agenda to genocide them and that they are just stealthily marching long, pushing their agenda and harboring the notion that their white genocide agenda is still a big secret and that Whites are not noticing what they are doing.

      Is that what we are supposed to believe? If so, then I am reminded of an observation that I read once in the comment section of a pro-white website:

      “Whites play checkers, while jews play chess.”

      I have to ask: For how much longer are Whites going to refuse to realize that jews are always 3 or 4 moves ahead of us and that is why they are skunking us in this battle for our racial survival?

      Oh, and incidentally – I reject the idea that we are directing our criticism at John Friend when we point out the serious flaws and risks that surround Donald Trump or, that we are saying that any of the other candidates are worth voting for, because none of them are anything except RINO cuck race traitors. I think those of us who are suspicious of Trump are simply subjecting him to the same sort of intense evaluation that we would apply to any other candidate who, on a superficial level, seemed to be trying to appeal to our concerns.

      Here is a hypothetical question: What if Trump gets elected because Whites who are concerned about the border issue alone decide to vote for him based on that and ignore the other warning signs – and then what if Trump reneges on this one issue, say for instance, in a scenario such as the one I described in my earlier comment?

      What is the next step on our part? Surrender? Demoralization? Emergency surgery to repair our torn and bloody hind parts? Follow the lead set by our beleaguered and psychologically screwed up US military troops who are burned out from fighting all these illegal neocon wars and commit mass suicide? I really do think that it is important for the racially healthy Whites in our movement to spend a great deal of time between now and November 2016 pondering the question:

      “If we get betrayed, what comes next?”

    • Marc C. Daniele

      What I hear from you is just more “excuses” not to do what needs to be done!

  • Trumper Dubber Do

    I notice no one can refute one word of my article. The far right attack him for quibbling details and ignore the big picture, because there always has to be a conspiracy to disable us, and the left attacks him for being antiPC. You can’t win!

    (*Errata: In my article I wrote “antipathy” when the word was “antithesis”. Apologies. Mark Twain I ain’t.)

    Trump wants to dismantle the US military empire, something leftists and true conservatives have been calling for for years. This makes him the ultimate peace candidate. Last person who tried this was JFK… ooops.

    Killary wants more war and destruction, look at her record, mass murder big time. Moderate liberal feminist my ass…

    Good to hear pragmatist Trump telling Japan and Seoul they have to pay for their own defense. Also, that would bring an end to all the US military base crimes, rapes and murders etc, that they get away with scot free. But people don’t like change– they just like to complain, bitch and moan. – Dr. Rw

    “that would be excellent, Donald. Let Shinzo Abe take on the NorKors and Chinese by himself, the big-talk can’t walk the walk weenie. Let’s see is his actions can match his bravado. There go the islands (not those bits of gravel that Ishihara wants to fortify, but Okinawa.) Actually they belong to Taiwan, good old “ally” of Japan who would not hesitate to cut Tokyo’s throat. It’s time to downsize Japan to Fukushima and environs.” – yoichi

    Trump details ‘America first’ foreign policy views, threatening to withdraw troops from Japan, South Korea
    WASHINGTON – U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he is open to the idea of both Japan and South Korea developing their own nuclear weapons and would be willing to withdraw U.S. troops from their soil, the New York Times reported in its online edition Saturday.
    In an interview with the major U.S. newspaper, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination said that allowing the two countries to have their own nuclear arsenal would reduce pressure in the United States to come to their defense against North Korea and China.

  • Trumper Dubber Do

    Here’s another take on Trump:

    Trump Tramples the Palestinians at AIPAC and Pledges to Destroy All of Our Alliances Against the Communists
    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    On the other hand, is Trump’s calling to dismantle the US military empire (to some extent) all lies, or playing into the hands of the jews and communists? This seems to me a peace activists wet dream.

  • You all need to be more conspiracy minded and start facing reality. This discussion is absurd on so many levels and mostly because the entire campaign and Selection process is literally theater!
    The plan for total enslavemet of the masses across this nation and beyond is not about to slow down. You’d have to be a total fool to believe for one second that there is a chance for an outsider to even get a role in the staged act, much less get into the White House.
    I’m just trying to think outside of the box and figure out why JF is acting like such a Trump fan. Is this site part of the deeper conspiracy? I mean really, how can clearly educated individuals be so unbelievably hypocritical as to do a 180 and go against most everything they’ve professed to stand for and against for a number of years just because of some actor’s tough TALK on immigration? John, I think you know Trump is a jew/masonic/NWO tool. You’d have to be a total moron to not see that; and you are definitely not a moron.
    I’m constantly disgusted with this now NWO friendly site. I guess Clinton could say a few sweet words and you’d be singing her praises. Sickening! No excuse whatsoever and JF being so kind as to allow posts from those of us who strongly disagree doesn’t make the Trump worship any less wrong. It isn’t manly to stand strong behind such an unwelcome, evil stance; it would be manly to admit Trump is a tool acting in his given role.

  • S(E)lections are for the Uninformed, Controlled Opposition and Intel Assets. Like using White Magick to defeat Black Magick; you are not going to fix Corruption by enlisting the services of Corruption. Do really believe a Manhattan-Made Billionaire who flashes Masonic hand signs is really going to fix ANYTHING? None of it is real; unless you enjoy the entertainment incentive of being deceived!

  • Trump’s speech was written by jews in Israel. Like Obongo, they handed it to him and he read it. He performed fellatio on his jew masters.

  • AFAIC, this may be the coffin nail for DT! :( 12 mins (if you kill it there & skip the 1+ min penis supplement or whatever ad at the end, which helps AJ pay his Dinjoowess ex wife her ~40K/month alimony); Published Mar 18th; deceptive AJ click-bait title:

    “Breaking: New Trump Scandal, Devastating Info Released”

    Mar 27 Robert Reyvolt show w/guest Kyle H; ~2.5 hrs comm-free, I’m over 1/2 through and it’s been nearly all Trump (skeptic) talk.

  • Trump in the 1990’s “The First Lady (Hillary Clinton) is a wonderful woman who has handled pressure incredibly well.”

  • John Kasich rumored to be a longtime closet homosexual (found on

    I’ve always sensed something “not right” about that flabby-faced, White-hating, multicultural-loving, open-borders, jobs-outsourcing POS, and now it clicks. Pray that Kasich never becomes president, because he would be 10 times worse than even Shillary. As a Republican, he could get away with a lot more evil than Shillary, thanks to the majority of deluded and clueless Republican voters, who will support any outrage against White Americans, as long as it has the Republican label on it.