Demonstrating Their Subversive, Parasitic Nature, Jews Outraged at Trump’s Budget Proposal

Surprising no one, the Jews are outraged at President Trump’s recent federal budget proposal, which hasn’t even been passed by Congress much less signed into law.

In all likelihood, it won’t be – Trump’s budget proposal will be manipulated and morphed into a budget Jews and non-Whites generally support, which will include generous financial aid for policies and organizations pursuing agendas that are diametrically opposed to the interests of White people, and of course Trump will likely acquiesce. Time will tell on that front, but don’t be surprised if the budget – as usual – puts the interests of non-Whites, foreigners, and other “minorities” ahead of those of the people who founded and built this once great nation, namely, White European Christian peoples and their descendants.

One Jew who is particularly appalled at Trump’s budget proposal is Robert Bank, the president and CEO of American Jewish World Service, one of literally hundreds of explicitly Jewish political advocacy organizations operating and flourishing in the United States (while virtually no explicitly White political advocacy organization even exists, let alone flourishes, in this country).

Bank wrote an Op-Ed for the Jewish Telegraph Agency – an explicitly Jewish news outlet presenting news and views from a pro-Jewish, pro-Israel point of view – lambasting and criticizing Trump’s budget, which offers some very revealing insights into the nature of Jews and how they operate in our society.

Bank’s Op-Ed begins:


This week, President Donald Trump proposed radical and cruel cuts to U.S. foreign aid. If his budget for 2018 is approved by Congress and implemented, it would slash crucial aid and development programs and weaken key institutions upholding human rights worldwide. As the head of the leading Jewish organization that works to end poverty and support human rights in the developing world, I stand in fierce opposition to the president’s proposed cuts.

Each year, I have the honor of traveling the globe to meet with leaders of groundbreaking organizations working for a better world. I speak with thousands of people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean who are on the front lines of the fight for human dignity in the face of epidemics, grinding poverty, natural and man-made disasters, and authoritarian regimes. These brave advocates work to end child marriage, protect minorities from discrimination and create just societies. Tragically, nearly everything that these organizations are working for would be undercut by Trump’s budget and every problem they are attempting to address would be made worse.

Bank describes Trump’s proposal as “radical” and “cruel”, once again demonstrating the Jews’ propensity for presenting their nation-wrecking agenda in moralistic terms, as if it’s somehow morally wrong and even evil to oppose policies and agendas Jews and their allies support.

In reality, Bank and other Jews masquerade their anti-White agenda as one which supports “human rights worldwide” that seeks to “end poverty” and other ridiculous nonsense that exploits White people’s base emotions and moralistic psychology. All Jews like Bank care about is advancing agendas and policies that undermine and ultimately destroy the sovereignty of White nations, which has largely been accomplished, while enriching Jews and their organizations. They merely disguise their anti-White agenda in humanistic, moral terms, i.e., “fighting poverty,” “upholding human rights,” etc.

Whites continue to sleep and ignore this obvious problem, largely because they are either too brainwashed to notice and care or because they are too afraid to accept the consequences of fulling knowing and understanding the well-grounded and factual perspective I am presenting here.

The Op-Ed continues:

While the American Jewish World Service receives very little funding from the U.S. government, some of the more than 450 organizations we support worldwide receive substantial support from the U.S. government. These groups would be at risk for steep cuts, or worse, under Trump’s budget. Moreover, the international courts and institutions they rely on to advocate for their communities would be undermined by this budget.

We know from our three decades of work at AJWS that U.S. foreign assistance, which makes up only 1 percent of the federal budget, plays an indispensable role in combating poverty, mitigating global challenges such as climate change and advancing human rights. The world needs continued American leadership on this front, not an abdication of our country’s longstanding commitment to providing development assistance and diplomatic support to the most vulnerable people around the world.

It’s an easily observable fact that Jewish organizations operating in the United States essentially operate parasitically – they receive most of their funding, support, and legitimacy from the government, especially the federal government, but also state, county, and municipal governments.

Of course, some of these Jewish organizations do generate revenue privately and no doubt many of them receive substantial sums of money from private donors (mostly Jewish), but I’d bet my life savings that without the government, the vast majority of these anti-White, nation-wrecking, explicitly Jewish organizations would fail within a year or two – they just wouldn’t be able to operate without the government feeding them ridiculous sums of cash stolen from the productive American taxpayer (i.e., the White man).

And what sorts of policies and agendas are Jewish groups like Bank’s organization promoting? Again, very subversive, nation-wrecking policies and agendas, admittedly so.

This is the photo that accompanies Bank’s Op-Ed published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

AJWSThe Jews, epitomized by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, are openly financing and organizing radical movements around the world in an effort to destabilize and subvert the sovereign nation state. It’s happening in America, in Russia, in Europe, in India – literally, everywhere.

Again, this is all essentially admitted. Let that sink in.

The Jews and their allies are openly admitting and declaring to the world what I’ve just explained – albeit in slightly different terms – and then calling people like me and you reading this website “racists” and “anti-Semites” and “conspiracy theorists” for figuring this out and opposing it. Think about that.

Are you OK with that? I’m not.

Bank continues:

The vision of U.S. foreign policy outlined in Trump’s budget violates the post-World War II bipartisan consensus that successful foreign policy is predicated on robust development assistance and tenacious diplomacy. The sweeping and unprecedented cuts to development programs and diplomacy would hobble the ability of the United States to lead internationally, including our ability to promote essential human rights. […]

Here Bank – once again – attempts to justify his nation-wrecking agenda in moralistic terms, this time underscoring the “bipartisan consensus” that developed after WWII, which places the interests of international Jewry and their White genocide agenda ahead of the interests of the people of America (and other formerly White nations), all justified by the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative and the demonization of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, who were – in reality – the most righteous and honorable men and women of the White race who have graced the earth in modern history.

One point I have emphasized and will continue to is that the entire anti-White Jewish agenda articulated by Jews like Robert Bank and many, many others is that their entire narrative rests on the demonstrably fake mainstream explanation of the history of WWII, Adolf Hitler, and National Socialist Germany. The Jewish narrative explaining WWII and the fake, entirely concocted Jewish “Holocaust” – which has been institutionalized by (((Western governments))) and (((educational establishments))) for decades now – has been weaponized against White people and is designed to undermine and delegitimize White racial identity and interests while promoting and advancing Jewish racial (and cultural, economic, and political!) interests.

Could it be more obvious?

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  • Bless and thank you, John.

  • A very good article, my friend, and 100% spot-on in all regards. It’s nothing short of infuriating, the way White-founded nations are being sucked dry and dismantled at the behest of jews and their non-White (along with self-hating White) shock troops. It’s so obvious now, their agenda, that Whites simply can’t continue to hide their heads in the sand about any of it. When you can be imprisoned for “Saying Mean Things (or Truthful Things) To Jews And Non-Whites While Being White”, you know we’ve passed into absolute jewish tyranny, of Bolshevist proportions, on a world wide scale.

    The only thing left for us is all-out WAR for our race’s survival. Not the kind of jewish-manipulated brothers’ wars of the past, not war that benefits jews and Israel… but RACE WAR. For me, I welcome it with open arms. Time to water the tree of Liberty with the blood of parasites and savages.

  • the crypto lyndon johnson kicked a lot of this ‘government assistance’ stuff off with his so-called war on poverty program. you can bet a lot of that went into these kinds of organizations. gw bush did the same kind of thing with his ‘faith based initiatives’. these federal assistance programs are free money for the people who created them, partners with their cohorts in government. a lot of it is about keeping the state indebted to the fiat central bank. the real workers must never get the full benefit of the economic engine. remember when joe lieberman stepped up to look into the missing millions in aid money for hurricane katrina victims? all covered up and forgotten now.

  • Bank is more concerned for his bank account which is typical of Jewish parasites. I think it was the Forward that did a 4 part series on the Jewish charity scam.

  • This problem will not be solved peacefully. It’s gone on for too long and the Jews have become too entrenched in every power position to ever think we can get out of this without a fight.

    Get used to it, or perish at the hands of the Chosen. Your call.

  • I would say Happy Memorial Day, but just what is it that we Americans are memoralizing today, all the costly wars for International Jewry for which we have fought and died. Thank you for this excellent report posted above, John. Such a sad one and such a sad day.

  • Amazing. The truth is so easily found and vetted, (thanks to sites such as yours). Sadly, Sewer Nation’s “idiot culture” is far too concerned with this week’s Kardashian tryst or what the TAX EXEMPT NFL is doing, to open their eyes and save their nation. Parasitic/blood-thirsty tribe, that.
    66 million Russian Christians/Muslims can’t be all wrong.
    We haven’t even asked the Ukrainians, Armenians, etc. Being a Christian, I don’t hate anything but lies/treachery. Most parasites will sustain the host to prolong the “feed”. the Jew? He already has the next host “primed” and bleeds the present one unto death, (chaos/revolution).

  • We know most charitable organizations are a scam, with often as little as five percent of funds going to those in need, the rest lining the pockets and supporting the lavish lifestyles of the so called CEO’s. You can bet when a Jew runs a charity on behalf of the Goyim it’s a scam for sure. “While the American Jewish World Service receives very little funding from the U.S. government, some of the more than 450 organizations we support worldwide receive substantial support from the U.S. government. ” Can you say massive scam? I knew you could! Jews have been booted out of 109 places since 250 AD because of intolerance…right?

  • The holohoax narrative must be exposed in its entirety. If people ever discover the truth, and the scales fall from their eyes, the parasitic Jews will face an authentic holocaust.

  • Another tragedy for the white man is non-white immigration. Only we, once we are united, can end this dreadful policy:

    Our fight didn’t end on election night. On the contrary, it’s only beginning. The wall will be built and the turd world invasion will stop when more people say enough. Being a keyboard warrior won’t cut it; you have to become a resistence fighter:
    The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don’t vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; go to NUMBERSUSA to send faxes to our alleged leaders; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem….

  • Russian Limbaugh

    The Trick Words

    The enemies of sanity and tradition do not have coherent arguments, and cannot honestly make their case. Ever. Their debating and supposed victories rely on one device. That is to cheat false ideas past your defenses through the use of trick words.

    If they can get you to accept their lies—or, in formal logic terms, their premises—you are bound to concede their conclusions. This is how they win. Their trick words function as sugar-coated pills that, once swallowed, wreak havoc on thought systems.

    This is the fundamental truth of demented SJWs, of the left’s grandest intellectuals, and of the cuckolded right. Often these people do not even know they are lying. They are themselves victims of the trick words. In either case, they do not construct proper arguments. They do nothing but utilize trite verbiage, and once this verbiage is taken from them—is rejected or dissected—they panic, become incoherent and finally flee. Your author has rendered debate opponents helpless many, many times simply by forcing them to define their language, and thereby forcing them to outline their actual premises.

    By autopsying these words, and understanding the lies they contain, one can be transformed from a frustrated right-winger, regularly being pinned and humiliated, to the equivalent of a Brazilian Jujitsu master, forever eluding your opponent’s best strikes and able to bide your time until you can choke your adversary out or knock them cold.

    So, here is a brief glossary of the most common trick words. Be warned, these address the principal religious taboos of our age and the exposure of their embedded lies may be disturbing, even to one who imagines that he is an enemy of political correctness. The irony is that nobody, no matter how self-righteously offended they are by this list, will be able to criticize its logic without using the words on the list.


    The embedded lie:

    A mental illness exists which causes otherwise normal people to develop a demented loathing of Jews despite the fact that Jews are, everywhere and always, humble, wise and gentle, and have never organized for their own interests or been thorns in the sides of host societies.

    The truth:

    While many Jews are fine neighbors and good citizens, organized Jewry has, everywhere their actions are charted as such, been involved in profoundly destructive, Ponzi-esque schemes and mafia-style endeavors, and the core of Jewish identity is a belief that they are better than other human groups, i.e., “chosen.” Empirically, all of the most heinous theory, from “races don’t exist” to Marxism to cultural Marxism to parasitic banking, has been imposed on Western man by Jewish schemers. To not recognize the patterns associated with Jews, considering the masses of evidence before us, is in fact the irrational position.


    The embedded lie:

    To be intolerant of other opinions or worldviews is the mark of a grossly ignorant and potentially dangerous person.

    The truth:

    To call you a bigot is itself an act of intolerance, as the device is meant to shut you up before you can explain or explore your beliefs. Furthermore, all opinions and worldviews are not equal or valuable, and to recognize and reject provable stupidity is a mark of sound judgment and high intelligence.


    The embedded lie:

    White Europeans are inherently exploitative, and go to other people’s lands and enslave peaceful souls and steal their resources. Additionally, white European success is not based on any unique traits or inventiveness, but on free labor and theft.

    The truth:

    To cross oceans and continents and establish colonies requires incredible cooperation and complex organization. Colonized peoples, in nearly all cases, were living just above the level of animals, and their descendants today show very low IQ averages. Colonized peoples, furthermore, were often known to conquer their tribal neighbors, and to rape, torture and mass murder in the process, demonstrating that they would have traveled to far-off lands and done exactly as white Europeans did—and worse—but they were not smart enough, on average, to build proper armies or move them that far.

    Conspiracy Theory

    The embedded lie:

    Everything in politics happens by accident. Democracy is always working its wonders. There is no high-level coordination or backroom deals, and there are no political plans that go further than the practical interests and good intentions of whatever administration “the people” have chosen. All injustices inflicted on Western peoples by Western governments are inevitable and random occurrences.

    The truth:

    To say out loud what “conspiracy theory” implies is to show how asinine its premises are. As the saying has it, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Our currency is created out of thin air and put to use funding whatever our rulers choose. Our social institutions have been entirely taken over by Marxists. We are watching all white nations being aggressively flooded with ultra-violent, low IQ peoples. These things all require very careful forethought and diligent work over decades. The very, very worst, the most diabolical schemes that we can imagine our governments taking part in, are not only possible but logically inescapable.

    Denier—Holocaust or Climate Change

    The embedded lie:

    All experts everywhere are 100 percent in agreement regarding the veracity of mainstream narratives on these topics, and to say otherwise is as hazardous as spreading the rumor that ammonia and bleach become an excellent cleaning agent when mixed.

    The truth:

    The numbers and credentials of experts on both of these topics who have found them, as they are popularly understood, to be frauds, is astounding. The information and analysis available at the very least merits vigorous debate. Furthermore, the act of saying “denier” is among the most flagrant attempts to suppress thought, as it openly states that to deny a rather wild-sounding assertion—to presume to have an opinion of one’s own—to think—is a criminal act.

    “Hate”—Speech, Crime, Etc.

    The embedded lie:

    “Hate” is not a subjective, fleeting emotion, but an objectively discernable, measurable, tangible, weighable thing. It is a particular type of blind, murderous rage, and therefore “hate speech” or a “hate crime” is ultimately the desire to kill for the sake of killing because one is, essentially, a psychopath.

    The truth:

    The thinking that liberals brand with “hate” is actually based on chains of logic and conclusions that liberals cannot refute. Because the ideas undermine liberal agendas, they seek to marry the ideas to unhealthy emotions and thus dismiss them—or criminalize them—without discussing them.

    In point of fact, all of the terms described here use the same device as “hate”-branding. They claim, without proving or attempting to prove, that to disagree with a given humanitarian myth amounts to mental illness.

    Patriarchy (Sexism)

    The embedded lie:

    Western civilization has falsely elevated men to leadership and generally dominant positions, and the only reason that men continue to outperform women is because we as a society are holding onto and projecting forth primitive notions of male and female roles.

    The truth:

    Men are physically stronger than women. Men have superior focus and task-orientation. Men can stifle their emotions and submit to reason far more readily than women. All of our historical circumstances, at least as far as Europeans are concerned, have bred men for physically and intellectually demanding work, and have required women to occupy themselves in the safe and calm settings that men provide them. Men and women are thus biologically programmed, on average, for entirely separate, but complimentary, roles. “Patriarchy” is the essence of our species survival strategy, and to undermine it is ultimately to make men and women insane. (As we can observe happening in our present society.)

    Phobia—Homo, Xeno, Trans, etc.

    The embedded lie:

    To feel discomfort at something that is—in one’s experience, or according to one’s instinctive sense of propriety—abnormal, is a sign of small-mindedness, unintelligence, insecurity and general psychological dysfunction.

    The truth:

    There is nothing healthier than to be suspicious of that which is strange. If our ancestors did not first balk at, and then safeguard against, the intrusion of people from outside of their groups, or moronic social trends, none of us would be here—as, in point of fact, the bloodlines of Europeans are currently being ended as they fail to fear and destroy degenerate behavior and invasions by hostile and dim-witted groups. A “phobia” is an irrational fear. Fearing pedophiles, deviants, ethnic enemies and the behaviors of peoples with less than 90 IQ averages, is infinitely rational.


    The embedded lie:

    All human groups have, on average, identical tendencies and capacities. Anyone, in any skin and with any set of physical features, only requires proper education and opportunity and they are just as likely as any white male to become a doctor, day trader, aeronautics engineer, philosopher, etc. To think otherwise is, once again, to express a pathology, i.e., an irrational hatred and fear of other human groups based only on superficial physical characteristics.

    The truth:

    Like all subspecies of all animal species, separate human populations have very different evolutionary fine-tuning. All averages with regard to test scores, crime rates, income, and technological/intellectual achievement demonstrate starkly different tendencies and capacities for different human groups. Most strikingly, black Africans have never developed or kept operational a first world society of any significance. Neither have Amerindians, mestizos or modern Middle Easterners. Even high IQ East Asians, although well-behaved and competent, do not of their own accord produce Western-style social organization. Our physical differences are not superficial, but are the outward signs of our evolutionary histories, and correlate with different styles of intelligence and different behavioral tendencies.

    White Supremacism

    The embedded lie:

    White supremacism is a combination of Nazism, KKKism, and other backward and ignorant ideologies that were common before the end of World War II. This sickness is the sickness of racism applied to practical reality, and it leads people to conclude that only whites are fit to operate clean, low crime, high tech, free societies.

    The truth:

    The profound irony of “white supremacism” is that leftists use only white standards to measure “supremacism.” The anti-supremacist’s argument is that blacks and browns are just as likely as whites to become lawyers, engineers, novelists, etc.—all vocations or designations that white people created and that only exist, as they are commonly understood, in white culture. Leftists are by definition white supremacists, as they care nothing for the institutions or innovations of blacks or browns; the leftist’s central thesis, with regard to race, is that dark-skinned people can and must become white yuppies, business leaders or intellectuals. The truth is that whites are indeed supreme for the societies that we evolved, and evolved in. Blacks, browns and yellows, by the same token, are supreme for the societies they create, respectively, when left to their own devices.

    There are, of course, other trick words, and there is a long list of terms meant to glorify or normalize lunacy, such as “diversity,” “democracy” and “income equality.” What to bear in mind is that leftist ideologues of any stripe ultimately have nothing but this one simple device—a handful of buzzwords used to smuggle cultural Marxist lies into their enemies’ thoughts.

    You can win, every time, by stopping everything, closing the gates, identifying the Trojan Horse and sending it back where it came from, or attacking it with fire and steel.

  • Russian Limbaugh

    A breakdown of methods for winning arguments in online situations and in real life

    You don’t change leftists’ minds when you defeat them in arguments, but you demoralize them, which is the next best thing. Two truths become apparent to them when you handle yourself right. First, they learn that they do not know what they thought they knew—they learn that screeching “Racist!”, citing “colonialism,” etc. will not debilitate an intelligent opponent. Second, and probably most important, they learn that their views are not social gospel, as they had assumed.

    The leftist is a herd animal. His confidence comes from the certainty that he and his allies can form a circle around dissenters and stone them to death. He swaggers and boasts so obnoxiously due to the belief that he has a rabid pack to call upon. When the rocks bounce off you, or when his fellow Marxists fail to show up, his nerve fails him every time.

    The main leftist tactic is to dare you to “go there.” They want you to cross a moral line, to violate a cultural Marxist taboo, so they can invoke a trick word and declare victory. If you embrace your heresy, however, they have no clue what to do next.

    Tactic 1: Be in full command of your data and chains of logic

    Do your homework. Understand what you believe and why. That’s what the material on this site is aimed at helping you with.

    Tactic 2: Never show remorse

    As I have said, the leftist is not debating by any honorable standards, but is operating by primal logic. A basic law of the jungle is that a show of weakness is an invitation to be attacked. This is because animals are generally in permanent states of both hunger, and fear of others’ hunger. They do not want to know who is logically right, they want threats neutralized and advantages maximized. The leftist does not want to hear you out, even when you make a flawless argument. He wants you shamed into silence, and then to point at you as he preens and moralizes.

    If he can make you apologize for “racism,” or can stigmatize you through some kind of theatrical device or mockery (see anti-white Hollywood or Jon Stewart for details), he is satisfied with never knowing what you actually thought. But if you never apologize for what you know is true and, furthermore, always meet mockery with your own smiles and mockery, the leftist is knocked off balance, and is bound to either flee in confusion or fall to narcissistic rage and expose his belief system as fraudulent.

    Tactic 3: Stay calm and keep it dry

    Even if you’re more clever than the leftist, it is never advantageous to get into a womanish insult contest with him. This is, in fact, his preferred debate medium. He is looking for fireworks, for rhetorical detonations, not for a cold-blooded counting up of data and testing of logic. He wants it established that people who disagree with him are defective. His best chance for this outcome is to incite you to anger and carelessness.

    What works best is to calmly pick his inflammatory statements apart. Expose his devices. As the Ancient Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu said, the best strategy is to attack the enemy’s strategy. Simply saying, “The fact that you’re trying to shame me, rather than address my points, shows the weakness of your position,” rotates the spotlight away from your supposed thought-crime and back to the leftist’s silly attempt to win by cheating.

    Ad hominem attacks are always inadvisable, because they are in invitation to roll in the mud, which is exactly where the leftist wants you. Do not get personal. Keep it dry and unemotional. A leftist’s ad hominem is best met with, once again, turning the spotlight onto his trick—something along the lines of, “You’re now resorting to ad hominem. If I’m as stupid [awful, incompetent, or whatever] as you say, it should be easy for you to refute my argument without going off topic.”

    Spice up your arguments with rhetoric only to add insult to genuine injury. When you catch the leftist in a contradiction, or sense their confidence failing, point it out with a sharp, painful barb, such as adding the word “moron” to a particularly good take-down.

    Tactic 4: Deal principally in principles

    Someone who has sound principles always has a frame of reference in an argument, and can therefore never become hopelessly lost or conclusively defeated. This is our primary advantage over leftists. Their unifying theory is perfect equality, across every type and class of human, which is an absurdity. All of their dishonesty and grandstanding is designed to distract from and avoid discussing the essential fallacy of their worldview. Any statement that seems confusing can always be refuted with a statement of principle, such as:

    *The fact remains that IQ is just another way to say ‘smartness,’ and nobody can deny that some people are smarter than others. Since IQ tests make valid prediction about life success, they are proven to be sound science.

    *The fact remains that all group trends, from IQ and other test scores, to income and crime rates, to historical achievements, are best explained by innate differences in the races.

    *Blacks may have built the pyramids but in modern times, when we have the most reliable data, their social failure is all but universal, and they have not independently produced other than stone age technology.

    *The fact remains that there is no instance in modern times of dark-skinned people creating or maintaining a first world society, so your entire worldview is guesswork. (A first world society being defined as Western-style individual rights, complex legal systems, complex economies, complex technology, complex art and philosophy, low crime, robust sanitation and infrastructure.)

    *The fact remains that, were it not for Jews, Marxism, Bolshevism, cultural Marxism, feminism, black power movements, the pornography industry, the homosexual agenda, mass third world immigration, and our predatory banking system would not exist in such monstrous forms because they would lose their intellectual foundations and their most essential agitators and activists.

    *The fact remains that, in nature, the trait of homosexuality is simply a reproductive defect that manifests as a behavior, and it would not duplicate itself and therefore would quickly die out.

    *The fact remains that mass shootings never occurred before the age of liberal values, multiculturalism, etc.

    Reduce every position—from your “racism” to your “bigotry” to your “antisemitism”—to a principle, a statement of fact, that proves it must be true—or that it is the best theory based on the preponderance of evidence. This self-proof, that you can bear in mind, will function as a lighthouse that you can use to stay oriented when pulled into a vortex of rhetorical silliness.

    Tactic 5: Know your opponent

    The starting point should always be to assume that your opponent is interested in an honest exchange of ideas. This approach clears you of genuine intellectual bigotry, and also opens up the real possibility of educating someone.

    However, once you sense the tell-tale hostility and/or dishonesty, it will save you much time to remember that leftists come in a few basic types. Each one argues in a different way and is worthy of a different amount of effort.

    The liberal woman

    Leftist women tend to be the quintessential leftists, because leftism, with its emphasis on narrative over reality, and gestures over substance, is an essentially feminine ideology. Expect to make no progress with leftist women, but simply point out that they are making no sense, and politely disentangle yourself.

    The feminized liberal man

    Arguing with the feminized liberal man is much like arguing with the leftist woman, except you may expect bursts of machismo, as he tries to compensate for the inherent “gayness” (sometimes literal defense of gayness) of his rhetoric and positions. The best approach with this character, once any reasonable exchange of ideas is off the table, is to let him know he has become a hysterical woman, and to politely end the discussion.

    The cuckservative

    This character will agree with you on everything except the tenets of Marxism, i.e., class realism, gender realism, race realism, and Jew realism. Since he loves free markets and the Constitution, he is used to reasoned and logical debate, so will probably just find a way to quickly end the discussion once he is made aware of the painful contradictions in his worldview.

    The cuckservative, in many cases, is an excellent prospect as far as someone to recruit away from Marxist beliefs, because he knows humans do not have the same innate capacities, but is just terrified of exploring the implications of this reality.

    The #BlackLivesMatterer

    The typical black Bolshevik bears out the IQ data. He cannot be argued with, because he does not understand anything except the equality pabulum he has been fed his whole life. The idea of proven intelligence differences, the concept of averages, the nuances of evolutionary processes, etc., are a language he does not speak. Don’t waste your time.

    The intelligent #BlackLivesMatterer

    There are intelligent blacks deeply invested in the Marxist narrative who can nonetheless be made aware of the problems with it. Be prepared to fend off the range of Jewish anthropological sophistry and mythology about black civilizations. The best to be hoped for here is to plant seeds of doubt. The best thing for our future with this race would be for intelligent blacks to influence the rest as far as the group’s limited capacities.

    The ineffectual intellectual

    This is usually a white liberal male who fancies himself, and is often educated as, a scientist. He thinks your race realism or history-based arguments are “pseudointellectualism” and he thinks he’s going to sweep in and set you straight. This is a case where it will be good to have worked out your principles, and to have some familiarity with scientific language and concepts. This fellow will be most likely to stymie you, because of his high IQ and language skills, and his dogged will to prove that non-Marxist views are factually wrong.

    The Jewish partisan

    The Jewish partisan, once they know you do not subscribe to Marxian equality theory, and are even an “anti-Semite,” will simply end the discussion as quickly as possible and find someone to talk to about the coming Holocaust 2.0. To the extent they do engage, expect the most disappointing and trite sophistry. They will attempt to inflame, will use the litany of scare-words, and will try to lure you into parsing the fine print of various issues. Jews tend to regard lying as their right, and they tend to make an art-form of lying, because they see it as serving the larger agenda of maintaining their group. If their lies do not go over, they have no interest in getting to the truth of racial differences, Jewish behaviors and agendas, etc.

    Tactic 6: Remember, demoralization is victory

    This has been the left’s key tactic since Freud. This is the thesis of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. We are at war, and in all war, the real objective is to make your enemy stop fighting. You have won when you find your debate opponent becoming exasperated and seeking escape routes. Remaining calm and picking apart both their methods and their assertions is precisely what the leftist does not want you to do. You win when they panic, block you, storm off, become hysterical, etc. You have now sown seeds of doubt, and they will avoid arguments such as this in the future, and any onlookers will come away seeing them and their arguments as ridiculous.

    • John–Excellent dissection of jew-tactics.

      Russian Limbaugh–good reply/solid information. Wondering if you’re associated with I tried to access it for more of your writing, but it’s down.

  • I must agree with at least two of the above commenters. Jew Bank is likely most worried about his income. Still has part of that big mortgage to pay off. Add to that the natural whining of the jew. And Mr. Bank, take a look at Palestine. How about working for human rights over there? Yeah, I knew you’d have no response.

  • spread this survivor’s account far and wide.