The entire world has degenerated as a direct result of the toxic, subversive influence of Jews, especially in the (formerly) White Western Christian world – America and Europe primarily. Just to be crystal clear here, review the official definition of degenerate:


Am I wrong?


  • The only religion on earth preaching hatred of Christ is judaism. Urgent action is required, the jew must be stopped.

    • The white man lost his future when Hitler lost the war; he lost it because – and only because High Treason within his own ranks committed by bible-thumping, church going Christians. EVERY traitor was religious freak, mostly evangelical; now you are whining. Gerard Frederick

      • Speaking if traitors, Von Manstein, the commanding German general, was Jewish !!!!!! His birth name was Von Lewinsky!!!! Look it up. it is no real secrete.

        Admiral Canaris, chief of German inteligence, met once a week in Switzerland with W. Averil Harriman and gave him the entire German war plan. This is the biggest secrete of the war – much moe secrete than the A bomb. You can’t look this one up – I hard it from Harriman.

        Chief of German intelligence on the eastern front, Reinhard Gelen, spoke Hebrew at a time before Israel existed and only Rabbi’s spoke it? Go figure.

        Field Marshall Von Paulus, who led the 6th army, was married to a card carrying member of the Italian Communist Party.

        Shoud I go further?

        • Yes, traitors were prime in undermining the war effort. Canaris is often fingered as the main one. But the war was lost due to multiple factors, not just treason ( the material goods the US shipped to the Soviets is one, for example).

          Erich Von Manstein ‘s birth father had a Polish surname ( Lewinsky…the family apparently were ‘Germanic Poles’ ). The SS investigated Von Manstein’s heritage in 1944 and could not find any Jewish traces.

  • Neanderthals are back! They have a larger cerebellum but smaller frontal lobe. So I view this as a brain configuration battle now. The cerebellum allows highly mathematical computations– which accounts for Jews cleverness. The frontal lobe allows judgement and morality which accounts for white European ideals. We’re at the point where we can measure the brain component sizes like the old fashioned phrenologists and I think we OUGHT to do so now when it comes to electing governments or appointing people to high positions. Clearly, Neanderthal Jews with their receding foreheads ought not be placed in important positions. Hitler knew this of course.

    All out open warfare against whites is being declared on such popular radio shows as the anti-trump Noori show Coast to coast. Last night, this guy was on…

    In the latter half, researcher in non-local consciousness and futurist Stephan Schwartz talked about major trends that face us today, as well as what remote viewers saw when they looked at the year 2050. The 2016 election, he declared, was decided on four “mega-trends” that no one talked about: being born white will no longer confirm privilege; being born male will no longer bestow dominance; Western European and North American culture values will no longer be the determinant on how the world runs; and we are witnessing a transfer of real power from the nation state to the virtual corporate state. Racial issues have been inflamed in the US, and this is because America is becoming a majority minority country– the majority will be non-white by 2040, he noted.

    I say– the corporate state? Um.. no. The Renaissance is Alive and Well through Trump and Larouche– and others… probably Putin and to some extent the Chinese– at least on their better side with Belt and Road Initiative. The Cerebellum is demanding to rule mankind whereas the Frontal Lobes are not going to cede to it– just as in individuals, the Frontal Lobe ought not cede to it’s own adjacent Cerebellum. The Commander-In-Chief ought be the Frontal Lobe– and the Cerebellum, though highly useful, should take a back seat– just as it does physically within the skull itself.

    • This is such pertinent information on those nasty joos. Thank you! I learnt a lot from you! I shall save the info! Great post also John!!

    • Trump needs to be opposed because he is a liar and a fraud who’s betrayed his supporters and taken up the yoke of Jew imperial dirty work.

    • Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne

      The Chinese are direct descendants of Homo Erectus. In fact, all of us are Homo Erectus Sapiens. Neandertals were Homo Erectus Neandertal. They were bred away.

  • Alexander Rados

    You are absolutely not wrong, I couldn’t agree with you more. If we are going to survive as a people, and not find ourselves living in a nightmarish future world experiencing our own Hell Storm, we have to start naming the Jew and calling them to task. It seems to be the case, that to speak the truth to Jews is the best insult you can hurl at them, because they hate exposure. I look forward to the day, when they all are banished out of our white homelands, never allowed to return. The Zionists leaders of white genocide and our traitorous heads of state, intelligence agencies etc. are all serving natural life sentences in prison, and in some instances executions. The Reich Was Right!!

  • Good to define it clearly John. Very good, thanks!
    All the best,

  • Monika Schaefer

    What the ??? What are those poor, degenerated women actually trying to say (the ones in the thumbnail image, which is from second 54 in the video)?

    Excellent song!

    Thanks for sharing this John, and for the crystal clear definition of “degeneracy”.

  • LOL!! Very good.

  • The pro-white movement is no less degenerate than the mainstream society.

    Sorry to be the Debbie Downer.

    I just don’t think the sanctimony is earned.

  • John, can we hear something about patrol of woman hating weakling ‘pro-white men?’

    Didn’t think so.

  • In Genesis, after the flood the genealogies of the sons of Noah are given. Under Japheth is listed “Ashkenaz”. The synagogue of Satan tells us right to our faces who they are. Most of today’s “jews” are “Ashkenazi”, and they descend from the Khazars, who descend from Ashkenaz, who descends from Japheth, and not from Shem, from whom came Abram, who became Abraham. The Khazars were a bunch of raiders and highway robbers. Fitting, huh? The Ashkenazi also persecute and belittle Semitic jews, and sideline them and deprive them of property rights. The Synagogue of Satan will lose in the end. They are the Orcs of Middle-earth come to life; blood-thirsty, lying, thieving, murderers; sucking the lifeblood out of anyone or anything that is good and virtuous, making a complete mockery of Western Christian Civilization. and, unfortunately, our civilization has aided and abetted its own destruction. We must repent of our national sins, or we will perish.

  • Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne

    The problem for some devout Jews is that they did not learn that they can not forcibly take away the toys of non-Jewish children. Jewish doctrine is the cause, rather than race or D.N.A. being the cause. When some devout Jews grow-up they have learned that there is nothing wrong with taking the lives, land, and other wealth of non-Jews. Since the beginning of Western history some devout Jews are to blame for non-Jews confining them and any Jew, even Reform Jews, to ghettos, or expelling them, or discriminating against them with anti-Semitic laws. The psychopathic drug addicted anti-Semite, Adolf Hitler (not his real name), is responsible for genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, serial murder, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. BUT, Jews could at least learn that forcibly taking away the toys of non-Jewish children is a NO-NO.

  • did Ellen change her name like the Bolshevik/Zionist

    ((((((TERRORIST)))))) Miliekowski ?

    just curious…