Dear White People

On a recent post, a commenter writes (with minor edits and additions):

Dear White people,

Your government no longer represents you.

They applaud your demographic annihilation.

They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation – and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to Blacks and Browns so they can outbreed you. (The government also give billions of dollars to the Jewish state of Israel and other foreign governments and international organizations.)

They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.

They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into Third World-style war zones – courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.

They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.

They import millions of Third Worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs.

They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.

They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly Black-on-White crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few White-on-Black “crimes” (many of which are complete fabrications).

They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children’s heads with feminist nonsense.

They threaten to disarm you because Blacks and Browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.

And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.

They want you DEAD.

This open letter to White people is very well stated, in my opinion. I’d like to add two more points, which I believe are essential to understanding the state of White America today.

First, history has literally been weaponized against White people, our traditions, and our interests. In America, Whites are blamed and demonized for everything wrong with this country. We are endlessly told Whites committed genocide against the Indians, were responsible for slavery, and oppress all minorities, including homosexuals, women, and immigrants. This weaponization of history is a direct result of an anti-White, cultural Marxist, and largely Jewish intellectual elite coming to dominate the American cultural, educational, and media establishment, especially following the fratricidal Second World War.

The radical, extremely hostile Jewish intellectual Susan Sontag once proudly proclaimed: “The white race is the cancer of human history.” Sontag’s anti-White view of history has become the mainstream view of American history, endlessly promoted in our educational establishment, mass media, and “entertainment” industry and institutionalized by our political establishment.

Secondly, White identity has been pathologized and delegitimized. White people in America, whose ancestors founded, built, and developed this once great nation, are not only made to feel ashamed of their proud history and accomplishments, they are conditioned to believe that even identifying with their racial or ethnic group is somehow irrational, illegitimate, backwards, “racist” and “hateful”. Whites are simply not allowed to be concerned with the well-being and future prospects of their own racial or ethnic group, even though virtually all other minorities are encouraged to do just that, often with the support and blessings of the mass media and political establishment.

White people in America need to understand these basic facts and realities, and soon. Their very existence depends on it.


  • Hi, I’m Polish, with dual Polish/US citizenship, I was born and raised in Poland, left to my father that migrated to US during Soviet Union, after spending few years there, I came back to Poland. In my younger years, I also traveled through Europe, with my parents on vacation to ex Soviet Union states, and other times to visit family on the West, Germany, Belgium, and so on. My favorite lessons in school were history, and somehow geography and math. I attended school, when there still were teachers, that the “party” chose to be best qualified, and truly, those people most of the times were the best. I have a comparison, seeing and talking to people that claim to be teachers, but are nothing more than brainwashed puppets, it starting to change slowly, but the “new blood” is still being pushed back, but it’s getting stronger. Teachers from Soviet era, which were best of the best with few exemptions, were well paid, well educated, with so-so morale and ethics, were pulled into school system. When the Soviet Union fell, many still blame Poles for it, all the well educated people went to privet sector, because they pays were dramatically cut, only few, really passionate teachers left, the rest was replaced with people that failed in life, and school was the only place they could find a work, and unfortunately it still continues. Polish worker, once very much appreciated, lately has ego higher than university acquired “knowledge”.

    That was my little background, and now let get to the point.

    you may think I’m crazy, and if anyone asks me where do I get all my knowledge, I will simply replay – I HAVE NO IDEA, I JUST DO.

    I love watching interviews like the one with Jeff Rense on the topic of “Dear White People”, I love watching (more like hearing, youtube plays, and I do other things) history stories, be it Discovery channel, or alternative history channels, I love to watch lectures of researchers, historians, archaeologists and so on, and so on. Besides I also watch “news” of the main stream garbage media, and alternative news. I can somehow differ between what I hear or read, and know if it’s true, somehow true, or plain lie.
    anyway, let me tell you a story, I came across in parts, from many different sources, and how I see it connecting to make our reality today.

    let’s skip the farthest history and start with the great flood.

    after the arc ended up in today’s Turkey, (let’s use biblical names) Noah and his family started living, growing, multiplying, and so on. All with Gods help. some time later “fallen angels” started copulating with Noah’s women, and they created “hybrids”. Noah and his people were living tribal life, no king, queens, presidents. Hybrids started to create civilization with patriarchy, classes, subclasses and so on. Hybrids (Nimrod/Nemrod people) rebeled and decided to overtake God, and started to build tower of Babel (it still exists, in Turkey, it’s flooded by the dam, but when they drain water around august, the tower sticks out of the water, locals confirm paintings inside the tower. Building tower angered God, and he decided to twist languages of rebels, and they could no longer communicate, and they left into different directions – traditional story of the bible, isn’t it? But what’s missing from the Bible is, did all Noah’s people rebelled? If not, what happened with them? and here’s what I came to learn over years.
    Noah’s people, the God’s chosen people, stayed and grew in numbers. They kept their language, and kept cherish God, and serve him. In return, God blessed Noah and his family, they continue to grow and evolve, when there were 12 tribes, the dessert land became to small, and God sent them to their promised land, north.
    Question: what language you think could they speak?
    Question: Which language is still the hardest to learn?

    Many christian scribes of past time (lets hope they managed to document before Vatican with Jews started to destroy, hide, twist and dilute history), claim that Lechians were mainly from blood of Noah’s son, Jafet (I have to apologize, But I will have to use names, as I see/read them in Polish, I will try to list names in other languages if i came across it); in between many sons, Jafet had one son named Jawan, we Poles know as Iwan – up until about 20 years ago, every child in Poland had to know legends, and myths of Slavs (Poles), and they systematically being replaced, lately with “Harry Potter” among others –
    Iwan gave life to Philir
    Philir gave life to Alan
    Alan gave life to Anchises
    Anchises gave life to Eneas
    Eneas gave life to Asthanius
    Asthanius gave life to Pamphilius (Pampilisz, otherwise known as Popiel – eaten by mice in legends)
    Pamphilius gave life to Rea-Silius
    Reasilius gave life to Alan (the second)
    Alan which was first to enter Europe, gave life to Negno
    Negno had four sons, where first born was named Wandalus
    Wandalus had many sons

    In Chronicles of Poland by Prokosza we have more interesting, but little different description of the chronology:
    Sarmata – son of Helissa and grandson of Jawan
    Kodan – son of Sarmata
    Lech – son of Helissa II , grandson of Sarmata
    Filar or Filan – son of Lech
    Szczyt – son of Herkules, grandson of Osiris
    Wandal – syn Alana II
    Listyg – was fighting with Alexander the Great
    Polak or Polach
    Lisz – Grandson of Polak
    Posnan – Grandson of Polak (Currently big city in West Poland Poznan, according to legends, build by Posnan)
    Sandomir (city in central-south Poland Sandomierz, according to Legends, Wanda died in tunnels below the city)
    Lublin (another city in East Poland)
    Lech, the one who fought with Julius Ceasar
    Rules of 12 governors(12 tribes of Israel)
    Krak I
    Krak II
    Lech II
    Again time of 12 governors
    Leszek I
    Leszek II
    Leszek III
    Leszek IV
    Pompil I
    Pompil II
    2 years without king
    Leszek V
    Mieszko I
    Bolesław Chrobry – the one who under the threat from Vatican took baptism into Christianity, and Jesse, became Jesus
    etc. ……
    about this many of Polish rulers no one teaches in either schools, nor universities.

    Poles, as the God’s chosen people, were growing in numbers and strength. From Roman chronicles we can learn, that Polonarum Imperio (Polish Empire) was the only one to defeat Romans. From Persian chronicles we learn, that the great king (I forgot the name, he’s in the game “Civilization” thou) that the great king of Persia fought and lost a fight with the northern tribe. From chronicles of different countries and maps they provide, we can learn names of the land – Tartaria, Lechia, Sarmatia, Polonorum Imperio, Vandals, can’t remember them all, but all pertain to the same region, of great Polish empire. Some chronicles describe it as being from the Northern Sea to the Death Sea (I think, not sure), from Laba (now in Germany)all the way to the east. Some claim that “Chinese wall” was in fact build by Poles against Chinese, and the openings for defending prove the wall was build to fight Chinese off, not the other way around.
    Someone put it in better words, with all the names that skipped my mind at this moment, so I will paste and translate to English. Besides, I’m not that good in writing down what I know, sometimes it seems not to make any sense, because I keep reminding myself about things, and jump from topic to topic.
    “Some scribes note what was the source for the chronicles they wrote about the history of pre-chrystian Poland – it was the Lechia Chronicles. Those chronicles didn’t survive to modern times because of known reasons. All writingss and books of Lechia were burnt or are hidden in the Vatican’s catacombs, where can be found the biggest library with old prints, manuscripts, scrolls…There was a period in our history, when there was a order to burn down all writings and books written by Polish, christian priests and bishops. Till today survived only those that within it’s pre-christianity content, where stories about saints of catholic church or papal history – destruction of such books was considered sacrilege, that’s why, to this day survived books of Dlugosz and Kadlubka. Other Polish chronicles survived only because they were transported to foreign libraries. Around the country there were traveling special papal emissaries – those were low level clergy, whose only duty was to confiscate any type of artifacts with runic writing. Interesting information about Polish nation and kings can be found in franconian chronicles. They talk, among others, about the 12 governors, who are the representatives of 12 Israel tribes, in franconian chronicles can be also found a story about “Szczerbiec”, which was given to Polish king by an angel.
    Interesting person in our history is queen Wanda, whose mound stands near Krakow until today, next to Mound of Krak and Kosciuszko. Queen Wanda had supernatural power, her intelligence was above that of the wise men of that time, she defended our land against Germans, and kept her virginity till her death. It isn’t truth that she jumped into the Wisla river, because she didn’t want to marry German. Marrying Germand didn’t even was in a question.Wanda jumped into the river, offering a sacrifice of herself to God, in thanks for helping her to save her country.
    In chronicles, interesting is also description of how Piast has been chosen for Polish throne, he has been helped by angels. Piast was conducting miracles, in miracle way he multiplied drinking honey and beer, which he had enough for himself and his family, and the result was, that everyone in the town had more thann enough of Beer and honey. We can read about it . also in Greater Poland Chronicles (Kronika Wielkopolska)
    Interesting also
    Believes of Poles (slavs) was into a single God, and other gods are analogue to todays catholic saints, patrons and prophets. We can easily conclude that Poles (slavs) were christians, and Rome, later Vatican, knew well.”

    ANOTHER WUOTATION this time from the Nimrod rebels themselves, from biography of Rothschilds:

    “You were brave and intelligent nation. no was taught you building fortresses in Roman form, Roman military arts. Roman influence didn’t reach you. Not only Roman, but neither Hannibal, nor Pyrrus Persarum Rex, nor Alexander the Great. You were building yourself your pagan craftsmanship, your characteristics, your culture, your military art. Your Chrobry (king that took catholic baptisms in name of Poland) bravely lead you pagan nation from Baltic to Red Cities. German Otto III, raised in Roman influence was in awe of you. Krzywousty (Wrymouth) brought many successes. Inter alia, defending Wroclaw and defeating Germanstaking pride in being of higher military arts. No, not theirs, they were using Roman military arts. They didn’t have their own. Who knows how great successes you could achieve, if we left you to yourselves. But no, we didn’t leave you alone. You took christianity, this christianity we used to destroy the Roman greatness, and this christianity,which was the begining of your end.”

    I came across great forum, where I could find all those quotes, that say what I wish to say, but in more understandable language. One more quote:

    “Discovery made by genetics of Polish haplogroup R1a1a7 of male chromosome Y-DNA, confirmed only what has been spoken about for ages from father to the son, the truth about Polish origins and their connection to the rest of Slavic nations. For many, this information is sensational and confirmed by most recent genetic research of most prominent specialists in genetics, that we, Poles (Slavs), live on our motherland steadily since at least 10 700 years.”

    Jews, as they call themselves, are in fact hybrids with “fallen angels”, some researchers call them Nimrod rebels, whose master is Satan. Polish runic language was using signs, which were later adopted to create Cyrillic alphabet, swastika, in the counter clockwise direction, is a good sign, sign of happiness, joy, spirituality. Satanism is opposite to Godly, satan want’s to take God’s place, want’s to destroy God’s chosen people. Hitler used runic signs in their opposite form. Swastika being black and clockwise direction, black crosses on planes, all runic signs black and with opposite meaning to the original. We, Poles, white people, have been stripped of our ancestry, of their knowledge, WW2 was used to get rid off any remaining runic symbols from Polish memory.
    Jews created word “slavs” and started propaganda campaign to convince everyone around Europe, that Poles, that world “slavs” comes from word “slaves” from english, made everyone believe, that Poles and Russians are not one, they removed from written history, that Russia was part of Poland, up until the christianity, once Poland was sacrificed to Vatican, Russia separated. Nimrod rebels made people of Europe believe, that Poles are a danger to everyone, that they aren’t capable to rule themselves, that “west” needs to watch over Poles. In result, Poland was divided between Austrian-Hungary, Prussia and Russia. I skipped the history of how Prussia was created on lands stolen from Poland by Germans, under the “christianity” and Vatican bloody spades. Anyway, Russia, as former part of Polish empire, was ruled by Czars with Polish blood, and even though Poland was divided, and occupied, by few aggressors, the part occupied by Russia was actually free, up to a point of being able to hold army of their own. But that wasn’t good for Nimrod rebels, and they stirred, and stirred, and after Poland being off the map for 123 years, WW1 came to be, and Poland came back on maps, in only small portion of it’s original size.
    Our great leader Pilsudski, wanted as a prevention, to attack Germans in years before WW2, when he saw Germans growing in power under Hitler rule. Even thou they were forbidden to, they were building army, and no one cared, France and England watched without intervening.
    After Pilsudski’s death, new leadership had their head up the asses of England and France. Nimrod’s rebels were desperate to create a military conflict again, to gain more control over Europe’s banks and resources, and since strong, brave and wise Pilsudski was gone, and some “wannabe” dictator came to power, he was fed a “dream” of rebuilding Polish greatness. England and France signed treaty with Poland, that in case of invasion by Germany, they will step in, with such assurance, the “wannabe” dictator was making very aggressive foreign politics against Bolsheviks and Germans. Hitler didn’t wanted to attack Poland, but Nimrod’s rebels were killing out Germans in Prussia, were dressing as Poles, and pretending to serve Polish leaders. Hitler and Bolsheviks sign a secret treaty, that Bolsheviks won’t attack Germans, when they step into Poland. on the 1st of september of 1939, Poland was attacked from the west by Germans. On September 17th 1939, bolsheviks entered from the east. Germans and Bolsheviks immediately started to be catching Polish intelligence, professors, teachers, researchers, nobilities, and killing them in thousands.
    I guess I reached the end of the page. I will continue in the next mail.

  • continuing

    most known massacre was conducted in woods near Katyn in todays Russia. About 25,000 Polish officers were killed, in characteristic NKVD style, shot to the back of the head. To this day Russia and Germany blame each other for it. on April 10th, 2010, Polish plane, with President, government officials and high ranking officers and generals of Polish Army, Navy and Air Defense was crashed, while en route to ceremony in memory of the intelligence killed during WW2 massacre on Smolensk Airport, near Katyn woods. Once again, Poland lost it’s most prominent intelligence, on the same site. “Investigation” performed by Russian/”Polish” investigators, concluded the crew was responsible, and dumb enough to land in heavy fog. Plane was in service in Russia few months earlier, and “Polish” government knew right away, the president was dead, even before any secret service was able to reach the site. If anyone believes presidential plane drop out of the sky, turn upside down 50 meters above ground, and losing part of a wing on a 17 meter above ground by slim tree, will believe anything the “report” concluded, regardless how absurd.

    as I said on the beginning, I’m bit messy writer, and have forgot about one, very important thing.

    AUSCHWITZ, Auschwitz was a camp for Poles, and Poles alone. Germans right from the start were after Poles. Up until 1941, Jews were as safe around battle grounds, as Germans. In 1941 Germans created another camp near Auschwitz, it was Birkenau, and that was for Jews. Auschwitz was a complex, Auschwitz camp being nr. 1, Birkenau being nr.2 and nr.3 i keep forgetting which it was. There were over 5,000 sites in Poland alone, where Germans were exterminating Poles, and sometimes Jews. Poland alone lost to war about 20 million people ( including jews), Russia lost about 25 million people, mainly Poles (slavs), Nimrod’s rebels were as happy to kill Poles as Germans, and there are still many stories from survivors, about ho German soldier killed Jewish guard, which was torturing Polish prisoner. German soldier was heavily disgusted with bestiality Jew was beating that prisoner. There were many stories like this. And, like in many cases, Poles not always were “passive”. There also were Poles, that were killing Jews, Poles that corroborated with enemy. Jews make a big “hallo” about one site in Jedwabne, were jews were gathered in a barn and burned alive. Jews claim this was done by Poles, and that it was 2500 jews gathered in that barn. Investigation and archaeological research have been terminated – because it was too painful for families – after 250 bodies were recovered. How could few people, gather few hundreds of people, close 2500 people in barn, where barns Polish villages were never bigger that for 2-3 cows, few pigs and some birds, how could 2500 people fit in there? Why did they stop after 250 bodies recovered, and why stop investigation? Why do “Polish” president Kwasniewski (real name being Stolzman), apologizes jews in name of Poles? Some kind of Blame-Game? Some researchers said, that 250 was all bodies they could find, there were no more, and that some of those bodies where of Poles, which would mean Poles couldn’t do it, since they died there as well.

    Anyway, plane crash, in my opinion, plane crash was intentional, and my gut tells me, it was a ritual killing of God’s chosen people, on the land that was drained with blood of God’s chosen people.

    After WW2, when Poland was under Soviet regime, I know you people are being learned that Poland was “satellite” only, but that’s only propaganda. Poles were being killed on daily bases. Soviets were torturing and killing any opposition. On one of Warsaw’s grave yards, victims of soviet regime had been dropped in a mass grave, up until this day, only about 40 bodies had been recovered, and “Polish” government allowed communists and killers of those people, of our “Cursed/Undeterred Soldiers”were allowed to be buried atop of the mass grave, and law has been set, that would allow any further excavations, only with the permission of families of the communist monsters, that killed them in the first place. So, government was so proud to make it “easy” so much, that the excavations stopped completely. More over, “Polish” government was so “generous” to fund a mausoleum in honor of those victims. Families of victims were and are against it, few weeks ago another monster killer was buried in the vicinity, and “Polish” government, gives him highest honors. sick. Anyway, families of victims weren’t asked to help with deciding about the mausoleum. Mausoleum is done, and when you look at it from one side, you will see an engraved cross on it. BUT, if you look from another side, the cross – black cross – turns around a corner, and looks like a gallows. Researchers in symbolism’s read it as a message to God, WE KILLED YOUR BELOVED PEOPLE, AND NOW MADE A GALLOWS FOR YOU (GOD).

    I’m sure you know that London, Vatican and Washington are seeded with satanistic symbolism’s, in architecture, streets lay out and so on. I’m sure you know that EU parliament building was made in the shape of Babel tower. BUT, DID YOU KNOW, THAT “POLISH” PUBLIC TV STATIONS BUILDING IS ALSO BUILD IN THE SHAPE OF BABEL TOWER???

    Poland is still behind “iron curtain”, communism fell, because Jews were plotting to drop it, because Poland was starting to get strong. Industries were growing, sure, not much was left for Poles, everything was going to Moscow, but companies were growing, and people were more and more ready to revolt. About the same thing is happening now.

    Now, my conclusion here will be, to advise you to look at the map of haplogroup R1a, and see where are the most of “God’s chosen people” – kind, smart, wise, brave people, and compare it to the map of current wars, with the map of where are “Syrian immigrants” sent around Europe. Maybe even go and test your own DNA for your Haplogroup.
    Native Americans, from North and South Americas, were waiting for their “Gods” to return. How do you think was possible for few WHITE MEN to genocide natives in the south america? Maybe they were awaited? Maybe they were thought to be sent by Gods and allowed to be tricked? In north america must have been alike, how could few, destroy many? And don’t give me crap like “they have brought viruses unknown to those people and they died to sickness”. We recovering knowledge of the past, to cure diseases that didn’t exist then, ddon’t you think they were capable of curing diseases?
    Nimrod’s rebels grew in power and numbers, and Polish DNA is about to evolve again, Polish blood is awakening masses, Zbigniew Brzezinski said it himself. With Internet we were given power, they didn’t expect us to know how to use against them. What if I told you, that 90% of medical research, discoveries, medical equipment and many materials have been developed by Poles? And what if I told you, that patent law in Poland is set up so that you have to be rich to patent, and if you do manage to gather money, your chances are minimal to get patent within 5 years, within those 5 years, many people lost their patents to big companies with well paid lairs (sorry, lawyers) that will drag people through courts, and still keep patent. People simply go and sell idea’s, innovations, and let other patent it. Most famous patent infringement
    was done to Nikola Tesla, Serbian Origin, Polish blood.
    Our blood, white people blood is awakening. That’s why they try to get rid of us.
    They not after white race per say, they after the God’s chosen people. And it’s not about the color of your skin, not about the believes or religion, it’s about the blood. They know they running out of time.
    It’s not important what you call your God, be it Allah, Jesus, Or Siwa. If you value your fellow men, you keep your ethics, morality and kindness to one another, name of God is of least importance. It’s how you treat other human being that’s says if you a God’s child, or Satan’s. But we must be careful at the same time, not to allow those sons of Satan, to fool us, and turn against each other, as they do, so very often.

    Peace and love be with you


  • I am proud of who I am even if people assume that my whiteness makes me evil and less deserving of respect.