Ken O’Keefe – 9/11, Global War on Terror, Jewish Supremacy & Donald Trump

Ken O'Keefe

On Tuesday, March 8, I interviewed Ken O’Keefe, an internationally renowned anti-war activist and San Diego native, at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California. We discussed a number of topics, including 9/11, the fraudulent “Global War on Terror,” Jewish power and influence in America, the immigration crisis in the West, Donald Trump, and related matters.

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Israeli Leader Claims Iran Setting Up Global Network of Terrorists to Strike U.S., Europe

In an obvious attempt to perpetuate and re-instill the false “Global War on Terror” paradigm, which was concocted entirely by Israeli geopolitical strategists and Jewish neocons in America in the late 1970s and institutionalized in the aftermath of 9/11, Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon recently alleged that Iran is setting up a global network of terrorists that have the ability to strike the United States and Europe on command.

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