American Jewish Committee: “American democracy” at stake in 2016

Trump Make America Great Again 3

In an obvious allusion to Donald Trump’s increasingly popular (and I would argue inevitable) presidential bid, the American Jewish Committee has come out and flatly stated that “American democracy” will be at stake during the 2016 presidential election, once again demonstrating the hysterical and truly childish reaction the organized Jewish community is having towards Trump.

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Invoking “Holocaust,” Jew Argues Liberals Must Confront Trump & Supporters

Donald Trump's campaign rally in Chicago on Friday was postponed amid growing security concerns. Several fights between Trump supporters and protesters could be seen after the announcement, as a large contingent of Chicago police officers moved in to restore order.

The Jewish Daily Forward published yet another example of the hysterical, unhinged reaction anti-White Jewish Marxists are having to Donald Trump and his presidential candidacy. Invoking the fake “Holocaust” narrative and the Jews’ mantra of “Never again!,” Ari Paul argues that liberals must take a cue from the radical, anti-American protesters who have become increasingly more and more disruptive at recent Trump rallies

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Jewish Journalist: Trump Is Very Bad For The Jews

Trump Bad for Jews

In the latest blatant attack on Donald Trump, Andrew Silow-Carroll, a Jewish journalist and CEO of the New Jersey Jewish News, has just published an article in The Times of Israel entitled, “Trump’s America is bad, very bad, for the Jews.” It really is an incredible article, revealing the innate hatred and contempt the Jew has for traditional White America.

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Israeli Leader Claims Iran Setting Up Global Network of Terrorists to Strike U.S., Europe

In an obvious attempt to perpetuate and re-instill the false “Global War on Terror” paradigm, which was concocted entirely by Israeli geopolitical strategists and Jewish neocons in America in the late 1970s and institutionalized in the aftermath of 9/11, Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon recently alleged that Iran is setting up a global network of terrorists that have the ability to strike the United States and Europe on command.

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