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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Carolyn Yeager. Carolyn and I focus on the recent debate between Andrew Anglin and Greg Johnson which focused on the importance and relevance of historical revisionism in the overall pro-White struggle. Carolyn and I both agree that revisionism is an essential aspect of the struggle for the White race, as our historical narrative – especially as it pertains to WWII, Adolf Hitler, and the so-called “Holocaust” of “6 million Jews” – has been entirely weaponized against our people. We also address a number of other related issues in this very important podcast.

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  • Very interesting and stimulating discussion, as always, between Carolyn and John. While I don’t support harping on someone’s sexuality (assumed or proven), I certainly do think the point is immensely and demonstrably true that the ‘Holocaust’ has been exposed as a lie on multiple fronts by scholarly, hard-working, selfless and brave revisionists.
    All one needs to point out to Holocaust believers is that it has never been known before in human history that whole swathes of people (in this case, Jews) would meekly line up for their own gassing, without a grumble or stampede, day after day, month after month, year after year; that no written order from Hitler has ever been unearthed setting forth any plan of mass extermination of the Jews; and that cyanide traces in the alleged ‘gas chamber’ at Auschwitz are perfectly congruent with background levels, whereas the blue cyanide staining (‘Prussian blue’) on the walls of the disinfestation room – where Zyklon B was used to protect the health and life of concentration camp inmates, killing off deadly bugs in their clothing – is unmistakably visible to the eye and ‘off the charts’ in terms of measurable concentrations.
    John is always so right to point out that the Holocaust will be dragged into (almost literally) EVERY single conversation where people dare to think differently and independently from the herd. It is always invoked as the argument-stopper, no matter how powerful the ideas and philosophies of the other side might be: just bring up the Holocaust (Hitler’s psychopathic wet-dream campaign of killing 6 million Jews, and more) – and the argument is ‘won’. End of debate. That tactic is used literally every single day of our lives, in multiple contexts.
    The Holocaust HAS to be exposed as a ridiculous, ludicrous, outrageous and racist (against the Germans) lie if we are to move this world forward into true freedom of speech and action, morality, honesty, justice and kindliness. To think that one can just ‘ignore’ the fake Holocaust story is to live in a fantasy world that is proven fictional on a DAILY basis (just read any mainstream newspaper or watch mainstream discussion of politics to see how they simply will not drop this topic – so why should we truth-seekers?).
    The bogus Holocaust fairy-tale is the mother and father of all the rape of our (and others’) liberties that is in full swing right now – and will get worse unless this cyanide-releasing high-rise balloon of lies is not popped and grounded once and for all. John (and people like Germar Rudolf – a man of Ph.D. level, but denied his scholarly title because of his scientific exposures of the impossibility of the Holocaust – and Jim Rizoli) are right to focus on this one MASSIVE weapon used against all sincere, truth-seeking humanity. The fictional Holocaust is nothing less than the alpha and omega of all the lies that are poisoning our lives today.

    Keep up the great work, John!

    • Thanks Richard, I was going to write what you wrote, so thanks for articulating it so well. To swallow the “hollow cost” without vomiting is to be infected by that mother of all lies. The “holocaust” will take all the other lies with it in the vortex as it goes down. 9-11 is small stuff compared to the jewish imaginary “holocaust”.
      Now we need to examine what our money is worth if the parasites that extracted it all from us with these lies, are in possession of it all. But as the jews themselves proclaim, any object or any money that is not owned by a jew can be seen as something that does not have an owner and needs to be seized.

  • When did Andrew have this debate John? I have heard rumours that he had gone somewhere in Eastern Europa, to get away from the clampdown that ZOG has been conducting.Pity, I miss his website and almost all of the wonderful broadcasts that came from it.

  • Being against fascism because it is anti homosexual is a sign of criminality and spiritual corruption on the part of homosexuals, their fans for and anti fascists. The problem isn’t with Fascism or National Socialism at all. The problem is with those who are unnatural, perverse or deliberately criminal as in LGBTQP types and beastialists. Like the Jews they all got to go. Either on their feet or feet first.

  • From 15:00 to 20:00 Carolyn Yaeger is almost impossible to listen to – does she not know what she is talking about? Unbearable. She sounds like a blithering idiot at this point, she is detracting from her own position by sounding so incompetent.

    • I wonder exactly what it is that motivates John Friend to repeatedly inflict Carolyn Yeager upon his regular listening audience. This woman has been working non-stop for the last 10 or 15 years, to sow endless seeds of division, spread unsubstantiated rumors and innuendo, and do everything she possibly can to undermine, discredit and cast aspersions upon literally every prominent or even semi-prominent voice within the pro-White, White Nationalist, and now Alt-Right movement.

      I even have a recollection of hearing her shoveling some of her vitriol upon John Friend, who admits to having had a relationship with an Asian female that produced a mixed race daughter – who, as a responsible and respectable White man – he has chosen to step up and shoulder his responsibility towards. That is a demonstration of integrity and honor that deserves our glowing and prideful respect, not our scorn. John has admitted that he made a mistake and does not recommend or promote miscegenation – but, because he is an honorable White man, he accepts responsibility for his actions in the past. I admire John Friend for this decision and for his honesty in owning up to his past. Unlike an enemy mole like Mike Enoch (Peinovich) who tried to keep his jewishness and his anti-white jewish wife a secret, while hustling donations from the White listeners of his Daily Shoah podcast.

      I will not listen to any podcast radio interview that features Carolyn Yeager. This woman’s screeching voice makes my eardrums ache. Oh, and by the way – here is a link that might put Carolyn Yeager’s infamous and amazing ‘homosexual detection telepathic super powers’ out to pasture:

      “New AI can guess whether you’re gay or straight from a photograph

      An algorithm deduced the sexuality of people on a dating site with up to 91% accuracy, raising tricky ethical questions”

      • You just never get it, Tucker. That Guardian article about an AI program that can determine homosexuality from a photograph argues AGAINST what you’ve been saying and FOR what I’ve been saying. I saw it too and thought about bringing it to YOUR attention. What you’ve been arguing for, in case you didn’t realize it, is that it’s impossible to tell whether someone is homosexual IF THEY DENY IT, or the men have a high squeaky voice and lisp very badly. Artificial intelligence proves you wrong, and time will prove you wrong too.

        • In addition, Tucker, if you don’t listen to any podcast with me, you cannot comment on it either. Agreed? That is the only responsible, respectable and honorable White man’s way, right?

    • Carolyn banned me….. Disqus banned me and the Council of European Canadians banned me. Kitco and Garth Turner banned me. May be I am not liberal enough for them. Then again I am not liberal at all.
      The so called Holocaust has to be viewed through the lens of truth particularly the truth about the people who put forth and support the holocaust narrative. The truth is found in John 8:31 through 48 and summed up it says that Jews are compulsive liars and murderers who should not be trusted or believed because the son of God says that they are of their father the devil. Case closed! If anyone has been holocausted and lied to it is European peoples and none of us are Jews.

      • When did I “ban” you? I don’t recognize your name but it may be I did not publish your comment(s). I don’t usually publish the obvious, bible-quoting, anti-Jew tirades. If I did, my site would be overwhelmed with them and they are all the same.

  • I skimmed thru the Anglin – Johnson discussion. I have no idea why. I likely listened to no more than five four minute segments. This is a fair characterization of what I heard.

    Again and again I heard Anglin point out to Johnson that facts and truth have not led mass opinion anywhere ever, and certainly not as regards opposition to our full-throated nationalism. Anglin said emotional appeals win out.

    I didn’t hear Johnson respond to the argument once, but I heard him not respond several times with his ‘facts and truth are good enough for me.’

    I’d like to know if that was analysis is fair from someone who listened to the whole conversation.

    • Last sentence connected:

      I’d like to know if that analysis is fair from someone who listened to the whole conversation.

    • Anglin and Johnson agreed on emotional appeals working better than facts and truth. Johnson added moral appeals. Neither one is interested in facts and truth because they don’t know the facts about it in any detail.

      I disagree that people are not affected by facts. Of course they are if they are convinced that they know what the facts are. It is the middleman, the media, that sabotages the facts to the public. The problem is getting around the media. Saying that young people “don’t care” about the holocaust is not the solution.

      • Absolutely agree with your point about the media, Carolyn. More than any other single force – it seems to me – it is the media which keeps the Holocaust lie alive. If the media turned against it and started revealing the facts of the case on a daily basis, the whole ‘Holocaust’ myth would be dead and buried within a year.

    • I listened to the whole podcast, and one thing I was pleased to hear – was the tactic agreement between Anglin and Johnson that our movement must purge from its midst all of these extremely negative and heavily demonized WW2, Nazi Germany costumes and symbology. The same thing goes for the clowns – who, like the Nazi costume people – are paid to show up wearing KKK Klan robes – which is designed to allow the jew media to demonize and discredit our movement and incorrectly paint us as crazies.

      BTW: Anglin lied his butt off during this discussion. For the last year and a half, at least, his Daily Stormer Website had been routinely promoting Trump by using Nazi symbology and every sort of conceivable WW2 German themes – including jpg and gifs of Trump in a German uniform with his finger ready to push a red button on a gas chamber. Anglin’s sense of humor at work, clearly, and he probably thought he was tweaking the jews – which I am sure he was – but, that only played into their mainstream media narrative that Trump was the New Hitler and that Trump is “racist and a Nazi”.

      Trump was then maneuvered into a position whereby,in order to prove he WAS NOT a Nazi or a racist, he had to shove a knife in the back of the 63 million Whites who voted for him – by cutting a deal with the vile likes of Chuck Schumer on these DACA illegals. The jews media immediately began to coo and pat him on the head, whispering: ‘good goyim’.

      In today’s America, it is already difficult enough for any White politician to take the side of his or her own race – without catching boat loads of jew hate and venom. But, when people within our movement – David Duke, Andrew Anglin, etc., – hand ammunition to the enemies of our race and make it even EASIER for them to demonize a rare White politician who does or says something remotely pro-White – this only works against us. This is a tactic that the jews have used on our leaders for DECADES – position the White leader into a corner, and because our White leaders have no guts or spine – the only way they can get out of that corner is to do something that is extremely provocative and which openly harms White people, to prove to their accusers that they aren’t a ‘racist’ or a ‘Nazi’.

  • Someone needs to send this podcast to Brendon O’Connell. How the latter can deny and get uppity about the need for widespread truth regarding Hitler, WW2 and the holohoax, is stupid at best. This is about winning hearts and minds, as well as exposing the JQ.

    In order to expose and eventually crush the JQ, it is necessary to get inside the mind of the jew. That is not possible without the required historical reference points. Operation Talpiot per se means nothing. It is the steps that have led us to OT that must be fleshed out.

    Without an appropriate level of foundational research, there is no way to move forward. One could go as far back as 5000 years, but the last 100 is probably sufficient. Perhaps people like O’Connell are simply not sophisticated enough to combine the puzzle pieces.

  • good idea to address the hoax with Dr MacDonald and anyone else who is prominent in the movement which recognises the jq.

    on another issue daily is back on the main web (for now) at:

  • i meant daily stormer

  • If your kids watched TGSNT at home with you and then went to school and watched Swindler’s List, they would have a tough time passing their schools exams. However, they would be brilliant at seeing through many weaponized narratives!
    See John Wear discuss Swindler’s List:

  • John Wear in his book Germany’s War: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WWII does address the so called Holocaust however it is not his primary focus.

    In response to a question (challenge?) directed at him sometime ago he wrote another article from an interesting angle titled Hitlers Euthanasia Program Proves No Holocaust.

  • I think this will be the last discussion I listen to with Carolyn. It’s shocking that she thinks Kevin MacDonald and the rest: Richard Spencer etc should focus on holocaust revisionism at this sensitive time when they are trying to wake as many people up as possible. Focusing on revisionism could likely turn away many potential followers to white identity. Kevin and Richard have many times spoke against Jews and still do. People after waking up will often find their way to know that 6 million Jews did not perish in Auchwitz. The number is more like 500,000 Jewish deaths from the camps in Ukraine and Russia which were not at all like Auschwitz. Russians: my babushka and duedshka were in Nazi work camps in Russia and so was the grandfather of another acquaintance I know in Denmark in a Danish Nazi work camp. They were not treated very well at all. Do either of you find it admirable that Nazis put Gentiles into work camps with poor treatment? Or perhaps you think I’m lying about what my grandmother and grandfather told me? Himmler and other Nazi leaders did not always follow Hitler’s orders. While I feel Hitler was inherently good and on the right track, I don’t think other men under him were. I also have spoken to Russian Jews who happen to detest liberal filth and while they agreed Auschwitz may have been a better camp, the camps in Ukraine and Russia were not. They told me they lined Jews up and were shooting them. I’m not shouting out in defense of Jews here, only pointing out facts. Jews will obviously get what’s coming to them in the end. There is a German saying though that goes, “The Jews that truly needed to die, did not.” Glorifying all of Nazi Germany shouldn’t be done.

    Further people who are not full blooded white are in ample numbers in this country given the fact many people including myself have Native American blood. While I pretty much look white I am not pure blooded and neither is my handsome mostly Swedish American boyfriend who also has a little Native American blood. Sorry we can’t be in your club Mrs. Yeager even though we identify as white, will fight until our last breath for whites if it comes down to it and try to red pill everyone we know about white identity and the bondage we are in because of filthy Jews. We also decided not to have children because of mixed blood lines.

    Have you not figured out yet that organizations such as American Renaissance wouldn’t be where they are today if they came out with holocaust revisionism at their inception? They’ve had far more success waking people up than Carolyn Yeager and she shouldn’t put them down. Their path is different. The path of revisionism is of course very important and many stumble upon that in good time after awakening. Waking people up is a delicate process and many run the other way if they here holocaust revisionism right away which is why fine men such as Sam Dixson and Jared Taylor do not mention it.

    • Monica – I never said that KMac or Spencer, or Jared Taylor for that matter, should FOCUS on holocaust revisionism. I said and have written that they should not say they believe in the Holocaust, but should rather just not mention it or should decline to comment on it if asked.

      I did say if every White activist WOULD be on the revisionists’ side, we could make some real progress, and, to be in solidarity, I think they should. As it is, KMac actually comes out and says he hasn’t seen any revisionist arguments that have convinced him (which cannot be true or else he hasn’t seen them), and Johnson says there WAS a holocaust of Jews and Nazis are guilty, but not the White race. This is not helpful.

      You are not helpful because you are wrong about so much. Himmler ALWAYS followed Hitler’s wishes (not necessarily orders given to someone at such a high level). Hitler and Himmler saw eye to eye on most things — don’t listen to David Irving on this. When you mention what you believe the Germans did to the gentile Russians (many were not – and not just Jews but various Asiatics), do you ever look to what the Russians did to the Germans? The kind of atrocities they perpetrated on captured Wehrmacht soldiers? Germans never did anything like that.

      I think you are a little confused. I have been tolerant of these White Nationalists for a long time, and supported them, but I’m not tolerant any longer.

    • Monica – I think what motivates Carolyn Yeager above all else – is that she is hard core ethnocentric in favor of Germans, to the exclusion of all other Whites. I’ve read that Hitler was also programmed the same way – he looked down upon a number of non-Germanic White European groups, who he thought were inferior, and so, I suppose that makes Yeager and her hero Hitler – German Supremacists.

      It should be pointed out that these kinds of attitudes are what led to centuries of inter-tribal conflicts and wars between different tribes of White people – where Whites were killing other Whites. I do not think it is a coincidence that jews derive extreme pleasure and satisfaction when wars can be stirred up that result in Whites killing other Whites. Therefore, I find it more than just a little bit curious that Yeager is in perfect alignment with the jewish mindset along these lines. It is almost as if jews have surreptitiously crept into Carolyn’s bedroom one night while she slept, and secretly injected her with one of their nano-particle-implants that programmed her to do their bidding.

      With regards to Kevin MacDonald – who I have a lot of respect for – I heard this guy make a comment on a radio show where he was a guest that just about blew my socks off. The host or maybe a caller, brought up the subject of feminism and asked Kmac to comment on the jewish role in feminism – and, I was stunned to hear him say that he was not aware of any particularly significant jewish involvement in the feminism movement.

      Holy Toledo, Kmac! Ever heard of Gloria Steinum, Bella Abzug, Betty Freidan? Feminism was INVENTED by jews, for crying out loud and the evidence to prove that is not difficult to find.

      I compared the level of disappointment that struck me when I heard that revelation by Kmac to my shocking disappointment over finding out that Elvis Presley was a doper. That’s the thing about our ‘heroes’. Like Merle Haggard once said in a song: “You are Always on a Mountain When You Fall’.

      • Thank you Tucker for your reply. I agree I failed to mention that Kevin MacDonald doesn’t acknowledge feminism etc. In the end it really just makes one “wonder” about everyone’s “role”. Whites have been doing horrible things to one another for forever it seems even up until today when the evil elite have us now pinned against each other once again: liberal/nationalist etc. I’ve been thinking and trying to piece things together for 12 years now in regard to history, religions and more in reading what I can. I really think it comes down to how much of a higher consciousness, compassion and wisdom people have which doesn’t seem to be much including people in the white nationalist movements. Look at the past white countries in Africa, they didn’t even help each other when they were in turmoil: Rhodesia etc. Lincoln Rockwell and the infighting. It’s just ridiculous. Humans have a low consciousness on the whole. I believe that is the problem. We have so many white psychopaths, who truly are the core evil; for it is they who allowed the Jews to gain power because of their own greed and real insanity. The same shit has been happening for centuries. Aryan civilizations fail do to inner turmoil, multiculturalism and even Jews lol. Actually it’s just not funny. There are things we just don’t know enough about: fringe topics in regard to why human consciousness is so low etc. At this point I’m pretty much done researching Jews and trying to wrap my mind around their evil. I appreciate your reply. You were thoughtful and made good points. I find it odd CY didn’t touch on the Danish camps and others.

        • Monica wrote: “I find it odd CY didn’t touch on the Danish camps and others.”

          Really Monica? How much did you touch on them? This is what you wrote:

          “my babushka and duedshka were in Nazi work camps in Russia and SO WAS THE GRANDFATHER OF ANOTHER ACQUAINTANCE I KNOW IN DENMARK IN A DANISH NAZI WORK CAMP. They were not treated very well at all. Do either of you find it admirable that Nazis put Gentiles into work camps with poor treatment?”

          Do you know anything at all about Danish Nazi work camps? No. This is what Wikipedia (, whose pages are controlled by the jewish narrative, has to say [Please read it]:

          “From mid-August [1944] until the end of the German occupation in May 1945 [ 9 months at the very end of the war] 12,000 prisoners passed through the camp’s gates. Most of them were suspected members of the Danish resistance movement, Communists and other political prisoners. Living conditions in the camp were generally tolerable, but 1,600 internees were deported to German concentration camps, [which?] where 220 of them died (approximate numbers).”

          Was your acquaintance’s grandfather a resistance fighter? A communist? What about your grandparents? Why were they in a Nazi work camp?

          Some people who write comments say any sort of irresponsible thing; most readers just ignore it. And rightly so.

  • Good discussion John and Carolyn. I’ve started on a transcript here:

    John Friend and Carolyn Yeager discuss the recent Greg Johnson vs Andrew Anglin “debate” where the “Holocaust” and Revisionism were discussed. John and Carolyn take Kevin MacDonald and Greggy to the woodshed for their failure to man-up and confront the fraudulent nature of the “holocaust industry“ that the jjews have placed like a millstone, around the necks of Whites — KATANA.

  • Kevin MacDonald, Mark Weber, Greg Johnson and Jared Taylor all head non-profit, tax exempt, 501c3 organizations which are depenant on donations from like minded individuals and book sales for their annual personal incomes and operating budgets. The anti-Free Speech lobby has been working overtime this year discontinuing the availability of Holocaust revisionist literature on Amazon, isolating and removing YouTube content, removing websites, platforms, and Facebook pages, causing Pay Pal and other on-line commerce accounts to be cancelled and generally shaming and inconveniencing everyone they can who promotes White racial self-awareness and alternative history. Things have never been worse for White Nationalists, civic nationalists, or Holocaust heretics despite the growing interest in these subjects from a generally young and ill-informed (non-reading) public. It isn’t cowardice that prevented White nationalist leaders from doing more with and for revisionism, but a business move. They were probably being cautious which looks like a smart thing to have been after the recent Charlettesville massacre.

    • Whoa. These white nationalist “leaders” stay away from revisionism as a smart business move? Why didn’t they say so? Instead of giving their reason as “moral sensitivity” and their belief that too great a portion of precious Jewish humanity was gassed to death by the awful Nazis.

      Yes, smart business moves are important for white nationalists. We want them to have a comfortable retirement. Of the four mentioned, Kevin MacDonald doesn’t need the financial help but he can always pay more writers a handsome fee. I don’t think Mark and Jared pay writers, but they have their “heavy” website costs to bear and “events” to put on.

      As to the “Charlottesville massacre”, it appears to be massacring now in the opposite direction. The REAL WN leaders have investigated and found Heather Heyer wasn’t killed by a car but by a heart attack, her “mother” is an identical twin of Donna Soto (mother of a Sandy Hook ‘victim’), and Susan Bro was interviewed by Anderson Cooper while sitting in the Soto backyard gazebo. Now will these 4 guys be overly cautious about believing/relaying this information too? Probably — they’re so overwhelmed with grief over losing (or fear of losing) their Paypal platform.

      Ah, the good life.

  • Have now completed the transcript. Also updated my intro.

    John Friend and Carolyn Yeager discuss the recent Greg Johnson vs Andrew Anglin “debate” where the “Holocaust” and Revisionism were some of the topics discussed.

    John and Carolyn then take Kevin MacDonald and Greggy to the woodshed for their failure to man-up and confront the fraudulent nature of the “holocaust industry” that the jews have placed, like a millstone, around the necks of Whites.

    The Revisionists have systematically and conclusively proven that the “Holocaust” is the “hoax of the 20th century”. What stands in the way of this becoming general public knowledge is organized jewry’s stranglehold over our governments and media, etc.

    Between this proven hoax and the public’s lack of awareness stand two prominent members of the White movement, who for reasons explored by Carolyn and John, make excuses for evading this fact, or worst, pretend with word play that it still “happened”.

    As Carolyn and John discuss, the fraudulent “Holocaust” is central to organized jewry’s strategy of guilt tripping Whites to prevent them into moving towards White nationalism by linking it negatively to racial awareness, that then leads to “Nazism” and the inevitable “gassing of six million innocent jews”.

    As such, it is essential that the White movement comes to grips with exposing the Holohoax for what it is, so that this massive psychological weapon, roadblock, can be neutralized.

    Meanwhile the jews continue on with their genocidal plans to destroy the White race — KATANA